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Found 12 results

  1. I guess some of you have noticed this comment on Reddit ("mistborn" is Brandon's account, for those who don't know). I'm really excited about this for obvious reasons - CDPR really does make the best game adaptations of books, so such a collaboration would definitely yield some incredible masterpiece we can barely imagine. But Brandon has not sold/given them the rights yet, and also CDPR may be a bit reluctant about this now (because of the whole Sapkowski story). So I guess all gamers here should team up and use any possible method to convince, encourage, or coerce both Brandon and CDPR to make this real, even if we had to wait ten years. I think if we gather enough people to support this cause, we can get them to seriously think about it! I am kinda new to organizing this king of thing, so if anybody knows a good method to gather signatures/votes etc., feel free to take the lead! For Honor, Harmony, and the future of fantasy!
  2. Want sure if this should go in here or general. Anyway what you do here is take a quote from a movie or tv show and Cosmere it. 1. It has to be said by some one so who in the Cosmere would say it. 2. Try and change the existing quote in some way. 3. If you can also put the Cosmere name for the movie. "Why is the wine gone? Why is the wine alwase gone?" -Dalinar (Pirates of the Reshi isle: curse of the black light) "Nivani?" "What?" "Where is my shard plate?" "What" "Where, is, my, shard plate? "I uh, put it away." "Where?" "Why do you need to know?" "I need it!" "Nah uh, don't you think about going off doing no daring do. We've been playing this wedding for two months!" "Alithkar's in danger!" "My wedding is in danger! "You tell me where my plate is woman! We're talking about the greater good!" "Greater good? I am your to be wife! I amthe greatest good you're ever gana get!" -Dalinar and Navani kholin (The impendabes)
  3. Not sure quite where to post this, and not sure quite which site admins to tag, so I’m just going to go ahead and post it here and tag @Chaos, @firstRainbowRose, @Argent, and @WeiryWriter and trust that if I made a mistake that someone will fix it and/or point me in the right direction. Anyway, I’ve noticed that in the past several months there has been a signficant increase in the number of forum games being played on this site, particularly in the general thread. Aside from the games that have their own forums and sub-forums (like Sanderson Elimination and the various RPGs), There are games such as (in no particular order) Guess that Cosmere Character, Guess that Cosmere place, Cosmere Codenames, the Nightwatcher boon/bane game, the Awakening game, Cosmere Character Roast (Rap) Battles, Um... Actually (a game), The Elimination Game, Hurt and Heal Cosmere Edition, and probably more that I’ve missed because I haven’t perused the correct section of the forums lately. With that in mind, would it be worthwhile to create a separate forum or perhaps a Subforum in the General section dedicated specifically to forum games? What does everyone think? (I’m particularly curious what the admins think).
  4. Hello, my brother and I are building Luthadel in minecraft (as title suggests) and I need help. It's a large project and I would like some help. Depending on the amount of people that want to help we'll get a server or something. The scale is a one pixel to one block ratio. At the time of posting I've started on the copper gate and market district. It's being build in minecraft version 1.12.1 with the docucraft high texture pack. Give me some feed back on what you think.
  5. So, I'm not sure what work has gone into this before, but I think it would be really cool if we as a community of fans, made a table-top game for the Stormlight Archive. It could be like D&D, it could be cards, involve dice, etc. But if there is already considerable work done, could someone please point me there? I tried a quick search of the site, and didn't find anything. Otherwise, This could be the place to bring together ideas and make something!
  6. Hey everyone, I just started playing Hearthstone a few days ago, so I only have a few cards, and I'm not very good. Are there any Sharders on here who also play Hearthstone and are at that same kind of level that would like to play a few games?
  7. So I am a sometimes theorist and poster on here, but because of work and social commitments don't get to post as much as I like....HOWEVER, I am a regular Clash Royale player and my last clan leader went MIA, so we just started a new clan. Clan Tag #8JVYVPJC if you play Clash Royale, like to drink a couple Scotch/Whiskeys, talk some Trash and nerd out about Sanderson!
  8. So I just finished the Witcher 3 (Wild Hunt, Heart of Stone, and Blood and Wine). It was fantastic. Yes, it was pretty, the gameplay was fun/etc., but what made it so good was the characters (and story, and plot, but mostly the people). They are absolutely brilliant. The story just gave me so many feels for these brilliantly real characters (spoiler alert) So anyway, I fully intend to dive into the books the games are based off of; because even if the translated prose doesn't work for me, I suspect the characters will still click. Am I right to think so? Are they as good as I hope they'll be?
  9. If you don't know what is, type it into your web browser address. The reason I bring it up is because on one session, I saw a player named Galladon. Another time, I saw a player named Dominion. Either Sharders pick Sandernames for, or we discuss other cameos we've seen.
  10. So, I've noticed several members have RPG game results in their signatures. Some of them sound pretty fun. I checked out the Forums → Community → Role-Playing boards, but it was not at all clear how someone would go about finding a game to join that wasn't already in progress. Anyone have any tips for how to get started? Thanks!
  11. Okay. Fairly simple rules. You post an encrypted code, the next person decrypts it, posts a new encrypted code (different message, different encryption) and the next person decrypts it, and so on. E.g. (the first code is just a letter-number conversion. The second one, though I didn't post the answer, uses something called leet speak.) You get the picture. So here's the first one. xlwvh ziv ufm.
  12. By "old-timey game" I mean old games like Majora's Mask, Ocarina of Time, Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire, and older games like that. For me, It'd probably be 3rd generation Pokemon games. In addition, I recently got some GameBoy games for the Virtual Console on the 3DS (Golf, Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages). They're some pretty cool stuff.