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Found 14 results

  1. Welcome to Frustration's Firepower Index, a collection of threads giving a comprehensive analysis of each cosmere world's combat capabilities. This thread will focus on the world of Nalthis, as it appears in Warbreaker, with some additional knowledge from The Lost Metal. Shards: Nalthis is home to the Shard Endowment who plays an active role in the planet's affairs. 2/4.5 Dawnshards: Nalthis has no known Dawnshards. 0/1 Defenses: The sole perpendicualrity on Nalthis is located within the Kingdom of Hallandren, and is known to the kingdom, with established customs agencies there, giving them warning against threats of invasion via the perpendicularity. The land near the perpendicularity is also frequented by earthquakes and storms, while having several nearby mountains, making invasion difficult. 2/5 Offenses: Nalthis has no geographical restrictions on it's magic system, allowing it to be easily taken off world. Additionally Returned can sustain themselves on ambient investiture, from other worlds. Their lifeless also do not need food, drink, or sleep 1/1 Natural Advantages: Nalthis has the second lowest population of major shardworlds -1/2 Armed Forces: There are several military powers on Nalthis, but the only known ones of relevance is Hallandren, and the Idrian coalition. Hallandren: Hallandren has around a thousand of Kalad's Phantoms, stone warriors who can move faster than regular people, and are all but immune to most conventional forms of damage. They also have a high concentration of awakeners, and Susebron, who has around 50,000 breath, and know how to make lifeless with a single breath. Idrian coalition: exists. 3/12 Economics and Technology: Nalthis has developed trade routes both through mountain passes, and across the Bright Sea. They use medieval weaponry, with nothing more advanced than swords being shown. 1/6 Logistics: On World: Nalthis has maintained roads, shipping lanes, and mountain passes. They also have lifeless who can run or row forever, without food, water or sleep. 3.5/9.5 Off world: Nalthis has established trade off world, as well as easy access the perpendicularity. They also have lifeless who can run or row forever. 2.5/3 Intelligence: Drabs are harder to notice by people, and awakened objects can find hidden objects or passageways. 2.5/10.5 Counterintelligence: People with a lot of breath can detect people and spren's lifeforce. Additonally they might be able to tell that someone from another world is both a human and doesn't have breath. And they can make codded locks that can tell if you stole the codes. At seventh heightening they can even sense invested objects. 4/9 Notable uses of investiture: Awakened clothing can provide additional strength, absorb impacts and other functions. Life sense allows them to sense when they are being looked at as well as when kinetic investiture is being used nearby. 7th heightening, while rare also allows them to sense dormant investiture. Additionally awakened objects and Returned have some divination abilities, and can determine the intents of those using them. +3 Recommended Strategies: Nalthis is in a rather unique position, as of now it is an average power, but it has the potential to be so much more. Awakening is the magic system responsible for perhaps the single most dangerous object in the entire cosmere. If Nalthis can learn the full extent of its magic they stand poised to be a force capable of dominating the entire Cosmere. Overall ranking: 23.5/63.5 As before I am interested in hearing you thoughts, did I miss anything? What did you think of the ranking?
  2. Welcome to the second entry of Frustration's Firepower Index, a collection of threads dedicated to analyzing the combat capabilities of every Cosmere world. This Thread will be specifically focusing on the planet Roshar as it appears in the released SA 5 sample chapters. As The Stormlight Archive is half of the Cosmere by word count I expect this one to be the largest of any of them, thus spoiler boxes are used to cut down on length. Shards: Cultivation and Odium are both incredibly active. With Odium having a new vessel. Honor is also on Roshar, however it has been splintered, thus keeping it from taking an active role. 4.5/4.5 Dawnshards: Change is located on Roshar, though it is currently in the hands of someone who does not have a source of active investiture. This does however make Roshar the only planet with a confirmed Dawnshard. 1/1 Defenses and Offenses Natural advantages: Rosharans are taller than non-rosharans by a large margin, this would make facing them intimidating, while also allowing them greater physical strength. Some among the Horneaters and Singers can get to seven Rosharan feet, so they likely are close to 7'8-8' Additionally Roshar has the second highest population of major shardworlds, and is close to first 2/2 Armed Forces: There are multiple groups on Roshar, but the ones that I believe deserve attention are: The Coalition, The Odium's forces, The Sleepless, The Shin, and The Listeners. Two of which(The Coalition and Odium's forces) are in active combat with each other, with the Sleepless tentitively allies with the Coalition, and the Listeners and Shin trying to remain neutral. 4/12 Economics&Technology: Roshar is experiencing nothing short of a fabrial revolution, with the advent of powered flight, alerters, half-shards, redirection of forces, pumps, stabilizers, and more all being invented within a few years. Additionally breeding programs are making gemstones cheaper and larger as well. They generally use medieval weapons, and they have caravan routes, but they lack widespread infrastructure, and ways to quickly transport goods and people to anywhere that isn't connected via oathgate. 3/6 Logistics: On wolrd: Roshar has 20 oathagtes mostly in population, political, economic, military and agricultural centers, while also allowing widespread access to the CR. Additionally they have developed cravan routes, and sea shipping lanes, and a single aircraft that can go up to 5 Rmph. Soulcasters can create any desired resource, while also eliminating supply lines. And on the Cognitive side they have well developed shipping lanes, large fleets, and several waystops and caravan routes. 9.5/9.5 Off World: When it comes to sheer volume of materials that can be shipped off world at once Roshar is by far the best, with the number of oathgates, and the size of them, they can easily transport not only goods, but also vehicles to assist in carrying them. Additionally a soulcaster stationed near the border can create any material, only requiring a source of stormlight, which is much easier to carry. 3/3 Inteligence: Roshar has several ways to create illusions, between Lightweavers, Truthwatchers, Smokeforms, and the Ones of Masks. They also have spren who can become invisible to everyone except those with investiture detection. They also have the ability to create replicas of important documents via soulcasting, which doesn't require them to even be in the same room as the document being coppied. They can also create poison, or weapons if need be, and Lightweavers can instantly memorize anything they look at. The Sleepless can imitate small insects and listen to conversations, while relaying what they heard. Rosharans are also distinct from other Cosmere humans making it difficult for them to imitate off worlders without powers. 10.5/10.5 With the caveat that if this is elsewhere in the cosmere the lack of invested abilities drops this down to .5/10.5 Counterinteligence: Lightweavers, Elsecallers, and Willshapers can look into the Cognitive realm and see the souls of anyone nearby. Rosharans also have noticeably distinct features, making them hard to imitate without powers, along with Singers being a separate species, that can hear rhythms, which will give away even Kandra imposters. They also have alerter fabrials that can detect people approaching, and can be set to ignore certain individuals. Additonally they have spren who are always awake, and can be watching, and Secretspren can detect uses of investiture. 9/9, caveat that almost none of this works off world, leaving them with 2/9. Notable uses of investiture: Secretspren can detect kinetic investiture, and there are fabrials that can suppress invested abilities, though those are rare, and only seem to work on various forms of surgebinding. They also have Shardblades that can sever the soul, and plate that greatly increases strength and durability. Additonally they have several lifeforms that can consume investiture. +4.5 Recommended strategies: Roshar excels in numbers and power, the most ideal strategy would be to either gather your army and crush your opponent in a single attack, or otherwise hunker down and allow them to break against you. I think it's fair to say that Roshar is the most defensively potent planet so far analyzed, perhaps the most potent outright, most invading forces would break themselves to pieces before they cause even minor inconvenience to Roshar. However getting their investiture off world is not currently possible for Rosharans, which really holds them back as their investiture is incredibly powerful. If Roshar is to improve they will have to find a way to move investiture off world, unite at least a few of it's factions, and possibly find out how to recruit more Chasmfiends or Larkin. Overall ranking: On Roshar: 54/63.5 Off Roshar: 32/63.5 As before did I miss anything? What do you think of the rankings? And what should I do next?
  3. Welcome to Frustration's Firepower Index, a collection of threads where I compare and rank various Cosmere world's and magic systems. This thread will focus on the Edgedancers. Preparation: Be a Warform singer, and a fifth Oath Edgedanncer. Say the fourth oath near Lasting Integrety where your plate will be made from the larger lifespren that live there(Assuming lifespren make Edgedanncer plate) (RoW Page 859 chapter 75). Next collect seeds from vinebuds from the shattered plains ( and some rockbud seeds( OB page 701 says they grow as large as an Alethi man's waist and have vines as thick as Dalinar's wrist. Don't have the chapter number). And seeds from some smaller rockbud varieties. Then given that evolution happens faster in the cosmere Selectively breed the plants to grow around things they touch, rather than recoiling from them. Next select the vinebuds and large rockbuds to will wrap around something and constrict, the vinebud grip will be rather tight given the elasticity that Shallan mentioned. The smaller rockbuds will be selectively bred to dig into living flesh and bone instead of the stone they normally do, and to extend their vines to grab on to others. Additionally carry a Shardbow with aluminum arrows. Offenses: Shardplate grants increadible strength, adding to Warforms already impressive physical might. Shardblades can cut through almost anything, and can form any needed weapon or tool. Shardbows can fire increadibly high powered projectiles, who's aluminum nature allows them to get through several forms of invested defenses. Additionally the smaller rockbuds that are grown to dig into flesh can be quite deadly if they hit a target. Defenses: Shardplate protects the wearer, giving them increadible durability, and resistance to most forms of damage. Additionally with Abrasion they can cause their opponents weapons to slide off of them. Additionally with Stormlight they can heal from most forms of damage, which is boosted by their access to regrowth. And if they desired they could use vines to block projectiles, or other attacks. Mobility: With Abrasion Edgedanncers can increase in speed, without reguard for air resistance, or friction. And with shardblades they can cut their way through most physical barriers, and they can use vinebuds to move themselves up and down steep inclines. Stealth: Plate can be commanded to hide its glow, and spren can investigate places invisibly unless the dust they leave behind is noticed, but when using their powers they are highly visible. However they can use plants and foliage to hide themselves. Awareness: Spren can search places invisibly while also overhearing conversations, and being able to detect vibrations on the floor to tell when people are coming(WoR 690, Lifts Interlude). Extra abilities: Progression allows them to grow any plant that their light touches in the way that they want(WoR 686, Lift's interlude), they can throw a handfull of the seeds described above at an opponent, and then grow them into a massive net, that constricts upon, and imobilizes their target, while they move towards them unecombered due to Abrasion. As always what do you think? Did I miss anything? And what should I work on next?
