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Found 73 results

  1. If an Awakener were to turn a Fused's corpse to create a Lifeless, would the Lifeless have the skills of the Singer/Listener that the body originally belonged to, the Fused's skills, or both?
  2. Could a Fused possess a deceased body if it were repaired via the Surge of Regrowth? Also, as a side question, could a Fused Possess a human vessel if the human and Fused were both willing?
  3. Gravitation: flight without stormlight. Personally effecting your own gravity. Soulcasting: spitting acid? Raboniel did something like that if I remember correctly? Maybe some kind of soulcast of your own body. Regrowth: manipulating the growth of carapace. Faster more controlled regeneration? Cohesion: swimming through stone. dose anyone know if any others have been revealed? If not what is your best guess on what the others our?
  4. SPOILERS FOR RYTHM OF WAR!!! So considering the fact that our heroes now have the capability to permanently kill the Fused, and the Shard of Odium is under new management, will Roshar's newest god create more Fused to make up for losses? Or is there perhaps a reason that Rayse didn't any new ones at any point after the first Fused.
  5. Here is a two session version of what I used to picture the Pursuer in particular, and singer warform to a lesser extent to look like before I saw art of them. The top of the head is blatantly stolen from the protheans from mass effect. The face and body design are also kind of from reference but from three pieces of art each blended together.
  6. So I'm not sure if this is a theory that's already out there and I'm late to the party - it's probably something a lot of people have speculated about, but I came across this quote in a WOBs Shardcast recently and decided to gather all of the evidence in one place: The panelists and questioner didn't remmeber the scene clearly (it's a confusing one), as Venli actually notes that the spren of the thunderclasts do not seem like regular Fused: From WoK days, there have always been some parallels between thunderclasts and Fused: we see thunderclasts in the prologue, and then the Alethi assume that the chasmfiends are the Parshendi gods. Pre-Oathbringer, a lot of fans thought chasmfiends might actually be thunderclasts, though this was debunked. There are, however, some further parallels between the two: the thunderclasts clearly have a degree of intelligence, as seen in the Battle of Thaylen City when one of them targets the King's Drop (receiving instructions from Odium via a Fused). The same creature is smart enough in its clash with Adolin to concentrate on him, identifying his Shardblade as the greatest threat to it: In WoR, we get Kaladin and Shallan's perspective as they face a chasmfiend. The creature is cunning enough to wait for them, rather than going away once they hide in the slit in the wall. Kaladin observes: We also have one more instance - that I could find - of a character picking up on similarities between the two - this time when Adolin faces the chasmfiend: We get a description of this head from Venli at the end of RoW: The arrowface reminds me of the shape of the mandras who inhabit chasmfiends and other greatshells, enabling them to defy gravity. As for why the spren of ancient chasmfiends - and possibly other greatshells - would be assisting the souls of ancient singers in an eternal war against the humans, the scene quoted above may hold the answer. At the end of RoW, Venli finds the remaining listeners and discovers that they have somehow bonded or befriended the chasmfiends, who helped them survive the chasms. As we are often told, new things are made from old things. It seems plausible that the ancient singers may have had this ability, as this kind of symbiosis is common for Rosharan species. For singers, this bond may grant them protection, while for chasmfiends - and greatshells in general - it might increase their intelligence/cognition, similar to the Nahel bond: new things are made from old things. We have seen in Rhythm of War that Chiri-Chiri - a larkin - has developed her intelligence to the point that she can speak with "mouth noises". If the ancient singers had this bond with chasmfiends and other greatshells back at the time of the First Desolation, and it did indeed enhance their intelligence, then I think Odium may have Elevated these greatshells into what we now see as thunderclasts. When they manifest, they rip free of the earth, forming a great shell of stone around their spirit.
  7. This is my first Theory Post. I apologize if this has already been put forth before. I suspect the voidbinding the Fused use come not directly from Odium. Instead they are channeled via the 9 Unmade. In Rhythm of War the Sibling says they will be unmade if the corruption of the Tower is completed. This leads me to believe that perhaps The Sibling is not the sibling of the Stormfather, and the Nightwatcher, but instead more like one of their 10 children. One powerful Spren for each type of Surge. These are the true 9 siblings to The Sibling. These 9 powerful Spren of Honor and/or Cultivation were Unmade. 9 Unmade, and 9 voidindings. Not only would this explain why there are only 9 voidbindings, but also why the binding that is missing is the Bondsmith binding. None of the 3 known Bondsmith Spren have ever been corrupted into Unmade. If the Sibling, the Stormfather, or the Nightwatcher ever get corrupted into Unmade made it could allow for the 10th type of Binding. Taking this speculation further into territory that maybe should be a new post. If my theory is true this could also be the cause of the changing of the true tones of Roshar. My understanding of planet, star system, and magic system investiture is that the investiture is imbued by Shards into the planets. Which ties the Shards to the planets. On Roshar the Singers seem to be able to hear this investiture as rhythms. If Powerful Spren are tied to the investiture closely enough it would make sense that the corrupting of said Spren with the addition of Odium’s void investiture would change the investiture rhythms of the planet in much the same way that mixing of investiture Light changes the type of Light as discovered by Navani in RoW.
  8. Leshwi intrigues me. She seems pretty awesome, for a Fused. And she was friends with an honorspren. She's old enough to remember when Honor was the singer's god, and the Coppermind says she was died then reborn as a Fused. Which implies she wasn't always a Fused. Also, Venli said "storms", which seems out of character... Anyway! So could Leshwi have been a Windrunner once? She can also hear the old rhythms, which I don't think Fused should be able to do. Am I reading too much into this? What's going on here? Anything else about Leshwi could be discussed as well.
  9. Rhythm of War spoilers ahead. Odium's deal with Dalinar says that if Dalinar's champion loses, Dalinar has to become an agent of Odium in the Cosmere. This might happen, but if it does, I think this won't end with Dalinar re-embracing brutality forever, so I suspect that it won't happen at all. Why? Because Brandon Sanderson's son is named Dallin. He is 12 years old now, about old enough to start reading the Stormlight books and noticing that a cool character has a name like his. Maybe Brandon did that intentionally. Maybe not. Either way, I bet this will be meaningful to the young lad. Would Brandon turn his son's special character into an evil monster forever? I think not. Dalinar will not be a brutal monster in the end. Edit: I just watched a Brandon video where he says that his son Dallin, to this day, thinks that Dalinar's name is Dallin R. This supports my theory.
  10. What would happen if a Fused without sufficient Voidlight to heal themselves was touched by a Threnodite Shade? Would they still return as a Cognitive Shadow that could possess Singer bodies? Or would they become more like a standard Shade, unable to think or do much aside from infecting others? If they could still be reborn as a functioning Fused normally would, would they gain a kind of withering touch, or other qualities?
  11. Welcome one and all, as I invoke the most potent of muses: half-baked rambling! Part one: Ground work It's probably for the best if I lay down some basic premises that I'm working from for clarity. Premise one: all arcana found on Roshar are, at their root, emanations of the Surges. Surgebinding, Voidbinding, fabrials, the "even more esoteric" system that Khriss theorises in the Roshar essay, the powers of the Unmade, the forms of the singers and whatever else there might be. The possible exception is the Old Magic, which Brandon himself has called its own weird thing. Premise two: Odium is fully capable of granting access to all ten Surges, the lack of Adhesion Fused is deliberate on Rayse's part. It makes more sense to me that he'd just copy/access the existing framework of Surgebinding, rather than building his own, separate 9/10 of Surgebinding. Premise three: there are Physical, Cognitive and Spiritual manifestations of every Surge, as well as "Radiant" and "Voidish" expressions of the same. Part two: What was Rayse afraid of? What do mean by that? Under my interpretation, Rayse deliberately withheld Adhesion from the Fused, which seems odd. Why would he want his servants to only have access to nine of the Surges? Are Bondsmiths not proof that Adhesion can be an incredible boon to your forces? Even if they don't have access to the level of power of a Radiant Bondsmith, they should still have access to the same Adhesion abilities, just weaker. Having a couple of Fused who could act as walking batteries for the extremely Light-hungy Nex-im, for instance, feels like a great force multiplier. We can also infer that Odium can grant access to Adhesion, as a limited expression of it is the simplest explanation for the abilities of envoyform, making the lack of Adhesion Fused even more glaring. You might at this point be wondering why I claim that Rayse was afraid of something, only to blather about why it's weird that there are no Adhesion Fused instead. Worry not, I'll get to that. So, what do we know of Rayse's goals? Rayse wants to be the top dog in the cosmere and he wants to remain Odium. Rayse wants to be free to go on his murder rampage, so he does not want to Invest Odium anywhere, so as to not anchor him to a system. We can even track a possible modus operandi, as the Unmade are implied to have been something else in the past and several Voidspren show the telltale red of corrupted Investiture, which suggests to me that Rayse would typically twist existing things to serve him, rather than creating those things himself. We can also see this in his actions as tempter on Ashyn and his goal to make Rosharan humanity his army, after the cycle of Desolations has toughened them up enough. We also know that prior to the False Desolation and related events Roshar had two Pure Tones, after it had three. This implies to me that something that happened there Invested Odium on Roshar. Something we can guess didn't happen at Rayse's volition. Now, you might ask "why would being Invested be a problem to Rayse? Surely he'd not be morally conflicted at reclaiming any part of his that got Invested somewhere?" And no, I don't think he'd have a moral problem with taking back his power, but I don't think he can, or at least it's hard for him. As other people have already noted, for instance the thread speculating that Division is Odium's Truest Surge, Odium generally stands for something divisive, just as Honor can be seen as uniting. And yes, both can switch places, but hatred generally pushes you away from people and following some form of framework generally makes you part of a group. As just one example, we can see these thematic elements of Odium and Honor in the Surgebinders: Knights Radiant are a union of spren and humans (traditionally), working together to do things neither can do alone. Fused are solitary, forgoing even the normal relationship between spren and singer, as well as casting out the soul of the singer whose body they inhabit. And Odium's forces have other thematic divisions or separations as well: Most of the Fused have lost track of their original goal, being unlikely to relinquish rule to the common singers if they actually won. They are no longer fighting for their stated goal and are thematically separated from themselves. The former parshmen have been denied both the opportunity to make their own future and the ties they gained to the various national cultures of Roshar, they are separated both from their own self-determination and cultural roots. Moash/Vyre is very straightforward, he's separated from his emotions. The Unmade are separated from whatever they were before they were Unmade. And, while he's not known to be on Odium's side, Renarin's bond to an Enlightened spren sets him apart from normal Radiants. So, Odium is a (generally) separating force, so what? Well, that, along with the idiosyncracies noted by robardin, I believe, last week, points to that Odium might have a hard time reclaiming his Investiture. -Oathbringer, chapter 118 -Rhythm of War, chapter 112 -Rhythm of War, chapter 111 For all Rayse's threatening he apparently can't make good on the threat to force the Fused to stay away or to punish a traitor? It seems to be a lot of bluster. So what would Rayse be afraid of? Becoming Invested somewhere, hindering his murder-athon and, by extention, someone else being able to manipulate Odium's Investiture freely. Thus my conclusion is that Rayse wouldn't risk having Bondsmith-alike Fused, on the off chance that they'd so something Bondsmith-y, resulting in some of his power going where he doesn't want it. This might also be why the Everstorm doesn't infuse gems, though I do believe that Voidlight naturally cycles back to Odium, even if it can't be actively reclaimed. Also that Rayse seems like a blithering idiot for not following the Returned design philosophy, but then again, it's entirely possible he couldn't tweak that to run only on Voidlight, rather than Investiture over all. A side-note at the end of this is also that I think it could be possible that the Fused getting a passive and an active effect from their Light might be a conscious design descision on Rayse's part, as an attempt to make less of Odium's Investiture circulate. Part three: Unmade, Surges and cousinspren So, what's the deal? Well, there's this WoB: Which has of course had people trying to find which one maps to which Order, though note that Brandon says it's not a perfect match. I have personally thought that the Unmade should fill the Bondsmith spot, being parallel to the Stormfather and Nightwatcher. I'm fully prepared to accept that this might be the case, that bonding an Unmade produces a Bondsmith, even though the power of the spren itself isn't in the same slot. However, I recently encountered something that shifted my perspective and made me think that this might not be the case. Now, as I stated in part one, I believe that whatever the Unmade powers are, they fully fit within the context of the Surges. I also favour the cousinspren method of parallels, as each cousinspren seems able to manifest the primary Surge of the associated Radiant Order, e.g. windspren known to stick things together, a manifestation of Adhesion. (I do think that properly what I call the primary Surge would be denoted secondary Surge, as otherwise the Radiant Order that lacks a corresponding Fused Brand is Windrunners, not Bondsmiths. But I'm gonna use primary, since that's the order they're listed in.) Now, we need to be conscious of that there are three Unmade we don't really know anything about; Ba-Ado-Mishram, as all her Connection and Bondsmith-seeming shenanigans don't seem to have been a thing before the False Desolation, going by the Gem archive, that being her only known abilities makes it hard to line her up with anything, as it's apparently not her base powerset, Dai-Gonarthis, who is an almost complete unknown and Chemoarish who is much the same. That in mind, let's make a list! Windrunner/Surge of Adhesion Unmade: Yelig-nar I personally believe that Yelig-nar's ability to grant all Surges possibly comes from an application of Adhesion, similar to the Bondsmith ability to manipulate the Surges of other Radiants. He also fits thematically, being known as Blightwind. Skybreaker/Surge of Gravitation Unmade: BAM/Dai-Gonarthis/Chemoarish We have not seen the influence of any Unmade that I would assume uses a form of Gravitation, leaving only the three unknowns. Dustbringer/Surge of Division Unmade: Nergaoul Nergaoul's power could well be a Cognitive manifestation of Division, it both breaks down resolve and discipline and causes people to fight like individuals, not soldiers. Thematically the total loss of control of the Thrill is absolutely counter to the Dustbringer theme of self-mastery. Edgedancer/Surge of Abrasion Unmade: BAM/Dai-Gonarthis/Chemoarish Not much to say here, again I don't think an Unmade we've properly seen the influence of lines up. Thematically Chemoarish might fit, being known as Dustmother, but that is tenuous. Truthwatcher/Surge of Progression Unmade: Moelach Moelach's power to grant access to glimpses of the future might be a manifestation od the Surge of Progression, a Cognitive/Spiritual application of Growth, granting further access to the Spiritual at the Realmatic transition of death. Thematically Moelach grants access to looking at what can or will be, instead of the present truth of what is. Lightweaver/Surge of Illumination Unmade: Re-Shephir Shallan directly compares her to a creationspren, confirmed to be the cousinspren of Cryptics. Thematically she makes tangible darkness where Lightweavers make ephemeral light. Elsecaller/Surge of Transformation Unmade: Sja-anat Sja-anat changes spren, the most straightforward cause of which would be Transformation. Thematically she's also semi-present in both the Physical and Cognitive Realms, in addition, she's called Taker of Secrets, contrasting the scholarly characterisation of the Elsecallers, she aquires the knowledge of others rather than making new knowledge. Willshaper/Surge of Transportation Unmade: BAM/Dai-Gonarthis/Chemoarish The last Surge which no Unmade seems to have exhibited thus far, making it hard to guess. Stoneward/Surge of Cohesion Unmade: Ashertmarn Ashertmarn could be placed in a few different spots, and I myself have previously gone with Abrasion, but after some consideration I think that the power of the Heart of the Revel is possibly a Cognitive manifestation of the Surge of Cohesion, making people soft and pliable. Thematically the hedonism of Ashertmarn can also be seen as an inversion of the Stoneward theme of being where they need to be. Well, that took absolutely forever to type, if you made it here, thanks for reading. I hope it's all (fairly) clear and possible to follow, though I know I tend to ramble. Discussion both welcome and encouraged. ¤_¤
  12. We see in The Hero of Ages that Vin has certain limitations on the amount of Koloss that she can control via Connection at any given time; the more she controls, the more pressure it puts on her. Could it be that ancient entities in the Cosmere can suffer from having too many Connections that pressure their Spiritweb, and that this leads to insanity if left unchecked? This is may partially be why the Fused and Heralds are having such a hard time, and why Kelsier really wants to capture and interrogate a Herald.
  13. Is there a way to allow other items to be brought with you when utilizing the surge of Transportation that is used by the Fused such as the Pursuer? Would piercing yourself with metals allow you to bring them with you, since they touch your soul? Could you take Feruchemical storages with you using this method? Would Hemalurgic spikes be able to be transported with you if you traveled this way?
  14. Okay, so I was wondering, if Rashek somehow got onto Roshar, and he had access to all thirty-two powers he has the potential for, could he destroy the all Fused working together?
  15. Alright, let put this out here first; I know the steel inquisitors are NOT as powerful as the Fused, but I felt more suspense when reading about them in Mistborn than I felt reading about the Fused in Stormlight. I believe that the Steel Inquisitors are a better bunch of lackies than the Fused because there are fewer of them, which makes each and every one of them feel much more important. In addition, from a meta point of view, killing off a steel inquisitor is a bigger blow to the bad guys than killing a Fused, because killing a Fused in basically meaningless, which means that the author is okay with killing Fused whilly nilly (Kaladin does it ALL THE TIME), while inquisitor deaths feel hard to achieve comparatively speaking. It makes the Fused feel like a bunch of immortal punching bags that have no fulfilling purpose than to annoy the readers, seeing as how the characters can't beat them in combat. INQUISITORS though, those guys were tough for Vin and Elend to battle, but they ultimately were able to defeat them, which made a sort of "progress", so to speak. I suppose that this argument may just be my point of view however. What do you guys think?
  16. We know that the Fused must feed on voidlight or some other kind of investiture to survive, as they are cognitive shadows. Hemalurgy can, however, steal individuals powers, and then (obviously) prevent them from continuing to use that power. So would stealing a Fuse's power to use voidbinding eventually starve them to death because they can no longer feed on voidlight?
  17. So I'm caught up on most things cosmere (only missing white sand and sixth of dusk I believe), and I just read Shadows of Silence in The Forest of Hell. As I was reading, I noticed Silence mention deepest ones on Threnody. Has anyone asked Brandon if these are related to the deepest ones on Roshar? If they are related, the coppermind doesn't currently reflect that.
  18. The theory of evolution and natural selection is based in the real world but a lot creatures in Roshar seem to be well adapted to its environment. Assuming that there was some kind of evolution the question arises if there was intervening from other beings and how intense it was. Mistborn Era 1 Spoiler And at the same time it is often assumed that Singers and Humans could have children together or that some variations of humans, like the Horneaters, are either adapted to their environment by a "unnatural" power like a shard or natural evolution. It is also often mentioned, maybe even by characters in the book, that a singer genocide would stop the fused from returning. But i do not think that this would actually work. It depends on how the fused return. As far as I understand the gem heart is necessary. But is it possible that it is just far more easy for the fused to take over a body that closely resembles what they looked like? The same way awakening works better with things that resemble a body but it is actually possible to awaken even a sword. What I am trying to say is, that a may not be enough to stop the fused because they could find other ways like returning in (sentient) greatshells or maybe even humans. It might be enoug to put a gemheart into a human to give a fused access. Mistborn Era 1 Spoiler What do you think? Could fused use other greatshells or human/singer hybrids or humans with a gemheart but only prefer singers?
  19. Our aircraft fight each other with guns and missiles. Our preferred position to kill an adversarial aircraft is behind it and often slightly above. This is because Bullets and missiles are much faster than aircraft Sight is best to the front, visually and by radar It is easier to aim the whole aircraft Your missile gets your speed and height To achieve that position you use maneuver. Aircraft differ in their characteristics for maneuvering by direction. It makes a difference whether you are going up and down versus left or right. Airplanes cannot turn on the spot. A user of gravitaion is quite different. They are failing, not flying aerodynamically. Hence: They can go into full reverse. Changing acceleration 180 degrees is an option. You cannot stall. Any attitude is possible in the air. You cannot be behind and above an enemy. Pursuit means that you are under an enemy. You cannot trade height for speed and vice versa. You are always at the very top and falling. You cannot roll with Gravitation The weapons are also quite different. Unless you are going straight down, any missile will always fall behind or sideways quickly, as it does not share your acceleration and the speed you can add to a spear is small compared to the speeds you are falling at. And good luck handling bow and arrow or a crossbow under these conditions. Naively I'd try to get into the position to stab an enemy into the back or to get into grappling range with you facing your enemy's back. Direct pursuit is a bad idea. Anything nasty he drops will hit you. Our maneuvers for air combat as far as they trading potential energy for kinetic energy, will not work.
  20. I was just wondering, what would happen if a Leecher (or Mistborn) burned chromium and touched a Fused? Draining all or even some of the Voidlight in a Fused's gemheart has been shown to be lethal, and draining Investiture is exactly what chromium does. If a Leecher or Mistborn got onto Roshar, I think that this would mean that Fused can now die permanently with a mere touch. Even if that's not the case, the worst-case scenario is that the Fused runs out of usable Voidlight and has to go recharge, which still is a decent result.
