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Found 126 results

  1. The game is simple - The most delicious sandwich ever sits on a hill. You must get the sandwich. The point is to have fun and be original! Don't just say "I take the sandwich" cuz that's lame and boring. Anything goes, as long as: The sandwich isn't destroyed (I eat it, I burn it to a crisp) The sandwich isn't duplicated or replaced. Your actions aren't too outlandish (The sandwich appears in my hand and stays there no matter what) I'll start - I walk up to the sandwich and grab it. I get to be boring because uhhhhhh
  2. So this game is pretty simple. It’s a chain style game like boon/bane and a bunch of other forum games. Basically you answer the previous person’s question, then ask a question for the next person. If you want to answer a question that someone else already answered, go for it! Just be sure answer the most recent question as well. Questions can be serious, random, memes, whatever, just like in the actual AMA section. I only ask that you do your best to do more than a one word answer, that’s how threads like this die. Pretend every question has the follow up question: “Why”. I will start with the most wonderfully insightful question: What is the color of your toothbrush? edit from way in the future: plz stop asking boring questions that is all like if someone asks "whats your favorite non-sanderson book" one more time ima scream
  3. In this game, the current person posting says something that they have never done. The next person to post says whether or not they have done the thing(explanation optional but recommended), and then they say something that they have never done. Please, keep it away from things that you can't change(such as eye color, hair color, or gender). For example:(as portrayed by my RP characters) Crescendo: Never have I ever been to Sel. Herate: Yes I have, I was born there! Never have I ever worn a cummerbund. Daolan: No I haven't, but I would love to. Never have I ever made ice. Cadenza: Hey, that's kind of unfair. Daolan: It's not against the rules! Cadenza: Fine, yes I have. Never have I ever eaten a crystal I found on the ground. Chorale: It's not on the ground, they grow in--Never mind. Never have I ever... And so on and so forth. Make sense? Keep it clean. Never have I ever been to an island that is a country.
  4. So, this is a classic forum game. The typical version goes like this: Person1: *inserts coin* Person2: You get a sock! *inserts coin* Person3: You get a potato! *inserts coin* and so on. It can be as random as you like. However, since this is the 17th Shard, who cares about regular coins? *inserts boxing* and so it begins.
  5. Post random shower thoughts, like: we eat pizza inside out the word Homeowner has the word Meow in it All countries are third-world, as Earth is the third world from the sun
  6. So, how this works is someone will post a "statement" like this, When (noun) is (adjective), When (noun) (verb), Etc. Some examples: When school is out. When Kaladin is happy. When Khriss breaks her arm. The next person will post an image to how that specific noun, or another noun, would react to this. They will then post their own statement. Here's a full example. Please spoiler the image, and type the Statement in bold. I'll start: When the moon explodes.
  7. A&B

    This is a game I really liked when I was young.The rules are simple: each round, the person hosting it have to think of three different numbers(edit: The rule has been changed, the numbers can repeat) between 0~9 and the people participating have to guess it. If they guessed a number right, but not in the right order, it's 1b. If they guessed a number right and in the right order, it's 1a Ex: if I'm hosting a round and the numbers are 407 (edit: numbers like 292 or 777 are also okay) Someone guesses 305, they gets a number right in its correct order, I'll tell them it's 1a Then if another guesses 364, they gets a number right but not in its correct order, I'll tell them it's 1b Then another person guesses 604, they gets a number right in its correct order and another number right but not in its correct order, I'll tell them it's 1a1b (Feel free to ask if you don't understand the rules) I'll host the first round and whoever gets the numbers right gets to host the next round The game starts now!!!(the numbers aren't 407)
  8. Hey Sharders! I assume you all know how to play "would you rather", but I'm going to explain anyway. One person asks a question--it can be from the books, about the characters, or about Brandon himself ( though I'm not sure how you'd manage that)--then the next person answers that question and asks their own, and so on. Try to keep possible spoilers to a minimum. I'll start with an easy enough question: Would you rather be a Lightweaver or a Windrunner?
  9. Quote a movie or book! Or something! Must be appropriate, and everyone else will try to guess what it's from and who said it! I'll start with TWO: "It was just a bit of fun!" "...You just gestured to all of me." EDIT: And NO GOOGLING!
  10. Cosmere Wordle #1! If you aren’t familiar with how to play Wordle, Google is a great source with the basic info But basically you just guess a 5 letter word and get info on which letters are right/wrong until you get the right word. But you only get 6 guesses. I’m not sure how we make this work smoothly in this forum - maybe someone can do something to make it a cooler experience? I figure for now you all can try to guess the 5 letter word and I will let you know what is correct / incorrect. Might take us some time but hey we should have a winner by the end of the day haha first person to guess the word of the day wins!! I’ve got the word. Hint- it has something to do with the Cosmere… could be a name of a character, strange made of Brando Sando word, come from a cosmere language… let the games begin!
  11. So there are a few threads where people talk about who would be the best actor to play X Sanderson Character in a movie, and I figured It'd be fun to do the reverse. Give an actor and the person below you says which Sanderson Character that actor would best portray and why. Then they give a different actor for the next person. To start I'll give Robert Downey Jr. RDJ. Iron Man. Which character would he do best?
  12. Hi everyone, long time no see! Turns out we weren't quite done with announcing projects we've been working on in secret... So, without further ado... Welcome to Diceborn! This is our newest show that we've been working on for a while. This series will be covering a Mistborn Adventure Game campaign played through by us at the 17th Shard. Our GM and narrator for this game will be Natasha Ence, aka Brambleberry. Character Art is by the talented Shuravf, who's work you probably recognize from the Coppermind, and the trailer was put together by our very own @Paleo. Background art is done by the one and only Connor Chamberlain. This is planned to be a limited series with a planned end (MAG as a game is heavily narrative and storytelling based) but we are hoping to keep releasing episodes to scratch your Mistborn itch until The Lost Metal comes out later this year. This is an Era 2 campaign (as you can probably tell from the trailer) and will be set shortly after Bands of Mourning. It will feature a cast of original characters and a new and original story set in Elendel and beyond. These episodes will be prerecorded and posted biweekly on the 17th Shard channel. As of announcing, we have a couple of episodes already recorded with a few more booked in for early May before we air the first episode. We'll also be releasing our Session 0 to Patreon that same day to give our Patrons a nice little peak behind the scenes. We're hoping you guys enjoy watching this game as much as we enjoyed playing it. If these are as successful as we hope they'll be, expect more series under the Diceborn name. One final thing to mention is that we will be having giveaways every episode. This will be our first time doing giveaways on our channel and I'm super excited to give you guys some free stuff! Look forward to seeing you guys in Episode 1, coming May 2022. Thanks again, and keep those dice rolling!
  13. So, this thread is a thing, but I was told that instead of unlocking and necroing it I should just start a new topic, so here it is! In case you don’t want to visit the old thread, the game is thus: you give a random idea, and someone else makes a magic system based around it, then gives an idea of their own. Be as detailed as you want; levels of seriousness can be as high or low as you want as well. Keep it to the Shard’s standards on adult content. To start us off, animal feces.
  14. Hi, I'm a student having too much free time... So I taught myself how to make an Android Game:) It is inspired the push/pull movement style of Kelsier in Mistborn. You can find it here in the PlayStore:) Best, Lucky p.s. I created the game already last year but only now found this wonderful forum!
