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Found 8 results

  1. So I’m greatly interested in how the Fused power their surges . Logic would have us thinking it work Like stormlight . Yet the Fused don’t carry spheres .we know that everstorm does not recharge spheres with stormlight . So I’m going to come up with a theory and see what u guys think . The everstorm brings Voidlight with it when it comes . The Voidlight is captured in the Fused gemheart , gems woven into the Fused hair, and possibly even its skin . We have seen the Fused glow constantly with Voidlight . I think the Fused are extremely efficient with their use of Voidlight . We see the Flying Fused that lash constantly Float around to where they hardly ever walk . So when it comes to surges they are extremely efficient or it cost little to anyvoidlight . it could possibly cost more for Healing as we saw a Fused survive a shardblade tp the stomach. It wasn’t until the Gem heart was destroyed and possibly the source of its Voidlight healing did the creature die ! as the everstorm comes more often than a highstorm , they usually have enough to last until the next everstorm . If u ask me the Fused have more efficient powers . KR have to have constant stormlight and it runs out way too fast. And the high storm does not come around enough . What do u guys think
  2. I've wondered about that Santhid that Shallan Encounters. We've seen that Brandon hasn't told us everything about Greatshells and their gemhearts, and left the scene with the cremlings vague. There's a lot to find out about the fauna of Roshar. 1 - Why did the santhid choose to save Shallan? 2 - What is the relationship between santhids and greatshells? 3 - Are santhids actually a small kind of greatshell? 4 - Would santhids have the same kind of spren-bonds as greatshells? People wouldn't know, because they wouldn't have found any gemhearts because it's considered unlucky to hunt them. (Mraize, a seemingly high-ranking member of the Ghostbloods has a santhid scull in his collection. Maybe he would know?) 5 - How does the anatomy of a santhid work, because their tentacles I don’t think would work like a jellyfish’s. Perhaps it would move like a portuguese man o'war, but faster, and it would be able to steer with its fins. 6 - How intelligent are the greatshells? That santhid seemed very intelligent. 7 - How sentient are the spren bonded to greatshells? 8 - What do the spren get out the deal of binding with them, and how big are those spren, compared to the kind that lessens the effect of gravity? 9 - How do greatshells have gemhearts in the first place? They’d be pretty old, each one, if an actual gem that big forms inside of them, and if that’s how it works, what do they eat that gives them the minerals needed to form them?
  3. In this post I tried to aswer to a doubt of mine. I thought it was a well known fact that I only missed. The unsure answers pushed me to ask both to Brandon and Peter on Twitter and the second gave me a much more vague answer Also if I don't recive a sure answer, now I know that it isn't something explored in the books and maybe may hide some worldbuilding information about Roshar and the GreatShell's Spren-bond. It's even possible I was right about the idea exposed in my tweet (but I am not too sure about)
  4. I am in the middle of a WoTK second reading and I just notice a big ignorance of mine about Roshar's Ecology. On Roshar only the 10 Polestones may naturally store Stormlight. We know also that many GreatShells (possible all) have a gemheart, a gem of possibly great size (depending by the Greatshell's size). Now began my great doubt: How is the gemheart type decided ? I explain myself better. when you kill a Greatshell and retrive his Gemheart. There are rules about what kind of Polestone this Gemheart would be ? For example: all the greatshell for a specific species give the same Polestone as Gemheart or it's a complete random factor. In the books is often stated that the Alethi and the Listeners hunt Charsmfields to retrive their gemheart to soulcast food, this mean that from the Chasmfields they may retrive Emerald but I think it's never stated that all the Chasmfiends's Gemheart are Emeralds.
  5. Eshonai's only canon picture is the chapter header icon in her PoVs. She looked like a tank!!! And because I was inspired by the Predator movie series, I draw her as huge and physically imposing relative to the other characters. But she still has a human-like face that isn't fully monster, even in Stormform. I tried to make it expressive, but clear that she's not human, hence the creepy glowing eyes. This is my impression of a chrysalis and gemheart. In my imagination, they were giant glowing, roughly faceted chunks of crystal that had mysterious flickering lights coming from the inside. And the "violet ichor" of chasmfiend blood was like a goopy slime that dripped out when you pulled the gem out of the chrysalis. Who knows, maybe it's really the texture of purple ketchup.
  6. Inspiration for this idea goes to xbauks. So, everybody has been looking for the Shardpools of Roshar's splinters. But think about this. Within greatshells, gemhearts can be found. Gemhearts that grow very slowly and, though they renew, can be used up. These gemhearts can be used to do extremely powerful soulcasting. I think these gemhearts are a strange form of Shardpool. Perhaps they are Cultivations, since they seem to grow within creatures that have to age and live first. I don't know, all speculation. But I really like the idea that gemhearts are shardpools.
  7. For the longest time I've only had the audiobook of The Way of Kings, so for my birthday I decided to get a signed copy. Since I heard that you could ask a question when you got it personalized I asked: "Is the Rear Endsheat about Cultivation's or Odium's magic system? Does it involve Fabrials, Gemhearts, or Voidbringers?" This was my response: For the record I don't think the current theory about it being Odium's system for Voidbringers is correct. I think that it is Cultivation's magic system, involving the use of gemhearts from certain greatshells to create the fabrials that replicate the various surges. Unfortunately, when I tried to make my question fit within the character limit on the personalization, I left the question a little to open ended. I'm trying to decided if this tells us anything new, so I'm posting it here for help. There is also a mark on the top of the book near the Interludes between Part 3 and 4, but I don't think that means anything. If Peter or Brandon reads this, I would like to say Thank You. I know asking for this right near the release of WoR couldn't have made things easier, so I really appreciate you taking the time to do this for me.
  8. I don't know much about gems IRL, but it appears I definitely don't understand them in the context of Stormlight Archive either. Gems are basically the most valuable item in the entire series. They can be used for soulcasting, empowering Shardplate, containing Stormlight, and just plain old currency. They come in all sorts of sizes ranging from chip to gemheart. It is the size difference that is bugging me though. You have this massive gemheart, good for storing huge amounts of Stormlight and soulcasting large quantities of food or shelter, but that all ends the moment it shatters. OK, well does it all turn into dust? Wouldn't you wind up with thousands (I suppose) tiny pieces of gem that are essentially smaller gems and/or chips? Could you not put those into sphere and use them as currency? I figure they could be recut if that is the issue. I can't see why they wouldn't still hold stormlight if only in smaller quantities. The thought only came to me because I was wondering what would happen if someone cut into a chasmfiend and sliced the gemheart by mistake. Would it be such a clean break due to the use of a Shardblade that it was just two half size gemhearts? TL;DR - Why don't shattered gemhearts get recycled into smaller gems and chips for spheres?