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Found 21 results

  1. In WoA, Tindwyl says that King Wednegon was one of the last to resist the Lord Ruler in any "meaningful combat". Yet his biography says that he blamed his defeat on the Deepness, saying that his kingdom's food stores were depleted so his people couldn't both grow food and fight the koloss. That would seem to imply that his defeat was at most a few years after Rashek's Ascension, and thus that Rashek/TLR ruled the entire remaining habitable part of the world within a few years. But one of the HoA epigraphs says that "The Terris stewards resembled the servant class of Urtan, which Rashek conquered relatively late in his first century of life." Rashek was quite young when he took the power at the Well, so "late in his first century" must be at least 40-50 years post-Ascension. And it's also stated that TLR kept the koloss away from civilization, using them to put down rebellions and conquer societies discovered on the islands... and that's stated in a way implying that this conquest of new islands has happened in comparatively recent times. Is this a contradiction, or is Tindwyl making a distinction that Wednegon was the last who was thought to have had an actual chance (whereas Urtan and the islands, etc., were massively one-sided)? "Societies discovered on the islands" also seems odd in another way, because since Rashek/TLR made all those intentional changes to the world - Ashmounts etc. - shouldn't he have a pretty good idea of what is in the remaining habitable area? Thus no real new "discoveries"? But maybe he didn't share his knowledge with the Steel Ministry, etc.?
  2. From the album ScadrianScripts

    SteelAlphabet Inquisition.otf SteelAlphabet Inquisition.ttf SteelAlphabet Inquisition README.txt This image is the quote "Though You Strike Out Their Eyes, They Shall See the Hearts of Men" created using the above font, which is a version of the Steel Alphabet of Scadrial (The quote is from artwork by Ben McSweeney). The script is in a style used by the Canton of Inquisition during the Final Empire (though this particular writing style may not be strictly cosmere-canon, as it comes from the Mistborn Adventure Game). A wealth of information on the Steel Alphabet can be found at the Coppermind here. I was inspired to make this font after first encountering this fabulous font created by 17thShard user Claincy. If you prefer their font, then by all means use it! It is very similar to mine. So why did I make this font? Well, BenMcSweeney (Inkthinker) created this fantastic piece of artwork for the Mistborn Adventure Game, and as you can see, the script runs together much more closely than in Claincy's font (you can see the translation decoded by user Valkynphyre in this post). The overall feel is that of an illustrated manuscript that's probably been around for quite some time, which is the main reason I suspect the style to be archaic as of the events of Mistborn. Anyway, consider my font just a stylistic variant - "Inquisition" style as opposed to the "Final Empire" style of Claincy's. Note: internally, my font is named "SteelAlphabet" with the "Inquisition" font style sublabel. Claincy's font shares the same name but has the "Aligned" font style sublabel. When both fonts are installed, they will be categorized as different styles of the same font (the same way bold or italics work). In a document editor like MS Word or LibreOffice Writer, only one entry for "SteelAlphabet" shows up in the list of fonts, and "Inquisition" or "Aligned" can then be selected for the font style. The font style selection is normally accessed in a popout window. In Word, this is the advanced font options menu available at the bottom right of the "Font" section of the top toolbar (or with the hotkey Ctrl+D). In Writer, this is accessed by opening the "Format" drop-down menu from the top toolbar, then selecting "Character." Technical Details: The basic letter assignments are those shown on the Coppermind page linked above, with the following modifications. In the process of transliterating the text of McSweeney's Inquisitor artwork, I noticed the following spelling rules, which are automatically applied by the font: -O and U are undifferentiated; both are Pewter -E and I are undifferentiated; both are Tin -Doubled letters are reduced to a single glyph (both consonants and vowels) -EI and IE are replaced by one Tin glyph (counts as double letter) -OU and OUGH (silent GH) are replaced by one Pewter glyph (counts as double letter) -The name of a metal is replaced by its glyph (preferably an illustrated drop-capital, but I don't have the artistic skill to create these, sadly) -Hard C is replaced by K -Soft C is replaced by S (the one instance of C/CH for soft C is probably a typo) -Hard CH is replaced by K, but soft CH is a distinct glyph -SH is a usually a distinct glyph (the one instance of SH as two glyphs is probably a typo) -PH is replaced by F This font contains four lookup tables: calt (1) - substitutes S for soft C liga - four subtables to: (1) - substitute THO for THOUGH (2) - substitute the name of a metal or a direction for its corresponding symbol (must be spelled in allcaps: IRON, STEEL, TIN, PEWTER, ZINC, BRASS, COPPER, BRONZE, CADMIUM, BENDALLOY, GOLD, ELECTRUM, CHROMIUM, NICROSIL, ALUMINUM, ALUMINIUM, DURALUMIN, DURALUMINIUM, ATIUM, MALATIUM, LERASIUM, ETTMETAL, HARMONIUM, WEST, NORTHWEST, NORTH, NORTHEAST, EAST, SOUTHEAST, SOUTH, SOUTHWEST) (3) - display any double letters as a single letter (I and E are the same, O and U, are the same, CK becomes K, PH becomes F, CH becomes Tesh, SH becomes Esh) (4) - display the numbers 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 256, and 4096 as the corresponding symbol. calt (2) - substitutes K for hard CH kern - pairwise class-based kerning values The mapping of the Steel Alphabet symbols to Latin was decoded by 17thShard user Valkynphyre. The 24 basic symbols were downloaded from the Coppermind wiki in SVG format - these SVGs were created by user Paleo. In Ben McSweeney's Inquisitor artwork, a period and a comma appear. These were recreated by me, and used as inspiration for the rest of the punctuation included in this font. Additionally, the Kredik Shaw symbol was recreated by me from its appearance in McSweeney's Inquisitor piece. The kerning values in the font are designed to mimic those in that same artwork. The standard Allomantic symbols are assigned to the standard Latin alphabet (abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz). Harmony's symbol is assigned to & (no reason besides its use here), while the Kredik Shaw symbol is assigned to # (completely arbitrarily). Two additional letters are present in the Steel Alphabet that do not exist in the Latin alphabet: SH and CH. SH has been assigned to the Unicode "Esh" U+0283, and CH to "Tesh" U+02A7, which are both part of the International Phonetic Alphabet Unicode range. Note than in McSweeney's artwork, the line spacing is deliberately extra narrow, such that the descenders of one line overlap with the ascenders of the line below it. This font is set up so that the glyphs extend slightly above and below the defined max and min height, in order to replicate this behavior. However, in MS Word, line spacing of "single" will automatically adjust to avoid this overlap. Setting line spacing to "exact" instead will replicate the overlap behavior - BUT Word will NOT display it! The overlap will show up when saved as a PDF or printed, but the onscreen display cuts off the overlapping portion of the letters. Other programs, such as LibreOffice Writer, should display the overlap correctly onscreen using the default single line spacing. Another small note about the artwork - the quote used for this gallery image is actually the one place in the artwork that "SH" (in "shall') is spelled with "S" and "H" instead of the special "SH" symbol. I think it's a typo? Anyway, the image I have created uses the "SH" symbol instead, so it does not exactly match McSweeney's text. If you want to play around with the font in FontForge, here is the SFD file: SteelAlphabet Inquisition.sfd
  3. This is just something fun I thought I'd throw together, but I thought people might find it interesting (or amusing). I was thinking about songs that I think fit well with various Cosmere works, and since a lot of them fit with Mistborn, I thought I'd do a brief writeup focusing on songs most people have probably heard of - namely, Disney movie songs. For this list, I'l go through each song, roughly in the order I think they fit in the books, and provide a link and a brief blurb as to why I chose them. A couple of notes - one, this is mostly going to be for Final Empire and a few for Well of Ascension for various reasons, but mostly because they were my first two Brandon books and I found them easiest to make connections for. For another, I'm including some songs from The Prince of Egypt as well, even though that one's not technically Disney, because a)., it's the same style of animated musical extravaganza, b)., most of the songs fit too well with Scadrial and the Final Empire to ignore, and c)., Prince of Egypt is awesome anyway, and so is its music. With that out of the way, away we go! Final Empire “Deliver Us” – Prince of Egypt A perfect scene-setting for Scadrial under the Lord Ruler's dominion. “Strangers Like Me” - Tarzan Vin is introduced to and intrigued by Kelsier and his crew. “Through Heaven’s Eyes” – Prince of Egypt Sazed teaches Vin and helps her find her confidence and her place in the world. “Make a Man out of You” – Mulan Or make an allomancer out of you, rather:). Kelsier trains Vin in the use of her powers. “Let it Go” – Frozen Vin, gaining confidence, begins to open up and take pride and joy in her abilities. “Part of Your World” and “Part of Your World Reprise” – The Little Mermaid Attending her first balls, Vin becomes increasingly fascinated with the world of the nobility, and with Elend. “Playing with the Big Boys” – Prince of Egypt Vin and Kelsier fight the Inquisitors at Kredik Shaw, barely escaping with their lives. “Reflection” – Mulan Caught between her dual life as Vin the mistborn and Valette the noblewoman, Vin questions her identity. “All I Ever Wanted” – Prince of Egypt Elend becomes increasingly dissatisfied with the state of the Final Empire and realizes that he is on a different path from what his father expects of him. “God Help the Outcasts” – Hunchback of Notre Dame Vin and Kelsier visit the skaa tenements. “He Lives in You” – Lion King II The anthem of the fledgling Church of the Survivor after Kelsier's martyrdom. “When You Believe” – Prince of Egypt The rebellion triumphs after Vin kills the Lord Ruler. Well of Ascension "Into the Unknown" - Frozen II Vin becomes increasingly preoccupied with the call of the Well. “Be Prepared” – Lion King A paean to Straff's ambitions to seize control of Luthadel and become a new emperor. Also a better song than Straff (my personal most hated Cosmere character) deserves, but hey, it fits. “Hellfire” – Hunchback of Notre Dame Zane's destructive obsession with Vin grows. "Not One of Us" - Lion King II After the attempted assassination and her assault on Cett's keep, Vin fears the crew - and Elend - will reject her. "Love Will Find a Way" - Lion King II Vin and Elend reconcile after Zane dies and are married. "Savages” – Pocahontas The battle for Luthadel, culminating in Vin's return. That's what I have. Anyone else have thoughts? Or ideas for Hero of Ages or Era 2?
  4. From the album Mistborn Fanart

    Fanart of Vin by me! (It's been a long time since I read Mistborn and I really need to read it again soon)
  5. From the album Scadrial Landscapes

    Landscape of the country side outside of Luthadel. I got a new idea of what Scadrial might have looked like while painting this. Not as devoid of color as I had thought. There will be more Scadrian landscapes in the future.
  6. Ahoy, Thought I'd make my first foray into Cosmere forums with an actual topic as well as a general greeting. My interest below will concern at least the Stormlight Archive up to the end of Oathbringer, so spoiler warning?
  7. mistborn

    Hey guys! So: I've been watching some YouTube reviews of the Mistborn Trilogy, and I noticed that a lot of the reviewers had copies of the book with different cover art...and they look AMAZING. I already own the books on Audible, but I'd love to get my hands on these physical copies. Does anyone know where I can find them? Check the attached photo for reference: Thanks in advance!
  8. From the album Quotes

    There's Always Another Secret My first try at handlettering...
  9. hemalurgy

    Mod Note: Split off at Oversleep's request from this thread. Recent discussion inspired me to make a thread about Inquisitor builds. So, what do we know about spikes of Inquisitors? Keep in mind we're talking about Final Empire Era Inquisitors, not rampaging Ruin Inquisitors. They are said to be stronger in Allomantic steel and Allomantic iron than regular Allomancers. I assume they have at least two spikes for each. They do not really need spikes for Allomantic gold and they are said to usually have between 9 and 11 spikes. Assuming they are Allomancers to begin with (and no reason to turn non-Allomancer into Inquisitor): Feruchemical gold (not all of them had that due to trouble with finding Feruchemists) Allomantic: pewter tin double bronze double steel double iron atium (not all of them had that though) That's 9 spikes (one power the Allomancer was born with). We have still two spikes to spare (if we're doing the upper limit of 11 spikes and assume they have Feruchemical gold and Allomantic atium). What else? The Inquisitor Kelsier fought had access to emotional Allomancy.
  10. Hello my fellow theorist! So this letter is a little different. From the start I have wanted to make this series something that newer fans of the Cosmere can access so they can learn about the Cosmere without being overwhelmed or drenched in Spoilers. However most my videos still need a warning for those who watch so they don't accidentally learn too much. This video is the first of my in-debts examination of Allomancy, and I wanted it to be set about the ground work. Although there is some information about Elsric in here, most this information is very basic. However I hope you see this as a resource to share with your friends and family who have questions or are just starting out in the Mistborn series. I hope you enjoy: Here is the transcript for this episode. I apologies for the capitalization errors: It has been a long time since I have written one of these letters. I feel that I have slowed in my… old age and found less time to report my findings. As I stated last time we spoke, I have found myself drawn to continue my studies as an Archanist with an emphasis on Shards and Intents. This is the Abstract of my first essay submission to the Universities here. I wish to send you this summary until I can deliver a physical copy for your safekeeping. Title Page: Allomancy of the Final Empire As part of my application to the Universities and Establishments of Silverlight, I, Elsric Demorous humbly submit this analytical essay. This essay is the first in a series that will outline the interaction of the Investitures found on Scadrial through the ages, as well as conceptualization of the powers, intents, and consequences of the abilities native to Scarial. The documentation of the Scadrian system has been sporadic in nearly all cases. As far as I know, the publications of Khrissala are the only comprehensive examination of the early Scadrian system that exists in the library. The following essays will define the various investitures as well as document theorized physical, cognitive, and spiritual effects of native Scadrian powers. This first essay will primarily be a historical examination of Alloymancy, the backbone of the Final Empire and the World of Ash. The political, economic, and military bearing of allomancy will be brought to light. I will also explore the physical limitations and capabilities of the 8 basic metals and 2 high metals as they were known at the time. My original transcripts will also contain diagrams and physical calculations as I can best determine. It is said that the Mists of Sacadrial gave birth to the first of the Mistborn, hence the name. It is oddly fitting, even if the majority of these claims are apocryphal at best. The history of Allomancy in the Final Empire is brutal and succinct. The Lord Ruler, the Immortal God of the world of Ash stepped out of the mountains and granted unto his chosen servants the power of Allomancy. These founders then passed their gifts to their children and their children’s children through the ages. These family lines would form the backbone of the Empire and the nobility. Because of the heavy legal emphasis on breeding, the lines of succession remained relatively stable, although time eventually saw a steady blending between the nobility and the enslaved Skaa peasant populations. This duel cast system pervaded the Empire completely with the only effective middle class being an anomaly made up of lawless con men and thieves. This social structure and the iron fist of the Lord Ruler ensured that this political structure remained stable and mostly unchanged for a millennium. Allomancers came in two forms. The Mistings were the majority of Investiture users in the Final Empire, each person having access to just one allomantic ability. These individuals were highly desired and were greedily sought by the noble houses. Mistborn were the far rarer manifestation. With the ability to use any of the allomantic metals these individuals were nearly priceless for their utility as spies and assassins. Mistborn were far from invincible, but one Mistborn was often more effective than a small army. During the final empire there were 10 metals that were used by those gifted as allomancers. The basic 8 were grouped into two separate categories, physical and mental allomancy. In turn each classification had two allomantic pairs, a pure element and a companion alloy. The pairings often reflected each other in effect or cause. A continuation of classifications includes external and internal metals, external having an effect beyond the allomancer, while internal cause the allomancer to be altered in some way. This distinction is much clearer than the pushing and pulling classifications. I feel the terms of push and pull became part of the diction of the people of scadrial based on the effects of iron pulls and steel pushes which perform dramatic visual effects of pushing and pulling on physical metals. However, I feel this distinction begins to break down when applied to the other metals but that may be a personal idiosyncrasy. As far as the specific details of the metals and how they fall into these sub catagories will be continued in future essays. For now I wish to outline the elements and alloys that make up the core 10. Of the eight basic metals we will look at the distinction between physical metals and mental metals. The four physical metals are Iron, Steel, Tin, and Pewter. Iron and Steel exert a physical force on sources of metal that are outside of a physical body and that are within range of the allomancers reach. The distance where a metal can be affected is determined by physical size of the manipulated object as well as the distance between the allomancer and the object being pushed or pulled. Steel pushes outward while Iron pulls inward. Large metal objects are more accessible from farther away. The allomancer can see his or her connection to the metals around them via blue lines which connect them from their center of gravity to the metals themselves. Pewter and Tin are internal metals that change the physical body of the alomancer. Pewter grants greater physical strength and endurance. This additional strength does not come for an increase in muscle mass