  15. Ok! Fun random thing I think could be fun until it dies out. Basically, when you’re on mobile, on the keyboard there are those word slots at the top, right? So it can like predict what it thinks you’re going to say, and it almost never right. So what we’re gonna do is type a random cosmere character and then only use the middle word predicted by the device. Just go for a little while and see what happens. Remember this only works on mobile
  16. -> Download Version 0.10 here! <- Hey, y'all! First thread on this forum. I'm a student at Future Games in Stockholm, and this is a pet project I'm working on between classes. I'm working in Unreal Engine 4 and its Blueprint visual coding system. I started this a couple of months ago when I was just done with the Hero of Ages and really into the allomancy magic system. I'm currently on Shadow of Self. No plot spoilers! Goal The goal of this project is to make an FPS-style Mistborn game, where you can play around with some schmexy allomancy. As a fan-made game, this will stay free-to-play. Caveat I want to make a good game representation of the Mistborn books, but some things are blocking the way. School. My time is spontaneously devoted to this project. Me. I'm not the most passionate die-hard fan, I just like the idea of a properly made game, as in true to the material. Controls. I want that feeling of being a cool Mistborn, jumping through the mists, throwing things around. But. Computer/console controls are severely limiting to a magical power that should take your whole body to control (Yeah, who knew, huh?). I want the player to have a good time, regardless of having read the books or not, so I will keep controls from being overly complicated. More advanced moves from the books will probably not be possible, so I will focus on making the general moves feel really cool and make sense for the player. Current features These are the features that I have right now. These will be updated as I go along. The most recent additions are in bold. Steelpushing / Ironpulling Mouse buttons for push / pull (on/off) One target at a time Lock onto target (look around and still control the object) Good-enough physics Coin Drop coin in front of camera Pick up coin from ground (added June 23) Hold coin in front of camera (added July 1) Choice to drop coin on ground and instantly push off it (added July 1) Choice to push coin forward from hand (added July 1) Pewter Switch on/off (added July 11) Greater jump height (added July 11) Faster running speed (added July 11) Extra Health (added July 11) Faster Regeneration (added July 11) Higher tolerance towards fall damage (added July 11) Auto-Pewter @ landing (Reactively take damage to pewter instead of Health if not burning) (added July 12) Breaks Breakable Walls (added Jan 03) Tin Switch on/off (added July 20) Makes mist less impeding (added July 20) Makes damage sight-blur less impeding (added Aug 1) Makes bloodshot screen more impeding (added July 28) Take more damage (added July 31) Darkvision (added Dec 30) Level Luthadel Skaa Suburbs A small Skaa area of Luthadel by the wall Nonsensical metal plates placed in various locations for easy testing (don't @ me) Luthadel Skaa Market A bigger Skaa area with larger buildings (added Aug 22) Noble Keep A stone keep with a massive ball room (added Dec 20) Short intro cinematic (added Dec 26) Doors that open with pushing/pulling (added Dec 21) General Downloaded free 3D assets Pickupable coin pouches (added June 23) Sexy, effective mist (added July 31) Pickupable metal vials (added June 25) Tutorial area with signs (added June 25) Pushable coin pouches (added June 24) Breakable Walls (pewter attack) (added Jan 03) (not in demo yet) Teleporters Between Levels (added Jan 05) Player Coin counter (added June 23) Health tracker (added June 24) Fall damage (added June 24) Regen health (added June 24) Metal tracker (added June 25) Auto-pick up coins and vials you pull towards you (added June 26) Pick up metal vials to inventory (added July 30) Drink metal vials from inventory (added July 30) Melee fighting (no animation) (added Aug 26) Walking / Running (added Jan 08) (not in demo yet) Crouching (added Jan 08) (not in demo yet) NPCs Human Downloaded free asset (added Dec 30) Moving around (added Aug 22) Faction system (who reacts in what way to whom) (added Aug 22) Take damage & die (added Aug 22) Damage player and each-other (added Aug 22) Animated attacks with sword (added Dec 30) Animated taking damage and death depending on how it was attacked (coin or hit) (added Dec 30) Drops sword at Death (added Dec 30) Does not detect sneaking players they can't see (added Jan 08) (not in demo yet) Guard post mode (added Jan 09) (not in demo yet) Koloss Downloaded free asset (added Dec 26) Moving around (added Dec 26) Take damage & die (added Dec 27) Damage player and NPCs (added Dec 27) Chases player and NPCs (added Dec 26) Animated movement (added Dec 27) Animated attacks and death (added Dec 28) GUI Health bar (added June 24) Bloodshot screen while damaged (added June 24) Damage blurs your sight (added July 31) Metal bars Steel (added June 25) Iron (added June 25) Pewter (added July 11) Tin (added July 26) Coin amount (added June 25) Pewter Health bar (added July 11) Screen shakes when falling too fast (added July 12) Hold button to open vial inventory (added Aug 1) Metal icons (added Jan 07) (not in demo yet) Sounds Taking fall damage (added June 24) Dying (added June 24) World music (added June 25) Pick up vial (added Aug 1) Drink vial (added June 25) Pick up coin (added June 25) Coinshot (added July 1) Asset Rights Future features
  17. We're bringing The Children of Preservation back on development. Check it out!
  18. Introduction Hello! I'm a huge fan of MOBAs (the genre that includes League of Legends, DOTA 2, and Smite to name some of the most popular) and I especially love Heroes of the Storm. One of my favorite parts of Heroes of the Storm is that it's a crossover of some of my favorite games. Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo and Overwatch. Well it recently occurred to me that a MOBA would be a great opportunity to get some of our favorite Cosmere characters interacting together. My favorite part of Heroes of the Storm would be my favorite part of a Cosmere themed moba: the crossover! So using that game as a basis I started making concepts of different characters as if they were a hero, or champion, in the game. I'd like to share these concepts with you all, and I'd love feedback on them. Additionally, I'd love to see what ideas you could come up with too! Whether its a different take on a character, or a character I haven't covered yet, I want to see your ideas. I'm going to begin by posting the concepts I've already finished, and post about 1 a day. I'll also share some of the design principles i've been following in case you'd like to play along and make a character design of your own. List of Character Designs Posted In This Thread Tank Kaladin Stormblessed, page 1, created by Gobsmack Vasher, page 2, created by apepi Bruiser RYTHMN OF WAR character, page 2, created by Gobsmack Wayne, page 2, created by Gobsmack Melee Assassin Adolin Kholin, page 1, created by Stubert10 Szeth, page 1, created by mathiau Kelsier, page 1, created by Kingsdaughter613 Ranged Assassin Vin, page 1, adapted from idea by u/RandisHolmes BrandoSando (April Fool's), page 1, Created by Gobsmack Wax, page 2, Created by Gobsmack Marasi, page 2, Created by Gobsmack Ranette, page 2, EggArdent Healer Lift, page 1, Created by Random Bystander Raoden, page 2, Created by Gobsmack Support Dalanar, page 1, Created by mathiau Dalanar(2), page 2, Created by Gobsmack Shallan, page 2, Created by Gobsmack Design Principles Try and build choices into the abilities. Kaladin's Windrunner ability can be an escape or a way to push an enemy hero to or away from your team. Look for ability synergies. What combos can you imagine as you're making these abilities? Is there a reason the hero might want to wait to use the ability? Are there counters or drawbacks to the ability if you're not careful? If you can't think of anything, the ability is too strong. This was a problem with the original vin design. Try and do more skillshots, less point and click. Passive abilities should be used sparingly, you don't want to play the game for the player. Risk and reward There should be risk built into using an ability. However if there is too much risk that's when you start to get underpowered. General rule of thumb is to increase the risk proportional to the power of the ability. Few notes on different ability types and ways to increase or decrease the risk of using an ability: Point and click: these abilities are by definition impossible to miss. So you can be sure you'll hit your target if you use it. Therefore if an ability is point and click be sure that it puts the player at risk in other ways. Examples in Heroes of the Storm include: Uther has to be in melee range to use his stun which leaves him vulnerable. Anduin's point and click heal has to channel first and can be interrupted by stuns. Skillshots: these abilities have more risk built into using them because now you can miss. If you miss you have to wait to use it again. You can increase or decrease the risk depending on the speed of the skillshot. Heroes of the Storm's Ana's healing dart is almost instant, but her sleeping dart is slower and has a longer cool down. Guess which ability is the playmaker? Passive skills: auras that grant bonuses or things that passively improve your character in one way or another have no risk and therefore should have little reward. Heroes of the Storm's Lucio's healing is very minute until he uses his "amp it up" ability. The