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Found 10 results

  1. Out of all the Surges, I'd have to say that I find the Surge of Cohesion to be the one I'm most interested in. Because it almost feels like a strange yet alluring combination of Waterbending and Earthbending from Avatar, except even more broad somehow. So let's come up with some cool applications for it. Just for fun. I'll start with one that's been stuck in my head for a while: Stone 'Power' Armor. The concept is a bit weird but also fairly simple, the Surgebinder uses Cohesion to mold stone/metal/etc around their body, hardening the exterior by 'letting go of it' while keeping the insides moldable and movable via Cohesion. Thus letting them have a 'liquid' armor that they could reshape on the fly for swords, hammers, shields, etc. It wouldn't be as tough or efficient as Shardplate, but it would be accessible to any Willshaper or Stoneward before they swear the 4th oath. A decent substitute in most scenarios that don't include defending oneself from Shardblades. Any other cool ideas?
  2. I pre-ordered the 2022 release of Mistborn Secret History from Amazon months ago, and it just arrived today. The book looks great, except that it's printed upside down/backwards? MSH_Misprint.mp4 Somehow I just know Nazh will be blamed for this. It looks like the content is all there, and it made me laugh -- so I think I'll probably just keep it! Maybe I can get Brandon or Isaac to sign it at Dragonsteel Con.
  3. I've seen a lot of people in different threads mention things they got right and wrong in their predictions for this book. I thought it would be fun to make thread where we can pat ourselves on the back or make fun of ourselves for what we got right and wrong. This can be either pre-RoW or based on the preview chapters. -I was right about Kelek being Restares. Hiding in a fortress seems like a Kelek thing and there seemed to be something special about him. -I was right about who Navani's critic was. - I was almost right about Hoid being Mraize's informant. Instead, it seems someone spied on Hoid and got the info that way. Or that's what Hoid says happened ... _ @Karger was proven mostly right with his theory that Nale's spren lead the Singers to Szeth. (In OB we learned a voice speaking to the Rhythms led them to him). Instead Nale told Ulim who it turns out can use the Rhythms after all, he just rarely does. I went with Yelig-Nar and was way off. - As far as I am aware no one was right about what's in the gem Gavilar gave Szeth. If someone did guess this please take credit, that's impressive. - Unfortunately, (because I don't love this) a lot of people were right about who led the Ghostbloods. Stupid Kelsier, stay out Stormlight! Here are some people who were right or were very close hidden for length: Please pat yourselves on the back, you've earned it!
  4. Hey all, back again with more rampant crackpot speculation. This time it's definitely something way more casual, rather than a genuine cosmere-physics theory. What if Minecraft's Overworld (and perhaps Nether and End) were in the cosmere? Well for one, let's look at Enchanting and Potions, the two most blatant arcana of the game. Enchanting uses EXP, but also consumes Lapis... I wonder if it's a bit like a Biochromatic Breath situation, where the EXP is the Investiture and the Lapis provides a catalyst like the Color for awakening. Lapis IS historically "the" blue dye, and you can turn it into a literal blue dye item in minecraft, so that checks out. Words are definitely also important to Enchanting though, given the whole Bookshelf thing... A bit like AonDor, then? Hmm... Well, as for Potions, the most obvious Investiture source for them is the Nether Wart that turns a water bottle into an Awkward Potion. Adding other items alters the effect, so perhaps it's like how the different Metals can focus Investiture into doing specific things. Gold actually is pretty consistent with that; even in Minecraft, gold is used for healing. Gold apples give regeneration, and Glistering Melon slices (made with gold) create Healing potions. Huh. That kinda works too well. Alright, so we've speculated about the actual, overt magic of Minecraft. Now for the fun part. Sculk and Redstone. "Wait, what? How is Redstone a system of Investiture?" Good question, I'm glad you asked, me. That one's a bit more speculative, so let me discuss Sculk first, because it'll segue nicer into Redstone. Sculk is most likely a collection of Investiture-fed organisms similar to the Lichen of White Sand, except they feed on EXP instead of invested Sunlight. The Sculk Catalyst takes EXP from killed mobs nearby and uses it to grow new Sculk, overtaking blocks and even growing new Sculk Sensors, which are VERY, VERY interesting. Sensors detect different frequencies of vibrations and output a Redstone signal. If you use a Comparator, they even output a signal from 1-16. Hmm. Very nice number, that. Suspiciously nice. The Warden also might be an example of the Sculk acting like the worms that Aviar eat in order to gain their invested powers. An invested symbiote. Of course, it could also just be something that the Sculk creates to defend itself... But there's a few subtle details about the Warden that make me believe it's a symbiotic defender of the Sculk, primarily the "soul" particles we see in the chest, that beat at different rhythms when it gets agitated or when it's calm. Even if the entire Physical form is Sculk-generated, I believe at least the core of its Spiritweb would be taken from something else. As to what, I have no