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Found 48 results

  1. Once upon a time, a bunch of ordinary Sharders got together one December and had a great idea. (Well, it was mostly Fadran, but we helped some too!) We were to put together a Christmas Extravaganza Bash of Amazingness- with a Secret Santa, Advent Calendar, Sanderson Carol Parodies, and this: a fully original 20 chapter story written by US. It was created, well, chapter-by-chapter! We each took turns writing a chapter, but only had whichever chapter came chronologically before ours to go off of. And having read it putting this thread together, I can tell you, it is one heck of a story. It may be inconsistent at times, but that's part of the fun! I hope you all enjoy reading what we have created. Just remember to rep those involved, because they deserve it immensely! But before Hentient kicks us off... I know it's been said, many times, many ways... Merry Christmas, everyone! Well and truly, Merry Christmas. Not just from me, but from all of us who wrote this. Now... without further ado... I present: THE 17TH SHARD'S CHRISTMAS CHAPTER BY CHAPTER!!!!! Prologue, by @Hentient Chapter One: A Claus, by @Spren of Kindness Chapter Two: Responsibilities, by @The Awakened Salad Chapter Three: The First Step, by @JesterLavorre Chapter Four: Eyes, by @Matrim's Dice Chapter Five: Into the Storm, by @Bearer of all agonies Chapter Six: Abysmal Gate, by @Nathrangking Chapter Seven: Forgotten Memories, by @Ookla the Shadowed (Experience) Chapter Eight: Ghosts of the Past, by @Truthless of Shinovar Chapter Nine: A Promise, by @Channelknight Fadran Chapter Ten: New Problem, by @HoidWasTaken Chapter Eleven: Stump, by @Shard of Reading Chapter Twelve: Wire, by @Hentient Chapter Thirteen: Success, by @Spren of Kindness Chapter Fourteen: Fire, by @JesterLavorre Chapter Fifteen: Relics, by @Matrim's Dice Chapter Sixteen: Preparation, by @Bearer of all agonies Chapter Seventeen: Into Mystery, by @Nathrangking Chapter Eighteen: Northern Lights, by @Truthless of Shinovar Epilogue, by @Channelknight Fadran
  2. Welcome to the second Guess the Sanderson challenge on the channel! This time, it's Ben and L doing the guessing and the sandersoning. Let us know how you guys get on down in the comments below. We intentionally hid the books before the guesses so you guys can play along! Enjoy!
  3. In the year 1173, in the first battle, when the Everstorm first awakened, one stood. Broken by the plains that had been shattered, his soul blistered by the fires of Damnation and tainted beyond Tranquility, he chose the path of perpetual torment to defend others. In his burning devotion, he found no peace, and with boiling blood he scoured the lands of Roshar seeking vengeance against the Fused lords who had wronged him. He wore the medal of an Alethi Highmarshal, and those that tasted the bite of his spear named him . . . The Stormblessed. Hey all, I just was minding my own business when I had the dumb idea to take a pre-existing monologue and remake so that instead of being about the original subject, the "parody" is about our favorite Windrunner Kaladin Stormblessed. The monologue that this is based off of is from the Doom Franchise, and is called "I. Dogma." (Disclaimer, I have not actually played any of the Doom games, I simply heard the originally and thought it was so cool that I just had to screw around with it until it fit for our good friend Kaladin). Click on the Video link to be sent to a Youtube video that seemed fitting considering the source material. Feel free to place anything else that you think might be neat that's a parody or reimagining of something. This is just me sharing this dumb thing that I thought of, so the bar isn't high.
