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Found 91 results

  1. So, this is a classic forum game. The typical version goes like this: Person1: *inserts coin* Person2: You get a sock! *inserts coin* Person3: You get a potato! *inserts coin* and so on. It can be as random as you like. However, since this is the 17th Shard, who cares about regular coins? *inserts boxing* and so it begins.
  2. So, this thread is a thing, but I was told that instead of unlocking and necroing it I should just start a new topic, so here it is! In case you don’t want to visit the old thread, the game is thus: you give a random idea, and someone else makes a magic system based around it, then gives an idea of their own. Be as detailed as you want; levels of seriousness can be as high or low as you want as well. Keep it to the Shard’s standards on adult content. To start us off, animal feces.
  3. game

    This game is pretty simple. You come up with a sentence for the letters that the above person posts: Example: B M S H P == Buy me some hummus, please. Any number of letters is allowed, as is punctuation (for example, "BKSR,JDQ: FRT" is allowed). But be reasonable. Hopefully someone will play this... Here's the first: WGJPF
  4. Hi everyone! I have a suggestion - let's practice worldbuilding, with on-the-fly suggestions and feedback. This can be a little like "Whose-Line-is-it-Anyway?" improv mixed with a general critique, as well as a chance to show off your process. How this is proposed to work: You can do up to three things in this thread: You can propose world building ideas and list an example of them in existing fiction You can use ideas suggested in the thread to world build You can give feedback on what someone else has world built, remembering to be descriptive rather than proscriptive, and focusing on the good while not neglecting the bad You may do any combination of the above in a single post The first few posts - and any subsequent ones later - should be the world building ideas, preferably listing an example of how it was done before SO THAT WHAT IS BUILT USING IT IS NOT A COPY. For example, if the idea proposed is "mythological creatures that have been genetically engineered", then an example listed would be "The Dragon Riders of Pern", so that if someone uses that suggestion they know to try to push the world building in a different direction to Pern's After a few posts have been made with world building suggestions subsequent posts can then include people selecting from among those suggested and doing some basic work with those ideas, again trying to push them in a different direction than the source Ideas proposed can be worn out cliches, terrible ideas, etc., or your favourite tropes from your favourite series. They are seeds to be used by anyone who chooses to use them. The way they are used is up to whoever decides to use them After world building someone may then critique the setting, which can be subsequently revised afterwards So, with that said, here are a few world building suggestions: Space faring civilisation of explorers (Star Trek) Mythological creatures that have been genetically engineered (The Dragon Riders of Pern) Single undesirable planet the source of something the civilisation needs (Dune) Gender specific magic (The Wheel of Time) Knights from a religious order trained by mystics from another religion (The Elenium) Organisation that is tracking down and containing mysterious artefacts (Warehouse 13) Hope you have fun!
  5. So this doesn't necessarily have to be done in cartoon form, but I think it's fun this way, and really a good drawing is one that conveys what you are trying to communicate, so go for it sharders, create your cartoon punchline riddles, we're all friends here. To start things off, here's a rather classy one, where, if you so choose, you can try to figure out what the champagne cork attendant is telling the bottle of wine. If you guess it correctly you will win one genuine upvote, if no one guesses it by tomorrow at this same time (1:20 PST), I'll post the solution: The cork says to the bottle...
  6. game

    Okay so this was in a introductory post by, @rosamarine and ppl suggested we move it here as a game so yay! So it's basically would you rather, but Sanderson stuff. One person will post a would you rather, and the next replier will post their choice and why, with another question. It'll be good guys. Okay, I'll start: Would you rather be a roommates with a kandra or a Returned?
  7. Hey all. When I am bored I sometimes get around to programming things. I'm not cool like that, and I don't know any of those languages. But I DO use Scratch. For those, who don't know, Scratch makes coding really basic with "blocks" of coding. Anyways, hopefully one day I'll get around to the real thing. Anyways, I just wanted to say that I made a kind of inaccurate Skyward game--ah, let's say game inspired by Skyward. You are flying M-Bot who is for some reason letting you access only his destructors and nothing else, and you are a pilot who urgently wants to destroy all the asteroids in some asteroid belt until your shield goes down. Get to work. This is it. I do plan to make more interesting Sanderson-based games in the future. Currently I'm trying to work out the mechanics of Surgebinding, though that's proving very hard. It's a good thing I like a good challenge.
  8. Hey guys, I've been working for a while now on the prototype for The Children of Preservation, a Mistborn themed 2D Platformer. It started as a fan tribute to Mistborn, I wanted to learn Unity with a cool project. But the first version had a good response from the community (I shared it mostly on Facebook groups). So I worked to make the prototype a bit more immersive, added more metals to burn, and other features like Hemalurgy. Before you try it out, I want to make sure you know a few things. 1 Everything needs to be polished. 2 I made custom artwork for the prototype so it was more immersive, but I'm no designer. The artwork would improve for a full version of the game. 3 I appreciate any feedback. Please don't hold back any notes. Those will be really helpful if there's a full version of the game. You can download the prototype for free here: You can also take a look at the short teaser I made: Sadly, I don't have the resources to make a full version of the game on my own. I would need either a crowdfunding campaign or a publisher to get the right people and amount of time to develop it. In order to get that I would need a license. Which is not going to be easy. So, I'm asking for the support of the community to give the concept some momentum. If you want to see a full version of The Children of Preservation with awesome graphics and polished mechanics please drop a review at or like the Facebook Page. Thanks!
  9. So I guess not very many people knew, but there is a board game by Crafty Games (the same people that created the Mistborn Adventure Series) Called "Mistborn: House War" on Kickstarter. I was just wondering if anyone that lives in or around the Salt Lake City area was planning on a release party (of sorts) to play the game with people who know whats up, Because I know a couple of people that want to play but there isn't an event. Heck, maybe we can get Brandon to come. he lives around here. Just to clarify, I am not hosting a party. I was wondering if anyone else was. (Sorry if I posted this in the wrong area, but this seemed like the best place to put it.) Just me again.
  10. Update 1.2.1 – The Zinc Peripheral In Invested 1.2.1, the sphere's had a zinc peripheral installed, letting it use feruchemical zinc to increase its processing speed and slow down time. This makes it easier to fire coins while flying and select targets for Pushing and Pulling in the heat of the moment. See the changelog for all changes, but here's one in particular: you don't have to select targets before Pushing or Pulling on them. Trying to Push with no targets selected will Push on whatever metal you're looking at (dubbed "vacuous" Push/Pulling). This means you can fly around Luthadel without touching the keyboard. Since some of the controls have changed, be sure to check the in-game Help Overlay as a refresher. Next step: Means of quickly choosing different methods of controlling Pushes and Pulls. One of these will be a method for Pushing on all targets in a general direction, which Wax does a lot in the books. Another is the famous steel bubble. If math gets anyone excited, here's the fun differential equation I wrote for the intensity of the visual effect during zinc time. Fiddle with the variables and try to figure out what they're for, 'cause I ain't telling. X-axis is percentage of zinc remaining in the bank, and y-axis is intensity. Hope everyone's having a good summer. As always, let me know your thoughts. Update 1.2 Last year, I began working on a game/simulation implementing the magic system of Allomancy. I made a thread several months ago to document the initial state of the game and discuss different ways to mathematically model Pushing and Pulling. I establish a lot of the physics of the game there, so I recommend you read it if you haven't already. I've worked on the project a lot over the past few months. This post will be separated into three main sections: the first, focusing on the physics; the second, focusing on the game (with an interlude for more physics); and my plans for the future. Here is the second update on the progress of Invested. The Physics In Pagerunner's famous thread, I made several simulations comparing different models of Pushing and Pulling, showing off how Pushing duels could work as well as what happens when the coin you're Pushing suddenly hits a solid wall/ground. Those simulations can be all viewed in-game, so feel free to examine them yourself and experiment with the Allomancy settings. If we assume anchors do nothing special for your Pushes, Allomancy behaves like an undamped spring. If you push off of a coin into the air, you'll oscillate up to your max height, then fall all the way back down to the ground, then back up, and so on. Changing the relationship between distance and strength doesn’t change the behavior of the system. Pushing duels work in a similar way. The 10 cubes are allomancers, anchored to the ground. Without any dampening, you get a boring spring. The