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Found 62 results

  1. So it's been said before that using Forgery to do things like 'turn someone into a Misting' would take a LOT of Investiture, more than a typical Forger would have. And based on what I know Forgery isn't like AonDor where you could string a bunch of Aon Rao's together to boost the results, so what's a Forger to do to get the Investiture needed for such a thing? Breath, becoming an Elantrian somehow, stacking more Forgery-ness with Hemalurgy?
  2. In The Emperor's Soul, Shai mentions that a Soulstamp placed on the emperor enough may lead to a permanent taking of the stamp. And that got me wondering; since using a form of Investiture constantly used will eventually cause savantism to occur in the practitioner, would someone who stamped themselves and renewed the stamp before it ran out for a long enough period of time become a savant, causing the stamp to take permanently, or really, would the effects of the stamp stay even after the stamp itself dissolved?
  3. I have a little idea as to how someone could learn the contents of a huge library without ever even cracking the cover of most of them. First, go to the library. Second, start reading a book, but also look at the titles of the other books. Third, use a Soulstamp to rewrite your past to say that you read a different book than you actually read. Fourth, save the information of the books in a Coppermind, allowing you to retain their knowledge even after the stamp expires. What do you guys think of this plan?
  4. Inspired by another question in this section: Since Soulcasting allows for radical changes in what objects are and how they're composed, could awareness of Soulcasting make Forgery much easier and more powerful? A Forger wouldn't need any plausible details for the change or even to know much of the history of an object. As long as the Forger is (1) aware of Soulcasting and (2) could plausibly (by Forgery standards) suggest that a Soulcaster might have been near an object at some point, the Forged history of the object could just involve a Soulcaster arbitrarily changing it. For the purposes of this question we'll handwave away the potential issues with a Soulcaster leaving Roshar and/or a Forger being able to access their art away from Sel. Would the magics interact this way, or are there other obstacles that would prevent it?
  5. Part of Forgery works on the principle of believability; if you try to make a Soulstamp that is far removed from what could have happened, it will either only stay a short time, or it will not work at all. This means that under normal conditions, changing a material from once substance to another would be basically impossible. But if you were to use a Soulstamp on something that was Soulcast, could you change it back to its original form? Could you change it into a different material than what it originally was Soulcast to? Could you use a Forgery on an object that never had been Soulcast, but change its past so that it had been Soulcast? If you were to Forge a rock that had been Soulcast from air back into air, would the Forgery fall apart? If it did, would it return to being a rock in its original form, would it turn into a rock cloud, or would it stay air?
  6. Normally, a Forgery must be plausible to take. For instance, trying to turn a Scadrian with noble blood into a Misting would be more likely to take than trying to turn a Rosharan with no relation at all with Scadrial into a Misting. However, we've seen with other Cosmere magics that certain "unbreakable" rules of the magic system can be broken; you can Steelpush on metal inside people, you just need a lot of Investiture. You can Awaken a non-organic piece of matter, you just need a lot of Investiture. You can damage a supposedly indestructible Honorblade, you just need a lot of Investiture. So, with that in mind, could you create a Forgery that is so implausible that it shouldn't be possible work if you charged it with enough Investiture? For instance, if I create a Forgery of a completely fictitious person, then apply it to a random person who I have no idea what there past is, could I get it to work by forcing enough Investiture into the stamp?
  7. Let's say you want to be tall, strong, physically attractive, all that good stuff. Investiture healing can physically change you in the Cosmere, even going so far as to let you change your biological sex. However, it's tied to your self-perception, so unless you actually think that's what you are, simply tapping a Goldmind or receiving Regrowth isn't going to work for this purpose. However, there is an Invested art that allows you to change your perception. Forgery. Forgery could be used to get some of the changes you want, but they are limited to what is within the realm of plausibility, and they are temporary changes that require frequent upkeep and a close proximity to MaiPon on Sel. However, rewriting your past so that you believe you are supposed to be a certain way physically could then allow you to use a form of Invested healing to permanently gain the body you want. After the Forgery wore away, would would probably need to lay off of healing with Investiture for a time to let the changes "settle in" to your cognitive aspect, but once that happened you shouldn't need to worry, as much of the time even things that people don't want to accept as a part of themselves, such as injuries, cannot be removed through Invested healing, so something you did want should stay.