most interesting passive skills are the ones that tie into gameplay in some way, encouraging you to active things to improve them or get full use of them. More HOTS examples include Cassia getting armor while she's moving or Butcher getting fresh meat when he kills. Kaladin Stormblessed Tank Windrunner Created by Gobsmack Auto attack - stabs with spear. Moderate damage. Moderate attack speed. Z- Flight. Like Falstad in heroes of the storm, can take off and land in a different area of the map. Q- Sylspear. Skillshot. Throw your spear, dealing damage to an enemy. If you hit a hero, gain a 10% movement speed boost for 3 seconds. W- Windrunner. Dash forward a short distance, dealing damage in a line. The first enemy hero you touch gets dragged with you. E- Lash. Touch an enemy and root them in place for 1.5 seconds. R(1) - Stormblessed. Activate stormlight and attract all enemy ranged attacks to hit you instead of your allies within a radius. Additionally all allies within that radius have 25 spell armor for the duration. Lasts 5 seconds. R(2) - Gravitation. Touch an enemy, sending them into the sky. This effectively puts them in stasis.They land after 3 seconds, take damage and are stunned for 1 second. D- Stormlight. Active trait. Give yourself 25 armor and heal-over-time for 3 seconds. Talent ideas: Z - lvl 20 upgrade - The Skies are Mine. Identical to Falstad’s Epic mount. W - Expert Maneuver. Can pass through terrain if you aren’t dragging an enemy. W - Stick them. If you drag an enemy hero with Windrunner and collide with terrain, Stun them for 1.5 seconds. W - Double lashing. Increase the Length of Windrunner. Also drag the second enemy hero you touch with you. E - Disorienting gravity. After Lash ends, target is slowed by 20% for 3 seconds. E - Full lashing. Stun target for .75 second instead of rooting. D - lvl 20 upgrade - Knight Radiant. Also refresh all basic ability cooldowns. R(1) - lvl 20 upgrade - Spoken Ideal. Absorb all incoming auto attack damage, healing for 50% of the damage you would have received. Basic attacks increase the duration by 2 seconds. R(2) - lvl 20 upgrade - Bridge Four!. Enemies are vulnerable when they land, taking 25% more damage. If an enemy is killed within 2 seconds of landing, refresh the cooldown.
  19. Title says a little bit of it. The premise of this little... game, I guess?.. is to tell us about the type of cosmere magic you'd like to have in your life if you could. I believe this type of thing has been done before, but it's been a couple years so... I thought I'd bring it up again. Now, since a hypothetical can come with a lot of questions, I thought I'd help by defining some variables about the world such a hypothetical would take place in; that way, for example, being a Rosharan and dealing with Odium isn't a requirement for being a Radiant. This hypothetical takes place on a version of Earth where --Earth is a Shardworld being watched over by Adonalsium, which means that: --Earth has access to every form of Investiture we see in the cosmere, including: --Spren including "truespren" "voidspren" and the nightwatcher, Seons and Skaze, Kandra, Aviar, and any other living Investiture I forgot --Plantetary Rythms --Stormlight and Voidlight renew in Lunar Cycles, Stormlight infuses at the Full moon, Voidlight at the New moon. --Sand has the same properties as on Taldain --Soulstamping, Aons, and Dakhor-magic are viable in any continent --Humans each come with a Breath --Atium and Lerasium are not obtainable, but Ettmetal is. --Everything else is pretty much the same. --No Fullborns, Halfborns (Mistborn+Ferring/Feruchemist+Misting) are the limit, sorry, I know they're cool, but we all know they're broken. That said, for me it's a toss up between Full Feruchemist and Windrunner, but I think in the end I'd have to go with Windrunner. The power of flight, the energy of stormlight, the affable, beautiful, intelligent (don't forget fierce) and fierce honorspren for a companion. Feruchemy comes with many conveniences, I love that system, but laughing at gravity is the ability for me. Looking forward to seeing all of your choices!