  4. For most of this last week of October, myself, @MetaTerminal, @Exalted Dungeon Master, and @Snipexe participated in the teammate puzzlehunt, an online competition of the nerdiest proportions. If you’ve never heard of puzzlehunts before, here’s a very brief summary: In a typical puzzle, you receive some information and have to extract an answer out of it, which is almost always an English word or phrase. Puzzles can come in many different forms; the only real commonality is that you usually receive no direct instructions, so it’s up to you to figure out how to make sense of the information you’re given. To name a few, information can be hidden in crosswords, images, videos, or logics. Think of it as an online scavenger hunt. The theme of the recent teammate hunt featured Matt and Emma, personas created by the organizing team, who are celebrating their sixth birthdays. As we progressed through the 38 puzzles, we explored the magical land Matt and Emma were transported to on their birthday. Despite the difficulty level of the hunt we are happy to say we placed on the leaderboard with 5 hours to spare and that it was an overall blast My personal favorite puzzles were: Functional Analysis -- (Solution) 20/20 Vision -- (Solution) Badge Collection Metameta -- (Solution) Do check them out along with the solutions! So what's the gist of this thread? We are now looking for more teammates to join our team for the next hunt on Nov 14 hosted by Puzzlehunt CMU and beyond in mid-Jan! Can never have too many teammates. Plus our mascot is a Nightblood wielding M-Bot. Do I need experience? Nope! Believe it or not, any topic can come up in a puzzle from university level physics/math to Pokemon evolutions. So whatever your knowledge base (or google-fu prowess) we would love to have you join us. So... what do you do again? For puzzle solving our team has collectively learned ciphers, played pictionary, programmed stuff, and confused our poor browser histories with all kinds of searches from Norse mythology to My Little Pony to chemical reaction synthesis. In the most recent hunt we even had to make a storming 4D hypercube. For the record, here is mine. Talk about a learning experience... That looks insane... Are all hunts insane like that? It honestly depends on the hunt, but usually hunt organizers go out of their way to make the hunt approachable for both new and experienced teams. Plus you'll be working with teammates and it's a lot of fun I recommend looking at Puzzle Potluck, DP Puzzlehunt, and Colby's Curious Cookoff if you have never seen this style of puzzling before. Our captain MetaTerminal has also written Sanderson themed puzzlehunts in times long past so check them out! There are rumours that a 17th Shard puzzlehunt will one day (soon) come back... ----- So, that's all I have. If you are interested in showing off your spreadsheet magic, some niche topic of expertise, or mad sudoku skills reply to the thread. We will also try to keep this thread updated with our future puzzle hunt adventures. (I also have no idea where to put this post. It can arguably go in STEM or Forum Games so as a compromise I put it in General)
  5. So, basically, you invent your own magic system IF It is sensible It must have clear limits, and you must post the rules. And you can use someone else’s. Please try to keep a clear plot arc (with lots of derp) Use both bold and italics.
  6. Hello everyone here, I am the one and only Knight of Iron. I was active on this site for a few months back in December, I have been on-and-off (more on than off ) lurking on the Shard, mostly because I don't have much to say or contribute. Look forward to getting to meet some of the newer of you. Anyways, I started this thread I thought was pretty fun in the Stormlight Archive forums, but recently realized that this would be even more fun applied to every character in the cosmere, so... Introducing A Case For / A Case Against v2 ! It's fairly simple. Choose a character from the cosmere, good or evil. If the character you choose is evil, then you post a reasonable or silly argument for why they're actually the good guy. Else, you try to prove why a good character is the real villain all along... If you need ideas I'd recommend you check out some of the ones people came up with last time, where we had cases for Odium, Gaz, Moash and also cases against Kaladin, Jasnah, Honor, Stick, Lift, and Dalinar. I decided to open this up to all cosmere characters, so have fun! I will be posting some of mine here later.
