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Found 64 results

  1. LG91 Night 4: Battar Up The death of a warrior shook the city of Earthen Truth. They may be lower in the class, but when they were needed they were loyal and true. And an expert at dealing with infiltrators. So for one to die in the night, with little more than a nameless grunt as recompense, the city was on edge even with Stick taken care of. Egg-son-chicken had claimed to hold an Honorblade. One with Surges capable of stopping such an act. Well, that part had been true at least. The bloodthirsty citizens soon found that not every such event was a traitor over a tragedy. Cash67 was executed! They were a member of the Shin High Council and the Bearer of Battar's Honorblade! Battar's Honorblade has been redistributed! Vote Count: Cash67 (6): Turtle / Ookla the POKE VOTE, Araris Valerian, Shining Silhouette / Ookla the Debonair, InfiniteInsanity, Archer / Ookla the Paragrapher, Tani / Ookla the Implosion xinoehp512 / Ookla the Forgotten (1): Cash67 The turn will end on Friday, December 2nd at 11:00 PM PST. Player List:
  2. All right, my humans You know what to do! Today We shall make Haikus! Use this form only: Beats of five, seven and five Haikus are the best!
  3. So we know scandrial is the more earth like inventions. And roshar is more magic based. we also know scandrial has 3 maybe 4 magic systems that they use. we also know that roshar, wait how many magic systems? ok so there is two ways to count magic systems. the KR are 1 system or 10 different systems. Each with their own side abilities too. then there’s the old magic, and voidbinding,(does it have 9 or 10 I forgot) so that brings us to 20 give or take 1. then there’s those magic fish, and the Larkin, and great shells, idk if that’s three or 1 or something else. And then there’s fabrials both slavery and voluntary fabrials. and possibly dancing magic in shinovar. the unmade. And possibly a cultivation magic system that we have yet to see. Each bondsmith honestly. Then singers transforming is that a magic system? so what’s yalls thoughts? I think I give up on exact count because honestly roshar is truly a special place, it’s no wonder that they came up with anti light first.
  4. This is similar to things like "The 100,000th post wins," except not. I will post somewhere in the forums the number 1. Whoever finds it first will comment on this and share the link where they found it. Then, they will post a number 2 (as a numeral) somewhere in the forums, and so on. Of course, you should always abide by the rules of the website and the topic you are in. You can place it inside of an actual post, but remember to put it in italics. E.g., Once upon a time, there was 1 big donut hole; I have 5 brothers. Let's see how high we get! Here comes the cliché line: Let the games begin! Edit: This post does not count.
  5. Alright folks. It’s time to merge Brandon Sanderson and magic. We’ll be answering 3 questions for each character in the Cosmere. 1. What color/color combination would represent them (color pie alignments) 2. what type of deck they would play 3. How invested (pun 1000% intended) would they be in Magic: The Gathering? I’ll start with a few of the main Mistborn cast members. Breeze: He definitely plays mono blue. You could argue that he would run group hug decks, which I think would also be valid. Color-wise, I’d say he’s mostly white leaning, with a bit of blue in there. I know that pins him as azorius, which is a bit too basic of his personality, but I’m sure you can find some nuanced bit of Azorius that fits him best. Maybe Ojutai? playing-wise, I think he’d be semi interested in the game, but mostly infatuated in the politics of a multiplayer game. That’s why I totally think he would be an avid commander player that really just does it for the kicks. I could see him being super competitive though. Vin: she’s probably the mono-red aggro player of the table. I think she’d be overwhelmed by the game’s rules and just stick with the basics. Maybe run some mono-green now and again? Color-pie wise, I think I’m the first book, she was quite black-aligned. Over time though, especially in books 2 and 3, I think she’s more Boros aligned, with a ruthless side, but mostly interested in acting as a shield and maintaining order among the chaos. So I’d say she’s overall Mardu in nature. Sazed: now Sazed is interesting. I think he would be dragged into playing by Kell or someone, and manage to take 20 minute turns. He’d totally lean towards the more complicated deck archetypes and give himself the most possibilities at all times and not want to lose any creatures in combat, and likely rarely attack. That’s why i’d say any type of Jeskai (red/white/blue) deck would be right up his alley. I could also totally see him building a collection. He’s get a kick out of the lore and all the different religions in Magic as well. Color-wise, I think he’s the most straightforward of the bunch. His whole arch is about representing both preservation and ruin. I’d say the color combo that best represents that is white/black Orzhov. let me know what you think of my calls and feel free to add your own! I know this is a less serious post, so if this better belongs in another forum, feel free to move it. Just thought this could get some thoughts going on our beloved characters.
