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Found 7 results

  1. Hey, everyone! This week I decided to take it upon myself to begin a total conversion mod for Paradox Interactive's grand strategy game, Crusader Kings 2. Considering I've only been at it a few days, I think I'm making decent progress. Just looking to see how much interest there might be in such a thing. Currently, I've only been working on the map so far. It's maybe a little less than halfway done. I've attached a glimpse of how it looks at present. Edit: Oh, hey! Just found the creator's corner; Should this go there? Edit: Newer image to show off my sweet mountains
  2. SIR

    Hey, to everyone who uses Discord, you should join this server. Pretty nice If you want some free stuff. Here's the invite for those of you interested.
  3. Hello all, I only really game into gaming in the PS2 era. Prior to that, I had a few games on the N64, but not many. So I'm going to try and replicate my games from the N64. Starfox, Ocorana of Time, Excite Bike, Golden Eye, Rogue Squadron, Pod Racer, and The World is Not Enough was my N64 collection. But besides that, I'm blank on any good games from other consoles of that era. Or other good games from the N64 for that matter. I'm a big fan of scifi, mechs, shooters, and RPG's on consoles. So, what games do you all recommend?
  4. Greetings 17th Shard Community! Long story short: I want to create a Stormlight Archives video game and I need your help! Long story long: I've been a Sanderson fan since 2013. I've listened to all of the Mistborn audiobooks and love them, but the Stormlight Archive books are my favorite by far. I have listened to both twice and am on my third run though of The Way of Kings. I think these books have an incredible amount of potential in the worlds of film and media. Sanderson's writing has the ability to create massive emotional shifts in the reader; he can make you convinced that all hope is lost, and then turn the tables in one empowering instant. I was listening to Words of Radiance during my current day-job and had to physically restrain myself from jumping in the air and cheering when Kaladin regained his powers and Syl returned to him (being vague to avoid spoilers). In any case, I am also a video game enthusiast. I wouldn't categorize myself as a gamer, but I do enjoy video games as both a storytelling device and an art form. Sanderson is a brilliant world-creator and I think the Stormlight Archives could easily be translated into a action-adventure video game with an array of interesting gameplay mechanics, characters, and storylines. The progression of the Way of Kings is perfect for a compelling video game storyline: Starting with Szeth hunting King Gavalar to give the player a taste of the gameplay mechanics in a tutorial section, followed by taking everything away during the period of time Kaladin is in captivity to establish a character progression. The War of Vengeance perfectly alines with classic dungeon crawler gameplay, with the common trope of the hero (Kaladin, Dalinar, Adolin, or Szeth) slaying hoards of enemies (Parshendi) along a segmented map (plateaus in the Shattered Plains). However I would want the game to be a 3rd person melee similar to Shadow of Mordor by Monolith Productions. I think there are a lot of interesting ways surge binding could make the gameplay unique. Ideally the game will end up as an open world where the player can fly (fall) all the way across Roshar, but I'm getting ahead of myself. If any of this sounds interesting to you folks I would love to here from you. If enough people are interested, I would like to start a small production company to try to accomplish this goal (if we can get permission from Sanderson). I have a decent amount of experience in the video game creation pipeline due to several game studio courses I took in college. However my expertise lies primarily in the art and animation fields, so I need some people who know how to code in order to put everything together. I intend to move forward with this project on my own, but any help will gladly be accepted. If you are at all interested in: Coding for gaming Game creation Fan art creation 3D Modeling Character Rigging Please let me know. As you can tell if you've read this far, I have big dreams about this game. In reality we will have to start small and build up. I hope some of you lovely folks will join me to make this dream become reality. If you have any questions just ask. Sorry about the long introductory post, I hope you all have a lovely day. Chris
  5. I wasn't sure if it would be more appropriate to pitch this topic here or on the Roleplaying forum, but I noticed the forum's mainly for posting for anyone interested playing this or that game. Hence, I've decided to post this here~ Where I would like to share with you, the good people of the 17th Shard fansite, some of my crazy freaking roleplaying stories as a seasoned Game Master and, occasionally, player. Lo, from games as far as Dungeons & Dragons to Pathfinder, from Call of Cthulhu to homebrews of Avatar: The Last Airbender... and yes, why, even a few stories set in the world of Mistborn (thank you, official Mistborn RPG!). And more importantly, if there's anyone here with their own cool stories about their roleplaying experiences, please! Feel free to share! "What qualifies as a cool or crazy story?" All up to you. Opening the floor... now!
  6. (Disclaimers: I know we have the "What are you playing right now" thread, and while that does get some discussions sometimes it is just for telling people what you have been playing lately. I did a search for a thread like this, found nothing, probably didnt look enough) Anyway, video games. This is a video game thread. It is a kind of out dated term, as it is not really video based anymore, if it has ever been... not that TV games is a better term... Tangents! So, topics, what are you playing? Favorite games? Games you look forward too? Things you are disappointing by? I myself was going to buy Pokemon Yellow on the 3DS, but the generation 1 games costs twice as much as gameboy games usually does. Hahaha. No, not paying that much, sorry nintendo. I should probably get myself Megaman Legacy Collection though. I like platformers.
  7. I got turned on to the board game Small World by Days of Wonder really big this year. It's the first game they played in the YouTube show TableTop with Wil Wheaton. It's a really fantastic game with a lot of great artwork and simple fantasy tropes represented as a Risk! style game that doesn't go on forever and has tremendous replay value and a deep strategy aspect. I normally play it with my work friends at lunchtime but I now have a whole new way to play. They recently had a Kickstarter to expand their improved app to Android tablets as well as iOS and the Android. It's finally out and the App is fantastic! It makes the game super accessible to newbies and has a very slick UI. If anyone has the app and wants to play my Days of wonder username is AGRooster and if you start a game with me I'm down. Any other favorite board games or board game apps? I think that tablets have really revitalized some board games for the newer generations tho sometime cardboard is KING!