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Found 24 results

  1. Warning: This post contains a single Stormlight 5 prologue spoiler, masked, and potentially significant spoilers should these theories prove accurate. Reading the prologue for Stormlight 5 first is recommended. Just as the Stormfather provides Stormlight and surgebinding powers to all of Honor's children, Ba-Ado-Mishram (BAM) became the Voidmother proving Voidlight and voidbinding powers to all of Odium's children, all of her Singers, during the False Desolation. One BAM to Connect them all One BAM aligned them One BAM to draw them all And with her Voidlight bind them One gem severs the whole One gem divides them One gem rips away souls And then the darkness finds them In the Land of Roshar Where the Singers die And Listeners live We'll explore much relevant history leading up to and beyond BAM's imprisonment (see Coppermind's BAM and False Desolation articles for supporting canon references) and theories explaining the magical science behind what happened with BAM, her Singers, and related events. BAM-SINGER CONNECTION HISTORY The lead up to and fall out from BAM's gemstone capture includes: Long, long ago, Odium unmakes 9 spren who fight during many desolations in which BAM serves as highprincess and commander of Odium's forces, The last desolation comes where all but Taln survive, Taln holds Odium and his Fused on Braize all by himself (spanning a total of 4500 years), During the long imprisonment of Odium and the Fused, BAM somehow gains the ability to pull Voidlight into the Physical Realm and to Connect herself with all the Singers of Roshar, a feat previously only managed by Odium, making herself a little god (RoW 847-848), Even though Odium and the Fused are still trapped on Braize, BAM's newfound powers give her the ability to provide Singers with forms of power including all the Regal forms plus stormform, which allows BAM to wage war against the Knights Radiant during the False Desolation, with no end in sight, The Listeners, tired of endless war and manipulation from both Odium and Honor, "cast off everything - including our very forms - to find freedom," which severs their Connection to BAM (RoW 159), Honor's long, slow death begins around this time, The Knights Radiant form a special Strike Team to imprison BAM inside a gemstone in order to end the False Desolation, Because BAM is a little god and holds strong Connection to the spren and souls of every Singer in Roshar except the Listeners, these tethered souls and spren get sucked along their Connection to BAM, ripping out pieces of their souls, removing both their Identity and Connection, and possible damaging or destroying their gemhearts in the ripping process, Somehow even Honor and Cultivation's spren and the Sibling get damaged by BAM's imprisonment, though to a much smaller degree that perhaps signals a much smaller Connection between the Voidmother and "all who belong to Roshar," affecting the Sibling's abilities to make Towerlight and crippling Urithiru (RoW 621), Close to dying, Honor cannot help the Sibling, Urithiru, or the Knights Radiant, The Battle for Feverstone Keep begins before BAM's imprisonment since the enemy still pushes for that ground and parshmen are anything but pushy (OB 809), BAM's imprisonment, if during the Battle for Feverstone Keep, would have caused all fighting Singers to experience excruciating pain and then simultaneously transform into docile, mindless parshmen, All Singers Connected to BAM become parshmen through a break in Identity and Connection; only the Listeners escape because of their previously broken Connections to her, Hundreds of Windrunners and Stonewards at Feverstone Keep become the first to abandon their oaths en masse as Honor says, "they are the first" (OB 547), Two thousand years later, the Everstorm travels to Roshar through the Cognitive Realm and is brought through to the physical realm, and The Everstorm restores both Identity and Connection by repairing the Singers’ souls and possibly their gemhearts. SCIENCE-MAGIC THEORY BEHIND CONNECTION, CAPTURING SPREN, AND THE SINGERS' SOULS From Newton, we know: Force = mass * acceleration From Jasnah (OB 1179), we know that "concentrated Stormlight has a faint mass to it." So the more we accelerate the physical mass of the Stormlight, the stronger the physical force we have acting on the Stormlight and anything Connected to and by the Stormlight. How do we move or accelerate Stormlight? Navani's lecture on fabrial mechanics includes details on sucking Light into a gemstone in order to trap a spren inside a gemstone. We first lure a spren into close proximity to a gemstone with something it likes (e.g., flames for flamespren) and by using the type of gemstone it prefers (RoW epigraphs, Chapter 1). Interestingly, we already know the type of gemstones preferred by each Order of Knights Radiant (and each associated herald). Moash's knife had a large sapphire gemstone hilt that gave a subdued glow after capturing Jezrien's spren-soul (OB 1205), which makes me wonder if the gemstone in Leshwi's spear (RoW 80) that drained Kaladin's Stormlight and nearly sucked out his soul (RoW 101) was sapphire, as well. The first questions we must ask ourselves would be 1) what would BAM be attracted to and 2) what kind of gemstone would she prefer? To answer the second, maybe the Voidmother would prefer a