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Found 540 results

  1. This is a sister poll to one I did recently on the pure metals. This time around, I wanna see just the alloys. Certainly easier than the pure metals, but I’m curious to see how it shakes out. And I’ve got a few more tricks in my back pocket. If you had to be a Metalborn of alloys, which would you choose and why?
  2. I read this somewhere in wob where he said that nicrosil can be used to store Devine breath of a returned. Then i started thinking let's say there is a full feruchemist with knowledge of hemalurgy. He can steal the devine breath of a returned through hemalurgy and give himself fifth heightening through hemalurgic spike and then he put that Investiture in his nicrosil metalmind by filling it and then remove the hemalurgic spike and heal himself with gold metalmind. Healing both his physical body as well as his spiritweb. Although the healing of his spiritweb won't be absolute but atleast there won't be a hole in his spiritweb (which cannot be exploited by anyone) that is caused by hemalurgy. If it's possible then why not also steal other ability to use a certain magic and store that in your nicrosil metalmind. This method could give you powers without a big disadvantage of hemalurgy.
  3. I need to know if I'm missing something or if this just works. If someone were to be a Nicroburst Misting and Soulbearer Ferring would they not be able to gain infinite amounts of investiture? They could store some limited amount of investiture, eat the metal mind, and because of what we know regarding compounding, could end up with 10x the investiture they put in. Could they not then return the newly gained investiture into a new metal mind and repeat and therefore "farm" investiture. Furthermore does this not break the First Law of Investiture, "Investiture can not be created or destroyed. It follows it's own version of the laws of Thermodynamics.". And if it is not breaking this law would it just be taking more and more investiture from the Shards of Preservation and Ruin? What stops this person from taking all the investiture in the shard and effectively becoming the shard? I guess my question is do we know how exactly Nicrosil Compounders will work?
  4. This is a theory that has been brewing in my head for some time, concerning Steel Compounders. While extremely powerful, an effective limit is placed in the form of air resistance. Thus, they cannot tap too much speed, lest they literally burn up. While an interesting case study of Sanderson's Second Law of Magic, I have always found it to be frustrating. So, I started thinking of ways to circumvent this issue. This is no novelty. Many have already conceptualized combining the [Stormlight Archive Spoiler] with Steel Compounding, which would be an effective way of going about eliminating the issue. However, such inter-planetary interaction isn't likely to occur for some time. So I started thinking of ways to make Steel Compounding safer using only things available on Scadrial. This leads to my theory. Could a Steel Compounder take a brass medallion (or a brass spike) and begin storing heat? With the use of heat Feruchemy, all heat generated by the air resistance would be siphoned away, preventing any damage to the Compounder. With enough metalminds, no heat would linger long enough to pose any threat, allowing the Steelrunner to speed up. Of course, the faster the Compounder goes, the more heat will be generated. This may eventually prove too much for the limited nature of Feruchemical storage. However, the Steelrunner would not be forced to last long. Eventually, they should be able to accelerate enough to break the sound barrier, thus ceasing the accumulation of heat. This is how I think Steel Compounding can emerge even more powerful than before. What's worse, Hemalurgy isn't even necessary. Southern Scadrian medallions solve that problem quite beautifully. I do not know if this theory is sound, so feel free to comment below with any corrections or counterarguments. ~Longshot97
  5. There was a creative challenge that my friend told me and I wanted to share here (feel free to do it if you want to): Basically you are coming up with 2 (you can do more but best to go with an even number 2,4,6,8 etc...) new metals which are fully functioning for the metallic arts. Criteria is bullet pointed below: The metals and their alloys must exist in real life (no god metals) Metals can belong to any of the four quadrants (physical, mental/cognitive, temporal/hybrid or enhancement/spiritual) but both the pure metal and its alloy must belong to the same one. Same goes for external/internal. You cannot make up your own quadrants to categorize them in. The pure metal must be a "pull" metal and its alloy must be a "push" metal. The metals must have an allomantic, feruchemical and hemalurgic power which fit with their quadrants Their hemalurgic power cannot grant allomantic or feruchemical powers. i.e. must be a human attribute <optional> The metal has a kandra blessing with a name. i.e. Blessing of <insert name of blessing here> Come up with a misting and ferring name for each metal. For example, here is my own creation (hidden for those that don't really care and for length):
