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Found 2 results

  1. Josephine felt relaxed for the first time in a long while. Getting to spend the night out at the tavern and interact with people, even if she had been a little nervous at first. Shara and Juno were really sweet, and they'd helped her come out of her shell quite a bit. She'd even been persuaded to get some coffee by Shara, so she felt alert and awake. And so it was no surprise that she heard the footsteps following her before her attacker wanted her to, with her nerves on edge already. Her first thought was fear, then her second was of the instructions she carried on her. I can't let this person see those, Josephine thought, quickly turning around, tapping electrum to help calm her nerves. She would need as much determination as possible to get out of this and make it to her spaceship. The attacker came at her with a spike, and Josephine went to grab their arm, hoping to keep that spike far away from her as possible. The attacker tossed her to the ground, trying to get enough leverage to just push the spike down into her chest. Josephine struggled to keep that spike away from her, while also trying to kick the attacker off of her. It was no use, they were just a lot stronger than her. The spike drove through her chest. "Pah," she said, blood spurting out of her mouth as the attacker walked away. "I hate having to border-skip...." Her life faded shortly after. ~ Myra ran through the streets, her attacker somewhere behind her. She burned zinc, trying to enflame any emotions she could think of that would help stop her follower. The stranger had already got one hit on Myra, with a strange spike that still ached in her shoulder. The streets of Garmet were way too quiet at night, the chill digging at her bones and the spike itself sending jolts of pain throughout her body any time she moved. She noticed a shadowed alleyway, and ducked around the corner at the last moment, hoping to lose her attacker. She hid behind some boxes, hoping that the attacker would lose track of her. Unfortunately, she barely had time to scream before the attacker grabbed her from behind, ramming another spike through her, and leaving her body there for the cold. ~ There was a man who went by the name of Az. Most didn't know where he came from, and he didn't often show up at the meetings. But tonight, someone was looking for him. He could hear their footsteps quietly following him as he walked through his apartment. He'd stayed away from the meetings on purpose, once they got trapped, because he didn't trust any of these people. Quietly, he walked around his apartment, gathering his equipment. A vest lined with aluminum to prevent allomancers from pushing or pulling on it. An aluminum gun as well. Dark clothing to make it so Tineyes or Windwhispers had to work harder to see him. He didn't have time to grab everything, but any good hazekiller worth his money knew how to defend themselves with only part of their equipment. The attacker finally caught onto what Az was doing, and attacked. Az reached for his gun, but the attacker knocked it out of his hands. Az stumbled back, trying to get enough room from his attacker so he could reach for the knife strapped to his leg. He wasn't used to people going straight for physical combat first. He finally managed to grab his knife as the attacker got a spike into his neck. Az's eyes went wide, hands going to his throat, as the attacker pushed the knife even deeper. Eventually, Az fell still. ~ The next morning, news spread throughout Garmet of three murders throughout the night, all seemingly unconnected in who was killed. Yoden sighed as he read the papers that morning, a chill going down his spine. That's just great, he thought to himself. ~ Lotus has been killed! They were a Rebel Pulser/Pinnacle Twinborn! Jondesu has been killed! They were a Loyalist Rioter Misting! Azmine_king has been killed! They were a Loyalist Hazekiller! PMs are still closed, so refrain from making PMs please. There will be a removal this turn. As a reminder, there is no vote minimum, and a tied vote will result in one of the tied players being removed. This turn will end at 9 am CDT on Thursday, June 3rd. Also, credit to Lotus to giving me some stuff about her character that I put into the writeup! Player List: PMs will be sent out as soon as possible.
  2. Cycle 3 - An End to the Madness Allrianne just made it inside the city walls of Luthadel. She’d been eavesdropping on the meetings between her father and the soldiers, so she knew she could enter the city undetected. Now, she had to make a decision. She had followed around Breeze and listened in to his conversations as well. She looked towards Kredik Shaw, and then towards Venture Keep. Would he still be in the keep? Or would he have already gone inside the palace? It… it doesn’t matter. If he’s in the keep, he’s safe and I don’t have to worry. Having made her decision, she started walking towards Kredik Shaw. *** They walked carefully, making sure they didn’t get too close to the intruders. They needed to close them in, make sure that not one of them escapes the palace. They need to box them in to trap them. They just turned around a corner to find a bruised and bloodied body on the floor, inhaling in large gasps. Vin approached the figure and was shocked to find that it was a familiar face. “Dim? What happened to you? You were with us!” “Pardon, me…..Lady Vin… a little too close to a few of them….” He took a deep breath. “I know you asked us not to get too close….but I noticed something….” Another deep breath. “It’s alright Dim, we’ll get you back to the keep and patch you.” “No, Lady Vin… The only reason I held out for so long was in the hopes that you’d find me….They….They have a Mistborn...Lady Vin….or a Coinshot in the least…. They got me….” he pointed to his rib cage where he was bleeding profusely from the coin that had torn at his skin. He wasn’t going to make it. “Lady Vin...I don’t- could you please do me the favor?” he asked pleadingly. Vin understood. Dim was a good man, and if a painless death is what he asked, she would give it to him. He deserved to go out the way he wanted, and she didn’t want him to suffer any longer. She flicked a coin out and nodded her head. “Thank you, for everything, Dim. I’m sorry…” *** Vin flew off. She needed to vent out some energy, and she needed to find the person she thought was responsible. She flew around hastily, trying to find the Watcher, she needed to know if he would hurt her friends. She knew he would, she wanted to hear it from him nonetheless. She burned Bronze and tried to sense him. She pondered over burning duralumin to extend her Seeking, but eventually decided against it. She might require it later There. She felt a barrier that was the coppercloud and followed it. She flew as she burned Steel and Iron as and when required, and finally settled near the dark figure. “Would you kill someone close to me?” she asked firmly The Watcher turned around, seeming only slightly surprised. “If that’s how you’ll stop playing their games, then yes” he replied calmly. “You did it then? You killed him?” “I’m here on a task, and I’ll have to complete it, you should stay out of their games. You deserve better.” “I deserve better? Answer me! Did you kill him?” “We’ll meet again, Vin. Hopefully, you’d have changed your mind by then. Stop letting them control you.” He turned and walked away for a couple of steps, and then he….stopped and turned, wearing an confused look on his face. “You did it...I didn’t think you could. You released me from the cursed life. One way or another, you healed me. The voice was right about you.” Just as he finished, he faltered and fell to the ground, blood pooling around him. Vin stood in disbelief at what she had done, the touch of the steel coin she’d held just moments earlier felt morbidly cold. Archer was eliminated! He was a Venture Loyalist Thug! StrikerEZ was killed! He was Zane! Matrim's Dice was attacked, but survived! Vote Count: Archer (9): Liranil, Matrim's Dice, Ashbringer, StrikerEZ, Illwei, Biplet, The Unknown Order, Whysper, PizzaPower55 Liranil (1): Archer Matrim's Dice (1): Quintessential Cycle 3 has begun and will end on March 22, at 23:30 IST [GMT + 05:30]. Please try to bold your votes, and give retractions in green. Don’t forget to put your actions and kill votes in! Please welcome @Devotary of Spontaneity coming in to replace Experience. @Flyingbooks will receive an inactivity warning. If they do not post during this cycle, they will be replaced or removed. Player List: