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Found 10 results

  1. Hello, somehow I managed to submit an image 4 times, and it's also not showing up. Honestly I just want to delete them, but I can't. I feel like I should be able to delete my own images, but I'm not finding anywhere to do so, I can only replace one image with another. How do I just make them go away? Thank you!
  2. I recently posted an image to the Gallery and since it is portrait aligned, it displays really small. Currently, there is only one image height that is used across the entire gallery. For pictures like this one, though, I think that having a larger default size would be useful. When I scroll so that the top of my image is aligned at the top of my screen, it doesn't even take up a third of my screen height. Since this is an image page, with the specific purpose of hosting an image, I think that it would be okay for the images to take up more vertical screen space. This would allow images with a portrait orientation to display better. Thanks.
  3. Sooooo I have a bunch of photos of people's excellent cosplays from the Oathbringer midnight release party in Provo and would like to upload them to the cosplay section of the gallery as an album. I have not yet been successful. Every time I try to upload an image, I get this wonderfully vague error message: At first I figured it was probably due to overlarge file sizes, so I reduced the resolution of several of the photos to 72 dpi (standard image resolution for the web, right?) and tried again. Same problem. Every file I've tried to post is in JPG format, and file format was the only thing besides file size I could think of that might be causing problems, so I'm at a loss. Help please? PS: This is one of the reduced-size images I've been trying to upload to the gallery. Obviously it works fine here in a thread.
  4. Hey i just posted in the gallery, and my art hasn't been approved as of yet, is there a set of guidelines that must be fulfilled to get it approved? Who should i talk to?
  5. Hey, recently I have posted art in the RP section of the gallery. Im just wondering how long it will take to get approved, if ever, and who I need to talk to to speed things up.
  6. I submitted two pieces to the Mistborn gallery a few days ago. Both are still listed as "pending approval", which I thought maybe was normal and that the mods hadn't seen them yet. But I just posted a SA piece without any problem or "pending approval" messages. Is there a bug of some kind? Thanks!
  7. So I raised the question in this topic about where Reckoners fanart should be uploaded to the Gallery and noticed today that there is now a category for it. BUT it is not letting me upload my art to that category. When I go to upload and am told to choose a category, my choices look like this: I cannot select either the Reckoners category or the General Art category. Clicking on the image next to the category name just brings me to the archive of other art that has already been uploaded there. Does anyone know if there is a legit reason for this or if it is just a glitch that nobody's found until now?
  8. So I drew some Reckoners fanart and would love to upload it to the gallery, but there's no category for the Reckoners unless you count the Steelheart Mega Vault Contest section. Since that seems to have been for a long-since-over contest and the General Art category won't let me upload anything to it, I'm at a loss as to where my drawing should go. I find it hard to believe I'm the first person who's ever wanted to do Reckoners art and share it here, outside of the contest.
  9. This is my portrayal of an emerald broam, filled with stormlight. Made with Pokemon Art Academy. (P.S. It's desktop wallpaper size in case you're wondering.)
  10. So, I want to draw some fanart for the Oregon RPG. It's been given a subforum, but not a gallery? Where should I post my fanart for it? Could someone make an Oregon Gallery, please?