heliodor, as the Stormfather would. As for the first question, she appears to like war and commanding, and she has shown particular interest in Feverstone Keep (OB 809). One might imagine Melishi, the False Desolation's Bondsmith, and her Strike Team showing up at the Battle for Feverston Keep with a large and perfect (or nearly perfect) heliodor gemstone, knowing that BAM would be nearby commanding her troops and in search of something in the area that interested her. Navani's next stages in capturing a spren (RoW epigraphs, Chapters 2-5) would be filling the gemstone to around 70% full of Stormlight (Voidlight in BAM's case) and then quickly sucking that Stormlight out to create a vacuum that will suck in a nearby spren. Suppose you take a brown paper lunch sack and suck the air out. It collapses, right? The same would be true of a Ziploc bag. By collapsing to reduce the volume, the bag equalizes the pressure. But what about something that has a rigid structure like a gemstone, especially a gemstone that doesn't leak? If you suck all the air out of a glass, for example, you'd suction that glass to your face since you've created a vacuum of extremely low pressure. Because air and Light will always seek the lowest pressure possible, they'll get sucked into a vacuum until the pressure outside of the gem roughly equals the pressure inside the gem. Since volume is inversely proportional to pressure, the larger the gemstone, the lower the pressure (where the lower pressure goes the stronger the vacuum becomes). And finally, the tighter the seal, the less a gemstone will leak and the stronger the vacuum will be. So large, perfect gemstones make the perfect traps for these gods. At this point, you might be asking yourself, how does the spren gets sucked in along with the Stormlight? That's where Connection comes in. When the Stormfather gives Stormlight to his children - his spren and his surgebinders - an invisible cord of Stormlight will Connect that spren or that Radiant to the Stormfather. The same can be said for the Voidmother's children - BAM's spren and her Singers: they're all Connected to their mother by a physical force from the Voidlight she provides. Let's say you have a massive gemstone and a larkin quickly sucking a ton of Light out of your stone. The gemstone will quest out seeking to replace all or almost all of the light it just lost with a powerful force. Once it captures a nearby Stormlight Connection cord, the spren will be drawn in along with the Stormlight the spren is tethered to. Yes, the Connection is mostly spiritual, but there is a small physical Connection, too (because the Stormlight Connecting them has a small mass, as Jasnah said, and mass * acceleration is force, as Newton said). If we yank hard enough on that tether, the spren cannot help but be pulled in. We see this with spren pulled into fabrials, yes, but also with human and Singer souls, tethered to their home planet by their Connection to the Investiture there. We saw Jezrien's spren-soul sucked into Moash's sapphire knife and Kaladin's soul nearly sucked into Leshwi's gemstone-capped spear, both of which had metal that specifically draws in Stormlight including the Stormlight cords of Connection. Let me digress for a smidge to explain that Identity and souls are nearly synonymous. For instance, the Fused (where each Fused is the soul of one ancient Singer fuzed together forever to a surgebinding spren, granting surgebinding powers and immortality) maintain their Identities - and most of their intellect, knowledge, and memories - even though they constantly lose the rest of their bodies because Identity is stored in the soul. Connection for the traditional Singer bond appears to be stored in their gemhearts since that is where their spren and probably their souls reside. Now I said all that to say this: this, this, this is how Singers' souls were ripped away, how their Identity and Connection were stolen, and how they became mindless parshman slaves, by having parts of their souls that were tethered to their Voidmother ripped free, likely destroying their gemstones in the process, as BAM and all her many Connections were sucked into her gemstone prison. With Singer souls damaged, they were not quite soulless and mindless nothings but nearly so. And with Singer gemhearts damaged or destroyed, the parshmen lost their abilities to bond any other spren or to hear the rhythms of Roshar inside their gemhearts. The Listeners were spared, maintaining their Identity and their abilities to Connect with other spren because they had previously severed their Connections to BAM before her imprisonment. TRAVEL & WORLDHOPPING We'd be remiss if, while we're here with Connection, we didn't speculate on travel and worldhopping. Connection tethers Invested individuals to their home planet, not letting them escape lest they rip out part of their souls, their Identity, and destroy their Connection. But of course there is a way around this problem, a way out, because this is Sanderson, after all. The remainder of the post includes a little speculation about how off-world travel may be possible based on what we know of Connection above and a single spoiler from the Knights of Wind and Truth prologue that gives a bit more detail regarding the quote above. Reading the prologue for Stormlight 5 first is recommended. I've kept all non-Stormlight cosmere spoilers out of this post.