  6. So. There are 17 types of Allomancers, and 17 types of Feruchemists (technically 18 if you’re counting full feruchemists and Mistborn). That means there is 289 twinborn combinations. That is way too many for anyone to theorize on, but there could be a lot of cool possibilities of twinborn that you wouldn’t expect. So what I will be doing on this thread is randomly picking a twinborn, analyzing the potential of it, theorizing some potential resonances, making up a name for it, and giving it an arbitrary rating from 1-10. I kind of want to mimic the style of daily posts over on Reddit, so I’ll be picking a new twinborn every day, and see how long I can keep this up. Hopefully it’ll be fun! Well, without further ado, here’s day 1! Random Twinborn Day 1: A-Tin and F-Steel Well, this is already interesting! These two admittedly don’t have too much immediate synergy, but they are both useful in their own right. A-tin is great for detecting others in the area, and is generally used as a sentry-type person. However, it could be quite nice in a political setting as well, enabling you to hear and see things that you normally shouldn’t be witness to. Overall a really nice ability to have, but certainly more of a background role than a front lines sort of role. F-steel however is quite the combat role. You can certainly use it to evade being caught, but generally you would go on the offensive. Hitting others before you get hit, and evading other’s attacks, that sort of thing. The only limitation is storing, in which you are pretty useless while doing so. Now, with both, it would actually be quite nice! When storing speed, you can act as a sentry type, and then you can basically be the ultimate spy. It’s definitely not the type of thing where you could be using both abilities at once, as the wind speeds would probably be painful, but they can be used whenever the other isn’t. You can be snooping around, using A-Tin, but then quickly move to another location using F-Steel. Alternatively, you can act as a jack of all trades in combat, as you can listen for potential attacks when stationary, and dodge and attack quickly when moving. It would certainly take a lot of training, but it would be quite the act. Overall, this is a very solid Twinborn combination. I could definitely see this pop up in a book, and it would be very fun to see. Resonance: Well, I would think that with speed and heightened senses comes extra awareness and reaction time. Whether that would count as a resonance, I’m not sure. But the abilities definitely lend themselves to that. Name: How about…a Shade/Shadow? Always listening, but you will never find them. Rating: a solid 8/10! Not completely overpowered, but definitely not something that a non-Twinborn could easily beat. Again, let me know your thoughts! Is there something I missed? Do you have a better name? This is already off to a fun start, and I’m excited to continue this!
  7. Mild era 2 spoilers: For those who don’t know, each shard has a God Metal associated with it (Lerasium, Atium, Raysium, etc.), and Harmony’s God Metal is Harmonium, or Ettmetal. Ettmetal is very hard to experiment with, due to it exploding whenever it comes in contact with water, and its Allomatic, Feruchemical, and Hemalurgical abilities are all unknown. I have no idea what its abilities in Allomancy or Hemalurgy would be, but I think anyone could store something in a Ettmetal metalmind, and storing would have no effect, but tapping would make you a full Feruchemist. The main reason I think this is how Atium and especially Lerasium work. Those are the god metals of Ruin and Preservation, which both are associated with magic systems, Hemalurgy and Allomancy. When Lerasium is burned (it can be burned by anyone) it turns the burner into a Mistborn, and an Atium spike steals any power, the crux of what Hemalurgy is. In both of those examples, using a God Metal in the Metallic art associated with it makes you able to use all of the more minor powers associated with (doesn’t fit exactly with Hemalurgy). So, I think Ettmetal has the same effect on Feruchemy. My theory is also somewhat supported by this WoB:
  8. I read this quote awhile ago, and it made me think about another use for F-nicrosil. There are two ways to interpret that, from what I can tell; either a Feruchemist with a weakened power "leaks" some small extra amount of attribute when they store, meaning that their Metalminds get filled with slightly less Investiture than what the Feruchemist gave up. So, for example, a Feruchemist who spent 60 minutes storing 20% of their strength in a Pewtermind would only really have 59-58 minutes worth of attribute stored in the Metalmind if they were somehow to tap it with perfect efficiency. A Feruchemist who gained their powers via Hemalurgy would be even worse- their power is weakened. However, the second interpretation interests me more; what if the attribute in the Metalmind is equal to what the Feruchemist stored, but when the Feruchemist taps that attribute it is simply less efficient; they may store 60 minutes worth of attribute, but when they tap it they lose some due to entropy. If you want to know whether this is actually possible via Cosmere rules, look no further than the SA. SA spoilers, in case you somehow weren't aware If the second interpretation holds true, then a Full Feruchemist (or anybody who had F-nicrosil and another Feruchemical power through some means) who stored their ability to use their other powers might be able to tap at much higher rates and suffer significantly less loss of Investiture due to attribute compression. They could store their ability to use their powers when not actively tapping or storing those powers, which would be pretty easy in comparison to the other attributes such as strength, health, or speed. Maybe this wouldn't be as crazy as Compounding, but I think that it could have some serious potential.
  9. So I just had a really weird thought about Feruchemy. Can someone store and tap from the same type of Metal? Like if a Steelrunner had two Steel bracers, could they store a quarter of their speed into each at the same time? Could they tap two Steelminds to up their speed by half the same time so it'd be equal to tapping one Steelmind for double speed but more efficient without the Diminishing Returns you'd normally get from Tapping over 50%? Am I on to something or am I just crazy? Or both?
  10. Just something that struck me while I was designing a magic system for my Mercy world on the Combined Shard names thread. let's say there is an Aluminum Ferring on Nalthis that has a lot of Breaths, called Joe Breath-Haver. If Joe so chooses, he can store away his Identity and then Awaken something, so that anyone who knows can take the Breaths from the Awakened Construct. There exists also on Nalthis a Friend of Joe's, called Bob Stealsalot. Bob is very Realmatically knowledgeable and knows what Joe is doing. So Bob, who would like some Breaths, asks Joe to prove that he can create Awakened Constructs in a way so anyone can retrieve the Breaths. Joe obliges, but before he can Awaken anything, Bob slaps him in the face and says "Your Breath to mine". Since Joe's Breaths are currently Identitiless, they obey Bob's Command and all go to him. Bob then runs away cackling, having just committed literal Identity theft. Is there anything stopping this from actually happening?
  11. In the last empire we get a reference to the feruchemical ability to store age, and that's how the LR lived forever... By having the ability to burn the metal from his allomancy. But earlier trying to track the metal in question I didn't see it in the list? Iron: Weight Tin: Senses Steel: Speed Pewter: Strength Zinc: Mental Speed (underutilized fyi) Copper: Memories Brass: Stores Warmth (I forgot about this, also underutilized!) Bronze: Wakefulness Cadmium: Breath Gold: Health Bendalloy: Energy (some implications of food storage in this way are interesting from a wealth saving perspective) Electrum: Determination (needs more defined) Chromium: Fortune Aluminum: Identity Nicrosil: Investiture Duralumin: Connection Where's the one for age? Was it removed for more practical ones like warmth storage by powers when the shards were being changed and Sazed remaking Scadrial? Because I was thinking the ferring who could store age could indeed find a very good purpose of it: if they store it everyday from their teenage years to become the age of a healthy active 45 year old (or whatever you think the limit of prime living years is that you can accept, heck even a 30 y/o prime year athlete or whatever the number pro sports commentators say, done from the start), will give those years living acceptably, and then you start burning. So you would live potentially up to 70, 75 years of age? And living in the constant still useful years of 45 that entire time, being so used to what your body can or can't do by that point?
  12. What can all you add? I want to see if we can't create a really full and fun list. Things we can imagine are possible, but haven't yet seen on the page. 1. Ferring of weight storage + mistborn powers. One could pull natural metal ore from under you in many locations to create an earthquake creating power, but you'd need to become heavy enough to be able to push them, etc. 2. High level bronze flairer or Mistborn + any weapon that damages investiture, like the fuzed use. The way they can intuit not only through blocking investiture but sense even the types of powers around and what they are doing, to even offworlder interactions with sensing kel's spren Syl, I think they'd be able to do it as easily as piercing a copper cloud, and in this coming cold war between them, i feel mistings or more with these tools hunting the spren in fights is dirty indeed, and a lot more practical and easy than having to use the sand like they did in stormlight. It would be ak instinctual radar they could practically shoot at. 3) Feruchemy weight manipulation + wind runner lashing. That's a doozy, lash something like 5000 times heavier than it should be, but with 4x the gravity? With what can be done if these two were on the same side for a fight... That might be mountain moving, lol. Just need to do it in the right timing combo. I also feel this combo would also be a trick to get people space bound very easily. 4) Hemalurgy + spren connection. It cuts a piece of the soul out even the points it's invested, ie, investiture and steals it for itself. Since the connection to Dalinar's spren was almost stolen in the same way by the herald, might it be able to steal the connection to the spren itself? But like all Hemalurgy, it might be impossible in a fight with the moving parts, but if the opportunity was there, and you figured out the metals or placement.... Wow. I think it should be conceivably possible? I'm imagining spikes that force a bond to a certain spren... Might as even this be part of the terrible spren experiments in the last stormlight book? 5) Imagine a windrunner or edge dancer burning atium? I feel that might be pretty much as good in most cases to a mistborn with it. Already some of the most agile and hard to hit targets becoming next level. Tbh, I almost feel if as in the last wax series it becomes easier to make a thing that makes the Mistborn powers, the forces of Roshar might also steal that and do that too. And then taking spren, etc. I could see it becoming a very mixed bag of competitors over the long haul .
  13. So, I was thinking about A Spinner, and how would I use the ability to make money, how I would I fill my Metalmind, I’ll sit at home for a week or so, fill 10-15% (as much as I dare without crashing a meteor on my house) only when I’m awake, sitting on a couch, reading a book, I will not do it while eating, sleeping, etc. let's say I’ll store 80 hours of 10% luck. How would I use it to make money? Option one: Tap the entire storage while filling one lottery box, which will take about 10-15 seconds, I can assume that that much luck in a burst, will guaranty a jackpot or at least second prize. Option two: 80 hours of 10%, will give me 20% for 40 hours, 40% for 20 hours, 80% for 10 hours, etc. I can tap it all for two hours at the craps table in the casino, if I have 80 hours of 10%, and will use all of it for two hours, that should guaranty me not “seven out” for the entire time. anyone who knows the game of craps can understand how much money you can make if you can keep throwing the dice for 2 hours streight without a Seven. Ten of thousands for sure. Thoughts?
  14. So, I havn't found anything on this, so if there is already an answer out there please tell me. I was wondering about storing weight and the whole conservation of momentum thing. For example according to science, if you let yourself fall while being 200kg you would be falling with an incredible amount of energy (at terminal velocity (66m/s) it would be about 435600 joules), if you then suddenly stored your weight untill for example you were 10kg you would suddenly accelerate to 20 times your previous velocity (about 1320m/s) untill air resistance slowed you back down, but it does not really seem like the books emphasize this that much and I was wondering if anyone has an explenation? also as a fun thought, if that is how it works, an iron compounder+lashings could effectivly become a rocket, all they would have to do is make themselves like 10000kg then triple lash themselves in a direction and let themselves get to terminal velocity, they could then store weight until they weighed 1kg and go 10000 times faster (around 198000 m/s), and they can just heal from the damage casused by this with stormlight.
  15. Technical question about identity and shardblades: If a shardbearer were to fill an aluminummind, then someone else took it and tapped the shardbearer's identity from it, would they be able to summon the other person's shardblade? Since they technically now have their spiritual identity? Not sure whether this has been asked or not.
  16. Okay, so I was just wondering, what would happen if a two Feruchemists were to store all their memories in a unsealed copperminds and then switch copperminds and tap all of the other person's memories? Would you become that person in a new body? Could someone keep doing this to effectively be immortal?
  17. So I just wanted to point it to all that might have missed it, we got confirmation in TLM by Telsin that F-tin can store pain. This is huge, as it makes (as far as I know) F-tin the only feruchemantic metal that can be utilized in a non-end neutral way. There’s nearly no reason to tap pain once it is stored, so you can easily throw out your painmind once full. Once again solidifying the absolute absurdity of F-tin.