or bone density. Instead it seems to be strength lent by the actual burning process. Upon closer study I became very excited by the implications of this as you will see in my following essays. Tin is the other physical enhancement metal which increases the senses of the allomancer. Allomancers who burn tin receive a burst of sensory information all at once. Everything is noticed in a heightened state. Tin burners or Tin-eyes are susceptible to sudden changes in the environment such as bright lights and loud noises. These changes cause a sensory overload that can stun the allomancer in question. On the other hand, this over-stimulation can be used to clear one’s mind when it becomes clouded or disoriented. I believe that this is an enhancement of the mind. Tin enhances the senses that already exist, and there is no change in the outer organs of the allomancer. Therefore, it seems that it’s the minds ability to comprehend what it senses rather than a change in sensory data. Iron and Steel are the outward physical metals. These metals determine a physical distance relationship between sources of metal and the alomancer. While this has been a simplified look at the physical metals I wish to impress the reader with an understanding that these metals are not simple in the slightest. The changes that these physical metals make are curious and perhaps are unique as a form of investiture. But for the purposes of this opening essay I will move on. My theores and descriptions of these metals will be explained in much greater detail in the following essays which are dedicated to them. This also goes for the mental alomantic powers. The first pairing, Copper and Bronze are understandably complementary. Bronze allows the user to detect when an individual in range is using alomancy. This was often used by members of the policing and religious organizations of the Final Empire to find Skaa mistings who were performing illegal activities with their powers. They were also used in the inner dealings of the Great Noble houses to learn about the abilities and actions of their rivals. Copper is the alternative, which when burned creates a cloud of alomantic interference. The Copper misting or smoker created a field that blocked Bronze alomancers or Seekers from being able to detect alomantic pulses. Smokers were essential in the underworld in order for these skaa mistings to work without as great a fear of discovery. Smokers were also immune to emotional manipulation while burning their metal. The final pairing in the core 8 metals are Zinc and Brass. These are fascination in that they sway the existing emotions of people outside of the allomancer. The allomancer could target a single individual or a small group or congregation. These metals do not allow mind control or even emotional control.* Instead they act as a catalyst or a dilution of emotion, depending on the metal. Zinc allomancers are called rioters because they inflame emotion. Much like how music in a performance can heighten the emotional experience of the audience, rioters provide shortcuts for emotion, causing them to swell powerfully and encouraging emotional responses. Predictable Brass does the opposite. Brass Allomancers or Soothers smother emotions gently, calming and stabilizing the emotions of others. If overdone these soothers tend to make people dull of feeling and potentially lethargic. These two are not as simple as their counterparts. Emotions are complex in sentient beings and thus these abilities are much less effective unless the allomancer can grasp the emotions a person is feeling. Then they can encourage or suppress as they feel is best. Next we will look at the temporal effects of Gold and Atium. Gold is perhaps the most unusual of the metals. When burned, the allomancer has a strange perception switch where they seem to split into two. It is still unclear as to the nature of this splitting, however it is safe to assume that the duplicate is a shadow of who the allomancer could have become had different choices been made. However, this is strangely subjective, for there are limitless possibilities in a person’s past. Yet Gold only shows one alternative. I explore these implications later but I am still very much at a loss as to what this metal really does. My conclusions are more like concepts and will need further investigation. And finally Atium, the literal backbone of Imperial society and economy. Atium was by far the most valuable metal in the final empire. When burned the metal allows the allomancer to see a little into the future. Not only is this an extension of the senses into the future, but an expansion of the mind so that the allomancer can process the information almost by instinct. The metal was incredibly rare and burned very quickly. As long as the allomancer burned this metal they were invincible for all intents and purposes. There are only two confirmed dangers to an allomancer who is burning Atium. Either they need to be maneuvered into a position where there is no possible escape, or they must be confronted with an opponent who could also burn atium. While the powers of Atium are incredible, the effect on the Imperial markets and noble houses might have been even more significant. Despite the alluring power of this metal, it is these additional consequences that created the greatest changes and effects in the Final Empire. This archaic look into the past reminds me of just how far we have come in our understanding of the Cosmere. Like many cultures I’ve stumbled upon, the people of scadrial wield these powers without understanding what they are doing with these Investitures. Thus it is important that we study these and understand where this information started. Although this essay is simplistic in its diction, remember that this is a foundation for the more advanced information to be found in the essays that follow. However I feel that context is imperative for the reader, so I highly encourage that you do not seek out my other publications on the people of Scadrial until you have made yourself familiar with the legend of the Hero of Ages. I will follow up shortly with a continuation of these essays. Until the next time, Elsric
  11. Vin and Elend have been one of my absolute fictional pairing from the start. Pure perfection.
  12. From early on in the FinalEmpire, the first time Kelsier brings Vin out in the mist to learn to use her abilities. I have discovered the Mistborn books late this year, and they have been a huge inspirations. This was the first drawings I made of them, and I have clearly got the mistcloaks wrong! It doesn't help that I have actually read the whole trilogy thinking they looked this way because I didn't let myself look at amy art for fear of spoilers. Worth it! I'm currently re-reading the first trilogy with the aim of illustrating much more of the salient scenes (and the get the clothes and descriptions of the characters right this time!).
  13. The time is here. There is an anniversary edition of the first Mistborn book, in gorgeous leatherbound, and it's going on sale tonight, December 1st, at midnight EST. That's just over six hours away. It does have a hefty price tag, like the Elantris leatherbound, at $100. But I will say that the Elantris leatherbound was spectacular, and its first printing went out of stock rapidly. If you're interested, don't delay. Note that these Mistborn leatherbounds will not be guaranteed for a Christmas delivery, due to Brandon's tour schedule and tour delays. There's awesome stuff in the Mistborn leatherbound. Let Kara from Dragonsteel Entertainment explain: Speaking of the Final Empire art, it is spectacular. You can also buy a poster of it, which I am absolutely doing right now. It has a fantastic style to it, and is simply gorgeous. It actually has a date on it, 1021, which is the first time canonically in the Final Empire time period that we explicitly have a date on something. (1021, by the way, is three years before the end of The Well of Ascension.) Also, it canonizes locations mentioned The Eleventh Metal, and in in the Mistborn Adventure Game, and if I'm not mistaken, it includes brand-new locations on the imperial map. Maybe I missed things in the Mistborn Adventure Game, but I absolutely do not recall Lekal City in the Southern Dominance, for one. I'm pretty sure this is brand-new Final Empire lore. And that makes me unreasonably excited. Maybe these places are mentioned in some of the Mistborn Adventure Game supplements, though, but I can't find references to them. Feel free to zoom in on this poster and post your thoughts, because I'd love to hear them. Okay, I'm going to shut up about Final Empire geography now, because there's also some fantastic pieces of art from Arcanum Unbounded that you can buy. There's the star map of the cosmere, which were the endsheets for Arcanum Unbounded, and there are beautiful, colorized versions of each star system, too. The colorized versions are truly incredible, so at least click the link and zoom in on them.
  14. During TLR's conquests (beginning of his reign), could he have conquered these historical empires in these specific time periods? (TLR will not be fighting actively) -Persia (Xerxes I) -Hellenistic Empire (Alexander the Great) -Roman Empire (Emperor Hadrian) -Han Dynasty (Emperor Wudi) -Mongol Empire(Genghis Khan) Could TLR 50 years before the events of mistborn with 10 years of planning and preparation conquer these european nations?(TLR will be fighting actively along with his inquisitors, kandra, and nobility) -Britain (Victorian Era) -Napoleonic France Each historical empire will start with its eastern edge grafted onto the coast of the farmost dominance (england will remain an island).
  15. From Coppermind... but without any source: Anybody got any info? Screens, maybe?
  16. Just something that's been in the back of my mind since I started my reread/relisten to the Final Empire series.... When Vin pushed TLR's Atiumminds from his arms she was at what we've dubbed on the forums "Mistpoint", burning the mists to the peak of an Allomancer's potential minus ascending to being a Vessel. However, once they were out, she no longer held the mists (As far as I recall, don't have the book or the audiobook in front of me at the moment...) Yet she was able to Push on TLR's Atiumminds without them, despite the fact that they SHOULD have been Invested to all Braize, especially if they WERE the Bands of Mourning. Just wondering if we have any thoughts/explanations? Maybe Vin still held the mists or a fraction of them, and I'm just forgetting, but it seems like a continuity hiccup with metalminds being hard to sense/push on, or them not being Invested, the Bands.... Though considering they were definitely Atiumminds, they should have been Invested.