  6. So I wondered why we didn't have one already. I'll start the first piece, and we can have multiple going at once. I think this should be familiar 'Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
  7. What Stormlight characters would you like to see become Radiant who haven't yet? What Order and why? I'll go first. I was thinking about Truthwatchers today and what kind of characters would make good (non corrupted) Truthwatchers. I came to the realization that The Mink would make a terrifying Truthwatcher or Lightweaver. He'd be absolutely impossible to contain, track down, or defeat. His brilliance paired with Illumination make him so deadly in my mind.
  8. I want a board book version of The Way of Kings for my little one. please?
  9. Okay, so I’m taking a little from Jedi vs Knight Radiants here but what about Knight Radiants vs allomancers? 1) mistborn vs Knight Radiant 2) misting vs Knight Radiant 3) feruchemist vs Knight Radiant 4) twinborn vs Knight Radiant 5) fullborn vs Knight Radiant 6) Kelsier vs Kaladin (or some other high end Radiants like Dalinar) You can pick the specific orders/oath level and metals and as @Duxredux has pointed out, you pick all the undefined parameters. 7) Awakening vs Knight Radiant 8) any magic system vs any other (the best users seen so far against each other specifically) 9) order vs order
  10. So this theory is about urithiru. so the theory was bouncing in my head on possible ways to take a bondsmith off planet, as we know bondsmiths are as op as the cosmer allows, and it’ll be useful to have access to them on more the three planets at most. So the theory hit me, urithiru would be perfect to transform into a massive mother ship. within the books it talks about how the sibling is the metal not the stone in the tower, using the stone to build upon the massive city. So my thought was why not put it on a ship and fly off roshar, maybe just cutting the mountain off and flying that(not the most cost effective but it could work) now the only problem I can see is a lack of towerlight but I see it more as a non issue because of the bondsmiths abilities to, what? Open perpendicularities. They literally have near infinite light. But what if the Bondsmith dies? Oh that’s easy. In the honor spren fortress their is a large container to store stormlight, I’m sure one can be made to hold towerlight, so that the sibling has plenty of time to choose the next bondsmith. so what’s yalls thoughts? Ideas? How would rosharin space craft look like? And how much easier/harder do you think it is to make them?
  11. Happy Independence Day everyone!! What are your favorite parts about today?
  12. We get a lot of "who would win in a fight" threads, so I thought I'd start something a bit different. Hopefully this will be fun. Pick a sport. Of all the non-Shard Cosmere , who would you want on your sports team? You can have a fun team or a competitive team. Example: Baseball Catcher - Breeze who would be demoralizing the opposition Pitcher - Lopen, because he'd totally be willing to use Lashings or Full Lashings on the ball when other Bridge 4 members wouldn't. Hope Breeze knows when to duck. Outfielders - Bridge 4 is pretty busted being able to fly and use Reverse Lashings. Sazed would do pretty well too with F-Speed. Bases - Kenton, though only if it counts if he's standing on base and his ribbon holds the glove that catches the ball Batter - Lift, not because she would be the best pick, but because she would have so much fun sliding onto the base. Being fast doesn't hurt though. Example: Basketball (villainous team, or at least considered bad guys at one point or another) Leshwi. It only counts as traveling if you land. Human, who is big enough to dunk from standing and defend a huge portion of the court, though there's a high risk of fouls. Moash because Kaladin is probably a prime pick for the other team. Marsh, because there aren't too many players that can "accidentally" puncture the ball because they have spikes sticking out of them. And he's just fast and powerful. Drile, who has quite a bit of control and defensive ability even without taking a step.