  18. Alright, I wanted to post this to the Mistborn forum, but I feel that this is going to extend farther than the confines of that series, so here we are. F-Atium. Stores age. When tapping, you have the appearance of your younger self. When storing, you get the appearance of your older self. Now, here’s the basis of the question I have. What constitutes your older self? People can change in the span of a few months, or even a few days. Anything can happen, and the world is unpredictable. Even more unpredictable when you have people launching coins at you and flying through the skies. When you extend that to the span of 20 years, thousands of options arise. Now, to preface, this is working off of the idea that F-Atium only affects your physical body, much in the way of F-gold. Your mind and memories are completely unaffected. At least, I’m pretty sure. Now, what are the limits of your future self? None, really. Can you age yourself forward to gain really big muscles? Can you gain frown lines or laugh lines? Can you get tattoos? Realistically speaking, any of those are very possible in the span of even 10 years. Can Atium actually do that? That’s what I’m not sure about. I would assume, and this is quite the assumption, that F-atium is utilizing fortune to do what it does. Taking a peek into the future and bring it to the present. The future has a lot of different offshoots, but some are more likely than others. This is the basis for a lot of Shardic fortune, as seen in Stormlight. Now, I understand what can determine the most likely outcome on a community level, but what determines the outcome on an individual level? Now, there’s certainly a lot of good that can happen in the future, but a lot of bad can happen as well. You can break bones, you can gain chronic illnesses, and you can even lose limbs. Now, depending on how F-Atium works, you could even theoretically age yourself forward into a paint in time where you are bleeding from a stab wound. How is that determined? What if you age into a point where you are dead due to a car accident? There is a million different physical things that can happen to you in the span of your lifetime, and the limits are nearly non-existent. But there has to be some, right? F-Atium is seen as a party trick by feruchemists, but what if it is secretly one of the most powerful feruchemantic abilities out there?
  19. First of all, some WoBs: So, I recently came up with this theory. The theory was: pure atium burned allomantically would give the burner innate knowledge of hemalurgy, allowing them to instinctually know and use the finer points of hemalurgy, such as where to place the spikes and which metal to use for the desired effect. But from these WoBs I got that that’s not what it would do. It would just be more powerful (I believe). But I think it is possible that it is not impossible. Maybe, if you use pure atium hemalurgically it could give that ability. Some supporting points are: burning lerasium allomantically gives you the power of allomancy. Lerasium is the body and metal of Preservation, and allomancy is his magic system, so it makes sense that lerasium would give you his power. Would it not also make sense to use Ruin’s metal in his power to get the best effects? It also makes me wonder if you could do a similar thing with harmonium and feruchemy! Please prove me wrong, or supply me with more information to make it more rock-solid! I really like this theory, and I’m not the best at predicting what Sanderson is going to do. Odium Reigns…
  20. So I have a few questions about Feruchemical scenarios that we might not know the answers to, but I'm curious what people think. I have an idea about era 3 or 4 infrastructure, but I need to see if underlying principles work (I'm suspicious of the metal lines in Southern Scadrial ships and the Sovereign's Temple. Maybe this has already been postulated). First scenario - a Feruchemist sticks their hand into a bag of iron dust and begins storing weight. What gets charged? Does only the iron dust directly in contact with the hand get quickly filled and maxed out, leaving only a "glove" of invested metal, or does the Feruchemical charge spread through the whole bag of dust? Does it matter based on how the Feruchemist sees the metal, for example if they only thought of the individual grains would it only fill what they were directly touching or if they thought of the bag as a whole unit, would the charge spread from the non-contiguous yet still touching metal? Alternate first scenario - a feruchemist stores an attribute in a metalmind. They remove the metalmind and then take a rod made out of the same metal and touch it to the metalmind. Can they withdraw the attribute from the metalmind through the rod? If not, if they welded the rod to the metalmind would it then enable a withdrawal of the attribute through the rod, essentially making both units into a single metalmind? Second scenario - one Feruchemist stands at one end of a long iron rod. They completely store Identity in an Aluminum mind and then start storing weight into the rod. A Skimmer Ferring then touches the other end of the rod and tries to withdraw the attribute. Do they create a "potential/pressure" differential similar to electrical voltage? Can the Skimmer Ferring attempt to "pull" more weight than the first Feruchemist is attempting to store? Third scenario - two Ferrings hold an unkeyed metalmind and both try to withdraw. Does it run out at the rate that are withdrawing, or is there a "power suction" that the two Ferrings can feel? In essence, I'm trying to figure out if you can make an unkeyed Feruchemical power grid. By laying out Allomantic metal wires throughout the city and creating "power stations", can you create a system that distributes Feruchemical attributes throughout a city? With a few medallions to enable someone to store away their Identity and then compound unkeyed Feruchemical attributes? The issues I'm seeing deal with what you would have to do to add on new branches to the grid, and if it follows electrical potential differentials. That said, workers who have to sling on a medallion and the give up their identity to be a power a station plays pretty well into Scadrial's history of class and worker right's issues. "I'm just a soulless battery to them!" Thoughts?
