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Found 11 results

  1. I only recently noticed I hadn't updated my favourite Story-theory yet with the new Dawnshard/RoW Knowledge, so here goes. TL; DR: Kelsier will try to reforge and become Ambition. Collecting enough of Ambitions Investiture will enable him to ascend to Shardhood. So, RoW answered atleast some of my thoughts about what Kel would get up to. It also fed into my theory, so it's time to dig that up again. First, the arguments that still hold: (New Arguments at the bottom) - He tasted Ascension with Preservation. And now that he knows that's a thing that is possible, it seems like a worthy goal to keep himself busy with. - Hoid seems to be interested in keeping the Shards from gaining too much power and keeping them seperated. Kelsier hates him. Would be fun to have them square off in that kind of way, especially with Hoid as the MC of Mistborn Era 4 You might ask: But why specifically Ambition? - At the end of Secret History, Vin asks Kelsier an important question about his motivation. We're lead to believe that Kelsier will look inside himself and realize that she was right and his vendetta against the Lord Ruler was more about himself than the Skaa or Scadrial. From RoW, we can gather that he probably accepted that and doubled down on it - see Thaidakar. We saw that Preservations Intent and Kelsier's personality were too different. Of all the shards we know, Ambition would fit him really well. He's insanely ambitious, going so far as to think up a way to overthrow an - as far as he knew - immortal Emperor. He punched multiple gods. And he created a multiple-world-spanning secret Organisation. If that isn't ambitious, I don't know what is. - Additionally, according to my Understanding, Ambition is one of the, if not the, least limiting Intents. With all we've read about Ruin corrupting Ati, Odium and Honor and Preservation etc limiting their Vessels, Ambition is... not really like that. I'm sure there some zany stuff there, but I doubt becoming Ambition would hinder Kelsiers Megalomania, if anything it would further increase it. And it wouldn't bind him to anything stupid like Oaths or whatever, which he definitely wouldn't want. But there's more hints towards my theory. - Foreshadowing (pun intended). When Kelsier encountered the Ire, they mentioned Threnody Shades. As Kelsier is a Cognitive Shadow, their Alerter Fabrial picked up on him. I believe that this might be more than fanservice for those of us who read Shadows for Silence. Threnody is the one planet we know where Investiture from Ambition "landed" in large chunks. It's already connected to Cognitive Shadows, and the names of the planets in the Threnodite system are all the names of Songs of Mourning - and Kelsier is dead ( also as in "The Bands of Mourning", which Kelsier used) - Threnody and Sel are the only other two planets that Kelsier canonically knew as of the end of secret history. Putting himself in opposition of the Ire, it wouldn't be too far fetched that he would have investigated what it is that these very knowledgable people are trying to contain that they confused him with. Not a far stretch imho. It seems that on Roshar, the Ghostbloods already have plan and directive, so I assume Kelsier already has had some kind of plan by the time they set up on Roshar. - Ambition was splintered, but unlike Dominion and Devotion. While we know that Odium stuffed those two in the Cognitive Realm to make sure they wouldn't be picked up again, as far as we know he didn't know how to do that yet when he finished off Ambition outside the Threnodite system. So while Ambition is probably spread out in dead chunks of Investiture, someone ambitious enough with a lot of time could try to collect those. - Additionally, Edgli (Endowment) seemed to think that Ambitions last Vessel would've been trouble, and seems glad that she's gone. From different WoB's we know that Sazed's ascension has caused quite a stir, so Kelsier could definitely take up the troublemaking mantle of Uli Da very well. Alright, time for the new arguments and thoughts: Two things are majorly important: - The Ghostbloods are looking for ways to transport Investiture. Ba-Ado-Mishram, Gems, Stormlight... Aside from trying to find a way for their Master to actually move beyond Scadrial, they are looking for ways to transport Investiture. Sure, Money and Power are good motivators, but I think there's a second reason for that: Moving Chunks of Ambition. What would this do for them? Well... Douglas What about a lerasium savant? Or would that require so much lerasium that the person attempting it would ascend to become a new Shardholder? Brandon Sanderson Basically, this is what Ascension is. 17th Shard Forum Q&A (Sept. 27, 2012) I imagine the Plan to go something like this: Step 1: Find a way to store most of the big chunks of Ambition's Investiture. I assume it's not all in the form of Shades, so imagine Gems and whatever stuffed full of Investiture - if necessary, Step 2: Convert it into a Form Thaidakar can use. If Raboniel and Navani can figure out Light physics, I'm sure people in Silverlight or other Scholars somewhere are able to do so too. I'd be surprised if the Ghostbloods didn't have some smart Cosmere Scientists on their Payroll. Convert all that Investiture into solid form: a metal. Uli Dum/Ambitium - Step 3: Kelsier burns massive amounts of Ambitium or an Ambitium/Lerasium Alloy, preferrably physically close to Threnody, somewhere in the system. Once he has burnt enough of it, Kelsier ascends to Ambition. The Investiture that hasn't been collected hopefully realigns itself to its new Vessel, and Kel is a Shard now. Aside from those reasons, just think of how absolutely fitting this would be for Kelsiers Story, both in-universe and Meta, for us readers. Kelsier, the Survivor, survives the most deadly place on Scadrial, the pits of Hathsin, under the rule of an "immortal god-emperor", spiting said Emperor. He goes on to challenge that Emperor, and while dying in the Process, deifies himself as The Survivor, sparking both the Revolt that finally took down the Lord Ruler and a Religion around himself. He Survives Death, and goes on to help out