  2. My wondering is, could you take two paired Gemstones that were Connected (Spanreed Gemstones) and build a Fabrial that picks up vibrations on one side, then transfers them to the other Gemstone, allowing for auditory communication via Fabrial tech? It follows the same principles as Spanreeds after all; move one Gemstone and the other moves the same way, so just find a way to translate vibrations from a person's voice into something that a Gemstone can pick up, which causes the Gemstone paired with it to emanate the same vibration, which leads to auditory communication. This has probably already been come up with at some point, but I figured I might as well see what people thought of my idea anyway
  3. So far all we've seen of how to contain the Unmade is through trapping them in Perfect Gemstones, but these Gemstones are quite rare so I'd like to discuss any potential alternatives toward containing these Malignant Super-Spren. One idea I have is locking them into an Aluminum box, baiting them into one would be difficult but not undoable. Another idea would be Binding them to either a particular location or perhaps to a person, this would likely require an experienced Bondsmith. Any other suggestions?
  4. So we know in rythm of war that stormlight leaks faster then voidlight. Where people arnt surprised if voidlight last for months at a time. As for stormlight it can’t even last the weeping without going dun. the question becomes, why. and I think it is a two part answer. 1) gemstones, we know that more perfect gemstones hold light longer and that perfect ones hold light indefinitely, and are much more resistant to cracking and other damages. 2) rhythms, we know stormlight has an orderly rhythm, and that voidlight is chaotic but with an order to it. well the theory is that stormlight “vibrates” at just the right frequency to escape the gemstones faster then voidlight, and because voidlight is so chaotic it might be resistant to leaking to the point of lasting months in a gemstone. what’s yalls thoughts anything I missed?
  5. Perfect gemstones can hold a larger amount of stormlight than a regular, flawed gemstone. Could they also potentially be used to hold a larger amount of a Feruchemical charge than a metalmind? A Feruchemist could prick themselves with a raysium knife while tapping a metalmind, then use this as a way to store their investiture within a perfect gemstone instead of a piece of metal. Would they be able to tap the gemstone? Could they breathe in the investiture, like a surgebinder? Or would it be even more difficult to retrieve it than what their magic system normally allows?
  6. Following up on the idea I had about using perfect gemstones as Feruchemical storages, could they also be used as Allomantic storages? If an allomancer were to draw out their investiture via raysium, and store it in a gemstone, perfect or flawed, could they then breathe it in as Vin did with the mists? Would it be keyed to their Identity? Unlike a surgebinder, when an allomancer gets investiture into their system, it gets immediately turned into kinetic investiture. Would that stay true if they used gemstones? Would they be able to hold it in their body as a surgebinder does, and gain certain passive benefits? If not, then it would likely act as a kind of miniature duralumin burn, as they would be able to draw in lots of investiture that would immediately be used, only it would have more control, since it would only enhance that one ability and not all the other metals they were burning.
  7. Pretty simple question here; could you use raysium to fill a gemstone with investiture from a perpendicularity? Seems like you'd have a lot of portable, easy to access investiture if you could, especially if you're not on Roshar.