  20. On my homesite Forum of Lies, besides the usual FM/SE games, we also enjoy a set of other forum games called Miscs. There's currently one in signups called Fortified Tower 3. The Fortified Tower has 12 floors with 3 rooms each. The players have various roles with differing wincons. Most will need to explore the tower to reach the Tycoon living on the top floor and kill him. Others want to protect the Tycoon. And still others may want to make sure everyone dies! Each turn you choose actions such as move, attack, and search. The turns are done on a 24h cycle, so this is an easy-going, long-term game. A limited number of spots are still open. If you are interested, please join the game with us at FoL. Fortified Tower 3 Signups
  21. I've released another major update - see here! Original post: I haven't posted in this subforum before, so I thought I'd mention it here. I've been working on a game/physics demonstration that implements the physics of Allomancy. You can find a longer description (and a lot more pictures and videos) at the full post here: Let me know what you think!
  22. Greetings, people of the Shard! Some of you may not remember me; I haven't been active for a while, and back then I used a different name (long story). I've been quiet for the last couple years because I went back to school, and I've been focusing on my studies. But they were fun studies. I've been learning to make games. And the final project for one of my classes was a game jam. And the theme was just vague enough that I used it as an excuse to finally prototype a Mistborn game, built around Allomancy. I know a couple of people have already done something like this, but this is my take on it. A few notes: Being a game jam project, this entire game was built in under 48 hours. As a result, it's a little rough. It should definitely be viewed as a prototype demo, not a real game. The physics of allomancy had to be simplified a little. You can't modulate the strength of your pushes and pulls. The magnitude of the force is always the same. When you push/pull on a metal object, it does not apply force to both the object and Magno. It just compares the object's mass with Magno's mass, and applies force to whichever is lighter. When a smaller metal object is pressed against the floor or a wall, it does not realistically 'acquire' the mass of the floor or wall. I.e. you cannot launch yourself into the air by standing on a small metal object. (But you can with large ones!) The game is only available for Windows at this time. Sorry. I might continue to iterate on this prototype. If I do, all of the issues listed here will eventually be dealt with. I hope you like it! (Here's the complete playthrough video.) 2021-04-26 12-21-04.mp4
  23. Welcome to Imperial Nomic! This game is a version of Nomic, a game where the players actively change the rules of the game. Players make Proposals of new laws or propose Amendments of old laws. All of the rules (including these rules here in the introduction) can be changed. All of the players are trying to win, but the requirements for winning and the methods for getting there change throughout the game. In this case, the players win when they get 1,000 spheres. What makes Imperial Nomic different from regular Nomic is that in Imperial Nomic the King of Alethkar is the one who approves or rejects all rule changes, so it goes much faster. The King’s power is balanced by the fact that he/she cannot personally make rule changes; only non-King players can do that, although the King can suggest some things that he/she would be likely to approve, and can note in approvals or rejections his/her reasoning. In addition, the King of Alethkar cannot win the game while he/she is the King. The Game will end in three months on Janurary 28th at 5:00 PM if no players have reached 1,000 spheres. If this happens, the player with the most spheres will win. Rules: 0 - Rules about Rules 1 - The Loss & Gain of Spheres 2 - Titles & Affiliation 3 - Posting Rules 4 - Items
  24. Formerly [Insert clever name here] All right, This is a pretty fun forum game. Really easy to play. Every post should contain one word. These words should compound into a cohesive story. Your gonna half to use words like the, and, and or, some of the time. Try to use correct grammar and spelling. Punctuation is allowed. If you want to talk just use a quote, or spoiler box. I'll start: Once
  25. I said it in 2015 and I say it now. "I want my google assistant to respond to Syl! And randomly unprompted throughout the day say quips