  8. Could you create a Soulstamp on a Feruchemically viable piece of metal to create a Feruchemical charge for it, but that you didn’t need to store? You likely wouldn’t be able to get much of a charge out of it at once, but you could probably reapply the stamp after you drained it. Perhaps you could even move the Feruchemical charge out of the metalmind and into another, then reapply the stamp on the original metalmind, then continue to merge that investiture granted by the stamp with the other metalmind you’ve stored the forged Feruchemical charges in, allowing you to store the investiture for later use.
  9. A soulstamp used in Forgery. The stamp means absolutely nothing, and there is no map of MaiPon, so it wouldn't work, but it does look nice from one angle.
  10. I read a quote from Brandon Sanderson that it was possible for people to fabricate Spiritwebs (unfortunately, I couldn't find the quote ), so obviously I had to come up with at least a few different ways that it might be accomplished. Also, because I'm me, it mostly involves the use of Hemalurgy. Method 1: Stabbing someone repeatedly. Okay, so Hemalurgy is able to rip off chunks of functional Spiritweb that can be stapled onto another Spiritweb to hotwire the recipient's Spiritweb in such a way that it can access the ability held within the donor's Spiritweb. However, Hemalurgy also takes some other stuff in addition to the power or attribute removed, such as the person's Identity. Therefore, if someone were to use Hemalurgy on someone who could regrow the lost pieces of Spiritweb, maybe they could take from multiple bind points on the Spiritweb, then smelt the spikes together to create a full Spiritweb. Staple that soul onto a viable body, such as that of a Lifeless, and you have copy of that person (presumably). Method 2: Forging a fake soul . . . and then stabbing someone. So, you're not satisfied with simply making a copy of a Spiritweb that already exists, are you? Well, if you could use Selish Forgery to create a Spiritual overwrite, you could that use Hemalurgy to take that and then staple that into a viable body. We already know that it is possible to Hemalurgically spike off a Forgery, so this would likely be an improvement to method 1, as it would cause less damage to the donor and would allow you to create a Spiritweb that you could edit more before creation. Oh, I forgot to mention this, but Hemalurgic duralumin is probably the metal you'd want to use to create your soul, as it focuses specifically on taking Connection and Identity, rather than only taking the dregs of those two attributes.
  11. When you use a Forgery on someone, you overlay their Spiritweb, causing temporary changes to their being. However, we know from a Wob that you can Hemalurgically take the overlay. And then, if you were to Allomanticlly burn the spike, it would splice the changes into your Spiritweb rather than just overlaying them, making them permanent. If you want to take it a step further, you could stamp and spike yourself multiple times, then either burn the spikes individually or smelt them into a single spike and then burn them to possibly get an enhanced result that would normally require more Investiture to create, such as turning yourself into an Allomancer. This is only a theory, obviously, but I think that there is enough evidence that it should be possible.
  12. I was thinking again about combining magic systems when a finally thought to combine Feruchemical Nicrosil with Forgery (for a second time). If a Soulbearer Ferring could store the investiture held within a Forgery stamp, they could do at least two new really cool things. One, while Forgery is normally restricted to a small portion of one specific planet, tapping the investiture of a Soulstamp would likely allow you to gain the effects of said Soulstamp any time, any place, which would be nice, especially for a Worldhopper. The second purpose seems even more powerful though. Assuming that one could store the investiture of a Soulstamp that was not likely to take or that simply required too much Investiture to be normally feasible, such as turning a normal Scadrian into an Allomancer or Feruchemist, you could tap the Nicrosilmind at a quick rate to fuel the effects of the stamp with more Investiture than normally would be granted by regular Soulforgery, which should allow you to benefit from Soulstamps that normally wouldn't take or that wouldn't have enough fuel to function. And if you really wanted to make things interesting, you might be able to manufacture Hemalurgic spikes from such a combination of powers. So anyway, does anyone else have any ideas on how Feruchemical Nicrosil and Soulforgery might be able to be combine to achieve certain effects?
  13. Could you use a Forgery to remove a magic user’s ability to access investiture? I could see this happening for Allomancy or Feruchemy, at least, as they aren’t particularly invested while they are neither burning or tapping. Any kind of magic that involved bonds, such as Surgebinding or the Aviar, would probably not work well though. Awakening wouldn’t likely work well either, since the investiture is already there, and would provide significant resistance.