  4. Welcome to Frustration's Firepower Index, a collection of threads where I compare and rank various Cosmere worlds and magic systems. This thread will be focused on the world of Taldain, as it appears in the White Sand graphic novels, with additional information from WoBs, and TLM Shards: Autonomy is active in Taldain, actively progressing their technology, and influencing their planet. 2/4.5 Dawnshards: Taldain has no known Dawnshards. 0/1 Defenses: Autonomy has done something to cut off travel to Taldain, and even if someone made it through to the planet they would either be locked on dayside with its perpetual sun, high temperature, and lack of water for people who don't know how to gather it from Dorim vines, not to mention the sandlings in deep sand areas. or Darkside with it's perpetual twilight and harsh UV radiation, with powerful storms raging in the oceans between the two continents. Both of which would be deadly to non-natives. 5.5/5.5 Offenses: Autonomy has forbidden travel to and from Taldain, preventing most native forces from leaving. However, the men of Gold and Red are capable of going to other worlds. -0.5/1 Natural Advantages: Taldain has no natural advantages 0/2 Armed forces: Lossand, Kerzta and the Dynasty make up the most powerful nations in the world, along with Autonomy's personal army. Lossand has an established army and navy, while also having a monopoly on the powers of sand mastery Kertza has arrow launchers fired by compressed air, and a large population. The Dynasty is the most technologically advanced nation, having guns centuries before any other nation, not just on Taldain but in the cosmere Additionally they are lead by Skathan, an immortal with strange and unknown powers. They also have Starmarks. The Men of Gold and Red are known to be incredibly dangerous and hard to control, while also able to subdue entire worlds. The only notable conflict is between Kertza and Lossand, which are not currently at war, and have some level of trade relations, even if tensions are high between them. 7.5/12 Economics and technology: Taldain is the most technologically advanced world in the Cosmere Autonomy also frequently advances Taldain's technology, meaning they either have, or will soon acquire, rockets, radio, videos, and so much more. 7.5/7.5 Logistics: On world: Taldain has overseas shipping, and developed mercantile systems. 1/9.5 Off World: Taldain has no off world logistical developments, though Autonomy can create perpendicularities off world, though that takes a long time. 0.5/3 Intelligence: Taldain is such an odd planet it would be almost impossible for one of them to infiltrate another world, given how unusual they would find day/night cycles, and most daysiders fear of the dark. However Autonomy has several seed religions around the Cosmere she can use to acquire information. 0.5/710.5 Counterintelligence: Taldain's lack of a day/night cycle would make any opposing agents stand out, as they would be unused to the constant daylight, or twilight. 1/9 Allies: While being the most isolationist planet, Taldain ironically is also the only planet with allies due to Autonomy's influence throughout the cosmere, taking over entire planets, who's populations and resources could be used to Aid Taldain. 1/1 Notable uses of investiture: White sand can detect kinetic investiture. +1 Overal total: 27/65.5 Recommended statagies: Taldain is very hard to invade, but lacks the ability to project power away from their planet, but given that this is due to Autonomy's influence I don't see this changing soon. The only way I can see this score increasing is by using technology to help them both logistically and with inteligence. As always what do you think? Did I miss something, or is there something from the Ombinus that should be up here? And What should I work on next.
  5. Welcome to Frustration's Firepower Index, a collection of threads where I rank the combat capabilities of Cosmere worlds, and Magic systems. This thread will be focused on the Dustbringers. Preparation: Be a warform singer and fifth ideal Dustrbinger, with a dozen second oath warform singer squires. Each squire is to have an aluminum halberds, or aluminum tipped arrows with a bow. Along with a bag of truthberry wood, and several pouches of spheres. Additionally they are to have various fabrials, such as painrails, blood attractors, and other weapons, such as shadbows(if for nothing else than for the dustbringer to use) The Dustbringer will also need multiple pouches of gemstones, and a bag fill of truthberry wood. Offenses: Shardplate grants increadible strength, adding to Warforms already impressive physical might. Shardblades can cut through almost anything, and can form any needed weapon or tool. Shardbows can fire increadibly high powered projectiles, painrails can incapacitate opponents, and blood attractors can pull the blood out of opponents. Additionally the aluminum weapons can bypass several forms of invested defenses. Division can break down just about any material, and can release truthberry smoke from the wood, which will impair the mind of the Dustbringer's opponent if they inhale it. Deffenses: Shardplate protects the wearer, giving them increadible durability, and resistance to most forms of damage. Additionally with Abrasion and Division they can cause their opponents weapons to slide off of them, or burn up on contact. Additionally with Stormlight they can heal from most forms of damage Mobility: With Abrasion Dustbringers can continuously increase in speed, without reguard for air resistance. And with division and shardblades they can burn and cut their way through most physical barriers. Stealth: Plate can be commanded to hide its glow, and spren can investigate places invisibly, but when using their powers they are highly visible. Awareness: Spren can search places invisibly while also overhearing conversations Extra abilities: With Division they can shape the ground to some extent, creating barriers, or pits to limit their opponent's mobility. As always what do you think? Did I miss anything? And what should I work on next?
  6. Welcome to Frustration's Firepower Index, where I analise the combat capabilities of Cosmere worlds and magic systems. This thread is focused on Windrunners. Preparation: Be a fifth oath Windrunner, as well as a warform singer, along with a full set of second oath squires of Warform singers, we don't know what the maximum is, but the number exceeds twenty, so I'm going to use that as a baseline. Equip each squire and yourself with multiple pouches of large gemstones, allowing for continual renewal of stormlight. Additionally give each squire an aluminum lance(Or a longbow/crossbow with aluminum tipped arrows), heavy aluminum darts, a bag of rocks, and at least one fabrial, such as a painrail, half-shard, or a blood attracter. Additionally each squire as well as the radiant themselves should be equipped with several anti-light grenades in a padded pouch. Offenses: Shardblades can instantly cut through just about any material and change shape to any weapon, and the strength of shardplate on top of warforms already impressive strength makes punches, or blunt force shardweapons equally deadly. With aluminum darts they can drop them from above and let them shower down on opponents. Aluminum tipped arrows and darts can lodge in the body and prevent invested healing. Painrails can cause nearly incapacitating pain to anyone caught in them, and certain attracter fabrials are powerful enough to pull the blood out of anyone nearby(WoR chapter 82, page 993). With rocks you can apply dozens of lashings to a single rock, and send it shooting out with incredible speed, due to the ability to create delayed lashings(OB chapter 34, page 353). And anti-stormlight+stormlight grenades. Additionally they can lash people upward, allowing gravity to kill them. Defenses: Shardplate will protect the radiant, and can move to protect their squires as well, and stormlight will heal both them and their squires, with half-shards protecting any squire that has them. Additionally reverse lashings can pull entire volleys of projectiles out of the air, and are even able to affect the trajectories of bullets. Mobility: Windrunners can fly, continuing to accelerate until they reach terminal velocity, while also manipulating wind to push themselves faster, and keep their groups in formation. OB(322). Stealth: Shardplate can be commanded to stop glowing, but squires, and other sources of stormlight are highly visible, and they can send spren to invisibly scout ahead. Awareness:Windspren and Honorspren can invisibly search large areas increadibly quickly, with Honorspren seemingly able to sense objects that they want(WoK Chapter 23, 343). Additional abilities: Full lashings can lock people in place, as can shardplate if the radiant is willing to risk it.
  7. Welcome to Frustration's Firepower Index, where I compare and rank the combat capabilities of Cosmere worlds and magic systems. This thread will be focused on the Skybreakers. Preparation: Be a warform singer, a fifth oath Skybreaker, and have a second oath squire, who is also a warform singer. It is unknown if Skybreakers can have multiple squires, but they can at least have one, so I'm going with that. The Skybreaker will need multiple gemstones sewn into pouches in their clothes, along with several bags full of truthberry stalks. The Squire will have large pouches containing extra gemstones, a bag full of rocks, another with aluminum darts, and a fabrial that can pull the blood out of someone, along with some aluminum armor. Offenses: Shardblades can instantly cut through almost any material, and can form into almost any weapon. Waforms strength along with Shardplate would make blunt force attacks devastating. Rocks can receive multiple lashings and be sent at high speeds towards a target due to delayed lashings(OB Chapter 82, page 353), and aluminum darts can be dropped on anyone with invested ways to protect themselves. There are fabrials that can suck the blood out of people(RoW Chapter 82, page 993), and Truthberry smoke is intoxicating, impairing the mind of the Skybreaker's opponent. Additionally Division can burn through weapons and enemies alike. Defenses:Shardplate will protect it's wearer, given them incredible resistance to all forms of attack, and with division they can burn through weapons before they even reach them, while aluminum will protect the squire from most invested attacks. Mobility: Skybreakers can fly. Additionally with Division and Shardblades they can cut or burn their way through physical barriers. Stealth: Plate can be commanded to stop glowing, and Spren can go and investigate anything invisibly. Awareness: Spren can quickly search for anything invisibly. Additional abilities: None currently known. As always what do you think? Did I miss anything? And what should I work on next?