  8. So we know that 1. gemstones leak stormlight over time 2. Stormlight is gaseous investiture 3. aluminum is almost completely unknown pre final desolation 4. stormlight functions via gaseous principles of pressure so if you covered a large gemstone in airtight aluminum, perhaps with soul casting, then the buildup of high pressure SL leaking would eventually equal the pressure within the gemstone, forming an equilibrium. So if you cracked it open years later, it would still have SL, more or less depending on how large the gemstone is, and how much space there is in the aluminum packaging.
  9. A small theory that I think got some solid support with RoW. So we saw in Rhythm of War that the Allomantic/Feruchemical/Hemalurgic metals have functions outside of the Metallic Arts and are one of three key components in fabrials alongside spren & gemstones. It makes sense, metal acts as a key for Allomancers to access Preservation's Investiture. Without Allomancy in your Spiritweb, you can't access that Investiture but you should still be able to use the metal to filter other Investiture that you do have access to. That is kind of similar to how the Polestones themselves function, why they can hold Lights Their small differences in chemical structure & colour is all that is needed for Investiture to distinguish them. An element's atomic structure absorbs and reflects different wavelengths of light (or Light), the light can be used to identify those atoms & molecules. A metal's structure is used as a filter for Investiture, the same probably goes for a gemstone. Colour is more important magically for gemstones but this is what the colour of an object means in physics & chemistry, their molecular structure would be a bit different. A metal acts as a filter and lets Investiture through and a gem both filters it (what gem you use does matter for Soulcasters and Artifabrians) and holds it. So, gemstones should, like metals, work across the Cosmere, and be able to hold other types of Investiture than just the Rosharan Lights. Idea came from here: Edit: we have confirmation that the Mists can be trapped in gemstones Edit: in the Brandon spoiler livestream at 33:20, Brandon confirms that Autonomy's Investiture can be stored in the Polestones but he isn't sure if that is something that could happen naturally (but it could definitely capture the Dor) and even if it does, it would be very ineffective, maybe it would store very little bit of charge that would only be perceptible to someone with the right instruments and it would soon dissipate. I've noted previously in discussions that White Sand requires surprisingly little Investiture to recharge. I think the oldest instance of this theory is here: While it takes four hours for black sand to recharge back to white sand on Taldain's Dayside, just proximity to Shallan's Lightweaving was enough to charge Hoid's white sand in OB, this happened when Kal, Shallan, Adolin and Elhokar went to Kholinar. In the very same section and following section that took place in Shadesmar, it is noted that Shallan's Lightweaving used far less Stormlight than Kaladin's Lashings. Keep this in mind. I do have an idea on why White Sand could apparently recharge from Taldain's sunlight or apparently even from very far from its starlight as per a prev WoB, but would be difficult to store in a gemstone. In RoW, we see Navani use a prism to separate the light emitted by Towerlight back into the bands of Stormlight and Lifelight, she notes that she didn't separate the Lights or the Investiture, just the "Investiture radiation". I think that's what Taldain's sun outputs: not gaseous Investiture but Investiture radiation. And that's why it outputs so little Investiture that it takes black sand exposure to direct sunlight for four hours in order to recharge and turn white again but Stormlight, even sheer proximity to a Lightweaving, which in itself is noted to use much less Stormlight compared to Surge of Gravitation.
  10. Most cognitive shadows require some intake of investiture to sustain themselves, while others don’t. In the RoW headings written by the hearalds, it says that the heralds needed the bond of the Oathpact to stay alive, and so when Jezrien was captured with a raysium dagger, it also cut him off from the Oathpact, eventually causing him to die. Would Kelsier, being a Sliver, die if he were to be captured in a gemstone, or would he remain “alive”?
  11. Can you capture a radiant spren inside a gemstone, perhaps by using raysium? Would you be able to then use the gemstone containing the spren to then replicate the surges? If the spren was bonded to a radiant, could they still summon them as a shardblade, or use their surges?
  12. Apologies if it has been discussed or I've forgotten something. What would happen to a sapient spren if it was captured in a gem? We've obviously seen lower spren be captured and we've seen Unmade like the Thrill and Ba-Ado-Mishram (kinda seen) be captured, but what about the in-between? Could you manifest some effect from a fabrial made with a Sapient spren? What would happen if the gem was broken and the spren escaped (would the spren experience a loss of function, cognition, etc.). (I think this has been somewhat discussed in some Shardcasts about Ba-Ado-Mishram.) Does this affect bonds (thinking Nahel) in strange ways?