only model I could find that solved both of these problems was the infamous theory that the strength of Pushes is a function of velocity. In case you haven't been following those conversations, this theory (in its most basic form) claims "the higher the relative velocity between the Allomancer and target, the weaker the Allomantic force." Pushes on anchored coins will be stronger than Pushes on unanchored coins because anchored coins are completely stationary (that is, the relative velocity between the Allomancer and target is much smaller). The flavor of this theory that works best in the game (in my opinion) reverses the effect when the relative velocity is negative, i.e. when the Allomancer and target are moving towards each other. This means that Pushes on targets flying towards you are even more stronger than Pushes on targets flying away from you. When you're falling and throw a coin down, your Push will be weak until the coin hits the ground. Then, your relative velocity will be negative, and the Allomantic force will increase significantly, giving you a "jolt" as soon as the coin hits. This is the effect we see in the books, so it's what I have enabled by default in the game. With this model, Allomancers stabilize near their maximum height, rather than oscillate about it: Changing the constant used in the calculation of this velocity factor makes the system more critically/under-damped: Watch how duels play out. I've also unanchored the Allomancers, and this looks a lot more like how I envision Pushing duels in the books. The strength of the Allomancer is important, but weight determines who will move in the end. Again, you can experiment with these settings at any moment. The Game The player is a "primer sphere" - an Allomechanical construct or fabrial. It is an experimental device designed to test the limits of Scadrian magic. The sphere's mechanical nature gives it full control of its body and moment, allowing it to roll across surfaces and jump. This is enhanced by the first metal the sphere can burn: pewter. This is used for sprinting and pewter-jumping. By passively burning pewter, the sphere exerts a greater force while moving, allowing it to better anchor itself or move while Pushing and Pulling. While burning pewter and jumping, the sphere jumps further in that direction and can jump off or up walls or kick away small objects. Secondly, the primer sphere can burn iron and steel. Passively burning either of these metals reveals all nearby sources of metals. The wider the line, the heavier the source. The brighter the line, the stronger the potential Push on that metal. The sphere can "Pull-target" and "Push-target" one or more metals at once. When a metal is Pull-targeted, it can be Pulled on - likewise for Push-targets and Pushing. (Interlude: physics) After all the calculations are done, the player has some Allomantic Force they exert on the target. The mass of iron or steel burned is directly proportional to the net force they exert. If you're pushing with 1000N of force, you're burning 1000mg, or 1g, of iron every second. There's actually a WoB that mildly contradicts this: according to Brandon, metal burning speed is proportional to power drawn, not force. There are two reasons for why I make burn rate proportional to force. First, I can't be sure if Brandon is talking about "power" with the definition used in physics (i.e. a change in energy over time). If not, then there's nothing to worry about; the novels are wobbly enough to not be sure how precisely metals are burned. Still, in the future, I might shift things around to have all calculations work around power/energy rather than force, but the former is harder to calculate than the latter. My college-level textbook only talks about power in regards to applying a force to an object such that it moves at a constant velocity, so the math would get… difficult. I'm working on a model called "Distributed Power" based off of Pagerunner's model 3 that does something similar to this, but it's a work in progress. The main difference between force and power (in this context) is that power is a function of velocity; but, if we're using the Exponential with Velocity model, force still changes with velocity, just with a different relationship. There's potential for a fair bit of discussion in regards to this. The second, more important reason for making burn rate a function of force is reduce obfuscation - if you're consistently Pushing with 1000N, you know you're losing exactly 1g of steel every second. If you have only 10g of steel left, your intelligent lizard brain can figure out how long you can keep up that push. This relationship is more intuitive for the player, and changing this to power would lose that clarity. (end interlude) It wouldn't be Mistborn if you couldn't throw coins. You can toss coins. If you Push while doing this, you'll fire coins directly towards the crosshair. Holding "jump" while tossing a coin will throw it