  7. Let's make teams of Radiants from other franchises! Silmarillion: Discworld: Order of the Stick
  8. I was bored, and, like any normal person would, I decided to make my own, non-canon, hypothetical "quadrant" to add to the three Metallic Arts. I used real metals and alloys of those real metals (including the infamous silver), but these effects could easily be Lerasium alloys' effects instead, if you want them to be more canon. 2 of them would be Physical (Cobalt and Nixium, likely would be alloys of Lerasium and iron/steel), and 2 would be Enhancement (Silver and Argentum, would likely be alloys of aluminum and duralumin). I also have a nice little minimalist chart of these 4 set up, just for the fun of it, and for practicing graphic design for later. I'll elaborate on the brief descriptions of the powers in each of the segments of that chart here. - The quadrant itself is the Mystic metals category. It's a nice catch-all term for the somewhat disparate abilities of the metals, without just being "hybrid" again like Feruchemy's hybrid quadrant. - The Mystic Allomantic metals, as mentioned above, are 2 Physical effects and 2 Enhancement effects. Cobalt/Nixium's effects work by altering the overall velocity of a metallic object within reach. Nixium Pushes the metals, adding to their current velocity. However, like Steel, the Pushes are equal and opposite reactions on the Allomancer as well, as if they themselves were Pushing in the same direction that Nixium is adding the velocity in. So to accelerate an object upwards, the Allomancer will be pushed downwards equally in exchange. - Likewise, Cobalt Pulls on metals, reducing their current velocity, including the inevitable pull of gravity, allowing an allomancer to produce hovering footholds with which to leap between. As with Nixium, Cobalt transfers force to the allomancer, meaning that the taken velocity is added to theirs. This results in the allomancer feeling an increased gravitational pull when stopping a metal object from falling, based on the mass of the object being anchored. - Ahh, Silver, silver, silver... A tricky metal to be sure, and quirky enough to explain why it was (and, is) considered Allomantically Inert by all metalborn. Silver works by channeling its power into the "floodgates" of other metals' power, flowing into and through the Allomancer via their other burning metals. When burned by itself, this effect enters a feedback loop of constricting its own power, which induces a nauseating feeling that is almost completely indistinguishable from the sickness of burning a non-allomantic metal or impure alloy. Burning silver and Duralumin amplifies this issue, as the Silver constricts both the duralumin and itself, while the duralumin forces the Silver to expend itself at astronomical rates, causing the silver constriction to intensify to the point where no power can flow, releasing a huge amount of pent-up allomantic power when the constriction wears off, sickening the allomancer deeply, even killing them. Flaring silver and duralumin will kill an allomancer foolish enough to try it. When properly employed, Silver reduces the power output per gram of metal, which may seem purely negative as Aluminum does, but it comes with the added benefit of making the allomancer's metal resources more difficult to Leech or Nicroburst away, keeping them safe from harm while you have Silver to burn. -Argentum, then, is the opposite. It uses the influx of power from Preservation to widen the "floodgates" of other metals burned alongside it. It enhances the power output per gram of metal, which pairs nicely with Duralumin, giving you a further multiplication on power received per second. It also allows you to be a bit more subtle with your burn rate, keeping a low burn while still getting a fair bit of power out of the metals. As you might guess, Argentum-boosted metals are easier to Leech or Nicroburst away. As well, Argentum Savants are not terribly uncommon among Argentum allomancers, due to the fact that by burning Argentum alone, you can have a positive feedback loop of increasing power flowing through via Argentum widening its own "floodgates" over and over. Benefits of Argentum Savantism include a generally improved power output per gram of metal in all metals that the Savant can burn, and an improved ability to control your metals' burn rates. Drawbacks include an addiction-like dependence on Argentum allomancy, as well as a particular vulnerability to being Nicrobursted. Some speculate that the Argentum Allomancer welcomes the rush of power from a Nicroburst on a subconscious level, being familiarized with it from Argentum Allomancy, though this is unconfirmed. - The Mystic Feruchemical metals, then, are quite fun. Cobalt feruchemy is my personal favorite, as it allows the feruchemist to shrink or grow, like ant-man. Cobaltminds are often worn as bracelets at normal size, rings at large size, and a belt at small size, with their standard "big" and "small" sizes being dependent on when the Cobaltmind fits as such. Cobalt Feruchemy also strengthens the body to prevent it from collapsing at larger sizes from the Square-Cube Law, and to allow mobility even at such sizes, much like how Iron feruchemy strengthens the body to allow movement at great weights. - Nixium Feruchemy is rather odd, as it stores Ionic Energy. Fire, Electricity, both can be stored in Nixiumminds, allowing a Nixium feruchemist to quench flames or deplete batteries and charge their metalminds with that type of energy. One Nixiummind cannot store both fire and electrical energy in it at a time, but multiple Nixiumminds can be employed by a Nixium feruchemist to circumvent this. When tapping, the Nixium Feruchemist can direct the stored energy out of their body, typically through the hands, casting lightning bolts or spouts of flame. It's one of the most visually stunning feruchemical powers, to be sure. The Feruchemist is also protected from electrocuting or burning themselves when tapping. - Silver feruchemy stores Light from a small radius around a feruchemist, typically close to their skin, though further out as they store more aggressively. In an enclosed room with a large amount of uncharged silver, a feruchemist can darken the whole room to pitch-black for some time. Tapping Silver causes the Feruchemist to glow, illuminating the area around them. They are also not blinded by the light emitted from their Silver feruchemy, though others can be, making a quick, aggressive tapping of Silver an effective flashbang, of sorts, disorienting foes. (side note: this unintentionally made a pun of Silver-light. I couldn't pass this up after I realized that.) - Argentum Feruchemy stores Sound, a fitting counterpart to Silver. When storing, the feruchemist and his/her immediate surroundings become muted, with the area affected increasing as they store more aggressively. When tapping, sounds produced by the feruchemist become amplified, moreso the more they tap. With enough stored Sound, the feruchemist can create dangerously loud sounds, which is of particular effect against Tineyes or Windwhispers. The feruchemist is also strengthened to be able to withstand the loud noises they produce, unable to deafen themselves. - Cobalt Hemalurgy steals Mystic Allomantic powers. Pretty simple, just like any other allomancy-stealing spike. - Nixium Hemalurgy steals Mystic Feruchemical Powers, which functions just as expected. - Silver Hemalurgy steals Spiritual Fortitude, which is somewhat complex. A spike will enhance the "can't push/pull on metals inside someone" effect, will reinforce the user against Emotional allomantic possession, and even increases the spike threshold for Shardic possession by a net gain of 1 for every silver spike (of average strength). A Silver Kandra Blessing would make them immune to Emotional allomantic possession, and almost fully immune to Shardic possession, in theory being more trouble than it's worth, requiring too much concentration to break through (if we're talking about Ruin trying to control an army of Kandra, Koloss, and Inquisitors, which, isn't likely to happen again. But a Silver Kandra COULD resist Harmony, if they tried hard enough, though that is in part due to his conflicting Intents, rather than the sheer strength of Silver. - Argentum Hemalurgy Steals Physical Immunity, which is to say, potency of your Immune System, and liver. Diseases, and poisons, are reduced in effectiveness against someone with a Nixium spike. So, what do you guys think? These WOULD be more logical as godmetal alloys, i admit, but the idea was too fun to pass up to stave off boredom.
  9. Try your hand at the creepy and eloquent. Make your own death rattles and post them. Here is my go.
  10. A little thing I thought of. Essentially the gist of this is you choose an evil Stormlight Archive character and make a case for them. You set up a nice-sounding argument that would leave the reader like, "Oh, hey, maybe they aren't so bad after all." You can also make a case against a mostly good Stormlight Archive character, setting them up as some sort of secret villain. As a tip, do NOT mention any evil the evil person may have or any good the good person may have. You present the facts unfairly. Or fairly. Whatever you want. For example, I present to you a case for Odium. 1) He doesn't necessarily have an evil goal. It is Rayse’s ultimate goal to become the sole and most powerful god in the cosmere. But is this necessary evil? Not out of necessity, at least. It could be possible that Odium is just trying to take over the cosmere to try and make the cosmere a better place. But the other Shards wouldn't have it. Preservation just preserving things forever, Ruin just ruining things, Honor and his oaths (no matter what), Ambition… well, perhaps Odium has a good reason to believe all these clashing Intents are not good for the cosmere. He probably just wants to rule everything so he can to fix up the cosmere’s problems. I mean, he even says in a perfect world, he wouldn’t have had to kill his fellow Shards. 2) He can appear as a grandfatherly, kind, and reasonable old man. He manages to treat Dalinar with respect and kindness, so even if it was faked, it is still likely that there is some amount of kindness somewhere in his soul. There has to be. Plus, he even offers to be reasonable with Dalinar, and he sure seemed reasonable! Anyways, he can’t be all bad if he can appear as if he was everyone’s grandpa! 3) He has been severely corrupted by his Shard. Yes, I know he was not much of a nice man before choosing the Shard of Odium, and may have even had evil intentions before the Shattering even occurred. But, however, we can’t blame Rayse for exactly everything he has done. By this point, his Shard’s intent, Odium, has become who Rayse is, with some minor tweaks on the interpretation of the Shardic powers. Maybe the interpretation that Odium is passion and not just hatred was Rayse’s doing in an effort to redeem himself. Maybe Rayse really regrets taking up the Shard by now but there really isn’t anything he can do about it except let the hatred consume him. Maybe, in the end, Rayse will beat Odium by splintering himself in one last act of redemption. Conclusion: He's just a slightly confused and well-intentioned immortal god of passion that wants to save the cosmere from its disharmonious ways. He has kindness, reason, and hates destroying Shards as much as the next guy, but he is smart enough to know it must be done. Any evilness or corruptness? That's just his Shard's intent! He can't be directly blamed for that. Also guys do not destroy other people's arguments this is just for fun. Or for making a case for actually misunderstood characters. Anyways.