  21. Okay, so I want to make the fastest character possible using the magic that we have access to (without the teleportation of Elantris). You are allowed to use all of Feruchemy, Allomancy, Aon Dor (except teleportation), all surges, all aethers, breaths, sand mastery, and anything else you can think of to make someone to move extremely fast. My though process is: Steel and Zinc Compounder (For pure speed of movement and thought) Surge of abrasion (To remove air resisitance) Bondsmith (For the perpendicularity to fuel the feruchemy) Minor TOTES spoilers: That's about all I've thought of so far, what do you think?
  22. So it is by now no secret that I am a bit of an F-Tin addict. I’ve made probably too many posts about it, and have overthought it’s capabilities about five too many times. How much could one more hurt? Brandon Sanderson has a whole lot of different magic systems in the Cosmere, and a surprising amount have to do with senses in some form. Knowing this, I want to try to locate all of the possible supernatural senses that could be stored, as well as the possible preexisting senses that could be supernaturally given a boost through magical assistance. I’ll be going by planet, and seeing what is possible in each one. Scadrial Ah, home sweet home. I believe I’ve made a thread on this already, so I’ll try to keep it relatively brief. We have Allomantic steel and iron, where you could store that juicy 360 degree vision with Investiture detection abilities, which could be quite nice. You wouldn’t be able to affect any metals, but it would still be cool. I also doubt you could separate the metal detection from the 360 degree vision, but it would be cool if you could. Allomantic bronze works in much the same way, but I do wonder: would you be able to store sensing of Allomantic Investiture and something like sensing Feruchemantic investiture? The Sandlord has said that they are detected differently, but depending on how they are detected differently, maybe they could be separate senses? It’s a long shot, but I’ll take what I can get. Allomantic gold, electrum, and Atium Prime are odd ones. They give their own sense, yes, but they also do something else. Either tapping into Identity or Fortune, they end up messing with the Spiritual Realm. So I feel like they could be stored, but I doubt all of it could be stored. Gold Shadows could store the additional human+ maybe seeing out of their eyes as well, but with Atium and Electrum, if you aren’t storing Fortune, would storing the shadow do anything? Moving on from that weirdness, we have Allomantic tin and pewter. Neither give new sense, but they enhance preexisting ones. Tin enhances, well, all of em, and pewter enhances your sense of balance to match the increase in strength. Both can certainly be useful, and with A-Tin, you could compound, which would be pretty crazy. Now I come to a recent addition that I’m trying out. What of Koloss Sense? Powerful Soothers/Rioters have the ability to sense the koloss, and likely other Hemalurgic constructs they control, from a distance. Now, it’s been a while since I’ve read the original trilogy, and Coppermind is being not so accommodating, but I believe that they were able to detect the emotional state of the koloss, as well as the position that they were at. While one could argue that this is more of a telepathic link of sorts than it’s own sense, I would argue that it is a distinct way of taking in information about your surroundings, so therefore is a sense of sorts. This is a bit of a reach, but I have high hopes. Speaking of Hemalurgy, let’s talk about it. H-Tin steals senses, so that will certainly help give extra senses. Although, I would argue that, if you find the right bind points, you could steal an animal’s senses, such as the ability to see UV light, or infrared Vision. Maybe you could steal the enhanced night vision of an owl for example, but I’m not too sure if you could store that. Still, it would be quite interesting to see (pun intended). I’ll briefly go over some potential with Feruchemy, but there isn’t that much that I can see. Perhaps