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Found 9 results

  1. HDjsnvjdnvjsnvkcn what is that Emperor’s Soul dog meme I can’t. :lol: 

    1. R J

      R J

      It is The Truth. 

    2. AonEne


      Is that your dog, or did you just find the image? 

    3. R J

      R J

      I just found the image. My family has cats sadly 

  2. Am I the only one who thinks TLR or any Fullborn should be called a FullMetal All-Chemist ?
  3. So Atium removes all powers right ? So suppose I spiked a mistborn and used it on myself . Would I became a Mistborn with all 16 powers ?? What if I spiked Tlr ? Would I become Fullborn , all 32 abilities and compounding included ? Would Tlr survive the process ? If he does , would he still be Fullborn ? Or would he become a normie human ? Would he be ' worse than a drab ' ? Would a single spike accomplish all this ?
  4. As we know, if a person has the ability to use the same metal both allomantically and feruchemically, then they can compound that metal (i.e. burn feruchemical storages to multiply the ability stored in the metalmind). So then my question is, would a more powerful allomancer gain more out of compounding than a weaker one? So, would a natural twinborn compound their feruchemical storages by a lesser multiplier than a feruchemist who had burned lerasium for example. In short, does allomantic strength affect compounding efficiency? I welcome your input.
  5. How exactly did Rashek become as powerful as he did? Yes, his feruchemy was enhanced via compounding but that doesn't explain his immense strength as a mistborn. Nor was the fact that he became mistborn from lerasium because even Elend wasn't as strong as he. Was his power a result of a strong connection to preservation after ascending? If that's the case then why wasn't Vin uber strong after ascension? Or was he simply a savant in all metals, using feruchemy to heal the negative effects of his savantism? I welcome your input.
  6. Bands of mourning spoilers ^^
  7. duel

    Hi, I was just wondering how the power of Fullborns would scale with regards to Heralds. In particular, how would Kelsier or Spook (who are similarly powerful) match up against a Herald? Assume that both Fullborns have access to all 16 Metals (in unlimited quantities), but no God Metals, and that Herald has access to unlimited Stormlight and is one with offensive capabilities. Furthermore, how would The Lord Ruler have matched up against a Herald? All 10 Heralds? Thanks
  8. The more we learn about Three Metallic Arts, the more powers of TLR become broken. Let's break it up in a few steps, as I think we don't really appreciate the full power of a Fullborn. The Compounder First, we learned that not only he was an extremely powerful Mistborn whose power exceeds the power of Lerasiumborns by far, but we also learned that he's a Full Feruchemist who never runs out of the Feruchemical attributes. Infinite Feruchemy storages + extremely powerful Allomancy. The Savant Then we learned he was a savant in nearly all metals. Not really groundshaking revelation, but power is power. The Twinborn When we learned that certain powers form a synergy, like Crasher combo, which makes both Skimmer power and Coinshot power far more powerful than any of them would be on their own. If there are any other such combinations (like suspected Soothing/Rioting + Identity or maybe Connection), he has them. All of them. Now, there are also those so-called 'Twinborn effects'. Ars Arcanum notes that they may be not as noticeable as the effect of mixing Surges on Roshar, but they still are there. Fullborn has all 256 of them. I do not know what they are or even how useful or how powerful those may be, but nevertheless he has them. EDIT: Thanks to Yata we know that's not the case. The Soulbearer Then we got to the Bands Of Mourning and we learned what a Soulbearer can really do. Soulbearers can store their Innate Investiture and later tap them... Which means they can store their abilities. And later strenghten them. Forget multiple spikes, a Soulbearer Twinborn can just strenghten his Allomancy several times at ease! The Nicrosil Compounder Now, not only it's possible to strenghten abilities several times by just tapping nicrosil... No, a Fullborn can rusting COMPOUND IT. And TLR's base power level already was 'extremely powerful'... Now, we can suspect that he wasn't so powerful because he didn't have access to all of the metals, as they couldn't have been produced in Final Empire. The thing is, there is a WoB stating that TLR wasn't using duraluminium for his feats, but it seems unreasonable that he was using nicrosil Feruchemy (as it would be one of the hardest metals to obtain nad make). So, the power he has shown us was only his normal, base power? Oh, and he's a Sliver on top of all that. Anyway, we've got another Fullborn running around. While his Allomancy may be just of an ordinary Mistborn, the rest of the things I listed here matches as well. Oh, and Kelsier is a Sliver too. I believe he can do much more than what we have seen done with the Bands... If he Compounded enough nicrosil, he could be always at mistpoint. That's a lot of terrifying power. This is really immense, godlike power. I wonder where did he go?
  9. Like my last post on this board, this isn't really an original post so much as it is a request for clarification. A couple of times on the forum I have seen the term "Fullborn" used to denote... something. This name is either used for a Full Feruchemist or a person with both Mistborn and Full Feruchemist abilities. While I like the term, I am a bit hazy about what exactly it means, and how it originated. Is "Fullborn" an official word, or is simply a piece of fanon that has gained prominence? I would appreciate it if someone could give me a dictionary definition.