  13. So, we learn from Leshwi that the ancient Singers apparently did something to anger the spren, current-day spren seem to be much more fine with the Singers, with such a long gap without Desolations and the memory of the Recreance, plus the fact that most of the older spren became Deadeyes during the Recreance. Moving over to the Sibling, they are not fine with fabrials, even though the modern-day spren are fine with it, as fabrials employ non-sapient spren. Fabrials employ gemstones to capture spren... which is also what the Singers do to change their Forms, they capture spren within their Gemhearts. We've seen other creatures with Gemhearts before in the series, notably we've seen the process of Gemheart extraction when Eshonai pulls the Gemheart out of a Chasmfiend. Chasmfiends use spren bonds with Mandra or Luckspren so that they are not crushed by their own weight. These spren are seen flitting around Chasmfiends as well as other Greatshells like the Tai-Na [minor Dawnshard spoilers] We also see them around Skyeels, iirc, who probably use their bond with them to fly. Similarly, Musicspren seem to flit around the Ryshadium who might be in a bond of some kind with them. Though Ryshadium don't have Gemhearts. Spren can be captured in gems the same as Lights because they are made of Investiture. Is the purpose of Gemhearts really to capture spren? Because it would seem you can bond spren without trapping them in Gemhearts. They are attracted to natural phenomena and emotions... and the Rhythms. We saw the Dawnsingers seemingly Stoneshaping by using the Rhythms. We saw Lifespren responding to the Rhythms. Spren, like the Investiture they are made of, respond to the Rhythms. We saw other creatures that have gemhearts and need spren bonds, and they didn't seem to trap spren within their gemhearts. The spren were flitting about freely with them. They extract gemhearts from the Chasmfiends but did they ever find a Luckspren trapped within their Gemheart? We saw Eshonai extract a Gemheart from a Chasmfiend but there was no spren within it. (Would the spren be free upon the creature being killed or only if the gem itself is cracked?) What if the Dawnsingers originally used their Gemhearts to store Light? What if the crime that the ancient Singers committed against the spren which angered them was this? Trapping spren within their gemhearts to change their Forms.
  14. Im wondering if anyone knows if Brandon calls out specific gem cut styles when describing gems for Sphere and fabrials. It seems likely specific cuts are better then others rather than it being an arbitrary detail. Coppermind only says that cut gems hold more stormlight somehow. Hopefully this question doesn't Rafo'd or something.
  15. So I’m doing a reread of Oathbringer and at the beginning of Shallan's chapter The Girl Who Looked Up she is thinking about the tower. She says something about the tower being a skeleton and the strata being veins. Here's the paragraph: That got me thinking about how Urithiru might have been like a fabrial and all that. From there I started comparing it to a body. If the gemstone tower is the heart, then what if the strata is actually gemstones that are like veins. They carry Stormlight. That would provide illumination and spread Stormlight throughout the tower. I don’t know if this would actually be possible, but it got me really excited when I thought about it. I just found some more evidence. At one point Shallan mentions that the strata has an emerald cast. “An alien color for stone.” I doubt the strata would have been heavily researched. It is often described of having a red cast, which could be ruby.
  16. Can you Soulcast gemstones? Crystal is one of the Ten Essences... Edit: I asked this over on Discord, Dr Rockso showed me this page: from Ch 33 of Way of Kings "said to be impossible"
  17. awakening

    Can an Awakener use colour from a person's eyes to fuel an Awakening? How powerful or skilled would an Awakener need to be in order to achieve this? Would people with grey eyes be immune? We know that an Awakener can use colour from gemstones What about smokestone (smoky quartz)? Awakening bleaches colours to grey, can it draw colour from a grey gemstone?
