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Found 1 result

  1. A song about what we currently know of Prof's life, set to the tune of the greatest theme song ever written. Inspired by this conversation, where Prof was re-imagined as a late 80s/early 90s rapper named Jonny Phaedru$. Apologies if you have the aforementioned theme song in your head for days after reading this. Now this is a story all about how The world got flipped, turned upside-down And I'd like to take a minute, just sit there, son I'll tell you 'bout the damage Calamity's done In modern America, born and raised In a classroom's where I spent most of my days Teaching fifth graders inside of a school Equipping them for the next year with all the right tools When a big red star that was up to no good Started shining in my neighborhood I went on a Rending and Tia got scared Said "The sparks, Jonny, it's like you don't even care!" I found Abigail and guy named Mirkwood Formed a team, like superheroes should But the corruption was strong and Abby kinda sucked We parted ways and that idea was chucked I wasn't quite sure just what to do Calamity was 'bout to drop the other shoe When I started a team, made of regular guys Said "Let's take these monsters down before they can rise!" Well, we killed Redleaf and Fortuity Picked up a kid who said "Listen to me, "You kill small 'taters, and yeah they've got to go "But kill Steelheart so your strength'll really show." So I fought Steelheart there on Soldier Field ​Would've died but with the quickness I healed Would've lost my mind, but David won Finished him off and I said "Good job, son." Then Instabam lured us up to Babilar With flowers that looked super bizarre ​Now Regalia's cookin' up some crazy scheme Like corrupting ME? Nah, just a pipe dream!