  17. Hey - so I have ONLY finished the first Mistborn (Final Empire). Please keep that in mind when you answer! I have a question about a passage from Chapter 31, p. 522 (paperback) Vin and Kelsier are talking on the roof and she has just told him she could see through Shan's coppercloud. Kelsier is asking her to sense what metal he's burning through his copper... And then she ends up sensing Kelsier's metal instead. SO - my question is, it is the Lord Ruler she is sensing? I kind of guessed that at first, but then again, we all know Sanderson is NOT a wasteful writer. He never mentions something that isn't important, in some way (even if it's not answered until way later.) I feel like he never actually answered the question of what she sensed. Should I keep this passage in mind for the next book? This may be a short thread, since these are almost yes or no questions (sorry!) but it's really bugging me. Thanks in advance!
  18. I am not familiar with what the writing tropes in literature actually are and i was wondering to what extent does Brandon, and other authors, use them? What are common Fantasy writing tropes? Does Brandon ever make a mockery of the use of them? I felt like that is what he was doing in The Stormlight Archive with Rosharan society having such strict Gender specific roles. To me it made me look at the whole idea of Gender specific roles as ridiculous. Did he ever do something like that with other writing tropes that i never noticed? Finally, is there a trope that Brandon consistently uses across most of his books?
  19. Can someone please tell me how fish could survive in the ash polluted waters of the final empire? I mean they don't even have to exist (not sure if they do since they're never mentioned that I know of) but I would appreciate knowing if they did. Since I'm pretty sure the Ascension was over the course of a few minutes, the fish wouldn't have time to evolve so that they could survive the ash that infested the rivers and oceans. The ones that could survive this would have nothing to eat and they would die too. The only thing that I can think of is the Lord Ruler changing their biology like he did with humans, but I wouldn't be too concerned about fish if I ever got control over the world for a few minutes. And please upvote if you like fish!
  20. I thought I'd better post some Mistborn theories before Shadows of Self/ Bands of Mourning came out, in case they were confirmed or debunked. The first of these: MECHANICAL HEMALURGY. These are some separate facts in my head which caused me to believe that Hemalurgy can somehow be transferred to machines. While I haven't exactly worked out how, I am fairly confident it can be done. Here are some of the things that caused me to start thinking about this. Exhibit A: The machine built by the Ones Above in Sixth of the Dusk. Sharders seem increasingly certain that the Ones Above in Sixth of the Dusk are the Scadrians, who have gained access to space travel. We do know that it is set shortly prior to the sci-fi Mistborn Trilogy. One of the only things we know about them is that they built a machine that detects Avian (or the Investiture inside the Avian). This sounds almost like the capabilities of bronze, being able to detect the metals inside someones bodies. We have WoB that bronze can detect non-Scadrian magic in it's radar as well. So, I believe that this is one such machine that can convert Hemalurgy from a human into a mechanical operation. Exhibit B: The Southern Continent of Scadrial. We have WoB that they have magic there, but he has said it is used 'quite differently'. I believe that this is due to the presence of mechanical objects. They would have discovered it long before the northern continent, because they didn't have a stagnant 1000 years when the Lord Ruler took over. This means they would have had 1000 extra years to tinker around with this, and see how it works, as I believe they have done. Why Hemalurgy? Well, we know that inanimate objects don't have Investiture by natural means (Brandon has stressed quite strongly that metals don't contain Investiture, they merely 'unlock' the ability to access the Investiture inside yourself). Therefore, it must be 'given' to the machine somehow. So... Hemalurgy. What do you guys (and girls) think? Have I finally gone stark-raving mad? Or is there something salvageable to this theory? I'll get sources for the WoB's mentioned as soon as I can be bothered.
  21. This was a collaborative work between nard1993 and I using the Hero of Ages and current Allomantic tables (More detail here). We designed it to use as the back of Shelldry cards.