downward, useful for cruising above the ground or a smooth landing. There's also a "Coinshot mode." With this, holding down Push (right-click) and pressing Pull (left-click) will instead throw a coin. This makes throwing coins work more like a conventional FPS where the LMB fires bullets. This (along with all of the controls, I guess) is a WIP. There are a few scenes for the player to play around in: a tutorial and several sandboxes (as well as the Sandbox, which has some fun zero-gravity targets). cracks knuckles cries in GTX 965M Turns On Motion Blur it's gamer time (recorded back when I only had my laptop at school) There is an assortment of other videos here. The Future We've talked a lot about Newton's third law a lot, but let's take a look at Sanderson's third law: "Expand on what you have already, before you add something new." Better ways of throwing coins Changing between semi-automatic and fully-automatic coin-throwing Throwing multiple coins in different patterns Oftentimes in the books, you see Mistborn throwing a "spray" of coins at an enemy like a shotgun blast. Pewter From the start, my plan with pewter was for it to work like a shield in other games, where burning it will prevent you directly losing health. Once health actually becomes a thing, pewter will serve this purpose. HUD General polish is needed. It should be more clear when metal reserves are refilled, coins are picked up, on-screen text changes, etc. Sound The game's completely mute at the moment. I have little experience with sound design and production, so having a meaningful sound system is still a ways away. Controls I've been living in my own bubble, so I've grown accustomed my choice in keybinds. I am absolutely certain think that they're not the most intuitive. If you play the game, please let me know which controls make sense and which ones don't. Argent threw in the idea of using bullet time (or, perhaps, Feruchemical zinc time) for steel and iron. It would help a lot to make Pushing, Pulling, and target selection easier. In general, make target selection better. When you're surrounded by metal objects, there is a lot of visual clutter on the screen. I need to make a better system of prioritizing target selection so that you can say "I want to choose this target" and not accidentally select a target in front of or behind it. I definitely plan on adding macros/techniques for Pushing and Pulling. Vin's Horseshoe Wheel is one example. What I call the "centrifuge" is another - Pulling an object such that it orbits around your body, then releasing it such that it flies in the targeted direction. Lurchers never got their fair share of offensive combat in the books, so I want to show how formidable they can be, with a spicy little feedback loop or two. Other Allomantic metals Tin: zooming in, informative HUD elements about the environment, dispelling mists/visible stars in Luthadel. Bronze: see nearby sources of kinetic Investiture, such as puzzle elements or enemies that would try to Push on you. My requests for you: Play the game! You can download it from my GitHub. What controls make the most sense for you? What bugs and physics kinks do you find? Sanderson's 0th law says to err on the side of awesome. What should I add that would be fun? Mistborn is a fantasy novel, after all - so what are your fantasies for Allomancy in a game?
  11. The game is pretty simple - Two situations and you got to chose which one do you prefer and why. Answer the question and frame a question of your own. The next person answers and so on Would you rather Find out the story behind how and why Shallan first bonded with Pattern OR see Maya awakened by the end of "War of Rhythm"? (Remember, choosing one means the other one doesn't happen in the book )
  12. I haven't posted in this subforum before, so I thought I'd mention it here. I've been working on a game/physics demonstration that implements the physics of Allomancy. You can find a longer description (and a lot more pictures and videos) at the full post here: Let me know what you think!
  13. This is a spoken game often played at camps, or at least that's where I learned it. It's one of those where you try to figure out what the rule is as you play. (Looking it up or asking someone who does know is not allowed - and sure, if you do it we may never know, but you'll know and hopefully you'll feel guilty so just don't cheat ) Anyone who does know the rule, don't say it! I am going to bring a puppy through the green glass door.
  14. This is another spoken game often played at camps, or at least that's where I learned it. It's one of those where you try to figure out what the rule is as you play (like the Green Glass Door, but a different rule). (Looking it up or asking someone who does know is not allowed - and sure, if you do it we may never know, but you'll know and hopefully you'll feel guilty so just don't cheat ) Anyone who does know the rule, don't say it! I'm going to take an ashspren on the trip.
  15. You've probably heard about this before. I've usually heard it referred to as The Pronoun Game. Yesterday it hit me; why isn't this actually a game? What we're going to do is have a list of cosmere characters (because without a list there'd be too many options). If you want to play, pick one and refer to them as he or she - or if you think it'll be easy, they. Then put them in a truthful sentence describing them - i.e. "She went to a lot of balls" being Vin or "They don't like horses" being Kaladin. Five people can have sentences going at any one time, and you can continue to hold your place as one for as long as your character goes unguessed. When they are, you should step down for someone else to take your place, unless nobody else wants to in which case you can choose a new character from the list and keep going. This will be our first category/list: And here, I'll start us off: They go by more than one name.
  16. Ok this game is a simple one. I'm a Cosmere character and I'm looking for love. Pick a character and write out their eHarmony profile.
  17. So in my family we love the game Codenames, and I got to thinking how fun it would be to play a Brandon Sanderson themed version. And then it occurred to me, why not adapt it to play on the forums? Should be easy enough, so let’s take a crack at it, yeah? As for the nitty gritty: I’ve never played Codenames, what is it? Okay, I get how to play, but how are we going to Sanderson-ize it? Will there be spoilers for any of Brandon's books? Short Answer: Very Possibly. Play at your own risk! Long Answer: the codenames used in each game will not contain any spoilers for any of the books. However, they will be linked to their respective coppermind wiki entries, which can contain spoilers for Brandon's books. Also, I can't guarantee that the clues that the spymasters give and/or the teams' discussions won't contain spoilers. Again, Play at your own risk! I will try to post at the start of each game which of Brandon's books the codenames are drawn from for that game, so you can know if you need to avoid a particular game. How are we going to make this work on the forum? What if I want to take a turn being a Spymaster? EDIT 2/5/2018: I have updated this post with the rules we have settled on after a couple of games. So far everything seems to be working smoothly, and people seem to be enjoying it. So if you'd like to play, just reply to this thread and say so! Also, I have edited the next post to include quick links to the first post of each of the games played so far, and I will continue to keep the list updated as time goes on. Feel free to skim over any previous games if you wish to see how they played out, or jump straight to the first post of the current game. For posterities' sake, this spoiler box contains the rest of the text from the original post:
  18. OKAY! so a while ago i left a comment on a discussion missing spren which was about why akwardness doesn't have a spren and I said that they were radiant spren but they all died in the recreance, but then I got to thinking and I made an order with surges and everything! Order: Internal screamers Nahel bond: awkward spren (attracts shame spren) Surges: Teleportation, Tension Shard blades: Since the akward spren don't want to be seen they appear as daggers, the type of weapon a spy would use Resonance: being unseen and hating crowds because people are the WORST sooooooo...yeah! do you guys have any order ideas? ideas about orders that have been posted?
  19. Inspired by the most recent Shardcast, I would like to start a game where you import a quote from a different work that, were it to appear as a death rattle in the Stormlight Archive, would not feel out of place. The format is: Quote quote quote quote -Collected on [Rosharan date] [X] seconds pre-death. [person the death rattle came from in Rosharan terms] Originally spoken by [Character] from [work] For example: I am reaching, but I fall And the stars are black and cold As I stare into the void -Collected Betabachah 1173, 27 seconds pre-death. Subject was a darkeyed Veden city guard tasked with chasing down escaped slaves. Originally spoken by Inspector Javert from Les Mis (the musical, I don't actually know if he says this in the book)
  20. I've heard about the Mistborn Adventure Game but I haven't seen any good descriptions of it. Has anyone played it and if you have could you give a rough overview of how the game works? Thanks.
  21. So pretty simple game, each of the kids in the Family Circus is given a Rosharan Shardic (or near shardic) analog (shown in the diagram below). Then a user posts a caption-less Family Circus cartoon, and the next person has to give the preceding cartoon a caption and then post another caption-less family circus cartoon. Here is the diagram, showing the Family Circus analogs, and to start things out right, it is in need of a caption: * Edited Dramatis Personae update. Dad: Adonalsium Mom: Autonomy I'll update the OP as new cosmere characters are assigned to recurring family circle characters.