clue. Anyway, back to the Sensor and its curious behavior. I find it very convenient that it interacts with Redstone in such a specific way. Almost as if they shared a common link. Almost as if Redstone Signals are a form of Investiture... Wouldn't that sort of explain how you can just put a stick on a block of cobblestone to make a lever that can cause a piston to lift, what, 16 blocks of solid iron a meter upwards? Where the hell is that energy coming from? Well, how about the Spiritual Realm? What if Redstone is Corrupted Investiture manifested in a physical form, growing underground like an Atium Geode? That begs the question then, which shard is corrupting which other shard? I propose that it's Autonomy corrupting Invention. It just seems like it makes sense. Redstone fits both of those shards' Intent quite well, and ties back into the Sculk because Autonomy seems to have a thing for invested lifeforms like the Sand Lichen and the Aviar. But Invention... I mean... Isn't that just the essence of Minecraft? I would almost expect Invention's actual Shardworld to feel kinda like modded Minecraft. Wait, the essence of minecraft... EXP? Well that would tie things together nicely. After all, it seems to be actions that involve invention that produce EXP. Gathering resources and changing them into new forms, like mining iron ore and turning it into ingots, or cooking food, or killing mobs for resources. Crafting doesn't give EXP, but that's probably just because it's so common and easy to access, both from a game-development perspective and from an invested art one. Another thought one of my friends had is that Glowstone might be uncorrupted Redstone, which... Actually kinda works, it's a crystal that gives off light, in this case it would be due to containing Inventionlight, which ties back into Potions. Glowstone boosts the potency of potions, while Redstone makes them last longer. Also, that would make Redstone Lamps related to sphere lanterns and that makes me happy for no particular reason. So what do you guys think? Did I miss any obvious Cosmere-like aspects of minecraft? Do you think I'm just crazy? Are Vexes just corrupted Allays which are basically just Windspren?
  5. This is just something fun I thought I'd throw together, but I thought people might find it interesting (or amusing). I was thinking about songs that I think fit well with various Cosmere works, and since a lot of them fit with Mistborn, I thought I'd do a brief writeup focusing on songs most people have probably heard of - namely, Disney movie songs. For this list, I'l go through each song, roughly in the order I think they fit in the books, and provide a link and a brief blurb as to why I chose them. A couple of notes - one, this is mostly going to be for Final Empire and a few for Well of Ascension for various reasons, but mostly because they were my first two Brandon books and I found them easiest to make connections for. For another, I'm including some songs from The Prince of Egypt as well, even though that one's not technically Disney, because a)., it's the same style of animated musical extravaganza, b)., most of the songs fit too well with Scadrial and the Final Empire to ignore, and c)., Prince of Egypt is awesome anyway, and so is its music. With that out of the way, away we go! Final Empire “Deliver Us” – Prince of Egypt A perfect scene-setting for Scadrial under the Lord Ruler's dominion. “Strangers Like Me” - Tarzan Vin is introduced to and intrigued by Kelsier and his crew. “Through Heaven’s Eyes” – Prince of Egypt Sazed teaches Vin and helps her find her confidence and her place in the world. “Make a Man out of You” – Mulan Or make an allomancer out of you, rather:). Kelsier trains Vin in the use of her powers. “Let it Go” – Frozen Vin, gaining confidence, begins to open up and take pride and joy in her abilities. “Part of Your World” and “Part of Your World Reprise” – The Little Mermaid Attending her first balls, Vin becomes increasingly fascinated with the world of the nobility, and with Elend. “Playing with the Big Boys” – Prince of Egypt Vin and Kelsier fight the Inquisitors at Kredik Shaw, barely escaping with their lives. “Reflection” – Mulan Caught between her dual life as Vin the mistborn and Valette the noblewoman, Vin questions her identity. “All I Ever Wanted” – Prince of Egypt Elend becomes increasingly dissatisfied with the state of the Final Empire and realizes that he is on a different path from what his father expects of him. “God Help the Outcasts” – Hunchback of Notre Dame Vin and Kelsier visit the skaa tenements. “He Lives in You” – Lion King II The anthem of the fledgling Church of the Survivor after Kelsier's martyrdom. “When You Believe” – Prince of Egypt The rebellion triumphs after Vin kills the Lord Ruler. Well of Ascension "Into the Unknown" - Frozen II Vin becomes increasingly preoccupied with the call of the Well. “Be Prepared” – Lion King A paean to Straff's ambitions to seize control of Luthadel and become a new emperor. Also a better song than Straff (my personal most hated Cosmere character) deserves, but hey, it fits. “Hellfire” – Hunchback of Notre Dame Zane's destructive obsession with Vin grows. "Not One of Us" - Lion King II After the attempted assassination and her assault on Cett's keep, Vin fears the crew - and Elend - will reject her. "Love Will Find a Way" - Lion King II Vin and Elend reconcile after Zane dies and are married. "Savages” – Pocahontas The battle for Luthadel, culminating in Vin's return. That's what I have. Anyone else have thoughts? Or ideas for Hero of Ages or Era 2?