  11. Quick idea here-- Something of note to me is the fighting styles used by modern Radiants. Kaladin obviously uses spear fighting with the Sylblade, and Shallan is learning Alethi Shardblade stances from Adolin. However, Radiant Blades are wickedly versatile, as Kaladin demonstrates while fighting Szeth. It's interesting that Sanderson has mainly shown existing fighting styles adapted to Radiant Blades. This led to an interesting idea. If a Radiant Blade can change shape on the fly, what is to prevent someone from extending a spear from, say, 4 feet to 6 feet during a fight? If the extending action happened above your hands, the spear tip would simply extend out 2 feet. If the spear tip is still useable while being extended, a Radiant could potentially Go Go Gadget Arms stab somebody without moving any limbs-- a hell of a surprise attack. There might not be much power behind the thrust, but that's irrelevant unless your opponent is in Plate. If this has been used in the books (it's been a minute since I read the Kal/Szeth fight in WoR), or has been discussed or WoB'd already, please let me know. If not, what fighting style would YOU employ with a transforming weapon?
  12. Hey, everybody! It's the Unofficial Puzzle Team, back again with another competition. We're looking to put together a Melbourne University Puzzlehunt team. We can have up to ten people in a team (though with high demand we could put together multiple teams). The size of the competition is about the same as Galactic, though somewhat less intensive. It runs from the 7th to the 16th of August. If you're interested, or want to know more info, comment in the thread or shoot me a PM. I'll be putting together a PM for people who have already signed up and others that could be interested. You do not need prior experience. We'll be happy to help you get up to speed, and even if you're new you can still be invaluable. For viewing information about what this is and our past performances: (Original Potluck message retained below.) Hello, everyone! For the sake of transparency, here are the signups for the Puzzle Potluck (a non-Sanderson style puzzlehunt) Shard teams. If you want to be on a team that competes to solve puzzles internationally, then this is the best place to sign up. The puzzles are the same style as the Sanderson Puzzle Hunt, and the Potluck is intentionally less intensive than the Galactic Hunt while still being an excellent introduction for people who are unfamiliar with the style but want to see what it’s about. You do not need to have prior experience! But you do need to have commitment for a multi-day competition. Join the Discord for the team here and express your interest: MetaTerminal, Team Captain
  13. "This Ideal is also called the Ideal of Crusade, and requires that a Skybreaker undertake a personal quest and complete it to the satisfaction of their highspren. Once completed, the Skybreaker is elevated to the rank of master."- The Coppermind. So what are all of your personal quests? Have some fun with it! I will cleanse my room of all disorder, so long as my procrastination agrees. -Zallek Windblade
  14. Purely just a fun post, since Brandon has said outright that fans are free to assume whatever they like about precisely what the Beyond is since there's no canonically 'correct' or 'incorrect' answer regarding it, but what's everyone's favourite pet-theory regarding precisely what the Beyond is? Personally, I like to think that it's something like the afterlife scenario in Peter F. Hamilton's Night's Dawn Trilogy. Basically, when a sapient being dies, and they are able to accept and embrace their own mortal end, their soul's 'travel' through a non-place also known as the Beyond to the end-point of the universe (the time the universe 'ends'), the Omega Point, where all souls merge together to effectively become the God of the next universe to be created by them. Incidentally, if they aren't able to let go of life, they effectively stay trapped in the Beyond, leeching off of each other's memories and experiences until they reach the Omega Point the long way... unless a breach into the Beyond is accidentally made, then they basically become the Fused. Great series by the way, though in my opinion not as good as his Commonwealth Saga. Obviously I don't think this is what Brandon has in mind, though given the implied cyclic nature of the Cosmere universe, I think it would have a certain fittingness to it, that and it's just such a clever idea of what happens in the afterlife. Anyone else have any novel ideas of the Beyond they'd like to share? Like I said, purely just for fun. @NeutroniumAlchemist, you'll appreciate this I'm sure.
  15. This question is something I personally would like to ask Brandon, but I figured I should settle for posting a thread on it, as it wouldn't be a meaningful WoB... Anyway, we don't know the extent of Calamity's powers all that much, but I think he might be the worst off in this as is a being whose powers typically manipulate the physical realm where they can only mildly hurt Adonalsium, and where Alcatraz has such an OP power. Adonalsium, again, we don't know the full extent of powers. But has significant control over all that happens in all three realms. Alcatraz's talent... breaks things. Could he break Adonalsium's control over him and the three realms? I want to say that Alcatraz would win as he would just "break" (shatter) Adonalsium, and would break Calamity's access to magic... but what do you think?
  16. Saw a video about what would happen if everyone except yourself vanished. Well let's make this fun and assume everyone else vanished for a whole day, what would you do? So that nothing, no matter how heinous, is limited here's some rules: 1. Assume that all vehicles (trains, planes, buses) were fully automated to take you anywhere. 2. Anything you steal would legally belong to you, points from store benefits would still apply and online purchases will be yours for free. 3. Tv, movie theaters, theme parks and restaurants would still work just fine. Addendum: On account of @Darkness_ I'm adding a rule: 4. Whatever power that is holding everyone is also keeping you from hurting or killing yourself like an idiot. Here's my solo day: I would start by raiding B&N and the Lego Store for books and Lego sets I would want but couldn't otherwise. Then I would hop on a plane to head to someplace like London or Tokyo. En route I would do some online shopping to get stuff I couldn't from my earlier raid, maybe even hack the bank to fill up my bank account to live comfortably for the rest of my life. Once I land I'd check into a hotel, maybe the presidential suite, and go to sleep.
  17. So I was thinking more about the surge of Illumination, and we really haven't seen anything like the full combat potential for this surge yet. I think Illumination can be used both Defensively and Offensively. One of the big advancements in understanding for this surge during OB was that an illusion could be affixed to a gemstone, this opens up a ton of more possible uses for this fascinating surge. Here are some possible uses: The Combat Flash Grenade: We know that Shallan can manipulate light with her surge of illumination, we also know from the scene in WoR that she can have moving, animated illusions affixed to Pattern, and from OB we know that she can affix illumination illusions to gemstones. Combining all of these, I present to you the combat flash grenade, a complex predefined illusion that starts out as normal sphere and cycles to a state of extreme illumination (depleting the stormlight of the sphere). The effective radius of this combat grenade would probably be dependent on the size and quality of the encased gemstone (an emerald broam would probably be the best). But if Shallan sketched this sequence once in her sketchpad she could essentially (with a bag of spheres) blind the entire front ranks of an attacking phalanx of troops: The Archery Blind: Like the flash grenade, a simple illusion could be attached to a gem and given to a team of archer's. This gem would have an illusion of a natural looking rock formation, and if the archery team was positioned before the enemy troops got a good sight line on them, they would essentially be firing from a place of concealment, giving them an advantage when the enemy archers begin returning fire (this could also be combined with a natural cave, giving the archers a redoubt when the enemy has discovered their location). The yellow part of the illustration is just highlighting the portion that is illusion: The Burmese Tiger Trap with Pallisades: This is a pretty self explanatory defensive strategy, dig a pit, put some pallisades in the bottom, then cover the top with a seamless illusion. Wait for the enemy to fall in. Simple. The Heartbreaker: Given that Shallan can create sound waves with the use of her surge of Illumination, and that they are specific enough that (at least this is implied) she can modulate the frequencies of these waves well enough to imitate voices and other sounds, it stands to reason she has enough control over these generated sound waves to create sound waves of specific frequencies. So with enough research (which I'm sure Navanni would help her with) she could by trial and error discover the resonant frequency of sound that would be required to shatter the Fuzed's gemhearts. This has lots of advantages, because soundwaves propogate through matter, and can be used from a distance this would be a good way if properly deployed (maybe even with Fabrial technology) to take out the Fused. This is a lot like the DARPA project to find the resonant frequency of human eyeballs to disrupt enemy combatants vision (which actually was a project) to create a long distance sonic weapon, and some sonic weapons used to disperse protesters. Similar in operation to how the correct resonant frequency can destroy glass, Shallan with enough research could find the proper frequency and amplitude to shatter Fuzed hearts from a distance: I'm sure these are just the tip of the iceberg, what else have you guys got?