  22. Do you enjoy solving puzzles? How about books by Brandon Sanderson? How about puzzles that are all based on books by Brandon Sanderson? If you enjoy escape rooms, reading books about people solving riddles and challenges (such as the 39 Clues), games that require you to think logically or outside the box, problem solving, or ARGs and similar puzzleshunts, then you'll love the Sanderson Puzzlehunt. We have designed a number of riddles and puzzles for teams to solve that require both puzzling skills and Sanderson knowledge. These teams will compete against each other to solve all the puzzles, climb the leaderboard and win the rounds. If you want to participate in this event, sign up below! In the spoiler I'll go into more detail about what we're planning. TL;DR If you like puzzles, crosswords, escape rooms, mysteries, fictional puzzlehunts, consider yourself a Sanderson Scholar, are good at either logical or lateral thinking, want to have some fun with a team of people, or are a human being, you should join the Sanderson Puzzlehunt! Mods for this event are @MetaTerminal. Huge shoutouts to @MacThorstenson, who was the original creator of the idea and helped design but was unable to mod due to timing issues. Links:
  23. This is a game for mobile users only (unless you can get mobile phone like spell checking suggestions on your desktop). The setup is simple, use your spell checker's auto generated suggestions to attempt to give helpful advice to a previous poster's stated problem. Before attempting to give spell checker advice, retype the previous poster's advice request in your reply so Siri/Google/Cortana can process the problem. After your spell checker has dispensed enough wisdom, type out a problem that you would like a spell checker's help with (and if you want a specific spell checker address it "Dear Google", "Dear Siri", etc.) To get the proverbial ball rolling, here's what I would like advice on. Dear Google, I love mayonaise, but I always have a hard time deciding when it's time to throw the tub away. How long should I spend scraping the last bits out of the jar before I finally just throw the tub away? Sincerely, Concerned about Condiments in Eugene.
  24. *EDIT* @Personification just alerted me, there's a HUGE thread on this already with amazing songs, you can find it here: Scene 1: A man lays prostrate on a circular stone platform, lit by a single spotlight. Behind this solitary figure a sheet with striated bands of different shades of grey roils tempestuously. Another figure, hidden in the darkness stage left, with hair spangled with glowing rubies and wearing a Vorin Havah approaches the prostrate figure while singing: Song 1: Memory (sung to the tune of Memory from Cats) Good Knight, Laid out on the Pavement, Has this man lost his memory? He is weeping alone In the dim light, the petaled shame collects at his feet And his Spren begins to moan. Every dead-voice seems to scream An Abominable witness, The Thrill it claims him, the dead-voices shame him, And he begs for forgiveness. Memory, All alone without Stormlight He can see her from old days She was beautiful then He remembers, he killed her and watched Rathalis burn Now her memory lives again Now for the game part, pick one of your favorite scenes from SLA, pick a song from a Musical, write alternate lyrics and link to a video of the song being sung so that Sharders can sing your altered lyrics to the tune of a musical number. Mwhahahah, let the fun begin.
  25. So I was watching Brandon's 300 level Sci-Fi Fantasy BYU lectures, and in lecture 3, The Illusionist writer, one exercise he had students do to emphasize that the sense of progress in a book was an illusion was to have them rewrite a complicated book in a single line where they state the conflict and the resolution, essentially wrapping the story up in a single sentence. The primary example was for Lord of the Rings, which if you make it take a lot less time, can be rewritten as "They fly giant eagles to Mordor and drop the one ring into Mount Doom". I think this is fun, so I suggest the following game-ified version of this, the person before you states the book/movie that they want to see to see simplified into a one sentence resolution, and the next person simplifies said suggestion and then suggests another book/movie that they want to see simplified. So to start things off, lets go with a bit of an obscure reference, write a sentence that shows the full arc of Harry Potter.