  6. Hello fellow beings of the shard! I have been told that I should put these things on a forum, so I shall. this is a place where I ask ridiculous questions I asked to newcomers of the shard to the general public, because everyone should get a chance to answer them. since this is my the first time, I shall put two. 1. If you were to put a nunchuck wielding nun anywhere in the cosmere and have it gain something from that planet’s magic system, which planet would you put it on? 2. Which of Brando Sando’s books do you think would be more interesting if it had a house containing a little girl that fell and crushed a witch in it?
  7. I've been thinking a fair bit about what Era 3 could possibly reveal about the Metallic Arts. When I first read Era 2 and Era 1 (yes, you read that right, I was dumb), the metallic arts seemed pretty feature-complete... But now that I've gotten more knowledgeable about how Invested Arts tend to work, and stuff like what the underlying mechanics of Ettmetal and Medallions might be, I'm starting to wonder; what could Era 3 possibly add to this? My preferred potential candidate is, of course, Reverse Compounding, wherein a twinborn of the same metal can store allomantic power in their metalminds, to be extracted at a potentially greater (or more precise) rate than just sheer allomantic burn rate can manage (easily, without Duralumin, for example). Imagine if a Steel compounder not only had incredible amounts of speed to tap, but could also precisely and powerfully Push on metals, possibly even some (probably lightly) filled Metalminds to catch his opponents off guard. Granted, that may not seem as useful as "UNLIMITED POWERRRR" I mean physical speed. Another possibility is the reveal of power-sharing medallions. In theory, if F-Nicrosil works as I believe it does (at this point in time), then a Medallion granting F-Nicrosil and F-Aluminum would allow the user to store any other metalborn powers they have access to inside unkeyed nicrosil to be tapped by another nicrosil ferring. Oh wait, you've got a medallion that grants F-nicrosil right there, just let the recipient keep it while the freshly made unkeyed nicrosil has a charge! Now anyone can basically rent the power of a Coinshot, or a soother, or... a misting can have Duralumin allomancy... for a day. Maybe more, if they keep their rental going. Or someone could rent the paired metal of their power (the allomantic counterpart of their natural feruchemical metal, or vice-versa) and become a temporary Compounder. Let them keep that F-Nicrosil/F-Aluminum medallion and an Augur with a Bloodmaker's unkeyed nicrosil could create scores upon scores of unkeyed gold for injured or sick people to tap using a Gold feruchemy medallion (or an F-nicrosil medallion and unkeyed nicrosil with F-Gold inside). Another addition to Reverse Compounding could be Unkeyed Allomantic Metalminds, unkeyed, say, Steelminds filled with Steel allomancy. If you give that to someone with steel feruchemy (either by birth or by unkeyed nicrosil or whatever else), then they can be a "Feruchemical Coinshot" too. Just as a Steel misting could burn an unkeyed Steelmind filled with physical speed to become an "Allomantic Steelrunner". And I haven't even touched on Hemalurgy (because let's face it, Hemalurgy should not be touched upon). What sort of other reveals might Era 3 make for the Metallic Arts' synergistic behaviors or previously assumed rules?
  8. If you had the Breaths to make a Sentient Inanimate BioChromatic being, what object and command would you choose? Mine: I may eventually add some if I think of some, but what would you do?
  9. Here at Kane's, we sell all sorts of canes! Dueling canes, walking canes, gun canes! Come get your canes! 2 for 1 deal!
  10. Hey Sharders! Just something fun to do, and I wanted to see what you could come up with. Basically, you take any superhero, like Hulk for instance, and then translate their powers into the Mistborn magic system. For Hulk, I think it fits that he is a Pewter Compounder. For some heroes, it's okay to break the rules-ish. Take Iron Man--He would need both Allowmantic steel and iron to "fly", and he's Iron Man, so naturally he would use some spikes. Obviously, some powers can't really translate. Feruchemy in Green, Allowmancy in Blue, and Hemalurgy in Red. Examples: Hulk--Pewter, Pewter. Iron Man--Steel, Iron, Tin. You don't have to use this system if you know all the terms and such, like Coinshot. Or you can just say F-Atium ect. Whatever works best for you! Have fun, maybe! Edit: If you don't know Marvel/DC, I guess you can do other things, like anime, but as a last resort.