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Found 26 results

  1. I don't know if anyone has done this before... Ok, What are weird food combinations that you like. examples (and I actually like these): Ketchup on scrambled eggs (I am not sure if this is normal), French Fries inside Ice Cream (The salty warmness contrasts well against the sweet cold) and finally the Cinnamon Rolls dipped in chili (this one is the weirdest, My dad showed it to me and apparently it is very popular in the town he grew up in and it is not popular anywhere else) so yeah. Post yours below!
  2. What is your favorite food? If your like me you eat air. Anyway...... Yes, Yes they are.
  3. Has anyone else gotten bored over quarantine and started..binge baking? I have. I don’t know about anyone else. If you have... what have you baked? Here is a picture of my latest creation! a crepe cake is not baked. What’s the best thing you’ve made recently?
  4. Any foods or drinks that are traditional/cultural to your family but you don’t make that often despite liking it? For me one of the big ones is a classic cuppa. Part of my ancestry is English and a classic cuppa is English Breakfast tea with milk and something to sweeten it a little. I tend not to do this because I don’t often have milk at home and when I go out the few times I’ve asked for milk for my tea I’ve either been given creamer or cream or they give me a giant glass of milk that requires using a straw so I don’t make a mess.
  5. So my shower thoughts this morning ended up on Roshar, specifically the grains on Roshar. Forgive me if this is something that's already been discussed, but I had some interesting (to me, at least) thoughts about what we've been told. Now the good news is that there are no huge issues here. There are a couple things that don't add up to me, but there are ways for Brandon to resolve all these - it was just interesting to think about and wonder if he considered this when world building. I mentioned this to my wife, and she thought you all might appreciate this. So here goes: To start, we're told that lavis corresponds roughly to Earth corn, and tallew to Earth rice. Unfortunately I couldn't find a wob for tallew, but here's the coppermind article that mentions it being similar to rice: Now the first problem we run into is that neither corn nor rice contain gluten. For the most part, Brandon has stuck to foods that don't require gluten. He mentions boiling tallew, using lavis for flatbreads (think tortillas), etc. And this mostly works, except for nixtamalization. If you're not familiar with it, nixtamalization is the process where corn is cooked in lime (the mineral, not the fruit) to change it into something that you can actually use for flatbreads. Ground corn on its own (cornmeal) doesn't hold together very well. In order to use a corn-like grain on the scale we're talking about in Roshar, and for things like chouta, you're going to need to nixtamalize it. For a bit I thought that the lime would be an issue, but then I figured that they mine enough stone on Roshar that it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to assume they've mined limestone and figured out how to extract the lime. (Of course, that assumes that limestone, a sedimentary rock formed in ancient seabeds, would be present on the Roshar continent, even though we've been led to assume that this continent was created more or less as it currently exists, without ever having been on the sea floor. But I'm making some assumptions there, and I'm not a geologist, so I'm going to ignore that.) Alternately, since rockbud shells burn, and I believe there's soap on Roshar, I'm going to assume that they have access to rockbud-ash lye, and they could also use this for the nixtamalization process. I don't think they would use wood-ash. Wood is too valuable. Once they've got the nixtamalized corn, then they need to grind it. And this is a wet grind, producing an already-hydrated dough, perfect for flatbreads. Not super portable, though, so there would need to be mills in the warcamps (and everywhere else too, obviously. Just maybe should be more noticeable in the warcamps), as well as areas where the grain was nixtamalized (assuming you can't soulcast pre-nixtamalized pre-ground lavis. I honestly have no idea if this is possible.) So that's quite a bit of text to say that yes, flatbreads are possible with Rosharan resources, but they require a few processes that we haven't seen on-screen and that tbh Brandon may not have considered. So on to the issue that I referenced before - gluten. Now, I'm just going to get this out of the way and admit that Brandon can fix this by saying "actually, tallew contains gluten" or "every gluten-containing bread you've seen onscreen is made with wheat exported from Shinovar" or some such. But for our purposes, given that pancakes were everywhere in Yeddaw, I'm going to assume that they're making them with lavis or tallew. If that's the case, I don't have any good explanations for this. Given that these are not described as flatbreads, I initially thought it was safe to assume that they're fluffy. Which would mean some sort of gluten structure. Or additives. It's possible that they're using xanthan gum or the like, though this seems like a stretch to me. Still, it seems like the likely solution to this is either "tallew contains gluten" or "they're using whatever that Thaylen buckwheat stuff is, or another grain I haven't told you about, since they're out West." (Or, see below, another solution could be "these aren't pancakes, they're just flatbread.") Last one, then. How are they getting these pancakes to rise? Now, this one is a little less of an issue, since he's actually addressed it: This leads me to believe that either he forgot about the pancakes when he gave this wob, and they're doing yeasted pancakes (which sounds weird to me, but could work. idk, I've never tried) or more likely they're really just another form of flatbread, and they're not fluffy. Which ruins my image of Lift running around the city stealing piping hot fluffy bread disks a little, but I can live with it. (I will note that it's highly unlikely that these are the quickbread pancakes we're familiar with, which use bicarbonate of soda, which in our world wasn't used in cooking until the mid to late 19th century. Given differences in progression of technology, it's possible they would have this, but I would be surprised if it was an ingredient commonly available to the masses.) So there you have it. Nothing earth shattering, (or plains shattering? eh? eh?) but just my morning muses. I don't think anything's "broken" here, per se. Brandon has addressed the gluten and rising bits mostly satisfactorily, but I think there's still a bit missing around the nixtamalization. And just to reiterate, all of this could be easily solved by Brandon just saying "oh, yeah, things are different on Roshar." Anyways, I think it's just a fun little corner of the world building that hasn't been completely fleshed out, and would require a couple logical jumps to get working.