  8. Welcome to Frustration's Firepower Index. A collection of threads detailing the combat capabilities of Cosmere worlds, and Magic systems. This thread will function as a homepage, where I will explain the ranking systems, as well as give general updates. Competed pages Ranking System explained Current planetary matchup: Section leaders Rules for magic system rankings Comming soon: 1. Frustraion's Firepower Index: Lumar. Only waiting for my copy of TES to arrive. 2.Frustration's Firepower Index: Edgedanncers
  9. Welcome to Frustration's firepower Index, where I compare and rank the combat capabilities of Cosmere worlds and Magic systems. This thread will be focused on Feruchemy. Feruchemist Preparation: Be a koloss blooded, feruchemist. The body has room for 8 large bracers, which I recommend 2 goldminds, 2 steelminds, a pewtermind, a zincmind, and 2 nicrosilminds. They can also hold several smaller metalminds which can be surgically placed inside the body, including chromium, iron, brass, electrum, cadmium, and if possible extra gold, steel, pewter and nicrosil. Also in their possession should be, rings and earrings for the other metals. And an aluminum gun and bullets, as well as a set of grenades. Note that the Nicrosil is used for making a perpendicularity, if the amount of investiture needed exceeds the amount that can be stored in two large metalminds with an implant switch those for other usable metals like gold, steel, pewter, zinc, and chromium. Offenses: Increased strength and speed make them increadibly dangerous, especially with a gun, with zinc allowing them to almost instantly calculate trajectories. Additionally if they every get above an opponent they can tap iron to crush them, and grenades can blow up enemies. Defenses: Gold allows the feruchemist to heal, and tin allows them to not feel pain, and with brass the feruchemist can become too hot to safely touch. Mobility: Steel makes the feruchemist incredibly fast, storing iron allows them to safely fall from great heights, and tapping large amounts of Nicrosil allows them to cross between realms. Stealth: Storing Nicrosil hides them from investiture detection, and storing Connection makes them harder to notice, additionally storing iron would make them lighter, allowing them to make less noise while moving, and storing brass would hide them from heat detection if that ever comes into play. Awareness: Tin allows the Feruchemist to increase their senses, and Bronze allows them to stay awake and alert. Additional abilities: Electrum allows the feruchemist to become more determined, and to overcome resistance. Chromium, Zinc and Copper would allow them to learn and adapt to almost any situation, making it almost impossible to outplay a prepared Feruchemist. As always what did you think? Did I miss anything? And what should I work on next?
  10. Welcome to Frustration's Firepower Index, after the sucess of the planetary rankings, I decided I'd create another ranking system, detailing the combat potential of each magic system, starting with Allomancy. Mistborn Recommended Preparation: Be a koloss blooded Mistborn, and savant in every metal except tin. Especially Bendalloy, this will allow you to anchor a speedbubble to yourself, giving you effective superspeed. Savanting in Pewter is risky, but leads to greater advantages in combat. Own an aluminum gun and bullets, along with an aluminum grenade launcher, that produces aluminum shrapnel, a set of primer cubes, and a large aluminum flask containing metals, and a collection of osmium spheres in an aluminum pouch. Offenses: Pewter roughly doubles a Mistborn's physical strength, and triples it while flaring, which will be increased by savanting, and can be pushed further by duralumin. Additionally with training they should be able to throw the primer cubes around 90 feet(Based on the average distance a person can throw a baseball). Which they should be able to increase with flared or, duralumin fueled pewter. With steel they can shoot their osmium spheres incredible distance, considering their high density, which can be pushed even further with duralumin And of course, they have a gun, and if the aluminum bullets get lodged in the target they won't be able to heal in the region where the aluminum remains, which is especially true of the shrapnel of aluminum grendades. Additionally with duralumin fueled emotional allomancy they can stun opponents. And Primer cubes allow them to create suppression fields, drain away investiture, or trap their opponents in bubbles of slowed time. Defenses: Pewter gives a slight increase to both healing and ones ability to handle physical damage. With Savanthood the Mistborn will feel no pain, and can keep fighting, even with wounds that will eventually kill them. Additionally with steel they can push away metal object coming towards them. Additionally between Perwter and Tin they can remain conscious longer, and in more difficult positions than normal. With steel and iron they can create clouds of spinning metal around them, that would make approaching them dangerous. Mobility: Pewter savanthood will grant an increased speed when pewter dragging, and Vin's horseshoe trick grants an increase in speed, and maneuverability. Additionally they can pull or push on nearby sources of metal, allowing them to move in the air in metal rich environments, and with portable bendalloy bubbles they can move at blinding speeds. Stealth: Copperclouds allow Mistborn to hide from investiture detection, and pewter increases their balance and dexterity, while tin allows them to monitor the noise they are making, and emotional allomancy makes it harder for them to be spotted. Awareness: Tin grants an increase in senses, while also allowing the user to see through mists. Bronze allows them to sense uses of investiture, including minute manipulations like summoning shardblades. Additionally any coinshot can use inquisitor's steelsight, allowing them to see trace metals, and monitor opponents that way, as well as being able to see in 360 degrees. Additional abilities: Electrum allows Mistborn to see the future, practiced use of this enables them to preform feats beyond their skill level. And subtle emotional allomancy can increase complacence or frustration, to allow you more room to maneuver or encourage them to make a mistake. I'll add a ranking system for the magic systems after I get a few more pages done, but for now what do you think? And what magic system should I do next?
