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Found 438 results

  1. Could you create a Soulstamp on a Feruchemically viable piece of metal to create a Feruchemical charge for it, but that you didn’t need to store? You likely wouldn’t be able to get much of a charge out of it at once, but you could probably reapply the stamp after you drained it. Perhaps you could even move the Feruchemical charge out of the metalmind and into another, then reapply the stamp on the original metalmind, then continue to merge that investiture granted by the stamp with the other metalmind you’ve stored the forged Feruchemical charges in, allowing you to store the investiture for later use.
  2. Perfect gemstones can hold a larger amount of stormlight than a regular, flawed gemstone. Could they also potentially be used to hold a larger amount of a Feruchemical charge than a metalmind? A Feruchemist could prick themselves with a raysium knife while tapping a metalmind, then use this as a way to store their investiture within a perfect gemstone instead of a piece of metal. Would they be able to tap the gemstone? Could they breathe in the investiture, like a surgebinder? Or would it be even more difficult to retrieve it than what their magic system normally allows?
  3. I read this quote and it got me thinking, "huh, so most people on Scadrial have some power in themselves, just not enough to manifest an Allomantic ability". If this is the case, could it be possible to give a Scadrien an Unsealed Goldmind filled with plenty of health, spike them multiple times Hemalurgically, then forge the spikes together to create an Allomantic, or possibly even Feruchemical, power from non-powered people?
  4. Prelude: The Sign of Fire As far as canalside inns went, the Sign of Fire was among the oldest, and the most reputable. The foundation stones had been laid, or so the legends went, in the days of the Deepness, the deep dark days before the Lord Ruler himself had slain the evil and ascended to divinity. Prelans and nobles alike tarried at the Sign of Fire, partaking of the house fare and the wine before their journey led them ever onwards, down the winding waterways towards Tathingdwen proper. Everywhere you looked, Kais said, was water, taking you where the proper flow of things were, whether it was to Tathingdwen, or the water eagerly seeking out the Channerel, and from the Channerel to Luthadel, the beating heart of the Final Empire. (Kais wasn’t much of a poet. But the house wine at the Sign of Fire did that to a man.) The water took you past majestic Torinost, where on a quiet day, the ash didn’t fall, and you could almost believe you lived in one of the days of legend, with skies a crisp, pale grey, and the air fresh and clear. Stories, mostly. And the follies of bards, some of whom wore bright copper bracelets that gleamed as they played the lute and the harp. Count Olaf, the newly-minted head of House Ffnord, set down his wine glass. Anticipation warred with caution; caution won out. He had not been acclaimed as lord of House Ffnord by utter recklessness. Yet, even accepting the invitation had been some form of risk. The promise of House Ffnord entering into a business contract with House Jerzy had been subtle, but it was the sort of promise that you had to respond to, because of the sheer opportunity it offered. Could House Ffnord afford to pass up this opportunity? And then there was the caution there: why meet in the Terris Dominance? House Jerzy was a Western House, famous for its fine wines, answering to the Herons of Tremredare. What business did any Jerzy—or their representative—have, meeting at an admittedly celebrated inn with admittedly fine wine in a Dominance so far from their own? So far, Kais had seemed painfully exacting. He’d wanted to know about the funds House Ffnord was prepared to offer, the state of House Ffnord’s previous ventures, figures, accounts, and schedules. A minor insult, really, that the head of House Ffnord had been met by a glorified secretary, but Olaf smiled tightly and swallowed it. A newly-minted House Lord could afford only so much assertiveness. And the letter had the secret marks, etched into the edge of the paper, indicating authenticity and urgency. Which meant that the Synod, too, was keeping a close eye on things. The thought brought him back to his wine glass. It was good wine, and Olaf felt his mood ease a little. Tathingdwen was a city of secrets, and the Synod was the best-kept secret of all. It was very much like the Synod to proceed with this level of skulduggery. Wheels within wheels. Generation after generation of Keepers, preserving the collective knowledge of the world within their copperminds, against some distant future where it might be needed. Always hoarding, in some desperate, blind faith. Risk endangered not just one member of the Synod, but the painstakingly-gathered treasure trove of human knowledge. “I presume,” Kais said, “That we can trust to your discretion.” He sketched it; slowly, with his index finger, the sign for authenticity again. And there it was, and Olaf wondered if it had been just that: some lie to wrangle him north, to the Terris Dominance, when really, any true representative of House Jerzy should have been satisfied with a meeting in the West. He made the recognition sign, slowly, deliberately, aggravatedly. “Do you represent House Jerzy, then?” Olaf wanted to know. He did not like the feeling of having been used. He did not much like being led on a merry chase under false pretences, either. Kais nodded. “This much is true. House Jerzy has been looking for new distributors with access to more lucrative markets. It was suggested that House Ffnord has those capabilities. The question of course is whether we have common interests, and the contract is suitable.” “I believe we’ve spent the past hours establishing that House Ffnord has the connections that House Jerzy seeks,” Olaf said, tightly. Two layers at once. Always deception, always another secret. “Have you,” Kais said, a seeming non-sequitur, “Heard about that business in Frebarind? A nasty affair, that.” “No,” Olaf said, tersely. “I can’t say I have.” “I think you’ll find it—interesting,” Kais said. The fire crackled with warmth and light, but Hazen still felt cold. He unfolded the letter again, and read it, but the words never changed. They know, he read. They’re coming for you. Get out as fast as you can. It was tempting to dismiss it. The Synod was too well-hidden; generation after generation holding fast to the secrecy that was their chief tool of survival in the Lord Ruler’s harsh world. But there were the deaths. Ias had drowned; a simple boating accident, they said. Canal boats were well-known to tip over, if the boatman wasn’t careful, and the boatman had been drunk. It didn’t matter that Ias knew how to swim. He’d gone under the boat, and hadn’t been able to get to the surface. Hadn’t stored pewter either, though Hazen wasn’t certain if tapping pewter would have helped. Perhaps it would only have meant that he would have drowned faster. Ancestors’ mercy, Hazen thought. A terrible way to die, drowning. And Ias had always that bright smile, the one that lit up an entire keep with its warmth. The boatman responsible was dead soon after: an attempted mugging gone bad fast. They’d found the murderer, and had strung him up without mercy. But it didn’t matter. The boatman was slain, and Ias was gone; another source of brightness faded from the world. Perhaps he had simply burned too brightly. But then there was Pashan, who had been run over by a wagon, and seriously injured. The wagon-driver had been distraught, and had sworn again and again that something had spooked the horse. Hazen did not think the man had it in him to lie, and yet the horse, a solid raw-boned draft-horse that was getting on in years, was placid, and Hazen would sooner swear that he was Mistborn than believe that the horse had spooked. Pashan had died in her sleep, days after. Radur had been knifed in an alley while on the way home. There were only so many unexplained deaths you could accept, before you had to start to ask questions. Before you had to wonder if there was something more sinister at work there. The Synod had sent them all to Frebarind. Hazen had been proud to accept the charge of leading the small branch of the Synod there. Frebarind was a bustling settlement, and the Steward of Tathingdwen was sparing no expense in investing in it. With the flow of funds came nobles and obligators, and various opportunities for the Synod to establish a presence in Frebarind and to listen in on the secrets and whispers of power. Not everyone had liked this move. The traditionalists had claimed this was too ambitious; that the Synod’s place was in the shadows, that this stepped too close to attempting to place a hand on the rowing pole. Their place was not to steer the boat, but to keep to the shadows beneath the water. The pragmatists had claimed that this was their chance to establish a new presence, and every available opportunity to increase the Synod’s resilience should be taken; they could not always rely on secrecy to save them from the Lord Ruler. The historians had flatly claimed this was a distraction from their sole task to preserve knowledge and ignored everyone. Did this sort of disagreement drive Keeper to kill Keeper? Hazen didn’t know. The thought was a distressing one. And now, days later, a letter had come to him, borne swiftly by water, and by the secret channels and ways that the Synod knew of, and bearing the etched markings for authenticity and urgency and secrecy, and a dire warning. Hazen bowed his head. He was the head of the Synod-in-Frebarind. Leaving was deserting his post, abandoning those under his care. And yet the letter had come, but it bore only a warning; no strict orders to leave. Decision made as swiftly as impulse; Hazen balled the letter up and tossed it into the crackling flames. “No,” he said aloud. He had a duty, and he was charged with the protection and the safeguarding of the Synod-in-Frebarind. His