  18. It's hinted at in Oathbringer that the big pillar of gemstones in the library is part of a fabrial, or that the city itself is a fabrial. Is it unlikely that the spren in this fabrial was the Sibling? We know that all fabrials require a spren, and the Sibling is just another spren. Indeed, Re-Shephir has once been trapped in a gemstone, and at the end of the book Nargaoul is in the gemstone called King's Drop, which is a gemstone that doesn't lose stormlight and which the unmade supposedly would be incapable of getting out of. This idea has got to have some measure of accuracy. Also, the King's Drop brings up more questions: Must the gemstone be cut perfectly* for the spren inside to be incapable of escape, since other fabrials lose stormlight and their spren don't escape. * cut perfectly, meaning stormlight doesn't leek from it So if it wasn't the cut that mattered (which is still under debate, by the way), was it the size of the gem Dalinar needed? Because there were plenty of other gems around to use. What would a fabrial with that cut (and with Nargaoul inside) do? We know from Navani's notebook that the cut of the gem influences what the fabrial does. Are there multiple ways to cut a gem so that it doesn't leek? Could such a gem trap Odium without having to make an oathpact? And what does the Urithiru fabrial do anyway? The elevators seem to work independently of that. It's in the middle of the library, so that might be a clue.
  19. We know that capturing spren inside gemstones is not only possible, but necessary for fabrials to function. So, how does it work? Does one simply take the gemstone and touch the spren, capturing it? Also, the thought occurred to me that the humans and Listeners could easily have trade relations revolving around the sale of spren. In WoR, we see the Listeners trying—and failing— to conjure even a single creationspren for artform, while Shallan regularly can summon hundreds while drawing. This discovery could have ended the war, and brought in a new era of peace, if the Everstorm hadn't gotten in the way.
  20. Here's a stylized lil' version of Navani Kholin. I definitely picture her with a bit of silver in her hair, but... let's say that this is just a younger Navani, shall we? This little piece is actually waxing pretty old, but I figured I'd post it anyways. I'll for sure be having another go at Navani in the future =) Let me know what you think!
  21. Do differing types of Gemstones affect the Surges and KR? Because of the Ten Essences Chart, we know that Each Herald has a specific Gemstone. Jezrien, the Herald-Patron of the Windrunners, has Saphire. So would a Windrunner be able to get more Stormlight out of a Saphire Gem than a Emerald Gem? We know that most of the Fabrials need specific Gemstones, and they Mimic the Surges. Soulcasters do not follow this rule, as they use the gem associated with the essence of what they're making.
  22. Newest set of profile icons featuring each of the Knights Radiant's glyph inscribed on their respective gemstones. You can download any of these files for your personal profile in addition to a number of other glyphs by clicking HERE. There are a few alternate versions of the gemstones as well.
  23. I'm a slow reader. I really am. But I made... conclusions. I just got to where and reading about spanreeds got me thinking... What if you used the same kind of gemstone, but instead of linking it to two reeds, you linked it to a sword and a stick. To be more specific, a storming Shardblade. You could pick up your stick (while standing somewhere with a decent view of a battlefield, with moving room), and fight whole armies. Without even being too close to them all. Then again, there is the whole "invested VS invested" thing. May not work, idk.
