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Found 8 results

  1. Can you Soulcast gemstones? Crystal is one of the Ten Essences... Edit: I asked this over on Discord, Dr Rockso showed me this page: from Ch 33 of Way of Kings "said to be impossible"
  2. awakening

    Can an Awakener use colour from a person's eyes to fuel an Awakening? How powerful or skilled would an Awakener need to be in order to achieve this? Would people with grey eyes be immune? We know that an Awakener can use colour from gemstones What about smokestone (smoky quartz)? Awakening bleaches colours to grey, can it draw colour from a grey gemstone?
  3. It's hinted at in Oathbringer that the big pillar of gemstones in the library is part of a fabrial, or that the city itself is a fabrial. Is it unlikely that the spren in this fabrial was the Sibling? We know that all fabrials require a spren, and the Sibling is just another spren. Indeed, Re-Shephir has once been trapped in a gemstone, and at the end of the book Nargaoul is in the gemstone called King's Drop, which is a gemstone that doesn't lose stormlight and which the unmade supposedly would be incapable of getting out of. This idea has got to have some measure of accuracy. Also, the King's Drop brings up more questions: Must the gemstone be cut perfectly* for the spren inside to be incapable of escape, since other fabrials lose stormlight and their spren don't escape. * cut perfectly, meaning stormlight doesn't leek from it So if it wasn't the cut that mattered (which is still under debate, by the way), was it the size of the gem Dalinar needed? Because there were plenty of other gems around to use. What would a fabrial with that cut (and with Nargaoul inside) do? We know from Navani's notebook that the cut of the gem influences what the fabrial does. Are there multiple ways to cut a gem so that it doesn't leek? Could such a gem trap Odium without having to make an oathpact? And what does the Urithiru fabrial do anyway? The elevators seem to work independently of that. It's in the middle of the library, so that might be a clue.
  4. We know that capturing spren inside gemstones is not only possible, but necessary for fabrials to function. So, how does it work? Does one simply take the gemstone and touch the spren, capturing it? Also, the thought occurred to me that the humans and Listeners could easily have trade relations revolving around the sale of spren. In WoR, we see the Listeners trying—and failing— to conjure even a single creationspren for artform, while Shallan regularly can summon hundreds while drawing. This discovery could have ended the war, and brought in a new era of peace, if the Everstorm hadn't gotten in the way.
  5. Do differing types of Gemstones affect the Surges and KR? Because of the Ten Essences Chart, we know that Each Herald has a specific Gemstone. Jezrien, the Herald-Patron of the Windrunners, has Saphire. So would a Windrunner be able to get more Stormlight out of a Saphire Gem than a Emerald Gem? We know that most of the Fabrials need specific Gemstones, and they Mimic the Surges. Soulcasters do not follow this rule, as they use the gem associated with the essence of what they're making.
  6. Newest set of profile icons featuring each of the Knights Radiant's glyph inscribed on their respective gemstones. You can download any of these files for your personal profile in addition to a number of other glyphs by clicking HERE. There are a few alternate versions of the gemstones as well.
  7. I'm a slow reader. I really am. But I made... conclusions. I just got to where and reading about spanreeds got me thinking... What if you used the same kind of gemstone, but instead of linking it to two reeds, you linked it to a sword and a stick. To be more specific, a storming Shardblade. You could pick up your stick (while standing somewhere with a decent view of a battlefield, with moving room), and fight whole armies. Without even being too close to them all. Then again, there is the whole "invested VS invested" thing. May not work, idk.