  14. Forgery can manipulate your spiritweb into believing that your past was something other than what it was, allowing you to make changes to your present self. But, could you change certain "random" elements of your conception? For instance, could you make yourself taller, or have a slightly different facial structure, or be healed of physical defects?
  15. There is a WoB that says that if a Forgery were stolen via Hemalurgy there would be less damage done to the spiritweb of the donor than would typically take place. Could you use this as a viable method to protect yourself from Hemalurgic theft? Could you create a “dormant” piece of false spiritweb, similar to how there is DNA in real life that is dormant, so that you don’t actually make any adverse changes to yourself in order to gain extra protection? Maybe you could do this by making a Forgery that doesn’t change anything about your past, but is basically the same as what actually happened. Are there any magic systems other than Forgery that might be good at this?
  16. Hemalurgy uses a smaller portion of power, just enough to hotwire the spiritweb. So, could Forgery reasonably be used to create a hemalurgic spike that functions as any other spike would?
  17. Could you use Forgery on a Lifeless to change what command they had been given? Could you use Forgery on a Lifeless to change the moment in their past where they died, thereby making a fake copy of the individual as if they were alive?
  18. Can you Feruchemically store the memories and Identity of yourself while under the influence of a Forgery, then after the stamp runs out, tap the metalminds to regain what you had been granted by the Forgery?
  19. Would a forgery that was stolen and then granted by a hemalurgic spike be more permanent so long as it isn't allowed to decay? What's more, can forgeries held in spikes be granted to people other than those it was specifically made for, since hemalurgic spikes normally hold the Identity of those they were made from, and that doesn't seem to hinder their usefulness to others who don't share the Identity of the spike?
  20. It has been confirmed by Brandon Sanderson (can't remember the exact quote, but if really needed I can find it for you guys later), that Forgeries made to the spiritweb of an individual can be taken by a hemalurgic spike. If someone could then allomantically burn that spike, could that then permanently splice it to their spiritweb?
  21. We seen in Warbreaker (SPOILERS), that Vasher was able to teach a little girl how to remove some of here own memories in order to "heal" the trauma that she had experienced. Could Forgery be used in a similar manner, changing the spiritwebs of the Heralds (and Fused, for that matter), so that their memories of traumatic events no longer caused them to be insane?
  22. The purpose of this topic is to project the most extreme abilities of any investiture in the cosmere based on the currently referenceable material. Ideas which can be logically defended are welcome regardless how outrageous. As promised a coinshot laser would likely be produced by a Steel twinborn compounder after the discovery of heavy metals and at least some experiments in nuclear science on Scadrial. This individual would likely be able to detonate nuclear explosions using metal pushing and heavy metals and would need the speed of a steelrunner to avoid serious injury. Using metal pushing they could likely push small particles of radioacive metal forming a type of laser or electromagnetic particle beam at high velocity. Due to a strong spiritual affinity with steel because of being a steel twin it might be possible that they could store steel pushes and speed in a metal mind for use feruchemically yielding steel pushes and speed to exceed duralumin assisted allomancy. The nuclear particle beam could be used on its own or in concert with radioactive spheres in battle situations to inflict massive damage. The nuclear laser could be used to split atoms in a plutonium, uranium or like metal to create atomic or nuclear explosions. Due to the ability to create steel bubbles they could also probably shield themselves from the radiation of nuclear material on or near them. With fine enough control they could also perform nuclear laser surgery. They could be outfitted in steel biomechanical armor that could act as a metal mind for both their allomantic and feruchemical abilities. What do you think of this idea or what extreme use of investiture do you envision?
  23. Like the title says, I was curious if it’s possible to soulstamp something twice. If so, can you change it completely, or add some small difference? It’s been a while since I’ve read The Emporer’s Soul, so I hoped someone could help me out!
  24. What happens if you turn your malatium at a Forged person? Do you see the original? Would that be a corpse in Ashravan's case?
  25. I couldn’t find very many threads about forgery, and the possibilities of soulstamps, so I made one! I honestly think soulstamps are really cool, and I’m curious to see what people think up about how you can use them. ( I also may or may not be gathering ideas for my alleyverse character ). I’ll start with an idea that came to my mind: what if you could soulstamp a sword while fighting to make it extra hot or frigid, or to soulstamp poison onto it or something? You could even change its shape, and switch tactics in a flash. I don’t know If that sounds dumb, but I figured the possibilities could be cool .