  11. Welcome to Frustration's Firepower Index, a collection of threads giving a comprehensive analysis of each Cosmere world's combat capabilities. This thread will focus on the world of Sel, as it appears in Elantris, Hope of Elantris, and Emperor's soul, with additional knowledge taken from Stormlight Archive and The Lost Metal. Shards: Devotion and Dominion are splintered, and thus impotent. 0/4.5 Dawnshards: Sel has no known Dawnshards. 0/1 Defenses: Sel's cognitive realm is currently a storm of invested plasma that is very difficult to navigate, even for Hoid. With the only known perpendicularity being in Aerelon, though there is a second one. From there there are numerous rivers, mountains and seas to act as natural barriers. Sel also has stronger gravity than most cosmere worlds, weakening invading forces. 4/5 Offenses: The same plasma storm that prevents an invasion also prevents most Selish individuals from leaving. Additionally Selish magic in location dependent even on the same planet, though with what we see between the IRE and Shai, there are a few select groups that know how to bypass these restrictions. Their increased gravity compared to other planets makes it easier for them to invade, and with their teleportation powers, it is theoretically possible for them to skip the CR altogether and jump straight to other planets. .5/1 Natural Advantages: Sel has the highest population of any major shardworld, with only Roshar being able to challenge them. 1/2 Armed Forces: Sel is home to Three large Empires, and dozens of smaller nations. There are too many factions to give consideration to every one, so I will try to focus on a smaller group of noteworthy nations. Arelon, Teod, Fjorden, The Rose Empire, and the IRE. Arelon: Arelon's main fighting force is the Elantrians, who are taken from the natural population, and given incredible power. There are around 600 Elantrians at this time though that number will increase. Brandon has said that there is a limit to the number of Elantrians, however the books say that the population of Elantris was mostly Elantrians, so that number was likely in the tens of thousands. They have a large population as well, though they lack a formal military. They also have a lot of Seon's which are the most powerful form of communication currently known. Teod: Teod maintains a small ground force, but their Navy is noted as being one of the best in Opelon, able to stand up to the Fjordel empire. They also have several Seons. Fjorden: Fjorden on it's own has limited military power aside from Dakhor monks who have various abilities, notably increased strength, speed, teleportation, and the ability to manipulate other forms of investiture. However, they also have a few Seons, and influence over other countries, including Jindo with their Chayshan warriors, who have increased, speed strength and reflexes. And Hrovell with their potions. Additonally they have several Skaze, though whether they have the same functions as Seons is unknown. The Rose Empire: The Rose Empire has a population in the millions, with a striker army, and a long lived Grand aristocracy. They also have several forgers, most importantly resealers, while also maintaining influence in Dzhamar which possesses bloodsealers, and Maipon which has forgers. The IRE may be the most influential group here, they routinely travel between Sel and other worlds, have fabrial devices that can store investiture, and make Connection, and can pipe Dor to other worlds. 12/12 Economics and technology: Sel has a developed trade system, and has multiple ways to make any necessary resource. They have late middle ages to renaissance level weapons, but no gunpowder. 2/6 Logistics: On world: Sel has multiple roads, caravan routes, and overseas shipping. They also possess multiple ways to make any material they need between Aon Shao, and Soulstamping. They also have skeletals who can run or row forever without rest or food. And with Aon Tia and Dakhor teleportation they can transport anything anywhere. 9.5/9.5 Off World: The Plasma storm makes moving materials or people through the Cognitive realm difficult. They also have skeletals, and Aons Shao, and Tia, along with soulstamping 2/3 Intelligence: Aon Shao, and Soulstamps can hide people, and objects. Aon Nae allows the user to see things far away. 4/10.5 Counterintelligence: Elantrians and Dakhor monks are impossible to imitate without powers. 2.5/9 Notable uses of investiture: There are Aons for making barriers, fires, blasts of energy, viewing things at great distance, teleportation, and learning quickly. Elantrians can also sense other manipulations of the Dor, and possibly all investiture. Dakhor monks can(if they are given the ability) sense other investiture and manipulate it. Universal soulstamps can repair objects, and with bloodsealing they can raise most of their fallen soldiers to fight again. +4 Recommended strategies: Sel might just be the most powerful world analyzed thus far. Their population and magic make them a potent threat on both offense and defense. Any one of their important factions is a threat and a half to most other worlds. Figuring out safe ways off world, though the cognitive realm or through Aon tia, or Dakhor teleportation is the only thing holding them back. Overall ranking: 41.5/63.5 As before thought, comments suggestions? I'm about to settle on a world ranking system, though if you have any thoughts that would be appreciated. And as before which world should I do next?