  18. I'm just curious how people picture certain animals or people in the cosmere I have seen actor threads before but I know I have some more bizarre ones that my mind puts in for ease I believe. For Example this is how I picture the Koloss Just with skin more or less stretched depending on size. Do you guys have any interesting visualizations in your head?
  19. We know that Hoid/Wit bonded a cryptic at the end of Oathbringer So what truths do you guys think he must speak? Do you think he is self aware enough that he will be a full Lightweaver next we see him or does he still have a journey of self discovery to go on?
  20. If you are reading this, then you have found the Guild of the Random Amalgamations of Thoughts Original, where those with the most random combinations of ideas lurk. To join, you must take up the Oath of the Guild. I shall only think that which is random, Speak that which is my own, And combine those thoughts most obscure To obtain the goals of the Guild of Random Amalgamations of Thoughts Original, which are: To expand the reach of the GRATO To fill the world with Originality, Creativity, and Awesomeness To read all books which which are amazing And To enjoy the creations of the mind. Spread the word, for the Great Time of GRATO approaches.
  21. Hey everyone! Here's how this works, someone puts a trivia question (from any book series, or general Brandon trivia) into the thread (make sure to tag spoilers) The next person answers that question, and puts up a new question. Let me start us off: What is Shallan Davar's last name?
  22. Just like how Malinda Kathleen Reese has been doing Google Translate songs that have alternate words that are technically correct, how about giving alternate titles to all pieces of media? Here's mine: The Bands of Mourning= Musicians of Extreme Sadness Mistborn= Fogbirth Harry Potter= William Silversmith Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians= Prison Fights the Bad Publishers
  23. Quick! The SAVE file has been corrupted and everyone in Undertale has been replaced with a character from a Sanderson book. Who do you think is depressing enough to replace Napstablook? Motherly enough to replace Toriel? Has legs hot enough to replace Mettaton? Can sell ice cream as well as the Nice Cream Man? Tough enough to replace Undyne? This is just meant to be a fun thread so go crazy with the replacements if you want!
  24. Hello and welcome to the most pointless post you will probably ever read on 17th Shard! I was just enjoying the warmth of my apartment while the snow blasted outside making the landscape a winter wonderland from out of the songs. As I was musing on the various aspects of the first Elsric Short story that I am writing, an odd thought struck me. Susebron from Warbreaker is one of the characters I find most dear to me. Unlike most of my other favorite Cosmere characters I simply enjoy the fact that his is pure and devoted to doing what is right because that is his nature. I mean the man has the mentality of a teddy-bear who also happens to hold enough Breath to break a kingdom. As I was contemplating, I suddenly asked myself, "What if the God-King was to step outside in the middle of a snowstorm? Not only is the ground solid white, but each flake of snow suspended in the air is about as pure white as you can find in nature. By Hoid's left buttock! It would be like watching an atomic color bomb!" Now that is a paraphrase, but essentially such an event would be one of the most interesting things to observe in the Cosmere. I added to this post a couple attachments that I think help capture what such an event might look like. I hope you enjoy this little mental image! This post is utterly useless other than to wish you a Happy Holiday my fellow Cosmere Scholar. If you find any other conceptualization of what a God-King color apocalypse would look like please post them below for our amusement! Until the next random post, have a great end to the year!
  25. In case anyone hasn't heard of Discord it is a free chat website/app that allows you to use both voice and chat messaging. Here are some Discord chats: SE Chat: For Sanderson Elimination players Link: Worldbuilding Chat: For makers of worlds! Link: Destiny Chat: For players of the video game Destiny. Link: Cosmere Chat: For lovers of the Cosmere. Link: Feel free to post other Discords!