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Found 2 results

  1. What Rhythm do you think would be created if all three were mixed? War = Storm + Void Tower = Storm + Life ??? = Void + Life ????? = Void + Life + Storm You can make a harmony from three tones so this should be possible. I have no idea what this could end up being though. Also random thought, would the anti-light of a hybrid affect the pure tones that were used in their creation?
  2. I was thinking about how Kelsier got his physical body back as well as Feruchemical abilities. I imagine that it would take (at least) one spike to get his physical body back, but it could conceivably take several. Then you would need 16 feruchemical spikes and it’s possible that you would need 16 Allomantic spikes as well, depending on whether or not getting his physical body back restored his Mistborn status. So we’re looking at anywhere from 17-35 spikes. That’s a lot of spikes, and not something that I think Kelsier would want to subject himself to, as the more spikes you have the easier it would be for a shard to influence you, and Kelsier is way too careful to have such an obvious weakness. Also I don’t think that Spook would be willing to kill so many innocent people, and finding that many Feruchemists/Allomancers in the specific variety needed that were criminals would be almost impossible. My thought is this: Kelsier used his time in the CR convincing himself that he was a Fullborn. Then, when he got his body back he used a spike to get the Feruchemical ability of Identity (I think that’s F-aluminum, but I could be wrong on that) and then Compounds that Identity to “heal” his spirit web and turn himself into a Fullborn. Not only is this a much more humane way of doing things, it also brings the total number of spikes needed to 2-5, which gives Kelsier the indepedence he would want.