  13. Mistborn vs jedi Fun idea, 4 pages of constant arguing much fun. now let’s bring it over here 1) each order of radiant 1v1 a Jedi (use averages not kaladin, or anakin) 2) each order 1v1 a sith 3) a person swallows Yelig-nar and must fight a Jedi with no practice 4) a person is practiced with yelig-nar but the Jedi is aware of the abilities (to make it fair) 5) the best of the best from both sides face off who wins 6) radiants vs droid army who wins, why? bonus round! Regular shardbearer vs padawan ground rules: 1a) lightsabers and shardblades bounce off each other, as per a WoB that I’m sure @Frustration can provide. 1b) sense shardblades and plate are made of nearly the same stuff, plate will react as being hit with a blade when struct with a lightsaber. 2) no fighting in one universe or the other, 3rd party world for our entrainment. (This doesn’t include how the force might work within the cosmer discussions) 3) give reason why/why not one side would win. ex: limited stormlight, higher durability, better healing
  14. Big Important Disclaimer: This is not some kind of callout post of Brandon being lazy or uncreative. I don't think many people would assume that, but just to dispel any potential arguing in the replies, that is not what this is. This is a list of some fun observed similarities/comparisons between The Legend of Zelda series, Star Wars, and Stormlight Archives. Okay, big important disclaimer aside, welcome! As I said, this is just going to be a list of some of my favorite comparisons between these 3 series (seri? What is the plural of series?) and some of the commonalities they share. I'll start with my 2 favorite comparisons, and you can follow up with some of your own observations, if you'd like. Comparison 1: Nightblood is the Master Sword and the Darksaber. Starting off with the thing that a few people have probably already noticed and was the inspiration for this entire post, everyone's favorite sword-nimi can be easily compared to both the Master Sword from Zelda (Aka "The blade of Evil's Bane"), and Star Wars' Darksaber. All 3 are mysterious, special, powerful, one-of-a-kind swords in their respective IPs, and Nightblood has characteristics of both. The Darksaber similarities are mostly visual, though the idea of having to attune/bond to one to properly wield it does apply to both. Nightblood's consciousness/personality could additionally be compared to Fi (fee?), who is arguably the Spren of the Master Sword (and to be honest, you could compare Syl to Fi as well). Comparison 2: Odium/Honor/Cultivation mirror the pieces of the Triforce and the 3 main colors/alignments of Lightsabers. This one is REALLY founded on visuals, as opposed to Nightblood having some mechanical similarities to his comparisons. To be honest, this is pretty explainable as a coincidence due to simple color theory and human eye anatomy; RGB LEDs are all you need to make a human see a full range of colors, so it makes sense that for 3 distinct members of a set, you'd use those 3 colors. The nuance is where it gets interesting though. For the most part, Odium's connection to red is through corrupted investiture, which perfectly fits how red lightsabers work in modern Star Wars canon, being corrupted by the Dark Side of the Force and made to bleed, turning them red. The Zelda comparison is how Demise's Malice corrupts that which it touches, and gave rise to Ganon/Ganondorf, the holder of the Triforce of Power. So what other comparisons have you guys noticed besides these (admittedly, fairly broad) similarities?
  15. I've been thinking about the cosmere powers i'd most want as a cosmere inhabitant, and I got curious about putting a small but important twist into the idea. Limiting myself to a single pair of individual, innate powers, regardless of the "norm" for them (like surgepairs, shardblade, and shardplate coming as a bundle deal with a True spren bond for knights radiant, or the entire suite of Aons for an Elantrian). The only exceptions are things that you need as a prerequisite to use the power, like the ability to inhale stormlight as a fuel for surgebinding, or to be able to draw Aons in the way that makes them actually have an effect. With this restriction, I had a think about the two powers I'd most want... I feel like I'd be most satisfied having the Surge of Transformation and A-Steel. I would have all the perks of inhaling Stormlight (or indeed, perhaps other Lights), plus the ability to soulcast substances into allomantically-suitable Steel. Add on top of that the mobility that A-Steel would give me, plus the fact that i could ALSO soulcast whatever the easy default "metal" is as Steelpushing objects, and I could see myself really enjoying "conjuring" sleek metal spikes to steelpush at my foes while deftly evading via well-placed metal anchors of my own creation, if needed. I wouldn't get a Blade or Plate, but with practice, I could learn to Soulcast a sword or armor when needed; or heck, practice Soulcasting until I can make a high-quality Aluminum-alloy sword and shield, or sword and chestplate to keep my off-hand free for mobility assistance. What power pairs would you want? And why?
