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Found 8 results

  1. Just thought I'd mention here that I posted my attempt at a screenplay adaptation over in the fanfic section and would love to get people's feedback. Especially lore related critiques, as I'm not as deep into all of that as some on here, and would like to try and keep things consistent with Brandon's universe.
  2. Last year I wrote a screenplay adaptation of "The Emperor's Soul" which is one of my favorite novellas. I got lots of feedback during the writing process and then ran the final draft past the reviewers on The Black List, which initially gave it a very positive review of 8/10. Follow up reviews dropped the overall score however, and it ended at a 7/10. This year I want to give the project another pass with my focus not only on addressing story related feedback, but also to make sure that whatever changes the adaptation introduces don't mess with the lore too much. Adaptation can be a fiddly business, especially when you are expanding or reducing the story a lot from its initial form, but I still want to try to stay fairly true to the original. Anyway, I'd love to get people's feedback! Feel free to get deep into what doesn't fit the lore or spirit of the story as well as what does or doesn't work about this adaptation as a whole. (Update: I've removed the link to the file, since I realized that sharing a fan work that contains that much of Brandon's original work might be a copyright problem. I'm still open to sharing it if you PM me, but I just request that you've read the original book first as the screenplay has all of the spoilers.)
  3. Question for all you fans out there. If you could have 1 action scene and 1 dialogue or character moment from Mistborn: the Final Empire to be made into live action what would it be? An example of an action scene would be Kelsier fighting the Haze killers when he breaks into keep venture. An example of a character moment would be Kelsier first training Vin, or the moment they outline their plan to overthrow the Lord Ruler. I'm a filmmaker and have been pondering how I would bring some of these scenes to life in my head for years now. Would love to know what everyone else would want to see if they could only get a scene or two.
  4. I know there is already a thread on the Mistborn Movie cast, but I didn’t see one on the Stormlight Archive. This is where we can speculate on the cast of the Stormlight Archive Movie.
  5. I've always appreciated movies, especially as of late. So this thread will let people show their appreciation for their favorite movies by pitching a sequel(or prequel)! No matter how ludicrous it sounds, no matter how bad, you can pitch it. I will start with a pitch to one of my favorites, Princess Mononoke. Call of the Forest: Two months after the death of the Great Forest Spirit, Irontown is again producing iron, but at a slower rate as the town is not fully rebuilt yet. Ashitaka spends three days with the people of Irontown, then three days with San. Lady Eboshi now uses trees sparingly, respecting nature. Life is well. Jigo returns to the Emperor empty-handed, but the Emperor is extremely angry. He decides to exact his vengeance by executing San and seizing control of Irontown. He sends Jigo to carry out his orders, with the threat of death if he fails again. Jigo is hesitant to confront the gods of the forest again, but has no choice. The apes of the forest have succeeded in planting more trees, but are very distrustful of Irontown. Ashitaka negotiates with them, but they are interrupted by warriors of Lord Asano. In the following skirmish, the leader of the ape tribe is killed. Enraged, the apes swear to destroy the humans. Ashitaka tries to convince San to help them, but she refuses. Feeling defeated, Ashitaka travels to the center of the forest, to the former home of the Great Forest Spirit to seek some sort of guidance. Jigo arrives in the valley with an imperial army. Lord Asano meets with them, and strikes a deal, gaining half of all production in Irontown. In exchange, he swears loyalty to the Emperor. The two armies begin marching towards Irontown. San and the wolves detect the approaching threat, and warn Ashitaka. He rides to Irontown and warns the people. Lady Eboshi sends the men, led by Gonza, to meet the threat. Ashitaka accompanies them. The opposing sides meet in a deep pass, surrounded by the cliffs. San, mind in turmoil, decides to aid the people of Irontown. As the two sides begin to clash, the apes ambush them and cause the cliff faces to collapse. The rockslide kills many, including Asano, Gonza, and one of the wolves. The remaining men of Irontown retreat, led by Kohroku. San and the remaining wolf attack Jigo and the remainders of the two armies, despite Ashitaka’s pleas. The wolf is badly wounded and retreats, while San is captured. Outnumbered, Ashitaka is forced to retreat as well. In Irontown, Ashitaka tries to persuade Lady Eboshi to send men to retrieve San. Eboshi refuses, concerned for the people. She orders the gates to be closed. Furious, Ashitaka sneaks his way out, and Kohroku accompanies him, intending to help. Meanwhile, San fights viciously against her captors. The men begin to be tempted, but Jigo orders them to stop. Jigo begins to question where his loyalty lies, and if serving the Emperor is the wisest decision now. Ashitaka and Kohroku continue to pursue them, and they are attacked by the apes. They successfully evade them, but Kohroku worries that they will attack the weakened Irontown. Meanwhile, the last wolf has been corrupted, and turns into a demon. It begins to follow the trail of Jigo’s army. During the night, several soldiers attempt to rape San, but she breaks free and kills them. Jigo makes a decision, and lets her go, telling her to run away and keep the forest safe. Jigo then arrives in the capital. The Emperor has Jigo executed, but Jigo is satisfied that he will leave with a clear conscience. The apes begin to surround Irontown, becoming bolder and attacking the walls. Lady Eboshi is forced to post extra guards during the night. San reunites with Ashitaka, and they decide to return to Irontown as quickly as possible. They catch a glimpse of the demon on the journey back, but it pays them no mind. Ashitaka, San and Kohroku return to Irontown, but are ambushed by apes. They manage to make it in, but not before three apes slip through the gate. The apes begin to ravage the town. Ashitaka rallies the people, and they fight back. But then, an explosion critically damages the west wall, and the entire ape tribe invades. The people of Irontown fight back. San fights the apes as well, but is cornered. Lady Eboshi saves San and suffers a fatal blow. In her last moments, she makes Toki, Kohroku’s wife, the lady of Irontown. After destroying the armory, the apes suddenly leave, taking the bodies of men. In the capital, the Emperor plans to destroy Irontown. A disturbance is heard at the front gates, and he hears the shouts of “Demon!” Panicking, he seals the inner palace, but the demon bursts in. It kills the Emperor and many samurai lords before being eradicated by a rudimentary cannon. Ashitaka succumbs to a wound he sustained during the battle. San is devastated. Ashitaka admits that humans are flawed, and will never be at peace with nature. He tells San to travel to the east, where the Emishi people live, and fewer disturbances in nature happen. Ashitaka asks Toki and Kohroku to rebuild Irontown, but use it for good, not destruction. He then dies. Distraught, San takes Yakul and Ashitaka’s body into the forest. She buries Ashitaka on the island of the spring of the Nightwalker. Deciding to heed Ashitaka’s last wish, she begins to travel east with Yakul. When she stops to sleep, she discovers she is pregnant. The last shot of the film shows several kodama sit on Ashitaka’s grave.
  6. Me and my team just finished out Stormlight fan-made movie! Let me know what you think! Also there's a link in the description on a 'making-of' documentary on how I made this movie happen if you're interested http:// @BrandSanderson Also a behind-the-scenes documentary of how we made the movie if you're interested!
  7. I noticed recently that the options at the top of Brandon Sanderson's website changed. The biggest change is a new tab marked 'Games & Movies'. Move your mouse over it, and three tabs will scroll down. One, the Mistborn Adventure Game, we already know about. The other two, however, marked 'Video Games' and 'Movie Updates', are mysteriously marked 'Coming Soon'. Is Brandon just being hopeful, or is he keeping another secret up his sleeve? The rights to a film for Mistborn has been sold before, but the rights expired and were given back to Brandon. So, even if a film were to be announced, there is no guarantee it would actually be made. The other reason why it might not mean anything is due to the fact that Brandon has recently given a 'big reveal' in his last State of the Sanderson. Some of the surprises unveiled there included an extra wax and wayne novel, the fact that the dark one was a cosmere story, and many other tidbits that I can't be bothered mentioning here. Why not mention a prospective film then? Do you think there is a film-related announcement coming up soon? Ultimately, the decision is up to you. And remember... There's always another secret.