F-pewter would adjust proprioception, but I doubt it would really increase it. Past that, there really isn’t much that I can see that would add or increase senses. Nalthis: Nalthis, sweet Nalthis. Land of color and many different shenanigans. Let’s get the most obvious one out of the way. Lifesense. It’s what allows Nalthinians to have a faint idea about living beings around them, and with more breaths, that can be perfected. However, with the power of F-Tin, it can go even further! Storability is quite nice, and very possible. Now, there’s been controversy over the store-ability of perfect pitch and perfect color recognition. It’s an augmentation to a preexisting sense, but it doesn’t really seem different enough to be stored separately. But I feel like it has to do something for F-tin, right? I don’t know, maybe it’s me getting my hopes up, but I feel like there has to be some interaction. Sel: I don’t think there’s anything in Sel that could directly help, past maybe soulstamping, but at the same time we really don’t know much about the magic systems there. Threnody and Taldain I’m lumping these together, as we really don’t know much about either magic system. Maybe there’s something that could help Worldhopping Windwhisperers, but we just don’t know at the moment. First of The Sun Now we don’t know a lot about this funky little planet, but from what we have right now, we know that there is at least one aviar that can give you a new sense of sorts. I would interpret Sak’s visions as similar to electrum shadows in their storability. Roshar I’ve been avoiding this one, for a few reasons, but mostly due to the fact that I really don’t know that much about Roshar’s intricacies, and the lack of full exploration of all of the magic systems in the books certainly isn’t helping. But I’ll give it a try. The surge of gravitation theoretically gives at the very least a more honed sense of gravitational direction, from flying/falling about everywhere. Does it actually supernaturally increase that sense? Probably not, but it will at least improve it through use. The surge of transportation allows peeking into the Cognitive by Truthwatchers, but I doubt that’s really it’s own sense. I think it’s very likely that the Purelake spren sight works in much the same way, so I won’t be counting those. I also don’t think Dalinar or even Renarin’s visions really count, as they seem to be more of a cognitive thing playing with preexisting senses than a unique sense. But again, a more SA-nerdy fando might be able to give more insight. Now, Old Magic is a bit of a cheat, as you can get any extra sense or augmentation of senses, but it is also a bit of a bait, as unless you are really close with Cultivation, you don’t really get to choose what you get. We don’t really know how Old Magic works, but however it works, Cultivation calls the shots. Anyway, that’s all I can think of for Stormlight’s magic systems. There are many wild things you can do with em, but gaining new senses does not seem to be one of them. That just about wraps this megatheory up! If you have any new points to make, or if you contest some points that I have made, feel free to contribute! I am far from an expert in the Cosmere, just an F-Tin addict.
  23. Alllllrighty folks! It’s time for the ultimate challenge. Of the 16 (17 if you’re feeling funky) Feruchemantic abilities, which one is the best? I’m not talking about anything in particular, just…which one is objectively better than the rest? While teeeechnically they each have their own important and valuable uses, each of which being the best at one specific thing, there has to be one that is better than the rest. If any of you have been on the Mistborn forum for any amount of substantial time, you would know that my vote is on F-Tin. It’s easy to get metalminds of, it stores a variety of attributes that can be used in a variety of situations, it synergizes awesomely with many other magic systems, and can be useful in just about any situation. I’d you want a full briefing, my F-Tin cult is awaiting new acolytes. What metallic hill are you willing to die on?
