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Found 13 results

  1. So one cool thing about Renarin is that he shrouds the area he is in . Odium can’t see the future or any details surrounding the area that Renarin occupies . I want to discuss why this is happening . My best guess is the corrupted Spren he has . Thru out RoW Odium has been destroying Ja’anat Spren rather than let them bond aduone . Maybe he knows this and doesn’t want anymore blocked areas If I’m right the. I wonder will Rlain have similar abilities . Indeed will all the listeners who seem to bond only corrupted Spren ( venli is the exception) maybe this will stop him from locating the Listner camps . D But I’d like to hear any other ideas of what is giving Renarin this ability . I also considered he may have went to the night. Watcher and it just hasn’t been revealed to the readers yet. Anyways . I think this deman
  2. Well, here I am again. Really hope this isn't annoying for any of you. So, I was looking around to see if anyone asked if an Allomacer can push or pull a Shardblade, and of course, I could not find a thread, and the Coppermind doesn't mention it as far as I'm aware. So I was about to assume that they can't be pulled or pushed similarly to metalminds. They have a hard time pushing or pulling something that's invested, and surly the blades count, being god metals of Honor, Cultivation, or a mixture of both. Then, I remembered that Atium is a god metal and there are plenty of examples of them being pulled or pushed. So it doesn't seem like being a god metal immediately disqualifies from being able to be pulled or pushed. So would Allomancers be able to push on Shardblades? And a little bonus question I thought while typing this, are god metals considered invested? Because the reason metalminds are hard to push is because of the investiture stored in them, and Atium does not appear to be resistant to pulls or pushes. So are god metals not technically invested? EDIT: Okay, so the answer for the above questions by Brandon Sanderson himself is no, it's very difficult to push or pull god metals and they are basically pure Investure (read threads below). HOWEVER, this brought up a different question/theory about the nature of Atium, which is a God metal that can be pushed and pulled with relative ease, which contradicts what Bradon Sanderson said about Godmetals. My first reaction was that it was made fairly early on and Brandon Sanderson didn't have certain things figured out, so we should ignore Atium/ consider it an outlier when figuring out the properties of god metals. But then I remembered that Atium was Brandon Sanderson's way of introducing Fortune to the Cosmere, and that in the Feruchemy table, Investure and Fortune are considered separate, so rather than being pure Investure, is Atium pure Fortune and that's why it's properties don't follow with other god metals? (Another note, if it is Fortune, it may have been a purposeful play by Preservation to limit Ruin's foresight, which may be a big factor in his plan, as Ruin's foresight has been accepted as not as good as other Shards like Cultivation, Preservation, and maybe Endowment.)
  3. Selish magic can access at least Fortune, as seen by the Dakhor assassin in Teod. AonDor can do a lot of physical things and also has mental and corporal capabilities. But what about spiritual stuff? Can it tap into Fortune or manipulate Identity? Given that it is built on geographic constraints, Connection seems to be taboo. What do you think?
  4. Something, i realized on a reread recently. Renarin had to learn to read AFTER he gained the ability to see the future. Soooo. WHO was writting the words under the images? IIRC, I think there was some question along this line about Dalinars visions as well. Any ideas?
  5. As we all know, both from WOB's and Hessia Mythica, Moelach is the Unmade that sends Death Rattles. Now, we've been told that future sight in the Cosmere is a no-no in general and is particularly bad on Roshar since it's 'of Odium'. Obviously the being who causes the Rattles is doing a bad thing. The question is, is that the extent of its powers? If all it does is send cryptic messages to dying people then that seems pretty ineffective. I mean, Odium lives in the Spiritual Realm; any information Moelach can induce in his victims is presumably already known by the big bad. And no one on Team Honor would trust that information once the source of it becomes known. Has there been any indication that Moelach is more than what it seems or are the Death Rattles its only trick? And if that really is his only thing, does anyone wanna speculate on how that would harm Team Honor or aid Team Odium?