  7. Who loves B.L.Ts!!!!!!!!!
  8. From the album Natural History of Roshar

    Shin chicken after 4000 years of evolution on Roshar would look.... not a whole lot different, if it's like Earth chicken evolution. I thought about going nuts and make it featherless and reverting back to a mini raptor, but I kind of didn't want to paint an ugly uncooked Thanksgiving dinner... So in the end it's back to being a good o' fashion chick'in - lightning color! There, so new, so shin XD
  9. Has anyone made Rock's stew? If so, can you tell me your recipe?
  10. You guys!!! I made the tenth pancake!!! They are fluffy chocolate pancakes doused in more chocolate worthy of no mortal! (Except me, of course, but I am no ordinary mortal) I also made chouta, but it tasted... well... probably how Kaladin imagined it. I mean, it's not deep fried, it's just meatballs, gravy, and naan bread... I had high hopes, but this one has disappointed me. At least It looks nice... I guess...
  11. I was thinking of food from Stormlight, and I thought, "Hey, why not turn food into spren?" Here are some of my ideas: Anticiation Spren: fruit roll ups Fear Spren: Grape Jell-o Shock Spren: corn chips Anger Spren: Fruit Punch Post in the comments other ideas you have.
  12. From the album Stormlight Doodles

    A beautiful drawing of pancakes done by me.
  13. I am in the process of making a cosmere cookbook for my self and the various cosmere fans I know. But I am running into a problem, outside of Roshar, little is know about the cuisine of the cosmere. I really need help on the food from Nalthis, Scadrial, and Threnody. I will post the PDF of the cookbook as soon as I have tried the various recipes suggested. Does anyone have any recipes they want to share any suggestions on cosmere cuisine?
  14. From the album Natural History of Roshar

    Sketches of berries on Roshar. Berries are usually soft and juicy and easily bruised and broken. On windy Roshar, they are protected by hard casings, which often opens and closes on environmental cues to avoid wasting the fruit to high storms. Except strawberries in Shinovar. They look just the same... or lightly different, who knows! Maybe cut it open and the inside is still red anyway!
  15. Okay, so I've been digging around a bit and I haven't found any recent posts about Rosharan food. If there is a post about it, apologies! I've always been interested in food and reading SA has made me curious about what everyone else imagines Alethi food is as they read about it. I know Brandon says that if he had to compare the Alethi to humans on earth, they would be a mix of the Polynesian and Middle Eastern/Asian races, so I've kind of always imagined Alethi food to be similar to Thai, Indian and Middle Eastern foods. Maybe even some Szechuan dishes to up the spice factor that is so present in the men's food? My focus is going to be Thai curry because I'm more familiar with Thai food than I am with the other too aside from Indian butter chicken and chicken korma... Just in case you aren't familiar with Thai curry: Green Curry: coconut milk and fresh green chillies, not necessarily sweeter than other Thai curries, it tends to be more pungent. Spiciest of the curries. Red Curry: made with dried red chilies. On the spicier end of the Thai curry spectrum. More savory than green curry Panang curry: a variant of red curry. Tends to be sweeter and more mild, nutty and thicker Massaman curry: influenced by Indian and Malasian cooking, most mild of all curries and tends to be on the sweeter side as well I didn't include all the varieties because there are soo many, but I think that's a decent sample size. Back to the food comparisons! Here are some excerpts from the books that describe Alethi "men's food": We see that men's food is typically meat kabobs, stews and curries and that they are spicy and full of peppers. I imagine that the men's food would include dishes akin to Thai green curry, Gaeng Pah Muu (jungle curry) and red curry, Indian Vindaloo, Phaal curry etc,. We also see a lot of flat bread type things that they use as vehicles to bring meat and vegetables to their mouths, similar to naan. As I mentioned earlier, I'm more familiar with Thai food than Indian and Middle Eastern food, so I'm sure I'm missing out on a whole bunch of dishes that could be compared/associated with men's food in the books. Now onto Alethi women's food: and this, So the women's food is little less Earth-like, but I imagine their food being more similar to Thai Panang (my personal favorite) and Massaman curries. They're both sweeter and typically more mild than other Thai curries are. Anyway, thoughts? Is it just me that thinks this obsessively about Alethi food and their Earth counterparts, or have others thought about this as well?