at the other very deadly part of Scadrial, the South, and also kinda becomes the god of the people there after helping them survive. Notice a pattern? What better than to do this a third time? The Survivor, a kinda-ghost kinda-god, focusses his attention on the deadliest planet in the known universe, Threnody. If any one people in the Cosmere is doing more surviving than the South Scadrians, it's definitely the people on Threnody. (Try to tell me Kelsier wouldn't like Silence Montane.) After the disaster of Ruin and Preservation and the prophecy, Scadrial needed a god like Harmony to rest and stabilize under. Threnodys woes aren't over, however. What they need is a fighter god, someone able to take on the Evil. Someone who embodies the Will to Survive that Threnodians need, and the Ambition to pull through with it, to take up a fight this hopeless. a ghost-god that's already fought one immortal evil fits into Threnody well, and it would fit so well into Kelsiers story to do his shtick a third time: Help people survive and become their god. Only this time, it would actually be true, and he'd ascend to Shardhood.
  2. Hi all, 1st post so bare with me. Could the Shin have access to future sight? Here are the things leading me to think its possible: Firstly there is the Shin sailor from the rattles, that seems to have knowledge of what future sight looks like. He says he knows what the gatherers are doing and will not speak the truths he sees. Next there is the shin man in the CR who uses some kind of artifact to give readings. These last few are purely speculative. I can't recall seeing the reason Szeth thought the KR and voidbringers had returned (The reason he was made truthless). Could there be other artifacts the Shin have besides the 9 honor blades, such as the man in the CR had? Also, was it only coincidence that a Shin man was in the right place at the right time to collect the honor blades in dalinars vision? If I remember correctly he didnt hesitate in gathering them. Go easy on me. Thanks
  3. The Ghostbloods would like to announce that with recent break through with Chromium Feruchemy, we are able to accurately* allow you, yes you, to see your own future and where you need to be next**, via the Spiritual Realm! We ask you to place your hands on the Chromium ball and tap the Unkeyed storage. Possible side effects but are not limited to nausea, vomiting, insomnia, dizziness, stupor, memory loss, hearing voices, insanity, and not understanding why one needs to be in that particular place at said time. These side effect grow more severe and apparent the more one taps this ball. Customers served {4} *we can not guarantee when your future will happen, though it will likely occur between one and thirty days (foresight past seven days is quite rare), we can only say that it 75-95% possible to occur (This is because not all of Renarin's visions were correct.), one's actions can increase or decrease the likelyhood of one obtaining their future **similar to what Hoid does with Fortune ***only about 5% are afflicted with the physical and mental side effects , 80% are afflicted with the condition of not understanding why one needs to be in that particular place or time., and 15% are not affected in any shape or form.
  4. Foresight as an ability has always slightly bothered me as I want it to be more grounded in science, like many other abilities in the cosmere are. "It's not leviosa, it's multidirectional incremental gravity control!" So I did some pondering. Disclaimers: Some of these may overlap or be used in tandem. My understanding of Scadrial and metals in shaky. I had a hard time organizing this coherently. :c 1) Fortune and Probability Fortune, near as I can tell, is luck. How does it tell the future though? I think it's not about shaping the future as much as it about being lucky enough to be shown the most correct version of future. You've got a million possible futures laid out before you. You reach out blindly, nudge Fortune, and the probability of you actually being correct in your assessment goes way up. The orb Kaladin touches in OB may operate similarly if it had Fortune stored within it. Activate it with investiture, it releases Fortune in the form of a foresight vision. Despite Odium's saying Taravangian did not have access to Fortune, I believe King T nevertheless followed the same principles. On his craziest day making the Diagram, his intellect (rather than luck) had ballooned to the point where he was seeing probability on a level we can't understand. 2) Investiture and Shards Investiture permeates everything, all matter, in the cosmere to some degree. It makes sense to me then that the more investiture you have, the more connection you have to the cosmere in general. This explains abilities like Life Sense and Instinctive Awakening. The Shards themselves have been shown and discussed as having A LOT of foresight, which would make sense given their enormous amount of Investiture. I think this ability could trickle down to invested individuals who are either connected to the Shard. Examples: Returned on Nalthis receive foresight from Edgli right before they are given the choice of returning. Atium (a god metal) allows you to see seconds of future possibilities . Renarin gaining foresight via Odium via a corrupt spren. 3) Spirit Webs Idea: Since all investiture is connected, then spirit webs are connected. Shards, with their major investiture, can ripple out into multiple spirit webs when using foresight or since they kinda exist in the Spiritual Realm, they have auto access to it. This Major Web is what is tapped into by King T and possibly a chromium ferring tapping Fortune with intent of foresight. Several Scadrian metals such as atium, malatium, and electrum seem to be tapping into one's own or another's spirit web in past or present. In Sixth of Dusk, Sak provides visions of Dusk's potential deaths. Sak may be tapping into Dusk's (or whoever's shoulder) spirit web, possibly similar to the Nahel Bond. Crazy idea: Moelach temporarily bonds with the dying, ballooning their spirit web and creating foresight (also see foresight via Odium). 4) Crazy Talk Temporary folding the spacetime fabric? Thanks for reading my rambles.
  5. When Elend used duralumin and Atium together at the end of HoA he saw Preservation's great plan and what it would accomplish. He was only able to comprehend this because Atium speeds up your thoughts or comprehension so you can understand or react quicker to what you see. So, If a Mistborn burned duralumin and atium and saw far in the future, I'm wondering if when they stopped burning Atium they would forget most of what they have seen because they no longer have increased comprehension or faster thinking. Elend probably didn't have time to forget what he saw because he was killed immediately after using the Atum and Duralumin, but would anyone else just forget the vast amount of knowledge they have just gained about the future?
  6. So, we know that the ancient Terris religion had prophecies in it, the question is how did they come up with accurate ones. Here's my theory. According to Secret History when Elend burned Atium with Duralamin he 'transcended the three realms' I wonder if this means he saw the future. If so some mistborn in the distant past could have done something similar burning duralamin and atium together so as to get a glimpse of the future. These glimpses were compiled and set as the bases of a religion.
  7. I am writing one of my first science fiction stories, and have benefited greatly from brainstorming groups before. I would be awesome if we started a thread where we just throw around ideas for advancements that could be found in a futuristic world. It's incredible how starting a discussion about something sparks ideas and opens roads that you had never noticed before. Recently, I've been playing around with the idea of weapons that target the nervous system. This technology could be expanded in thousands of different ways, but I'm focusing more on pain enhancement aspect. Think about it, if we had guns that activated pain nerves, we could quickly incapacitate people, without doing any real physical harm. This would be a great help to the police and really any other enforcement agency. It could also be used in a couple of negative ways... What do you guys think?
  8. I am writing one of my first science fiction stories, and have benefited greatly from brainstorming groups before. I would be awesome if we started a thread where we just throw around ideas for advancements that could be found in a futuristic world. It's incredible how starting a discussion about something sparks ideas and opens roads that you had never noticed before. Recently, I've been playing around with the idea of weapons that target the nervous system. This technology could be expanded in thousands of different ways, but I'm focusing more on pain enhancement aspect. Think about it, if we had guns that activated pain nerves, we could quickly incapacitate people, without doing any real physical harm. This would be a great help to the police and really any other enforcement agency. It could also be used in a couple of negative ways... What do you guys think?
  9. I am reading through Kaladins horse session (which is fun) and that chapter features Jenet, the stablemaster. I think she got rather much description and personality for such a minor character, so Im wondering if she will have more appearances?
  10. Ok, in the thread Predictions for Stones Unhallowed I realized that maxal and I, with our theories and ramblings that contained the scenarios for weddings and Adolin's or Kaladin's future children, kind of strayed off the topic So as not to cluster that thread further and let it focus on what can happen in Stones Unhallowed (and not much later or even in the back five), I decided to create this thread - it's a place designed to post ideas and ramblings related to distant future (and the next generation of Kholins and their friends ). I feel obliged to warn you that quite propably some of said ramblings are long and rather useless (but hilarious - always funny to write and often also funny to read). Even the craziest idea can go here, it's healthy to share such things (even if sometimes only because laughing is healthy ). And if someone is ambitious - even some fan-fiction concerning future (I do like to read such things even if I don't feel that my english is good enough to write them myself). Under spoiler tags I'll put the things that I or maxal wrote in the forementioned thread. It goes with a pattern - what's in a quote is maxal's, the rest is mine. If someone else joined in this ramblings I'll mention who said it. Generally it's the story/ramblings of how maxal and I see the future for Adolin&Shallan and Kaladin(&Tarah) and their kids The ramblings on Kaladin and Tarah Ramblings on weddings and future in general So that's about it when it comes to our ramblings... There is also maxal's The Fashion at the Weddings, which I'll repost as well. I'll just remind again that the text about wedding and clothes is maxal's, I only wrote my comment at the bottom and that's the only thing I can claim. And that is all about it until now. Every theory and every amount of ramblings is welcome (following the course of thinking above or completely different).
  11. Technically, if you ignore your electrum shadows (made easier if your eyes are closed) your future won't change, will it? So if you ignore your electrum shadows, like it seems Vin and Elend did, would your future really change? Of course, if you not paying attention made it not change, then you'd pay attention, so it would change. But thats a paradox... so..