  12. Welcome to Frustration's Firepower Index, a collection of threads giving a comprehensive analysis of each cosmere world's combat capabilities. This thread will focus on the World of Threnody as it appears in Shadows for Silence, with some information from later Mistborn Broadsheets. Shards: Threnody has no known Shards. 0/4.5 Dawnshards: Threnody has no known Dawnshards 0/1 Defenses: Threnody has no stable perpendicularity, with the only ones appearing being unpredictable and infrequent. The invading force also is unlikely to know the three simple rules and will suffer a lot more shade attacks than the Threnodites would. Additionally their fighting might draw a Deepest One to them, and the continent with the Evil is dangerous and will need to be avoided. 2.5/5 Offenses: Lacking a stable perpendicularity Threnody lacks the ability to make large offensives. -3/1 Natural advantages: Threnodites have a chance to become shades upon death, effectively increasing their ability to defend against invaders who don't know the simply rules. However their population is small having just survived a cataclysm a few generations ago. 0/2 Armed forces: Threnody as a consequence of the Evil has a relatively small population, but they do know about gunpowder, and may make use of it if they go off world. There are several small forts acting as government, but no groups we know enough about to list as notable. 1/12 Economics and technology: There is limited trade between forts, but it does exist, which puts severe restraints on any industry that threnody wishes to partake in. Threnody mostly uses medieval weapons due to the simple rules, but they at one point knew how to make gunpowder. -1/6 Logistics: On Wolrd: Threnody has a fleet of seafaring vessels, and several roads and bridges linking the forts. However shades limit shipping, and will attack anyone moving quickly at night. 1/9.5 Off world: Threnody lacks a stable perpendicularity and thus cannot reliable move materials off world. -5/3 Intelligence: Threnody has nothing special in intelligence: 0/10.5 Counterintelligence: Threnody has nothing special in counterintelligence. 0/9 Notable uses of investiture: Nahz has guns that shoot shades, if these are able to be reproduced it turns Threnody into a serious threat. +1 Recommended strategies: Threnody is a small world, probably one of the weakest, which has only a single major resource in shades. The way I see it they have two options, either develop advanced shade weapons to the point that it would be more trouble for larger worlds to conquer you than it's worth, or otherwise quickly form an alliance. Overall ranking: -3.5/63.5 Did I miss anything? What do you think of the rankings, and what should I do next?