  16. I am starting this thread as a way to collect all the knowledge this forum has on Cosmere foods. Any ideas for recipes, replacement items, and cooking methods are welcome. That being said, I do not want this turning into a hemalurgy research thread. First on the list is Rosharian and Selish foods. Since Scadrial is very similar to Earth, I imagine that their foods are similar, however, if you have some ideas for Terris foods, please post them. Also, drinks are also welcome. Things wanted as soon as possible: Maipon noodles Chouta Waystop foods Scadrian noble foods Any other food/drink are also welcome.
  17. So, I am working on an unofficial recipe book containing fan-favourite meals from Mistborn, and other books. To make the best dishes I can, I need to choose those that seem appetizing to most readers, and gather all I can about them. Are they skaa? Noble? Elandel high society? Who described them, as what? And so on. What do *you* want to eat, and what do you remember about it? Descriptions, reactions, anything. Quotes greatly appreciated! Also if possible, I would love your support on Patreon. So far, I have only the baywraps requested.
  18. So, I am working on an unofficial recipe book containing fan-favourite meals from stormlight, and other books. To make the best dishes I can, I need to choose those that seem appetizing to most readers, as opposed to the overcooked slop of grains provided to Kaladin by Tvlakv before becoming a bridgeman. What do *you* want to eat, and what do you remember about it? Descriptions, reactions, anything. Quotes greatly appreciated! Also if possible, I would love your support on Patreon.
  19. I think it's time we moved the conversation over here everyone So, lets sum it up Peanut butter shall not be spoken of Marmite does not exist, Vegemite tastes bad, Nutella is good in small doses and @Erunion deserves better than our petty tastes So.....Sausages and Cheese aye (and jam as well if you wish)
  20. Hi, everybody! My name is Kat, and I recently decided to make fictional foods a reality. I am gathering all mentions of appetizing foods (Sandersonian or of other favourite authors) that I can find, and trying to construct the closest version I can. But t will greatly help me if you mention any foods you would like to try, like Joel's Stir-fry Spaghetti and Meatballs (the Rithmatist) for example, or the beloved Chouta (Roshar). Or we can talk about what you think is typical of a certain cuisine in a fictional world, what you think a certain dish should taste like, and so on. Any input you give me will make the result better and quicker. And if at all possible, it will help me greatly if you could support me and this project on Patreon. Hope I can make things that you will all enjoy! Thank you for your time and feel free to contact me!
  21. Hi, everybody! My name is Kat, and I recently decided to make fictional foods a reality. I am gathering all mentions of appetizing foods (Sandersonian or of other favourite authors) that I can find, and trying to construct the closest version I can. But t will greatly help me if you mention any foods you would like to try, like Joel's Stir-fry Spaghetti and Meatballs (the Rithmatist) for example. Or we can talk about what you think is typical of a certain cuisine in a fictional world, what you think a certain dish should taste like, and so on. Any input you give me will make the result better and quicker. Hope I can make things that you will all enjoy!
  22. What is the food you find yourself eating the most? I love tortilla chips... anyone else?
  23. So here comes a group talking about Cosmere in Taiwan, we're called "17th Shardglass". And we talked about "cosmere cuisines" pretty often, even Mistwraiths could be edible, or at least we believe so XD Anywayy Presenting: Roasted Whitespine Cheek Meat with Lift Fine I'm not sure whether Whitespines have cheek or not but, that's it lol
  24. It has come to my attention that much of the food strewn around the 17th Shard is of substandard quality. The cookies, is of particular concern. It is worrying that at this critical time, it is revealed that there is currently no food safety inspector to be found anywhere in the 17th Shard. Are we to allow many more innocent Shardlets to be taken by these substandard foods. Many people seem to have suffered from it, from particularly... spiked shaped cookies. Furthermore, I can reveal to you, that these cookies are part of a malevolent ploy to gain the trust of unsuspecting Shardlets. Immediate measure needs to be taken. I propose a food safety inspectors commitee to be created at once, so we can better prevent such tragedies occuring. I fear that many of our highest ranking on the 17th Shard may be involved in this malevolent scheme. Indeed, there are whispers that an integral role in the criminal organization that calls itself 'The Dark Alley', is none other than the 3rd highest member on the 17th Shard. Voidus himself. Should we allow this terrorist organization to continue? I think not. I propose an immediate election of a 'food safety inspector' to determine what should be done with substandard foods such as cookies. If we do not, I fear that the lives of innocent Shardlets are at risk.
  25. We have two cases of Shards being used in a digestive system. First, we have Allomancy which (I think) let's people control their digestion of metals to "burn" them. Then, we have Lift being able to metabolize stormlight. A tentative connection to this is breathing in stormlight. Kaladin, Moash, Dalinar, and Shallan all breath in the stormlight, freeing them from the need of oxygen. I have two(ish) questions. 1. Do the worms in the Aviars gain their power from the different bird meet they eat? 2. Does having access to a magic system change the genetic make up of the body to be able to use the magic? (3. If number two is correct and if the tentative connection turns out to be a good one, does stormlight replace air?)