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Found 8 results

  1. No big, mind-blowing (or head-scratching) theory from me this time, just some genuine curiosity. It's explained during SA that cut gemstones hold stormlight better. And at first glance, with gut feelings, that makes sense. Of course putting effort into making the gem smooth and well-shaped would make it hold stormlight better. But why? Is it because it reduces the number of facets that stormlight could "emerge" through, as if each facet can only support a certain flow rate? If that's the case, why aren't all stormlight-holding gems cut as triangular prisms (the shape of a d4)? That would limit the number of facets to 4, obviously, but we don't see that. Is it then a function of the surface area of each facet? In that case, all gems ought to be polished into a spherical shape (much like the name "spheres" would imply, for their currency). That would make numerous small facets, which would bottleneck the stormlight flowing out, if that were the case. I think the real answer is that it's both, to an extent. The number of facets and their surface area. In that way, it would take skill and precision to cut the right amount of facets in the right shape in a gem to find the optimal balance; and that balance, when struck perfectly, is what a Perfect Gemstone is. In fact, perhaps the relative angle between the various facets is another factor. In that sense, other shapes with the same number and size of facets would still hold stormlight differently. So there may be an ideal shape, with specifically sized facets in a specific number that lead to no stormlight leaking at all. It may, indeed, require the skill and power of a Radiant to properly shape a gemstone into that shape with enough precision to truly strike that perfect balance and make a perfect gemstone. So what do you guys think? Am I just crazy?
  2. Is it possible to bond shardplate by attaching gems to it, like a shardblade? Would it let you manifest and dismiss it at will?
  3. I have an accumulation of Gem Related questions: We had a conversation a while back about shardworlds going to war, and it was stated that the Roshar forces can fill gems by exposing them to any shard's Perpendicularity, and also that offworld gems would work the same way offworld metals work for scadrians. Is that correct? I cant find any specific WOBs to confirm them. IF so, are they filled with Stormlight, or something entirely different. Assuming for the sake of argument that Voidlight in gems taking more specific steps on Odiums part, if some rando worldhopper took a gemheart to Nalthis would they instead get..I dont know, "Chromat-o-Light" from Endowment's perpendicularity? We know that Stormlight in Gems predates Honor's arrival, so Gems were something that could hold Stormlight back when it was operating on an Adonalsium-era magic. So if there is nothing special about Rosharan gems or about the rosharan Perpendicularities, and Stormlight as a type of Investiture predates Honor and Cultivation, it sounds like stormlight, and maybe even the Surges to some extent, are actually a cosmere-wide magic system from pre-shattering? Other Gem Questions: -Can you Soulcast one gem to another (using Diamond or Topaz), and how does that affect their economic value? -If the color of the gem, rather than the chemical composition, is the important aspect due to the Perceptions of the residents of Roshar, have those associations changed over the long history (they've certainly gained new/different religion associations. -If the Parshendi have a "mikly white, bone colored" Gemheart, is this an 11th Essence? EDIT: New question - If Bones are/were Living enough to only require normal Type III Awakening rather than the 9th Heightening version like for normal Metals/minerals, what about Gemhearts? Or Coal or Pearls for more mundane mineral examples?
  4. I don't think this information has come out before, but I accidentally got Peter to own up to the canon carat values for spheres. Broam: 2 carat Mark: .5 carat Chip: .1 carat
  5. From the album Stormlight Art of Carbonationspren

    Here is my depiction of the Double Eye, with the glyphs for the Knights Radiant orders. Created with the Cycles rendering engine.

    © Carbonationspren 2017 All Rights Reserved

  6. During my most recent reread I noticed this. Why are there only 9 types of spheres vs. 10? Which gem is missing? Thoughts? I have noted diamond, emerald, amethyst, and garnet so far. @Duncan noted zirconium and ruby. Coppermind says it is heliodor or smokestone missing....anyone doing rereads please watch for those with me.
  7. We know that the gem determines what kind of thing you can Soulcast. It's obviously true in Soulcaster fabrials but I have seen either in text or in WoBs things that suggest it's also the case with Radiant Soulcasting. The question is: why? Once the Stormlight is breathed in it's indistinguishable from Stormlight breathed in from another type of gem. And of course if a Radiant walks into a highstorm, they would be able to replenish their Stormlight directly from the storm itself. So there are no gems involved but the situation is not fundamentally different as it's the same Stormlight anyway. It's very confusing and I can't wrap my head around it. If somebody knows any qoutes or WoBs explaining this, please post. My searches have been unhelpful in that regard. EDIT: elevant WoB(s): (I swear I've seen more)
  8. I'm a slow reader. I really am. But I made... conclusions. I just got to where and reading about spanreeds got me thinking... What if you used the same kind of gemstone, but instead of linking it to two reeds, you linked it to a sword and a stick. To be more specific, a storming Shardblade. You could pick up your stick (while standing somewhere with a decent view of a battlefield, with moving room), and fight whole armies. Without even being too close to them all. Then again, there is the whole "invested VS invested" thing. May not work, idk.