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Found 3 results

  1. There's a lot of thoughts going around as to what new abilities might be gained at the Fifth Ideal of the Windrunners. One possibility I thought of is the Radiant spren is brought enough into the Physical Realm that they can Surgebind almost on their own. For example, a spren could lash an item toward the Radiant, almost acting as a form of telekinesis. I'd be curious to hear what other people think of this idea!
  2. What does a Radiant get from swearing her Fifth Ideal? First and Second were important power boosts. Third was the Shardblade (which was left behind at the Recreance) and Fourth was the Shardplate (also left behind at the Recreance). But there are no artifacts left behind that could plausibly be from the Fifth Ideal. Obviously, it's some important power boost that is centered on the Radiant and those around them. There are probably the spiritual boosts (people are more likely to respect the leadership of a Windrunner, the judgment of a Skybreaker, etc) and probably some boosts to the squires and lesser Radiants. But none of these are really story-changing or spectacular enough. On the other hand, there is one thing that would fit a KR reaching their highest power: They can Surgebind without having to carry or directly draw upon Stormlight. The only 5th Idealer we've seen is Nalan, who can burst alight at any time, and Lift never once mentions him needing to breathe in Stormlight. Now, this might be from his Honorblade, which WOB says allowed the Heralds to directly connect to Honor's power. But the Spren copied the power of the Honorblades in crafting the Nahel Bond, meaning that, at least to some extent, the most invested KR are going to have similar powers to the Heralds. Because they're tied directly into Honor, I think this power would not allow them to serve as a source of Stormlight for other Radiants or for spheres (as that would be OP). Further, Lift herself never has to draw on Stormlight, but can turn it on and off in herself. This is partly from her weird powers, and comes directly out of her food supply. But she can choose when she wants to be Awesome or not. (Weaker option: a Fifth Ideal KR can store Stormlight indefinitely, without loss, until they use it. This allows storing power pre-battle.)
  3. I've been thinking a lot lately about what one might get at the Fifth Ideal. I am drawn to an excerpt from the following epigraph from Words of Radiance: "...for though the bond between man and spren was at times inexplicable, the ability for bonded spren to manifest in our world rather than their own grew stronger through the course of the oaths given." Words of Radiance, chapter 35, page 9. So the ability for spren to manifest in the Physical Realm grows stronger the more oaths that are given. I suspect this is why after the Third Ideal, spren can become Shardblades/spears/forks. Another epigraph mentions achieving the Fourth Ideal in association with "earning my armor," and there is obviously some mystery still around that. But what of the Fifth Ideal? If the Third is some sort of weapon, and assuming the Fourth is some armor, then what could the Fifth be? I welcome theories. The only theory I have is that the Fifth Ideal could be a Dawnshard (...whatever that is). It would make sense, then, with how Surges and Dawnshards are related with the destruction of... you know. Just an idea, if you have evidence to the contrary, please share. Also if I'm blatantly on the wrong track with any of this here, also please share.