place was here. Even if staying here killed him. The watchman cried the hour. All was well. Few were brave enough to dare the mists, although the nobles and the Allomancers among their number might very well claim the mists as their own. In a small, unremarkable house in Frebarind, Hazen lay still on the ground, blood pooling onto the carpet. His arms were badly burned. The fire roared; the Keeper had stuffed it full of important documents, preferring destruction to having those documents used against the Synod. A desperate move, perhaps. Or a dying man’s defiance. It did not matter. Flames spread across the wood-paneled study, and across the house, and in an hour’s time, the house itself went up in a shout of fire. “Hazen,” Kais said, “Was a fool.” He looked at his wine glass, but his gaze seemed distant, recalling. “The Synod’s eyes and ears had received word that the Synod-in-Frebarind had been compromised, but we were not certain what the nature of the compromise was. I sent warning to Hazen. He chose to ignore it.” An entire branch of the Synod compromised, Olaf thought. It sounded disturbingly familiar, as though it was the same story, the same pattern, playing itself out again and again. He thought of that business in Luthadel, and the obligators. “And then he was dead soon after, and the Synod-in-Frebarind panicked. As though any reasonable person would not have been concerned after the first death!” He shook his head. “The Synod debated, of course. As always. The traditionalists screamed that this was the end, that everyone had to go back into hiding and the Synod-in-Frebarind had to be severed—” he made a sharp, cutting gesture with his free hand, “—forgotten, abandoned as lost. The historians didn’t care, but didn’t like the idea of abandoning our own. The pragmatists pointed out that cutting off the Frebarind branch meant we had no way of assessing the extent of the damage, or reasonably figuring out how much the Steel Inquisition knew, or how much trouble we were in.” The Steel Inquisition. Words to chill the heart, even now. And as the newly-minted House Lord of House Ffnord, Olaf was sternly resolved to stay on the right side of the Steel Ministry. Even the lord of a Great House gave way when the Steel Inquisition got involved. “Surely the most reasonable resolution was to assess the situation,” he temporised. “The Synod in Tathingdwen, no matter how well-informed, was too removed from the situation in Frebarind to make the necessary decisions.” Kais nodded approvingly. “That was the conclusion they reached eventually, when wiser, cooler heads prevailed. I was in Tathingdwen then, because Lord Jerzy was attempting to negotiate cultivar access with another House, and could be easily dispatched to Frebarind.” “How bad was it?” Olaf asked, curious in spite of himself. He had not heard of the Frebarind affair; he had been somewhat removed from Synod politics since his accession to the House Lord’s seat, and yet there had been something in the messages from the Synod of late. Something that suggested weight, foreboding. “The Synod-in-Frebarind was thoroughly infested with Spiked infiltrators,” Kais said, with distaste. “I don’t know what Hazen thought he was doing, but it needed to be purged, to the root...” Welcome to Long Game 86: A Stricken Match! The Terris Synod in the quiet town of Frebarind is threatened by Spiked servants of the Lord Ruler in their quest for the knowledge sought by the Keepers. Fail to root them out in this formerly sleepy town, and the last bastion of Feruchemy will be left vulnerable to his minions. This game is a rerun of LG48, but features minor edits to a few of the Ferring roles, and a slight change to the action system as well. Otherwise, it should function fairly similarly. You may access the rules here. Clarifications asked from LG48 are already in the doc, so please check there first to see if your question has already been answered. Also, please note for story and character purposes that this is a prequel, as Olaf has not reduced Tathingdwen to ashes quite yet. He's getting there, though. My co-GM for this game will be the wonderful @Kasimir. You have him to thank for the intro writeup, as well as all the writeups going forward. He will also be doing his best to fill your PMs with sarkastic commentary as he feels it is needed. The IM, to whom you may bring concerns, is @Devotary of Spontaneity. I plan to begin this game in roughly one week’s time, on Monday 30 May at 10:00 PM EDT (UTC -4). Should rollover change prove necessary, or an extension due to untenably low player counts, I will make an announcement in-thread. Thank you all and I look forward to a wonderful game! Good luck to all! Quick Links: Player List: (Note: if you do not give me a character description, I will give you a bad one. Please make one )
  5. If in the world where Secret Project 4 takes place a Brass Feruchemist comes into contact with sunlight; Could you rack up that investiture? And if possible; How big would the Metal Mind have to be?
  6. A Radiant increases their power by increasing the strength of their Bond with their Spren, which is really just a very strong Connection. If a Radiant who swore the first oath were to tap large amounts of Connection from a Duraluminmind, could they bypass the need to swear more oaths in order to increase their power? Or maybe even if you couldn’t bypass the need to make more oaths, could you maybe be able to speed up the process of swearing more oaths?
  7. When storing an attribute, a Feruchemist temporarily diverts the flow of investiture from their own soul into the Metalmind. Which means that the investiture that they store will have the Intent of whatever Shard that Feruchemist's Spiritweb is made of (I think). So, if a Feruchemist were to gain investiture from a different Shard, such as Bio-Chromatic Breaths, would the attributes they store have the Intent of the new investiture within their soul? Would a non-Scadrien, maybe a Rosharan, for example, store the investiture from the Shard of their own world if they had an Unsealed Metalmind? Would there be a difference in the function of the stored attributes if a different Shard's investiture were stored?
  8. Been meaning to ask this to Brandon directly, but then I realized I could probably just post it here and get some great feedback! Does the process of Returning affect the subject's Identity (in the realmatic/investiture sense)? If, hypothetically, a feruchemist were to store something in a metalmind, then died and Returned, would they be still be able to tap that same metalmind? Or would their Identity have changed, making them essentially "unkeyed" from it? Similarly, if a Returned became a feruchemist and stored something, would that metalmind be inherently unkeyed?
  9. There is more you can do with breaths than just using them to awaken non-sentient objects. In Warbreaker, we see Vasher help a girl forget a traumatizing experience somehow, using breath. Probably by teaching her how to store memories in breath since, furthermore, in Rhythm of War we see that Wit does just this uses his breath as a storage system for memories. But one of the most fundamental aspects of breath is that they can be given to someone else. So what happens if you give a breath that holds some of your memories to someone else? To me, it would make sense that they now have access to those memories. Probably, it would require the right Intent to let them- maybe you need to modify the Command a little bit. " My life to yours, my Breath become yours. See what I have seen" or something. But I simply refuse to believe that if you can store your memories in Breath, and share Breath, that you can't allow other people to access those memories. (And possibly you could even make some kind of projector that can be Awakened to display memories in the Breaths it has, given the right Command, but that's extra speculative and probably we won't see anything like that for a while). We don't know exactly how how storing memories in Breath works, so maybe I'm completely off-base here, but I'd like to speculate further- why does it have to stop with memories? If you can store memories, could you store other things in breath? Strength? Speed? This sounds a lot like feruchemy and in many ways it is, so it's possible Brandon might not have made it work this way simply to keep the systems separate. But what we know of the memory thing does sound a lot like use of copperminds, so I also wouldn't be surprised if there were other similarities. Now, even if you can use breath to store strength, I doubt you can use it to give yourself super strength like you can with feruchemy. There's not multiplacativeness. You can store 10% of your strength in a breath, which means you'll be at 90% strength until you retrieve it and you're back up at 100%. You wouldn't be able to ever be at 110% strength like you can with feruchemy. But what you could do with Breath is to share that extra 10% of your strength with someone else. If you allow someone who's already at 100% strength to access your 10%, they could be at 110%. But that means you'll be stuck at 90% strength unless and until that person gives it back to you. I just think it would make sense if Endowment's magic system allows you to endow others with your own attributes, and this theory seems to be consistent with what we know so far.
  10. So I have a few questions about Feruchemical scenarios that we might not know the answers to, but I'm curious what people think. I have an idea about era 3 or 4 infrastructure, but I need to see if underlying principles work (I'm suspicious of the metal lines in Southern Scadrial ships and the Sovereign's Temple. Maybe this has already been postulated). First scenario - a Feruchemist sticks their hand into a bag of iron dust and begins storing weight. What gets charged? Does only the iron dust directly in contact with the hand get quickly filled and maxed out, leaving only a "glove" of invested metal, or does the Feruchemical charge spread through the whole bag of dust? Does it matter based on how the Feruchemist sees the metal, for example if they only thought of the individual grains would it only fill what they were directly touching or if they thought of the bag as a whole unit, would the charge spread from the non-contiguous yet still touching metal? Alternate first scenario - a feruchemist stores an attribute in a metalmind. They remove the metalmind and then take a rod made out of the same metal and touch it to the metalmind. Can they withdraw the attribute from the metalmind through the rod? If not, if they welded the rod to the metalmind would it then enable a withdrawal of the attribute through the rod, essentially making both units into a single metalmind? Second scenario - one Feruchemist stands at one end of a long iron rod. They completely store Identity in an Aluminum mind and then start storing weight into the rod. A Skimmer Ferring then touches the other end of the rod and tries to withdraw the attribute. Do they create a "potential/pressure" differential similar to electrical voltage? Can the Skimmer Ferring attempt to "pull" more weight than the first Feruchemist is attempting to store? Third scenario - two Ferrings hold an unkeyed metalmind and both try to withdraw. Does it run out at the rate that are withdrawing, or is there a "power suction" that the two Ferrings can feel? In essence, I'm trying to figure out if you can make an unkeyed Feruchemical power grid. By laying out Allomantic metal wires throughout the city and creating "power stations", can you create a system that distributes Feruchemical attributes throughout a city? With a few medallions to enable someone to store away their Identity and then compound unkeyed Feruchemical attributes? The issues I'm seeing deal with what you would have to do to add on new branches to the grid, and if it follows electrical potential differentials. That said, workers who have to sling on a medallion and the give up their identity to be a power a station plays pretty well into Scadrial's history of class and worker right's issues. "I'm just a soulless battery to them!" Thoughts?
  11. What are the limits of storing with feruchemy? I have the intuitive guess that you couldn't make yourself have negative weight using iron metalminds or negative speed using steel. What about brass? Could you survive being set on fire or being cooked alive in an oven by filling enough metalminds? A more extreme example involves landing a space ship. Could a brass feruchemist survive the heat of reentry by filling a massive metalmind with all of the heat they are experiencing? I.e. they survive just wearing a brass suit while falling or are in a Space Shuttle type ship that is made with large amounts of brass to use as a metalmind. Is this possible? It seems ridiculous but I do wonder...
  12. If a Radiant stored their connection to their spren in an unlocked duraluminmind, could someone else pick up the metalmind and become a Surgebinder or is that not how F-Duralumin works?
  13. I was thinking again about combining magic systems when a finally thought to combine Feruchemical Nicrosil with Forgery (for a second time). If a Soulbearer Ferring could store the investiture held within a Forgery stamp, they could do at least two new really cool things. One, while Forgery is normally restricted to a small portion of one specific planet, tapping the investiture of a Soulstamp would likely allow you to gain the effects of said Soulstamp any time, any place, which would be nice, especially for a Worldhopper. The second purpose seems even more powerful though. Assuming that one could store the investiture of a Soulstamp that was not likely to take or that simply required too much Investiture to be normally feasible, such as turning a normal Scadrian into an Allomancer or Feruchemist, you could tap the Nicrosilmind at a quick rate to fuel the effects of the stamp with more Investiture than normally would be granted by regular Soulforgery, which should allow you to benefit from Soulstamps that normally wouldn't take or that wouldn't have enough fuel to function. And if you really wanted to make things interesting, you might be able to manufacture Hemalurgic spikes from such a combination of powers. So anyway, does anyone else have any ideas on how Feruchemical Nicrosil and Soulforgery might be able to be combine to achieve certain effects?
  14. I'd like everyone to respond to this with what one allomantic and one feruchemic power they would take if they could choose and why? I just wanna see what everyone's thoughts are on the matter since there's 16 powers for each (no God Metals) and thus 256 possible Twinborn combinations. Now, I know this is a broad question so I'm actually breaking it down even further. What set of Twinborn powers would you choose for combat purposes, and what set would you choose for normal everyday life? Personally, I think A-Pewter and F-Gold are a nigh perfect combat pair, since you can get more Health stored up than a normal Bloodmaker (Not as much as a Gold Compounder though, ofc), but also have the added physical combat capabilities of being a Pewterarm. It would also make becoming an A-Pewter Savant far safer. As for normal everyday life, I think either F-Zinc or F-Bronze personally along with either A-Brass or A-Bendalloy. Probably F-Zinc and A-Brass. Just would make moving through normal life so much easier.
  15. Regardless of how the connection is created, I believe that human to human telepathy is possible when it is strengthened. Thoughts?
  16. Why doesn't Wax use iron bullets that he charges with weight for use against Coinshots and Lurchers? Those seem a lot cheaper and easier to produce than the ceramic ones that Ranette has to handmake, and a bullet should be small enough to be completely filled with Investiture really quickly and easily. Feruchemically it makes sense to me, but I don't know enough about gun design and ballistics, to know if there's a good reason that pure Iron isn't used for bullets. Maybe it would be abrasive to the gun barrel or something and Ranette won't keep replacing them. Maybe they just haven't considered it yet. Maybe magically charged bullets seemed too similar to L. E. Modesitt Jr.'s Corean Chronicles? This isn't so that he makes all of his bullets allomantically resistant, he'll want to be able to Push on some of them himself, but being able to selectively charge them for certain situations could be useful. Thoughts?
  17. I think Feruchemy is end-positive and not end-negative. My reasoning is that if there was a Feruchemist orb that weighed 100 kilos and it stored half of its weight it would be reduced by 50%, 50 kilos. If it were to in turn double its weight for an equal time, it would increase by 100%, or 100 kilos. That 50 kilos has to come from the spiritual realm or other external source. Thoughts?
  18. Would the aluminum block them from drawing in investiture from Preservation? Also, would storing Feruchemical attributes work just fine, since you’re technically just diverting your own stream on innate investiture, or would you only be able to store a limited amount depending on how large the box was?
  19. "Harmony's Forearms" is a curse used in Mistborn Era 2, and it got me thinking. If you wear copper rings or bracelets you get green bands on your skin from the oxidation. Does Sazed have green forearms? I'm sure someone's asked a question like this, like if rusted Metalminds have degraded stores, but I'm having trouble finding the information. I would guess that what actually happens is that Feruchemists have to routinely clean/oil their Metalminds to prevent degradation, but I can't think of a time this happens on screen, even though we see Wax diving into water while wearing pure iron bracers. That can't be good for them.
  20. In the original Mistborn trilogy, Kelsier wars Vin not to burn unknown metals because bad metals can make you sick and bad alloys can make you sick. This means that Mistborn can burn all metals even ones that don't grant any power. Does that mean that there are mistings that can burn metals like lead? Also, does this mean that there are way more feruchemy abilities or is it just storing nothing at which point would you be able to push/pull on the metal if it was full?
  21. If a duralumin Ferring traveled to Patji and tapped enough Connection, could they gain innate powers tied to that place similar the the animals and plants there? Barring that, could a Kandra or other shapeshifter who traveled there use Feruchemical duralumin along with their shapeshifting abilities to help them form a symbiotic bond with the worms of Patji?
  22. Hi everyone, I'm new here and so I apologize if his has already been discussed to death (I didn't find threads in a search, but there are a lot so I could easily have missed some). But I've long wondered if Harmony is right when he describes the connections of Metallic Arts to Ruin, Preservation, and an interaction between them. His connection of Hemalurgy to Ruin seems clear enough: you have to kill a person to use it, and the amount of power in the resulting spike is less than the victim had. Ruinous. But Feruchemy always seemed more like Preservation to me than an interaction between Preservation and Ruin both. Nothing is gained or lost when an attribute is stored or withdrawn, it is just maintained almost perfectly until some time in the future. Where is the Ruin in that? (The only example I can think of with imperfect storage is Ruin's manipulation of copperminds). Conversely, Allomancy requires serious physical damage to awaken, destroys the metals used to catalyze its effects, and is described as producing a net gain by Harmony. None of those are very Preservation-like. In a similar vein, Preservation couldn't create dynamic individuals by itself and required cooperation from Ruin to create the humans on Scadrial-- the ability to choose to Preserve at some times and Ruin at others was more than was present in the other animals implied to be within Preservation's ability to create. That sounds more like the Allomantic net gain to me. My mind reaches for explanations and finds unsatisfying scraps. Allomancy existed before anyone swallowed lerasium, albeit in a weaker form, and Preservation was already a critical component of Scadrial's people, so maybe their Allomancy came from that and the huge dose of Connection from lerasium beads creates the otherwise impossibly rare Mistborn. But then the Connection to Preservation from burning lerasium doesn't grant them anything like Feruchemy, so that idea starts falling apart... All of this is pretty pointless speculation since we have so much information suggesting that Allomancy goes with Preservation: the mists swirl around people using Allomancy but not Feruchemy, swallowing a bead of lerasium is what grants super-Allomancy (in the form of Mistborn) in the first place, and Harmony (who holds both relevant Shards and would presumably know everything on the topic) explicitly says so. But outside of those, is there any discussion, here, in-text, or in a WoS that addresses my confusion?
  23. I’ve taken a bit of a break from the cosmere and I’m a little rusty. I feel like I’ve missed 10,000 WOB’s and I am trying to refresh myself and catch up. It’s long been previously theorised Hoid has access to Feruchemy and it was assumed he was a Feruchemist but it was later revealed he simply has unkeyed metal minds.. That’s how he uses ferchemical powers Hoid has the full powers of a powerful Allomancer after ingesting the L bead and we now all know he has un-keyed Metalminds but I’m a little foggy on how they operate. Is he capable of refilling his un-keyed feruchemy metal minds himself and being able to burn/compound for twinborn powers?
  24. I'm pretty sure we've gotten WoBs that say that someone actively drawing from a Metalmind can use the Investiture to feed Nighblood. Anyone know if a Feruchemist can actively "store" attributes into feeding Nightblood? I have this mental image of an Feruchemist running around and swinging Nightblood while actively dumping their "active memory", weight, sense of taste and smell, and maybe other attributes like warmth. I'm guessing it wouldn't actually work this way, since it seems like Nightblood has an exponential increase in hunger until he's sated, but the idea of a Feruchemist walking up to a group of baddies, drawing the sword, and then coming to themselves when Nightblood clicks into his sheath with black smoke drifting around them... Cool but terrifying.
  25. In this WoB, we see that different Allomantic metals use different amounts of investiture based on the amount of “work” they do. so, assuming that every metal can store the same amount of investiture, would Metalminds that stored attributes that took more “work” to accomplish the same percentage of enhancements as other attributes be filled faster?