  6. Aight so essentially I’m wondering if you could influence Fortune with the metallic arts based on a couple WOBs I’ve found (please keep in mind this is my first foray into the Arcanum) Questioner[PENDING REVIEW] In terms of discussing Identity, I know that in Emperor's Soul,they talk about Identity, and the Parshendi talk about losing their identity, and then I was just rereading Bands of Mourning, and one of the kandra talks about how the spikes are their Identity. Are all of those things connected somehow or are they different forms of Identity? Brandon Sanderson[PENDING REVIEW] They are connected, although the Parshendi losing their identity is a little more metaphorical. But yeah, the idea of these things is Identity is an innate attribute in the cosmere that is related to your soul, your spirit, and it is one of the things that Hemalurgy can fiddle with and Feruchemy can fiddle with. It's kind of important to how the Metallurgic Arts play out, but it's important to all the magics. Identity is involved in why you can't use another person's metalminds, right, that kind of thing. And those are all related. The Parshendi is more metaphorical. So here I noticed how Sanderson talked about Identity as an “innate attribute” and how it could be influenced using hemalurgy or Feruchemy, and it somewhat reminded me of how he spoke of Fortune in the following WOB, how he talks about it as a “property” Chaos[PENDING REVIEW] Odium said to Taravangian, "You did this without access to Fortune or the Spiritual Realm?" How does one access Fortune without the Spiritual Realm or Feruchemical chromium, as almost all future sight tends to utilize the Spiritual Realm in some way? Brandon Sanderson[PENDING REVIEW] So, that line is mostly just me saying... [long pause] I think you're picking apart those things too much. Chaos[PENDING REVIEW] Right, that makes sense. Hey, Odium said it, so I didn't know... Gotta take that seriously, so. Brandon Sanderson[PENDING REVIEW] So, yeah, don't read too much into picking apart those two things. You can read it as... Honestly, that is me making sure I am being clear in the text. Chaos[PENDING REVIEW] That there are those are two different things. Brandon Sanderson[PENDING REVIEW] Yeah those are two different things, but they are just interrelated. Fortune is a property, and the Spiritual Realm is a place, but not a place. Do you know what I mean? To use Fortune, you're always involving the Spiritual Realm, but in the Spiritual Realm, you're not always involving Fortune. so would it be possible to spike yourself foresight, or store it somehow in a metalmind? Would love to know if I’m entirely off-base here. source source
  7. Greetings! I had a theory on the nature of Fortune in the Cosmere recently. It got some traction on reddit but I wanted to see what you, the true guru's of the cosmere, thought of it, and especially if there were any holes we could poke in the idea at this point. My current wild and unsupported guess on Fortune is based almost entirely on two Hoid datapoints: 1) Hoid uses Fortune to apparently pop up at Comsere-significant moments without actually being consciously aware of Why; 2) Hoid cannot cause Physical Harm to himself or others, and per WoB even considering the idea would cause an incapacitating physical nausea response. Fortune Theory: I think Fortune in the Realmic Sense is a person's (or planet or Shard, etc) Alignment to their own Perfect Ideal that exists in the Spiritual Realm. Somewhere out in space and time there is a winding series of moments, movements, and choices that will take you closer toward that Perfect Self (which is itself paradoxically based on your own self-image, but whatever). Good Luck is a step closer to that Perfection, Bad Luck is a step away. Hoid Theory: Hoid is a being that has somehow managed to pull the ol' Ender's Game trick, and reorient himself so that his Spiritual Perfection is Down; he now exists in a perpetual state of Falling toward his Goal and own personal Idealized State of the Cosmere (you could think of it as Hoid having Lashed Fate, rather than Gravity). He cannot Cause harm to himself or others because Physical Harm is itself an act that pushes the target (self or others) further away from their own Perfect Self.