  24. Well, another day, another post gushing about F-Tin. In this installation of this overly long series, I will be covering what I think is one of F-Tin’s strong points: General improvement to day-to-day life. I will be going this down by the senses, and breaking those into storing and tapping. I’ll only stick to the base five plus pain, as those are the only real confirmed ones, and this will be one of my few posts where I don’t overspeculate. Now that we know the rules, let’s get started! Sight Tapping: So tapping sight is kind weird, as instead of improving sight in general, it basically acts as zooming in, giving you binocular vision. Great for reading small text, spotting something far away, being great at finding Waldo, and getting easy access to the menu above the counter at a fast food restaurant. Have you ever wanted to zoom in like you can on your phone in the real world? With F-Tin, you can! Additionally, for any of my fellow glasses users, one can go without em for a bit, or just push the limits of your current prescription, so you have more of an excuse to put off that eye appointment that you’ve been two years overdue for. Storing: So generally speaking, losing sight is not that great of a thing. And I will admit, there are very few cases in which this would be helpful. I would say that it is a solid excuse for “not seeing something.” “You were in the room! How did you not see the baby throwing up everywhere?” ”Oh, I was storing my sightmind!” Hearing Tapping: Increasing general heating can honestly be so nice. You can listen in on conversations, hear what someone’s shouting across the house easier, listen to the birds really well, and generally have a volume control across your whole life. Don’t want to wake up anyone when you are binging a Netflix show? Just leave it at an unreasonably low volume and use your hearingmind to adjust the volume. Forgot your earbuds for the umpteenth time? Hearingminds have you covered. Storing: Blocking out your annoying siblings has never been easier. If there are distractions, blocking them out is a breeze. For those with ADHD, I could certainly see this being a lifesaver. You can also make the excuse of not hearing people when they ask you to do something you don’t want. Touch Tapping: Honestly, this would just be plain cool. Being able to feel any texture with utmost intricacy would frankly be amazing. But if you want examples, I give you petting a cat or dog. Never will you let a softer thing. It would be heaven. Additionally, any comfy blanket just became 10x more comfy. Just a really nice ability to have. Storing: have you ever had the issue of liking the flavor of a food, but disliking the texture? This can solve that problem. Additionally, if you are handling something gross, not feeling it could be quite nice. Taste Tapping: Your favorite foods just got even tastier. That’s all I have to say. Great addition, and I want it. Storing: If you are forced to eat something gross, or just want to prank your friends, storing taste can be awesome. Additionally, eating medicine or accidentally having medicine stuck in your throat just got easier to deal with. Smell Tapping: so interestingly enough t, this would also help your sense of taste. So more tastiness did you! Additionally, being able to smell fresh cooked bread at a distance like never before is some quality stuff. Storing: Taking out trash and rotten food, unclogging toilets, and drying your dog has now become bearable. You’re welcome. Pain Tapping: This one is a bit of an oddball of the group. Generally, tapping is supposed to be the benefit, but here, it usually isn’t. However, if you are a sucker for spicy things, this could potentially help. Storing: Honestly, all I have to say is never getting headaches again, but I’ll say more. If you’re a sports player, that injury that you know is okay, but still hurts won’t be an issue. Also, burning yourself isn’t as bad as it used to be, which is nice. One of the most interesting applications, however, is not having limbs falling asleep. The pins and needles are a nerve response, so theoretically, this would cut it off. Also, would that mean physical anxiety symptoms and nerves from upcoming performances could dissipate as well? Probably. For an anxious human like myself that has really irritating physical symptoms, that would be very nice indeed. And that’s the list! If you have more to add, please do! Personally, I think F-Tin is far and away the best metal for people that aren’t politicians, warriors, or scientists. It’s useful for a myriad of smaller situations, and is just awesome. It’s six QoL superpowers in one! And if this has taken you over the edge for joining the F-Tin cult, I welcome you. More members are always welcome, and I assure you that I won’t stop gushing about its awesomeness anytime soon. A shameless plug for the uninitiated:
  25. BLUF: I propose that Malwish Medallions and Metalborn Tech is based on living investiture, like fabrials and invested objects. In another thread, I saw this WOB posted. This got me thinking....... in Rhythm of War, we learned that Soulcasters are actually spren (and technically, all fabrials are different ways of putting spren to work). Metal Jewelry that grants people powers......... What if the Malwish Medallions are just another form invested life. Either invested objects that have gained, if not sentience, enough life and identity to give their users power, or metal (being a form of investiture) that has gained enough investiture and sentience to actually have life and identity.