  13. Welcome to Frustration's Firepower Index or the FFI, a collection of threads where I make a comprehensive analysis of every Cosmere worlds combat capabilities. This first thread wil be focused on Scadrial as it appears at the end of TLM. Shards: Harmony is mostly impotent, though he does have Kandra who can act as spies for Scadrial. 2/4.5 Dawnshards: Scadrial has no known Dawnshards. 0/1 Defenses: Scadrial has a rather standard set of defenses, other than that their Cognitive realm being largely composed of mists that no non-invested object can float on. Harmony's perpendicularity is in mountains further south than the roughs, placing them near Lost Doriath. It is hundreds of miles from the basin, and might make an amphibious invasion easier than a land invasion. Now it does render the Seran Range mostly useless as the gap is nearly 25 miles wide and an invading force wouldn't lose much time making for it, but it does place them starting at a much higher altitude. Additionally the Ghostbloods say that the perpendicularity is closely watched, though I'm not sure how much we can trust that as the Set got their jars of identity free investiture from somewhere off world, but it is something to keep in mind. Now the rivers will not prove to be much of a barrier as an invading force has no reason to cross them, Elendel is the economic, political, and industrial capital of the basin, while also holding half the population, any deviation from that goal would be foolish. The Malwish have several mountain ranges, and a few rivers, though it's unknown exactly how much of that land is inhabited. 3.5/5 Offenses: Scadrial has only a single perpendicularity, where the same mist Cognitive realm that defends them will also hold them in, preventing easy access to other worlds. They do not however have any geographical restrictions on their powers. -1/1 Natural advantages: Scadrial has average cosmere gravity making it easy for them to survive on most other worlds, however they also have the smallest population of any Major shardworld -1/2 Armed forces: There are 3 major groups, and two small ones of interest. They are: Elendel Basin, The Malwish, The Maskless, and The Ghostbloods. Elendel Basin has a standing army of ~10,000 and a misting population of 1 in 1000(BoM 190) with much rarer feruchemists and twinborn They have a single small airship, and perhaps a dozen allomantic grenades, and medallions. They also have a few harmonium+trellium bombs but they have no way to replace them. They have guns, machine guns, artillery, short range missiles, and a decent understanding of Hemalurgy. The Malwish have a lot of airships, medallions, allomantic grenades, and the Bands of Mourning. They also have a source of Harmonium, though they have less metalborn than Elendel, and will freeze to death in mildly cold weather without medallions. The Maskless exist. The Ghostbloods have several members with off world investiture, but not many. They do however have knowledge of most cosmere worlds, and Electrolysis for aluminum. Koloss. Koloss have a few thousand members and have the knowledge of how to make more from existing spikes, though they don't know how to make more spikes. 7/12 Economics& technology: Elendel basin is well developed, with several companies, publicly traded stock, and eternally fertile fields meaning a stable food supply. They also have trains for quick transport within the basin, and canned food which will keep for long periods of time. They have radio and telegraphs. They also have cannons, short range missiles, and low range anti-aircraft weapons. 6/6 Logistics: On World: Scadrial has overseas shipping, trains, roads, cars, trucks, rivers, canals and airships. They also have industrial manufacturing, and canned food. 8/9.5 Off World: Scadrial's perpendicularity is far from any population centers, or transportation infastructure. The mountanous terrain, also means that airships or hicking is required to access it. Additionally the mists only allowing invested objects to float limits both the amount, and the frequency of their off world shippments. -4.5/3 Intelligence: Kandra can almost perfectly imitate all noninvested people, copperclouds can hide people from investiture detection. Tineyes and windwhisperers can listen in on conversations far way, and Connector ferrings and emotional allomancers, can influence others. 7/10.5 Counterintelligence: Bronze can detect investiture. 1/9 Notable invested abilities: aluminum allomantic grenades act as suppression and A-chromium can drain investiture, and Hemalurgy could steal any off world investiture they encounter. +3 Recommended strategies: Scadrial's strength is in speed, not power or numbers. The most effective strategy would be to attack before their opponent was ready. If Scadrial is to improve it's various factions will have to unite as alone they are all rather weak. Overall ranking: 31/63.5 As always did I miss anything? What did you think of the rankings? And what should I work on next?
  14. Welcome to Frustration's Firepower Index, a collection of threads giving a comprehensive analysis of each cosmere world's combat capabilities. This thread will focus on the World of First of the Sun, as seen in Sixth of the Dusk. The reading from the sequel will not be considered. Shards: First of the Sun is home to an avatar of Autonomy. .5/4.5 Dawnshards: First of the Sun has no known Dawnshards. 0/1 Defenses: The Pantheon isles are vicious, with everything there being deadly, any non-experienced exploration into the isles will result in heavy loses by the invaders. However at this time they lack the ability to defend themselves against space-fairing worlds,(though the fact that they have been known since before RoW and are only during Sixth of the Dusk, interacting with other worlds shows just how potent patji's defenses are). 1.5/5 Offenses: The sole perpendicularity on First of the Sun is located on Patji, making it difficult to access in large numbers. -1/1 Natural advantages: First of the Sun is mostly water limiting their population size. -1/2 Armed forces: There are multiple locations known of first of the sun, but it isn't known if there is more than one faction. 1/12 Economics and technology: The Homeislers have gunpowder firearms, steamships, cannons, and two devices that detect aviar. 3/6 Logistics: On World: First of the Sun has shipping routes, steamships, and industrial capacity. 3/9.5 Off World: Patji makes getting anything off world almost impossible. -6/3 Intelligence: There are aviar that reveal possible deaths, and others than can hide people's minds from detection. 2/10.5 Counterintelligence: No special advantages. 0/9 Notable uses of investiture: any birds that eat the worms gain talents, and multiple birds can bond one human. +1 Recommended strategies: First of the Sun is in a tight spot arguably the weakest Cosmere world currently known, as it is way behind the other worlds of its time. It's best solution is to get as many new breeds of Aviar as they can, and attempt to domesticate some Pantheon wildlife. While doing this it will need to search out allies, and attempt to develop as quick as it can without alerting the Ones Above. Overall ranking: 4/63.5 As always what are your thoughts, did I miss anything? What did you think of the ranking? And what should I work on next?