  8. Foresight as an ability has always slightly bothered me as I want it to be more grounded in science, like many other abilities in the cosmere are. "It's not leviosa, it's multidirectional incremental gravity control!" So I did some pondering. Disclaimers: Some of these may overlap or be used in tandem. My understanding of Scadrial and metals in shaky. I had a hard time organizing this coherently. :c 1) Fortune and Probability Fortune, near as I can tell, is luck. How does it tell the future though? I think it's not about shaping the future as much as it about being lucky enough to be shown the most correct version of future. You've got a million possible futures laid out before you. You reach out blindly, nudge Fortune, and the probability of you actually being correct in your assessment goes way up. The orb Kaladin touches in OB may operate similarly if it had Fortune stored within it. Activate it with investiture, it releases Fortune in the form of a foresight vision. Despite Odium's saying Taravangian did not have access to Fortune, I believe King T nevertheless followed the same principles. On his craziest day making the Diagram, his intellect (rather than luck) had ballooned to the point where he was seeing probability on a level we can't understand. 2) Investiture and Shards Investiture permeates everything, all matter, in the cosmere to some degree. It makes sense to me then that the more investiture you have, the more connection you have to the cosmere in general. This explains abilities like Life Sense and Instinctive Awakening. The Shards themselves have been shown and discussed as having A LOT of foresight, which would make sense given their enormous amount of Investiture. I think this ability could trickle down to invested individuals who are either connected to the Shard. Examples: Returned on Nalthis receive foresight from Edgli right before they are given the choice of returning. Atium (a god metal) allows you to see seconds of future possibilities . Renarin gaining foresight via Odium via a corrupt spren. 3) Spirit Webs Idea: Since all investiture is connected, then spirit webs are connected. Shards, with their major investiture, can ripple out into multiple spirit webs when using foresight or since they kinda exist in the Spiritual Realm, they have auto access to it. This Major Web is what is tapped into by King T and possibly a chromium ferring tapping Fortune with intent of foresight. Several Scadrian metals such as atium, malatium, and electrum seem to be tapping into one's own or another's spirit web in past or present. In Sixth of Dusk, Sak provides visions of Dusk's potential deaths. Sak may be tapping into Dusk's (or whoever's shoulder) spirit web, possibly similar to the Nahel Bond. Crazy idea: Moelach temporarily bonds with the dying, ballooning their spirit web and creating foresight (also see foresight via Odium). 4) Crazy Talk Temporary folding the spacetime fabric? Thanks for reading my rambles.
  9. Spoilers for Stormlight book three: OATHBRINGER.
  10. Chapter 122: "'Taravangian!' Odium said. 'This is remarkable.... You did this without access to Fortune, or the Spiritual Realm?'" Could Fortune be the name of a previously unknown Shard? Taravangian is clearly one of the more Realmatically aware players on Roshar, so it's not too big a stretch to think he might know the names of Shards on other worlds, or that Odium would guess that.
  11. I've always loved the idea of being able to influence luck. So I guess that's why I love chromium Feruchemy so much. But I can never figure out if it's altering luck (chance, gambling, the roulette wheel's spin, et c.), or fortune (an enemy's gun jamming, runaway bandits tripping over rocks, et c.). Input?
  12. I recently completed a re-read through Mistborn:Secret history. During the re-read, I noticed a vague reference to a potential 11th shard. Initially, due to my copy being an eBook, I assumed was a typo in the formatting of the book. Obviously if you haven't read the book by now this could give away something minor in the terms of plot. It has occured to me since that this is a reference to another possible shard. The theory behind this is that the names of shards is always capitalized wherever they appear in cosmere novels.
  13. The Ire mentions Fortune, with a capital F. It sounds like a Shard to me. - Location 1389, Kindle Are we absolutely positive that there is no Shard on Threnody? I haven't read Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell because I didn't think it was important in the greater scheme of the Cosmere. I suppose I need to rethink that position now. Also, who is Senna? Whoever she is, she's likely the bearer of a Shard. Preservation mentions her. -Location 823, Kindle Maybe Senna is the holder of Fortune. Maybe she's someone totally different. Why do I assume she's a she?