  8. I was re-reading the Ars Arcanum the other day, particularly the section about fabrials, when I re-stumbled upon this part about Spanreeds: We're all probably aware of spanreeds at this point, but recent information we've gotten about Words of Radiance have led me to re-analyze the words I quoted above, as well as the rest of "On the Creation of Fabrials". We know that the fabrials are another way to access the Surges apart from Surgebinding or Voidbinding, and we also know that Soulcaster fabrials in particular mimicked the Soulcasting ability of some Lightweavers and Elsecallers, so I believe that studying the fabrials (their effects, the gemstones they use, etc.) would let us gain insight into how the different Knights Radiant used their Surges. Table of Contents Part I: Pairing Fabrials and the Table of Gemstone Pairs Part II: Altering Fabrials Part III: Warning Fabrials Conclusion: How to Create a Fabrial Part I: Pairing Fabrials and the Table of Gemstone Pairs Let's consider the Ruby gemstone, associated with both conjoiner fabrials and the Order of Dustbringers. The interesting thing about conjoiners is that even though the original ruby has been halved into two separate ruby pieces, they still act as one. In Surgebinding and Realmatic terms, the effect of the Division Surge on those two ruby halves is significantly decreased. Reducing division increases unity. Now check out this relevant tidbit from Dalinar's Purelake vision: Some people have already speculated that the Knight Radiant in that vision was a Dustbringer (Surges: Division and Friction), and that she was somehow making the non-KR soldiers glow with Stormlight. The other theory was that the soldiers were non-KR Surgebinders who just so happened to take in Stormlight at the same time. But if we assume that Conjoiners actually mimic one aspect of Dustbringers, then one very neat solution presents itself: The Dustbringer was manipulating the Surge of Division. Specifically, she was decreasing the spiritual division between herself and her soldiers, giving all of them some level of spiritual synchronization. If Parshendi could perform supernaturally synchronized feats (which probably use the Division Surge somehow as well), wouldn't it be awesome if the Dustbringers of old (and maybe even Skybreakers) could do the same? But how about Reversers? They also seem to manipulate Division, increasing the division between objects. In the vision, the Knight could run through water with "uncanny ease". I'm betting that she did it by increasing her own Division from the water, making herself "more separate" from it, so that to her the water no longer interacted with her feet, allowing her to run as if the water wasn't there. Increasing and decreasing Division, two ways of manipulating the same Surge, performed by the same Knight Radiant. Pretty impressive for a vision scene, eh? Back to fabrials, why do Reversers use Amethyst instead of Ruby, if Ruby is the Dustbringer gemstone? If you look at the Knights Radiant chart, Ruby and Amethyst are actually connected to each other, and they are on opposite sides of the chart. This could indicate that every gemstone has a designated partner, one that has a reverse effect when manipulating a particular Surge. One gemstone decreases ("Pulls"?) the influence of a Surge, while its opposite gemstone increases ("Pushes"?) it. Also, the fact that Ruby fabrials can manipulate Division, while Smokestone ones cannot so far as we know (even though Skybreakers can supposedly manipulate Division), suggests that each Order has a primary Surge (despite being able to bind two Surges). Edit: Here's a more thorough theory on why an Order must have a Primary Surge (the Surges are to KR Orders as the Attributes are to Essences). Given all these things, I made a table showing each Order, their Primary Surge, and those Surges' "pulling" and "pushing" gemstones (pardon the Allomantic terminology), or gemstone pairs: Order# | Essence | Order Name | Primary Surge | Surge-"Pulling" Gemstone | Surge-"Pushing" Gemstone Jez | Zephyr | Windrunners | Pressure | Sapphire | Garnet? Nan | Vapor | Skybreakers | Gravitation | Smokestone | Zircon Chach | Spark | Dustbringers | Division | Ruby | Amethyst Vev | Lucentia | Edgedancers | Friction | Diamond | Topaz? Palah | Pulp | Truthwatchers | Growth | Emerald | Heliodor Shash | Blood | Lightweavers | Illumination | Garnet | Sapphire? Betab | Tallow | Elsecallers | Transformation | Zircon | Smokestone Kak | Foil | Willshapers | Transportation | Amethyst | Ruby Tanat | Talus | Stonewards | Cohesion | Topaz | Diamond? Ishi | Sinew | Bondsmiths | Tension | Heliodor | Emerald As you can see, there are still unknowns and uncertainties. For one, we don't even know what kind of spren need to be trapped for a fabrial to access a particular Surge. And we don't know what the extra connections between Sapphire, Diamond, Garnet, and Topaz are supposed to mean in terms of fabrial creation. But there are a number of interesting things as well. For example, notice that the Surge-"Pushing" Gemstone for Transformation is apparently Smokestone. Well! Jasnah's Soulcaster fabrial may be fake, but she probably at least made it look believable, so we can bet that those rare multi-function Soulcaster fabrials that Shallan talked about have Smokestone in them, and now we know why! Perhaps the other Soulcaster fabrials with limited functionality use Zircon instead? If not, what could a Transformation-"pulling" effect look like? What other interesting things can you find in my table of Fabrial pairs? Which types of fabrial do you think should be discovered next? I hope to post the second and third parts of my General Fabrial Theory by the end of the week. In the meantime, feel free to discuss!