  16. Suppose you are an unscrupulous Seeker who is looking to dramatically increase their power. I have a recipe for you, and it will take at most three murders. We know from WOBs that it's possible to store unconventional senses, including Allomantic senses, so you'll need to spike a Windwhisperer. To compound your tin, you'll spike a Tineye. For extra Copper-piercing, you'll spike a Seeker. I wouldn't advise going beyond three spikes, as that lets Harmony control you. How to make use of your ill-gotten powers should be self-evident, but here's the plan anyway: Burn bronze optionally, burn tin, which may or may not improve the efficacy of your bronze fill a tinmind with Seeking burn the tinmind rinse and repeat Now you should have near-infinite Seeking power. You may start displaying strange powers as you tap more and more tin and start being capable of sensing static Investiture (assuming that's within the capabilities of Allomantic bronze). I'm not completely certain whether you'd need to burn bronze at the same time as tapping tin, as I'm not sure that you can tap senses you don't currently have.
  17. Quick! The SAVE file has been corrupted and everyone in Undertale has been replaced with a character from a Sanderson book. Who do you think is depressing enough to replace Napstablook? Motherly enough to replace Toriel? Has legs hot enough to replace Mettaton? Can sell ice cream as well as the Nice Cream Man? Tough enough to replace Undyne? This is just meant to be a fun thread so go crazy with the replacements if you want!
  18. Try your hand at the creepy and eloquent. Make your own death rattles and post them. Here is my go.
  19. Once upon a time, a bunch of ordinary Sharders got together one December and had a great idea. (Well, it was mostly Fadran, but we helped some too!) We were to put together a Christmas Extravaganza Bash of Amazingness- with a Secret Santa, Advent Calendar, Sanderson Carol Parodies, and this: a fully original 20 chapter story written by US. It was created, well, chapter-by-chapter! We each took turns writing a chapter, but only had whichever chapter came chronologically before ours to go off of. And having read it putting this thread together, I can tell you, it is one heck of a story. It may be inconsistent at times, but that's part of the fun! I hope you all enjoy reading what we have created. Just remember to rep those involved, because they deserve it immensely! But before Hentient kicks us off... I know it's been said, many times, many ways... Merry Christmas, everyone! Well and truly, Merry Christmas. Not just from me, but from all of us who wrote this. Now... without further ado... I present: THE 17TH SHARD'S CHRISTMAS CHAPTER BY CHAPTER!!!!! Prologue, by @Hentient Chapter One: A Claus, by @Spren of Kindness Chapter Two: Responsibilities, by @The Awakened Salad Chapter Three: The First Step, by @JesterLavorre Chapter Four: Eyes, by @Matrim's Dice Chapter Five: Into the Storm, by @Bearer of all agonies Chapter Six: Abysmal Gate, by @Nathrangking Chapter Seven: Forgotten Memories, by @Ookla the Shadowed (Experience) Chapter Eight: Ghosts of the Past, by @Truthless of Shinovar Chapter Nine: A Promise, by @Channelknight Fadran Chapter Ten: New Problem, by @HoidWasTaken Chapter Eleven: Stump, by @Shard of Reading Chapter Twelve: Wire, by @Hentient Chapter Thirteen: Success, by @Spren of Kindness Chapter Fourteen: Fire, by @JesterLavorre Chapter Fifteen: Relics, by @Matrim's Dice Chapter Sixteen: Preparation, by @Bearer of all agonies Chapter Seventeen: Into Mystery, by @Nathrangking Chapter Eighteen: Northern Lights, by @Truthless of Shinovar Epilogue, by @Channelknight Fadran
  20. Welcome to the second Guess the Sanderson challenge on the channel! This time, it's Ben and L doing the guessing and the sandersoning. Let us know how you guys get on down in the comments below. We intentionally hid the books before the guesses so you guys can play along! Enjoy!
  21. In the year 1173, in the first battle, when the Everstorm first awakened, one stood. Broken by the plains that had been shattered, his soul blistered by the fires of Damnation and tainted beyond Tranquility, he chose the path of perpetual torment to defend others. In his burning devotion, he found no peace, and with boiling blood he scoured the lands of Roshar seeking vengeance against the Fused lords who had wronged him. He wore the medal of an Alethi Highmarshal, and those that tasted the bite of his spear named him . . . The Stormblessed. Hey all, I just was minding my own business when I had the dumb idea to take a pre-existing monologue and remake so that instead of being about the original subject, the "parody" is about our favorite Windrunner Kaladin Stormblessed. The monologue that this is based off of is from the Doom Franchise, and is called "I. Dogma." (Disclaimer, I have not actually played any of the Doom games, I simply heard the originally and thought it was so cool that I just had to screw around with it until it fit for our good friend Kaladin). Click on the Video link to be sent to a Youtube video that seemed fitting considering the source material. Feel free to place anything else that you think might be neat that's a parody or reimagining of something. This is just me sharing this dumb thing that I thought of, so the bar isn't high.
  22. For most of this last week of October, myself, @MetaTerminal, @Exalted Dungeon Master, and @Snipexe participated in the teammate puzzlehunt, an online competition of the nerdiest proportions. If you’ve never heard of puzzlehunts before, here’s a very brief summary: In a typical puzzle, you receive some information and have to extract an answer out of it, which is almost always an English word or phrase. Puzzles can come in many different forms; the only real commonality is that you usually receive no direct instructions, so it’s up to you to figure out how to make sense of the information you’re given. To name a few, information can be hidden in crosswords, images, videos, or logics. Think of it as an online scavenger hunt. The theme of the recent teammate hunt featured Matt and Emma, personas created by the organizing team, who are celebrating their sixth birthdays. As we progressed through the 38 puzzles, we explored the magical land Matt and Emma were transported to on their birthday. Despite the difficulty level of the hunt we are happy to say we placed on the leaderboard with 5 hours to spare and that it was an overall blast My personal favorite puzzles were: Functional Analysis -- (Solution) 20/20 Vision -- (Solution) Badge Collection Metameta -- (Solution) Do check them out along with the solutions! So what's the gist of this thread? We are now looking for more teammates to join our team for the next hunt on Nov 14 hosted by Puzzlehunt CMU and beyond in mid-Jan! Can never have too many teammates. Plus our mascot is a Nightblood wielding M-Bot. Do I need experience? Nope! Believe it or not, any topic can come up in a puzzle from university level physics/math to Pokemon evolutions. So whatever your knowledge base (or google-fu prowess) we would love to have you join us. So... what do you do again? For puzzle solving our team has collectively learned ciphers, played pictionary, programmed stuff, and confused our poor browser histories with all kinds of searches from Norse mythology to My Little Pony to chemical reaction synthesis. In the most recent hunt we even had to make a storming 4D hypercube. For the record, here is mine. Talk about a learning experience... That looks insane... Are all hunts insane like that? It honestly depends on the hunt, but usually hunt organizers go out of their way to make the hunt approachable for both new and experienced teams. Plus you'll be working with teammates and it's a lot of fun I recommend looking at Puzzle Potluck, DP Puzzlehunt, and Colby's Curious Cookoff if you have never seen this style of puzzling before. Our captain MetaTerminal has also written Sanderson themed puzzlehunts in times long past so check them out! There are rumours that a 17th Shard puzzlehunt will one day (soon) come back... ----- So, that's all I have. If you are interested in showing off your spreadsheet magic, some niche topic of expertise, or mad sudoku skills reply to the thread. We will also try to keep this thread updated with our future puzzle hunt adventures. (I also have no idea where to put this post. It can arguably go in STEM or Forum Games so as a compromise I put it in General)
  23. Hello everyone here, I am the one and only Knight of Iron. I was active on this site for a few months back in December, I have been on-and-off (more on than off ) lurking on the Shard, mostly because I don't have much to say or contribute. Look forward to getting to meet some of the newer of you. Anyways, I started this thread I thought was pretty fun in the Stormlight Archive forums, but recently realized that this would be even more fun applied to every character in the cosmere, so... Introducing A Case For / A Case Against v2 ! It's fairly simple. Choose a character from the cosmere, good or evil. If the character you choose is evil, then you post a reasonable or silly argument for why they're actually the good guy. Else, you try to prove why a good character is the real villain all along... If you need ideas I'd recommend you check out some of the ones people came up with last time, where we had cases for Odium, Gaz, Moash and also cases against Kaladin, Jasnah, Honor, Stick, Lift, and Dalinar. I decided to open this up to all cosmere characters, so have fun! I will be posting some of mine here later.
  24. So, basically, you invent your own magic system IF It is sensible It must have clear limits, and you must post the rules. And you can use someone else’s. Please try to keep a clear plot arc (with lots of derp) Use both bold and italics.
  25. Let's make teams of Radiants from other franchises! Silmarillion: Discworld: Order of the Stick