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Found 356 results

  1. I don't know if this has been done before, but I was creating a character for the Mistborn adventure game, who is a tin ferring. I started to think about all interesting things you can store in a tin metalmind, here's my list so far. Sense of temperature Sense of pain sense of direction sense of balance sense of hunger/thirst Would you be able to store these senses in a Tin mind? and if so, what would some other interesting or useful senses be?
  2. Just short post that I wanted to make about how I see/think Intent comes into play with the Metallic Arts.The most clear one that's on the Coppermind, I think, is really cool how you have to have some amount of Intent to want to get better or how Compounding works. But I felt like this didn't show much in the way of Intent being put in a really active way. So, how I see it is that (and I'm pretty sure it's a common interpretation) Intent is required to burn, flare, tap, and store. Since we see stuff like Kelsier teaching Vin that she has to intend to reach in and use that well of power she has inside when she first figures it. And plus, we never actually see any mechanical action that causes Allomancy and Feruchemy to work. It's just "I'm gonna use this" then it works (given they have metals to use, obviously.) Then we also see Wax needing only the mental intention to "make a steel bubble" and not "push on this." I'm sure there's a bunch of other examples. Anyway, short post over! ^v^ I just wanted to throw this out here since though I hear people agree sometimes, I don't hear it talked about or mentioned. (AFAIK, at least, so I'd love to hear some WoB or something I might not have seen!)
  3. Like the title says. Despite what you may think about the coolness of each magic system, Ferring names are way cooler than Misting names. I mean Skimmer, Sentry, Bloodmaker, Trueself. I could name a dozen more Compare that to Allomancy. Coin shot, Lurcher, Soother, Rioter? Those are objectively more lame. Change my mind. (I could make this a meme)
  4. The thin black haired man sat watching the boy in the school yard from across the street, pondering why he was so glum. He stood and sauntered across the dusty street toward the boy. When the boy looked up he smiled and greeted him. The man asked the boy "why so glum my boy?" The boy responded "its my metal birthday." "Well that doesn't make sense" the stranger said. The Boy said "everyone expects me to discover my metal tonight, but I just know I will fail. All the others say so because no one has seen a hint of what it is." The man said "here let me give you a present for you birthday. If none of the metals they give you work at least these will make you feel a little better. From where I was sitting I could see you have a lot of potential so long as you stay your true self." Then he handed the boy a pair of silvery bracers and a bag of powdery metal. "Now don't lose these or sell them because they are worth more than money can buy to you." "Who are you?" the boy asked. The man answered "just a man blown like Dust before the wind." After school the boy went home for his metal party. When he walked in the door his Father noticed the bracers and asked "Kagi, where did you get those?" "A man at the school gave them and this bag to me so I wouldn't be sad if nothing works at my metal party." He answered. Now a metal party is a Terris tradition where the child is exposed to various alloys to see if they have any metal talents. They try to store attributes in the metals and see if they can burn any metals. Many parents can only afford the most common metals for the party so sometimes it may be years before a child discovers their metal art. Kagi's father was a poor potter so was in that situation himself. So when he saw the silvery metal he thought to himself if the metals I obtained don't work we will try those and if they don't work selling some of that metal will enable me to get some of the more expensive metals to try. At his look Kagi asked "was it bad to let the man give me these for my birthday?" "No Son. I think those might be lucky metals. What was the man's name?" the Boys father asked. Kagi answered "he said he was dust." His father said "lets get ready for the party." Later that evening the guests were all gathered around the table after the cake and the games looking at a row of metals and dust set out for the metal ceremony. One by one Kagi tried on the bracers and tried to store attributes followed by swallowing a small amount of metal dust and trying to burn it. There were eight on the table. First Kagi tried Iron with no success, then came steel, tin, and pewter with no results. The next four, zinc, brass, copper, and bronze also failed to work for him. Finally his father took out the silvery bracers and dust saying try these. The guests stared in disbelief. One man asked how they could afford it and Kagi's father said a stranger gave it to them that day. Kagi put on the bracers and concentrated then his eyes went wide. He said "I feel a hole inside them." When he swallowed some of the dust his he gasped and said I feel something burning inside me. The crowd cheered. One of the old men said you have a rare gift and one not normally discovered since aluminum is very expensive so be sparing with it. Then one of the youths jeered yeah old man but it is also useless since it doesn't do anything. Over the next hour as people filed out to go home they debated. Finally once they were all gone his father told Kagi never to take off the bracers and to always be ready to swallow the dust if someone tried to take it. Keep the bracers covered in public and they painted them with his acrylics to hide the material explaining that they were very valuable so bad people might covet them.
  5. I know this has been posted before but I didn't get a clear answer on how it worked in the thread that I read. Chromium feruchemy is luck feruchemy. You store luck when you fill and gain luck when tapping Question: How in the world does it work! Is it cosmic luck that effects other people? For example you want to dodge a punch and the person accidentally steps on a stone and trips when trying to? Or is it more personal luck, like you have an instinctive gut feeling as for where to move to get out of the punch's way. Personally I'm leaning towards the second given that hoid uses it to instinctively know where to go (but not why he's there), but id like to know what everyone else thinks!
  6. Okay, I am confused about Iron due to it being quite inconsistant compared to all the other metals. How exactly is it meant to work? Behind the scenes it interferes with the Higgs Field, which would increase mass and density. This is a pretty ingenious way to think about it in my opinion. But in Well of Ascension it says it only changes gravity, at least according to the Terrismen beliefs, when Sazed was traveling with Marsh. Yet in Hero of Ages it says it changes density, as seen when Sazed was breaking out of prison. Alloy of Law says it changes weight but not density when Wax was destroying the mill. And the Ars Arcanum lists it as "Effective weight" Sanderson says it is Mass and Higgs Field shenanigans. Which makes sense, and I do choose to stand by this. But the books themselves just seem to disagree with themselves throughout. So what exactly is it meant to do? I am getting rather confused about it. The first with the Terrismen thinking it was gravity is explainable through them just being wrong, but everything else leaves me confused. Does anyone have an answer to this? As it seems I am the only one confused as I can't find anybody asking about it and these apparent discrepancies in Arcanum.
  7. I read an almost essay length answer about speed feruchemy a while ago, which covered a well written theory on how speed worked. They said it was slowing down the time it took to perform actions (speed=distance÷time). When bleeder uses speed, she's seen as a blur Of course we know another thing that makes speed look like a blur. Bendalloy bubbles. I propose that speed slows down the time it takes to complete actions by essentially erecting a miniature bendalloy bubble around the user (and specifically the user) that's intensity varies with the amount of speed being tapped from the steelmind and a cadium bubble when the user is filling. admittedly the cadium bit is less solid as it doesn't slow time for the user but makes them seem as if they are 'moving through molasses' but the first part holds. Lemme know what you all think! If I can find it I'll link the original paper in the message somewhere. store a percentage of,the shorter period of time.
  8. With the ability to store weight a feruchemist could, in theory, be used to create at least one, likely several dozen, form of perpetual motion machines. The one I like to imagine is a seesaw with two feruchemists alternating their weights at intervals keeping the seesaw in constant motion.
  9. Thinking of practical uses of Scadrial investiture and while watching tv led to a thought and link it if it’s been discussed, but if one wanted to travel to deep space with little to no resources and not have to wait couldn’t they burn cadmium and become onboard life support during space travel?
  10. Vin mentioned she could feel something when she burned Sazed's metalmind but couldn't access it. It wasn't unkeyed though. What time happen if an alomancer burned an unkeyed metalmind? Could they access that attribute like tapping it, but not store it since they weren't a feruchemist themselves, perhaps enhanced like for a compounder, or would they just get the power of the metal? Like, could the alomancer just like deage while actively burning an atium mind, but only as long as they were burning, or would they just get the power of atium?
  11. The purpose of this topic is to project the most extreme abilities of any investiture in the cosmere based on the currently referenceable material. Ideas which can be logically defended are welcome regardless how outrageous. As promised a coinshot laser would likely be produced by a Steel twinborn compounder after the discovery of heavy metals and at least some experiments in nuclear science on Scadrial. This individual would likely be able to detonate nuclear explosions using metal pushing and heavy metals and would need the speed of a steelrunner to avoid serious injury. Using metal pushing they could likely push small particles of radioacive metal forming a type of laser or electromagnetic particle beam at high velocity. Due to a strong spiritual affinity with steel because of being a steel twin it might be possible that they could store steel pushes and speed in a metal mind for use feruchemically yielding steel pushes and speed to exceed duralumin assisted allomancy. The nuclear particle beam could be used on its own or in concert with radioactive spheres in battle situations to inflict massive damage. The nuclear laser could be used to split atoms in a plutonium, uranium or like metal to create atomic or nuclear explosions. Due to the ability to create steel bubbles they could also probably shield themselves from the radiation of nuclear material on or near them. With fine enough control they could also perform nuclear laser surgery. They could be outfitted in steel biomechanical armor that could act as a metal mind for both their allomantic and feruchemical abilities. What do you think of this idea or what extreme use of investiture do you envision?
  12. I've recently finished the Stormlight series and have been wondering about some interactions Stormlight could have with Feruchemy. Could a Feruchemist theoretically use an unkeyed metalmind as a perfect battery for Stormight? This could circumvent some of the issues with using gems as storage for Stormlight much more efficiently than perfectly cut gemstones and could even enhance Feruchemical and Allomantic abilities with the extra Investiture as has been seen with individuals like the Lord Ruler using the extra Investiture of Allomancy to enhance Feruchemy, possibly creating an extremely powerful multiple use source of Investiture. I'm sure I'm not the first person to have thought of this so I'd like to hear from the more experienced readers on this forum.
  13. There was a creative challenge that my friend told me and I wanted to share here (feel free to do it if you want to): Basically you are coming up with 2 (you can do more but best to go with an even number 2,4,6,8 etc...) new metals which are fully functioning for the metallic arts. Criteria is bullet pointed below: The metals and their alloys must exist in real life (no god metals) Metals can belong to any of the four quadrants (physical, mental/cognitive, temporal/hybrid or enhancement/spiritual) but both the pure metal and its alloy must belong to the same one. Same goes for external/internal. You cannot make up your own quadrants to categorize them in. The pure metal must be a "pull" metal and its alloy must be a "push" metal. The metals must have an allomantic, feruchemical and hemalurgic power which fit with their quadrants Their hemalurgic power cannot grant allomantic or feruchemical powers. i.e. must be a human attribute <optional> The metal has a kandra blessing with a name. i.e. Blessing of <insert name of blessing here> Come up with a misting and ferring name for each metal. For example, here is my own creation (hidden for those that don't really care and for length):
  14. I was thinking about the spiritual metals in Feruchemy and about cognitive shadows. I did a quick search and didn't find anyone else making this connection, so hopefully this has some merit. One of the reasons that some in-world philosophers consider the cognitive shadows as the same person as the recently deceased is probably the fact that at least some of them retain their memories or personality. This seems to be more evident with the Fused who, varying degrees of madness not withstanding, appear to have the same personality across their many "rebirths". In Feruchemy, aluminum allows a trueself to store their identity. Meanwhile, copper allows an archivist to store their memories. Some real-world philosophies believe our identities are nothing more than the sum of our perceptions, which include our memories. That is, that there is no underlying sense of self that will be the owner of our various ideas, memories and impressions. The existence of "Identity" suggests that this isn't the case in the Cosmere, and that there is a sense of self and "Me" that doesn't quite depend entirely on your experiences. If we consider that Identity is what makes you you, then a cognitive shadow will only be the original person if they keep their Identity. Depending on the differences between blanking your Identity and storing all of your memories on a coppermind, this could mean that you can keep your Identity and parts of your personality even if you lose all your memories or that you can keep some aspects of your personality even if you lose your Identity. While knowledge of the difference between storing Identity and storing all of your memories won't allow in-world philosophers to reach any conclusions regarding whether cognitive shadows are the original or a copy, it might give them further (and perhaps better) proof to support their own opinions. For example, if storing all your memories doesn't make your entire personality disappear and allows you to keep some skills, it could be used as another proof that the Returned are the original people. Or if blanking Identity doesn't affect memories or connections, it could be used as a proof that at least some cognitive shadows are simple copies and not the originals. I know that it doesn't really answer the question about them, but I hope this might add a little to the discussion surrounding cognitive shadows, both in-world and in the real one. What do you think? Could this be of some help to the professors at Silverlight? And how could connection work into this? That's all I can think of for now. I look forward to what ideas you may have.
  15. I'm curious what we think about how strong different magic users are and whether we think certain magics effect strength, and how much. I'll give a list with descriptions in the order I'd rank them. I'm wondering if you think I'm missing any critical groups for consideration Drab: Everything is just a hair worse for drabs. I suspect this effects strength, even if it's just a tiny effect Normal human Human at a high heightening: Everything is just a little better at a high heightening. I suspect this effects strength as well, even though it's not noted and the effect compared to the other more profound effects of heightening are probably comparatively negligible. Listener in warform: Warform is for fighting and being strong is definitely an asset. I suspect listeners in war form aren't that much stronger than a strong human, but at least a little bit Elantrian: Everything is significantly enhanced for Elantrians, and I suspect this includes strength, though I don't think regular Elantrians are necessarily outside the high end of the normal human range. Returned: Their bodies, including their strength, are at least potentially seriously enhanced and idealized. You would expect them to be stronger than almost any normal human. Radiant with stormlight: Kaladin doesn't think stormlight enhances his strength, but I think he's wrong. I suspect the effect isn't enormous, and he couldn't like, lift a truck, but I think radiants holding stormlight are still stronger than normal humans can ever become. Allomancer burning pewter: Their main thing is their supernatural strength. I think even a weak pewter arm using his powers is about twice as strong as a very strong man. Koloss: Definitely super-human in their strength Dakhor monk: I think it's an exaggeration, but Dilaf suggests Dakhor monks are worth hundreds of soldiers, and they are clearly monstrously strong. Active ChayShan user: Shuden clearly overmatches Dakhor monks when using this magic. Person wearing shardplate: People can only wield shardhammers wearing plate, and show pretty incredible feats otherwise. Allomancer Flaring pewter: This is the main cosmere strength-focused magic maxed out. I think WOBs under-estimate the power of this magic as demonstrated via character feats in the text. Feruchemist tapping strength: This magic doesn't have a clear upper-limit. It's potentially the strongest, but it has serious limitations, like being almost too bulky to move, needing to have stored a ton of strength to use it for any significant period of time, etc. I think generally they are around where a pewter arm is in terms of strength if they don't max out. Allomancer burning Pewter with Duralumin: Like strength feruchemy, this doesn't really seem to have an upper limit, but for a one-off feat, this is probably easier to achieve unless the feruchemist is a pewter compounder. A Pewter compounder tapping strength while burning or flaring pewter: a theoretical pewter compounder would be absurdly strong, and have very little limit to their absurd strength. *Edited to include shard plate, Duralumin Pewter, and Pewter compounding.
  16. Does anyone know what specific powers Marsh (Ironeyes) has gotten from hemalurgy? We know he is a seeker, and we know he can compound atium, but what other Allomatic and Feruchemic powers does he have?
  17. We remember the scene where Vin swallowed Sazed’s Metalmind and nothing happened. Because the Identity in the Metalmind didn’t match Vin’s. But what if Sazed had access to aluminum and blanked his Identity while Filling the Metalmind? We know that only people with the relevant Feruchemical ability can extract the power from an Unkeyed Metalmind(Ex. Wayne using an Unkeyed Goldmind). But could a Mistborn, or any Allomancer with the matching metal, gain something from it?
  18. So I was looking at this by @Eri: And I realized I'd forgotten to ask something... where exactly did the Feruchemy symbols from the table of Feruchemy come from? When did these symbols start being used at all? That's not Ancient Terris, though the symbols could've come from there, as they do share some resemblance, and the Steel Alphabet, which was derived from Ancient Terris, is the only Northern Scadrian script that survived the Final Empire anyway. Were the symbols created only to represent Feruchemical metals or did the Terris in era 2 create their own script? Is this from a future era where this happens?
  19. Would it be possible to use a duraluminmind to store Connection to other metalminds? That way you could have metalminds taking up entire rooms and not have to lug them around everywhere. Also, would it be possible to Compound enough Investiture with nicrosil to give yourself almost Shard-esque powers? Could you use the Spark of Life or other such Innate Investiture to fill a nicrosilmind? Could you store a Shard in a nicrosilmind? Could two Archivists use an unkeyed copper wire to communicate (i.e. one stores the memory of a sheet of paper saying “Hi. How are you today?” and the other taps that memory, writes down their response and sends it back)? And what would happen if you compounded a coppermind?
  20. investiture

    huge fan of the cosmere and hopefully will have some cool discussions on here
  21. Alright so we know that both of our Terris worldhoppers have the ability to change their eyes to have the folds common throughout Roshar. How do they achieve this? By best guess is tapping Identity which in theory would match their physical self to a more Rosharan look. Connection is also possible, but we’ve seen that used in bands and it didn’t change our main characters appearance. PS: why are they both full feruchemists and not ferrings? Werent all or most feruchemists dead from spikes?
  22. no row spoilers

    So on Roshar we have the ten surges. The Heralds were given special magic swords, later known as the Honorblades, which granted them access to these mystical powers. As a matter of fact, anyone who bonds one of these blades is granted access to its surges. We also know that spren saw this, and decided they could mimic it. If a spren bonds with a human, through a process known as the Nahel bond, they can grant said human access to the surges as well, and even manifest physically as a replica of one of these swords. Jump cut to Scadrial, where we have a different kind of bond. But is it really so different after all? Sure, the powers are a little different, and you get them not by acting a certain way, but just by having the right amount of investiture in your bloodline. Remember though - something of the Nahel bond is hereditary too. No, not the powers, unfortunately, but there is a physiological difference between the offspring of a surgebinder and the offspring of anyone else. Their eyes. Okay, so what exactly is @Narcoleptic Axolotl proposing here, (you might ask yourself)? Well, I'm glad you asked. . . . yourself. . . . Whatever. I think it's reasonable that Harmony could create weapons that would bestow upon the holder all the powers of a mistborn and full feruchemist. Not totally unlike what the Bands did. You would still need your own metals and metalminds, just like Szeth still needed his own stormlight. And, just like the honorblades, these 'harmonyblades' wouldn't allow for quite the level of efficiency that an invested person can operate with. That meaning, you would have to flare your metals higher to get the same strength a mistborn has. And, while it's not clear what a lack of efficiency in feruchemy would mean, you'd have that too. Now, let's consider the last of the metallic arts. Hemalurgy. I don't think it makes any sense to think the harmonyblade would grant hemalurgic power, unless holding it made you perfectly aware of all the hemalurgic bind points. As useful as that might be, that's not the most interesting aspect of the harmonyblade with hemalurgy. We can assume that the honorblades, like shardblades, are made of Honor's godmetal, Tanavastium. (This WoB is a little confusing, but I've highlighted the part that matters.) So presumably these harmonyblades (maybe harmony-spears, given the spear's significance in Scadrian history) would be made of Harmony's godmetal, Harmonium aka Ettmetal. So, hypothetical scenario, someone's using a harmonyspear and stabs a metalborn. What happens? What attribute is stolen? Surely not nothing. We know godmetals can steal attributes: (again, you need only read the highlighted part.) Well, that's where I come up short. According to the coppermind, Harmonium is extremely reactive with water, and of course blood is like 98% water. (Disclaimer: don't know for sure about that and don't care.) So a spike made of harmonium would be pretty impractical. Maybe stabbing someone with your harmonyspear is a bad idea, because as soon as it pierces the skin, your spearhead starts exploding. Imagine that. Maybe go with a warhammer then? Maybe don't use it as a weapon. After all, its most useful aspect is granting you all allomantic and feruchemical powers. With those, you almost don't need a sword. Just go with obsidian daggers or something, that's stylish in its own way. Okay, that's all I got. Interesting stuff, right?
  23. So with the recent creation of the f-duralumin club, I got to thinking about interesting f-duralumin twinborn. Which made me wonder what allomantic powers heavily use Connection. The obvious answers are the ones that affect other people. Nicrosil, chromium, zinc, brass, maybe copper and bronze, maybe atium and malatium. So what would enhancing your connection do to these? Nicrosil and chromium generally require touch, which I think is to establish a basic connection with your target, and if so I think you could tap f-duralumin to leech/burst someone without touching them. I also think you could use it to generally strengthen any form of allomancy you use that targets someone else. But interestingly, and this would be useful even if you're not a twinborn, this would probably mean if someone tries to allomancy you, you could store connection to counteract it. If you're fighting someone who's burning atium, you could use f-duralumin to make it so that they don't see your shadows. You could maybe even mimic copper and hide yourself from a Seeker if you know what you're doing. So what do you all think? Am I completely off base here? Are there other cool uses for f-duralumin?
  24. Atium let’s whoever is burning it see into the future. Steel compounding allows you to move at unimaginable speeds. Let’s say that a steel compounder saves up steel for years, hiding in his home. A Mistborn saves up atium for years. At the end of x amount of years, they both have a seemingly infinite amount of either speed or atium. (Technically a compounder doesn’t need to save up much speed, but for the scenario we will say they do. We are also going to assume that the Mistborn doesn’t have access to any of the other metals, just atium) I think that the steel compounder would beat the atium burner. Even if you can see into the future, that doesn’t matter if your enemy can move faster than you can react. Thoughts?
  25. Can stormlight be used to fill a metal mind or fuel allomancy? Can burning metal or tapping a metal mind be used to fuel surges? If either is true can they be used to fuel other forms of investiture in the cosmere such as Chromatic Breaths or be fueled by other forms of Investiture? I saw it stated somewhere that Chromatic Breaths can fuel surges.