  24. I was re-reading the Ars Arcanum the other day, particularly the section about fabrials, when I re-stumbled upon this part about Spanreeds: We're all probably aware of spanreeds at this point, but recent information we've gotten about Words of Radiance have led me to re-analyze the words I quoted above, as well as the rest of "On the Creation of Fabrials". We know that the fabrials are another way to access the Surges apart from Surgebinding or Voidbinding, and we also know that Soulcaster fabrials in particular mimicked the Soulcasting ability of some Lightweavers and Elsecallers, so I believe that studying the fabrials (their effects, the gemstones they use, etc.) would let us gain insight into how the different Knights Radiant used their Surges. Table of Contents Part I: Pairing Fabrials and the Table of Gemstone Pairs Part II: Altering Fabrials Part III: Warning Fabrials Conclusion: How to Create a Fabrial Part I: Pairing Fabrials and the Table of Gemstone Pairs Let's consider the Ruby gemstone, associated with both conjoiner fabrials and the Order of Dustbringers. The interesting thing about conjoiners is that even though the original ruby has been halved into two separate ruby pieces, they still act as one. In Surgebinding and Realmatic terms, the effect of the Division Surge on those two ruby halves is significantly decreased. Reducing division increases unity. Now check out this relevant tidbit from Dalinar's Purelake vision: Some people have already speculated that the Knight Radiant in that vision was a Dustbringer (Surges: Division and Friction), and that she was somehow making the non-KR soldiers glow with Stormlight. The other theory was that the soldiers were non-KR Surgebinders who just so happened to take in Stormlight at the same time. But if we assume that Conjoiners actually mimic one aspect of Dustbringers, then one very neat solution presents itself: The Dustbringer was manipulating the Surge of Division. Specifically, she was decreasing the spiritual division between herself and her soldiers, giving all of them some level of spiritual synchronization. If Parshendi could perform supernaturally synchronized feats (which probably use the Division Surge somehow as well), wouldn't it be awesome if the Dustbringers of old (and maybe even Skybreakers) could do the same? But how about Reversers? They also seem to manipulate Division, increasing the division between objects. In the vision, the Knight could run through water with "uncanny ease". I'm betting that she did it by increasing her own Division from the water, making herself "more separate" from it, so that to her the water no longer interacted with her feet, allowing her to run as if the water wasn't there. Increasing and decreasing Division, two ways of manipulating the same Surge, performed by the same Knight Radiant. Pretty impressive for a vision scene, eh? Back to fabrials, why do Reversers use Amethyst instead of Ruby, if Ruby is the Dustbringer gemstone? If you look at the Knights Radiant chart, Ruby and Amethyst are actually connected to each other, and they are on opposite sides of the chart. This could indicate that every gemstone has a designated partner, one that has a reverse effect when manipulating a particular Surge. One gemstone decreases ("Pulls"?) the influence of a Surge, while its opposite gemstone increases ("Pushes"?) it. Also, the fact that Ruby fabrials can manipulate Division, while Smokestone ones cannot so far as we know (even though Skybreakers can supposedly manipulate Division), suggests that each Order has a primary Surge (despite being able to bind two Surges). Edit: Here's a more thorough theory on why an Order must have a Primary Surge (the Surges are to KR Orders as the Attributes are to Essences). Given all these things, I made a table showing each Order, their Primary Surge, and those Surges' "pulling" and "pushing" gemstones (pardon the Allomantic terminology), or gemstone pairs: Order# | Essence | Order Name | Primary Surge | Surge-"Pulling" Gemstone | Surge-"Pushing" Gemstone Jez | Zephyr | Windrunners | Pressure | Sapphire | Garnet? Nan | Vapor | Skybreakers | Gravitation | Smokestone | Zircon Chach | Spark | Dustbringers | Division | Ruby | Amethyst Vev | Lucentia | Edgedancers | Friction | Diamond | Topaz? Palah | Pulp | Truthwatchers | Growth | Emerald | Heliodor Shash | Blood | Lightweavers | Illumination | Garnet | Sapphire? Betab | Tallow | Elsecallers | Transformation | Zircon | Smokestone Kak | Foil | Willshapers | Transportation | Amethyst | Ruby Tanat | Talus | Stonewards | Cohesion | Topaz | Diamond? Ishi | Sinew | Bondsmiths | Tension | Heliodor | Emerald As you can see, there are still unknowns and uncertainties. For one, we don't even know what kind of spren need to be trapped for a fabrial to access a particular Surge. And we don't know what the extra connections between Sapphire, Diamond, Garnet, and Topaz are supposed to mean in terms of fabrial creation. But there are a number of interesting things as well. For example, notice that the Surge-"Pushing" Gemstone for Transformation is apparently Smokestone. Well! Jasnah's Soulcaster fabrial may be fake, but she probably at least made it look believable, so we can bet that those rare multi-function Soulcaster fabrials that Shallan talked about have Smokestone in them, and now we know why! Perhaps the other Soulcaster fabrials with limited functionality use Zircon instead? If not, what could a Transformation-"pulling" effect look like? What other interesting things can you find in my table of Fabrial pairs? Which types of fabrial do you think should be discovered next? I hope to post the second and third parts of my General Fabrial Theory by the end of the week. In the meantime, feel free to discuss!