  21. Right off the bat, could one of the Fused Spears from RoW that has the power to drain investiture work on Breaths? I know that Breaths can only be given to someone willingly as far as we know, but seeing as it is investiture, could it be affected by this weapon? I can see arguments for both why and why not, as Stormlight seems to be constantly escaping the user anyways, while breaths remain with the holder until given up. However, breaths are described to "stick" to objects, and the more lifelike these objects are, the easier it is to stick breaths to them. I'm not entirely sure if the metal lining the spear is able to take investiture from inanimate objects, so correct me as you see fit, but it stands to reason that it would be theoretically possible to drain the breaths from an item that someone previously invested. So if this is theoretically possible, then what would it take for someone to use this weapon effectively against someone who's invested with breaths.
  22. Lately I have been thinking about the two brands of Fused that we have not yet seen on screen - Tension & Division. I believe this is intentional by Brandon, as I don’t think we have seen any Knight Radiants use these powers either, but today I would like to discuss what each brand of Fused might look like and how they might utilize their powers. Tension I can imagine a Tension fused having long, tentacle-like protrusions from their arms that are quite floppy. They could whip this “tentacle” at any enemy, wrapping it around them, and then use Tension to stiffen it, trapping their foe. Another arm could be swung to the side, where the tentacle is stiffened in order to act like a blade. The Fused could then stab or slice at their trapped foe. I could also see this same method being applied, but instead of carapace, it is long hair that is used, like how the Nex-im uses hair as clothing-wrap when they reform their bodies. Alternatively, perhaps this brand of Fused wears specific clothing, like how the Heavenly Ones nearly always appear in long, flowing robes. I imagine this clothing to be cut into many strips, not unlike a mistcloak, than can then be stiffened and used to trap or attack enemies as I have described above. I would imagine that, especially if these Fused use hair or carapace with their surge, they would not “use up” much Voidlight, and are able to fight indefinitely. If clothing is used as a weapon, they would perhaps need to recharge periodically. The overall appearance of these “Ones of Tension” would really depend on if it is hair or carapace that is used with the surge, or perhaps not at all. I am not going to speculate too much on this, but I encourage others to do so. Division I imagine Division Fused as having a sort of “heavy plate” version of carapace, such that it covers their entire body, leaving only a slit for the eyes, the palms of the hands, and the soles of the feet uncovered. They would sort of be opposite of the Makay-im in this way. The reasoning for this would be to protect them from the explosions and physical destruction that they could cause. Under this heavy carapace they are protected from shrapnel & partially from shockwaves. This thick carapace would not conduct electricity well, and would provide some measure of insulation from fire or other great heat. I am not sure what this type of Fused would do specifically with their surge, but I would guess it is like the Heavenly Ones, and that it is not very much changed from the version of the surge that the Knights Radiant can access. They can degrade and burn both living & nonliving material, they can almost certainly create fire and lightning, and may be able to cause small (or large) explosions. I expect that since applications of this surge are typically external, this brand of Fused would need to recharge Voidlight similarly to the Nex-im. What do you think about about these Fused we have yet to see? Fingers crossed they show up in Stormlight 5.
  23. As of Chapter 116, we've been introduced to the Epigraph writer - a Fused by the name of El. El has no rhythms and no title, though Lezian notes that "They gave your title to another, you know. A human." Just what was that title? I was hoping we could compile a list of possibilities, even if some are significantly less likely than others. Blackthorn Son of Thorns He Who Quiets Stormblessed Voice of Lights
  24. At the end of RoW, Leshwi asks Venli if her spren knows a specific honorspren. Honorspren are obviously related to Windrunners, who seem like the counterparts to Heavenly Ones This makes me wonder if all the brands had bonded a true spren before becoming fused, and that spren influenced what brand they became. I don’t mean a Nahel bond, but more like a gemheart bond. So like all the Heavenly Ones had Honorspren in their gemhearts, Masked ones had mistspren, regrow the would have Cultivationspren, the abrasion ones had Ashspren, division would be Highspren, transformation would be Cryptics, Husk ones would be Elsecallers, Deep ones would be Reachers, and whatever has tension would be Peakspren. I know its not perfect, because obviously the spren each grant 2 surges normally, but I still feel like there is something there. I’m sure this theory has been floated some way or another, but its been itching at the back of my brain for a few days now.
  25. Why do the Fused fight? They want to reclaim the land from the humans, but what is the end goal. Are the Fused going to live on Roshar? Are the Fused going to live with the singers? Are the Fused going to enter the Beyond and leave the land for the singers? What is their motivation?