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Found 1 result

  1. After the Lord Ruler’s fall, only Urteau, city of Canals, followed the Survivor’s Edicts. Only they threw down the Nobility and established a pure Skaa Government. Quellion, the Citizen, First among Equals, is following the Survivor’s Legacy by hunting down all those with Noble Blood. Which means Allomancers of course. All of the cities Allomancers are in danger, and a small group of Noble bloods have banded together to try to bring Quellion down before they to are thrown on the Flames. But, there are rumours that not all the Allomancers he’s caught have been killed. . . The Nobles are the Eliminator Faction. They have a doc and a group kill each cycle. They win when they outnumber the village. A Noble cannot make the group kill and take an Allomantic action. The Citizens are the Village Faction. They outnumber the Nobles, but have no doc or group kill. They win when the Nobles are all dead. The Lynch: There's a two vote minimum. If there's a tie, both players are lynched. Inactivity Filter: After 48 hours, if you have failed to post, PM, or take an action without warning, you will die. If you have a role, your role will randomly be given to an active player of your faction. PM rules: You can only Talk to Three people in PM's each turn. Talking includes any reply in the actual PM. You can receive any number of PM's, but only three people can receive Messages from you. PM’s can have up to three players in them. You cannot add players to a PM after you have made it. Rollover happens promptly at 4 pm PST. At 4:01, I won't accept any votes or actions. Writeup and new cycle will be posted within 15 minutes of 4. Order of Actions: Roleblock, then everything else simultaneously. Roles: Quick Links: