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Found 303 results

  1. I believe that being a Nicroburst in Mistborn Era 3 would be better then any other type of metalborn. Why? Because of unsealed metalminds. The Nicroburst in question would be able to burn any unsealed nicrosil metalmind and gain whatever power was stored within it, allowing them to collect Allomantic and Feruchemal powers. And, once they got Feruchemal nicrosil, they could store, say, Allomantic steel for a time, compound it, and become much more powerful then before. The Bands of Mourning allowed you to become a Mistborn and Full Feruchemist at the same time, but only as long as you were tapping them. This, however, could do the same thing, but without that limitation. You've found this totally pointless secret! Yay!
  2. A Leecher misting typically uses their ability to wipe another Allomancer of their metal reserves, and the Coppermind confirms that this also works for Breath and Stormlight, while also preventing a Shardbearer from summoning their Shardblade. Ever since I saw this line from the New Ascendancy broadsheet (from Bands of Mourning), I wondered: "Would this same thing work on metalminds?" I think it would, since it works on other, more distantly related forms of Investiture, but it might not.
  3. You can store an attribute in a metal mind and retrieve it at a later date. You can also use compounding to fill a metal mind. It looks like compounding still needs a human component. Note that you can liberate the Investiture in a metal mind by melting it and casting it again. So feruchemy can be used to get rid of attributes. Some things are unclear. Can a machine fill a metal mind? Like when the South Scadrians use their ships, do they have immense amounts of Invested iron free to use? Some metal minds are incredibly precious. So I will try to rank them: Atium - immortality, basically Gold - health Zinc - thought has value Steel - time is money Bronze - time is also money Pewter - practical, psychological and cosmetic reasons for that Tin - useful Cadmium - recreational, medical and mining Electrum - maybe. And here we are leaving the area of those who are clearly desirable for tapping Brass is going to have a regionally and seasonally fluctuating price. In hot summers it will go negative, in cold winters it will be positive And we have some that will have a negative price Iron - Wax may have a use for more mass. But most people will rather safely jump off high places or use it to increase mobility decreasing their weight. Bendalloy - people like to eat. Given the levels of obesity that come with wealth, we can safely conclude that there is a higher need of getting rid of excess calories rather than more food. That is kind of unique. In Era 3 you will be paid to be provided for in terms of basic food.
  4. On one of my forums (found here), it ended up asking why nicrosil Ferrings didn't all end up with Lord Ruler-style compounding (which I'm going to say is called being a Full Compounder.) Basically, Feruchemists can use nicrosil to store and tap Investiture. So, why don't they all make two distinct metalminds and tap one of them in order to burn the other? Does it not work like that? Has nobody thought of that? Are they all hiding that they've already done it?!? (Okay, that last one is pretty unlikely...) But why haven't they all done it and let everyone else also do it via unsealed metalminds?
  5. EDIT: There are NO spoilers ahead for any book. So i have an idea: is it possible to create a black hole using the Feruchemical ability to store weight? First of all i am no physicist, and all my calculation my be incorrect, so feedback is appreciated. storing weight in iron is something a feruchemist do all the time and it's said that it changes his density when tapping the iron - not his strength though it affects it. and what is a black hole if not a really REALLY dense point in space? Could a skimmer store enough weight to use it all in one second and make himself so dense that even the light can't escape his gravitational force? there are standards to black holes - according to wikipedia - some are huge, some are even micro. Assuming a skimmer who is 1.80 meters and 80kg, is storing 99% of his weight, we could, after a bit more than a whopping quadrillion years (1,000,000,000,000,000) use all that weight in a second to make himself dense as a large black hole. But we don't really need a whole second isn't it? we can do it in half a second' or a tenth, or a planck second: the shortest time possible in the universe. This actually shortens the storing time to less than a second! That's not even considering compounding... Sanderson once said that increasing weight affects the Higgs field, which is essentially gravity. The only problem I see is that they will need to empty the reserves in the shortest time possible according to science, and by what i have read i don't see any indication to the speed of which you can tap into a metalmind. In conclusion, any skimmer can destroy Scadrial without breaking a sweat. If you want more calculations, or see something wrong please say so. Thank you for coming to my ted talk. TLDR; skimmer OP must nerf quick.
  6. Suppose you were a Feruchemist and became a Surgebinder, specifically a Lightweaver. What interactions would you study, especially if you had some knowledge of the theory of the arcane arts? Yes, you know whom I am suspecting of doing exactly that. My suggestions for the generic effects would be: Stormlight and pewter - does the increase in endurance affect the muscles I get from a pewter mind Stormlight alters your mood - can that be stored in an electrum mind Stormlight heals - can that effect be stored in a gold mind Stormlight replaces breathing - can that effect be stored in a cadmium mind Can Stormlight in general be stored in a nicrosil mind Does tapping a steel mind speed up healing The surges: Does tapping a duralumium mind facilitate soulcasting Does tapping an electrum mind facilitate soulcasting What happens to the Investiture in a metal mind if I soulcast it into another metal Does it matter whether I soulcast my metal mind or somebody else's or an unkeyed metal mind Interaction with my spren Does my spren become stupid while I am filling a zinc mind Can my spren use feruchemy Interaction with a Shard Blade Can I store anything in it Does gold heal blade injuries (that is rather risky an experiment unless you are sure you have alternative methods) How full does a metal mind have to be to block a blade Does it matter which metal mind I use to block the blade (aluminium aside) Interactions with Plate Can I store the strength from the Plate in a pewter mind Can I store the Plate's mass in an iron mind Can I use Surgebinding through the Plate if I store most of my Identity away
  7. In era two there are no mistborn and full feruchemists and much less powerful mistings/ferrings. I am guessing in era 3 and 4 even mistings/ferrings will be rare and twinborn might even be nonexistent. Does anyone have any ideas about how Brandon Sanderson will be able to keep the powers going?
  8. Ok, so, bit of explanation up front about the long-winded topic tile. My first ever post on the forums was a Reverse Compounding theory (based on the WoB of there being "a way to enhance allomancy using feruchemy" (see following spoiler for the wob). In it, I went over how Compounding F-Nicrosil charged with an allomantic power would likely result in being able to become vastly stronger with that metal, which I still believe is true. I do NOT, however, still believe that to be "real" Reverse Compounding. It does involve using Feruchemy to enhance Allomancy, as per the Wob, but I think there's a second possibility, one that isn't limited to Nicrosil Compounding. (Y'know what, from henceforth, I will use C-Nicrosil/gold/etc to denote Compounded metals. It's just quicker and more concise.) This second possibility is that a Compounder can store the Allomantic effect of their metal inside a Metalmind, charging it up with the allomantic power instead of the usual feruchemical attribute. There's a certain symmetrical simplicity to that which makes me think I'm on the right track. Now the main benefit here is that you can keep burning the metal and charging up the metalmind with it, and after you're done, you have a feruchemically-stored supply of Allomantic power. So now you can make use of Feruchemy's greatest feature and tap a HUGE amount of allomantic power out in a short burst, almost like a Duralumin burn. The obvious example would be Steel, wherein you can Push with potentially hundreds of times the normal force you can muster, possibly launching a coin at railgun-level speeds, or fling yourself high into the sky with one leap. Another advantage this has over A-Duralumin burns is that the exact amount of power you muster can be fine-tuned, meaning you can also be more subtle with, let's say Steel again, and easily hover using ground anchors without needing as much practice in managing your allomantic steel burn rate/power. Now the first argument I could see against this is "well if that's how it works, why haven't we seen it yet" and, well, I think the answer is kind of obvious. In the case of Miles, doing this was pointless. He doesn't need finesse or brute force with A-Gold, he needs F-Gold charge en-masse. It's also possible that it's just too tricky of a balancing act to do BOTH at once, and so he just focused on doing normal C-Gold since Reverse C-Gold is just as useless as unmodified A-Gold. The other part of the answer is, well, we HAVE. The Lord Ruler could soothe in a HUGE radius, with soul-crushing potency. He may have known about Nicrosil, and so may have used normal C-Nicrosil to boost up his potency in A-Brass, but I feel like something's missing there. Surely if he was constantly burning brass to do that, he would have to be constantly chugging Brass flakes or poking brass spikes (not hemalurgic ones) into himself to burn, which seems crude and clumsy. Surely he of all people would learn how to Reverse Compound, and that's how he Soothes in such a radius at such power at seemingly all hours of every day. He's using RC-Brass and tapping it constantly. In fact, he could actually still be consuming brass metal to Soothe with, but that Brass could be supercharged with Allomantic brass power, making it even more powerful when burned. At the very least, that would significantly reduce the interval at which he would need to burn Brass, which would make things a lot less obnoxious. Just fill a brass ring with A-Brass, and Reverse Compound it, then store it in a full-sized Brassmind. I dunno, I feel like this lines up really nicely, and the poetic symmetry of it literally being the reverse of normal Compounding makes it even more plausible to me. What do you think, though? Where did i slip up in my logic?
  9. It just occurred to me that Nicrosil ferrings have the potential to become absurdly strong with the advent of Medallions and Unkeyed/Unsealed metalminds. If you can give a metalborn a Medallion for F-Aluminum and F-Nicrosil, they can store their ability to use their metalborn powers inside unkeyed Nicrosil, which a Nicrosil ferring can then tap and use for themselves. (Note that this would be more like an Unkeyed Coppermind, able to transfer distinct powers rather than "ability to burn/tap X metal for Y amount of seconds at Z level of potency" like most Feruchemical reserves) So I don't think this could lead to Nicrosil Ferrings becoming Fullborns with enough cooperative metalborn buddies, but they could certainly become a Nicrosil Compounder which is terrifying enough, and could probably gather up about 16 TOTAL metalborn powers without killing anyone Hemalurgically. They would just have to pick and choose which 16 they want out of the 32 or so total metalborn powers available. They could become a compounder of 8 metals, which... Yep, that's terrifying, or they could pick a few metals that don't overlap (for some reason or another) and have less than 8 compounded metals. I'm also sorry if this has been blatantly obvious to anyone else so far, I tend to do that sort of thing.
  10. Since Sazed currently holds Ruin, Hemalurgy is of him now. Since he also holds Preservation, calling the combination Harmony, he also has an entirely new godmetal that we saw in BoM. Duscovered by the Southern Scadrians, who call it Ettmetal and use it to power their ships, create powerful bombs as well as Allomantic grenades. This metal is explosive on contact with water, Brandon compared it with Cesium. As we saw with the Inquisitors, Hemalurgic constructs can survive wounds inflicted by the spike and in fact, alter the receiver's biology so that they can survive being impaled. The Inquisitors' brains itself was reshaped to allow the spikes to pass through, as well as, it seems their skeletal structure and muscular structure as well as possibly a few internal organs and their circulatory system. So couldn't their body do something to accommodate a Harmonium spike? It doesn't solve the problem of the spike degrading or getting damaged or exploding while it's still... passing through the donor, but I'm hoping you all could provide some theories for that end. Now, assuming success of such a venture, what power(s) do(es) Harmonium steal? Feruchemy can sidestep the godmetal's reaction with water, provided the Feruchemist takes a few precautions like covering up their metalmind so as to not expose it to water. So what would a Harmonium metalmind store?
  11. Hey 17th shard. I took a long step away from the Cosmere while waiting for new books and have recently come back. While poking around, I saw some bits of info that contradicted some of the older theories on Iron. Here's my question: is it still assumed that, via a clever application of Iron storing and steel pushing off an object, then tapping Iron and Ironpulling, that one could effectively fly by reusing their anchor? I had a series of mildly interesting posts planned based on this concept ages ago, so I was wondering if this idea still held up.
  12. What kind of abilities would a person get from being able to Compound aluminum, the sort-of anti-magic metal of Scadrial?
  13. Hello All I was wondering what would happen if let's say I was a twinborn from Pewter allomancy and gold feruchemey. Would I be able to burn Pewter to increase my strength and then use that strength to fill my gold metal minds? Pretty much cheating and using the health granted to me by pewter instead of my own health to fill my gold metal minds. Essentially gaining all the benefits that a gold compounder would get but better in some ways as I do not have to burn any gold doing this. Though filling my metal minds would take longer. Or is that not possible at all and I cannot draw on the power of pewter to fill my metal mind and doing this will just draw on my own power to fill the mind which means I'll still be weak physically while the minds are filling though maybe not as weak as usual since I'm burning pewter but overall my feruchemy is still net-zero and I won't be able to be immortal or fill extreme amounts of health using pewter. I've listened to graphic audiobooks for all Mistborn main series and side stories so don't worry about spoilers. Sorry if the formatting of tags and the title is off, I'm new here and plan to be active way more once I finish the rest of the cosmere stories (only Emperor's soul, white sand and Arcanum stories left). It's just this question was left on my mind.
  14. I was bored, and, like any normal person would, I decided to make my own, non-canon, hypothetical "quadrant" to add to the three Metallic Arts. I used real metals and alloys of those real metals (including the infamous silver), but these effects could easily be Lerasium alloys' effects instead, if you want them to be more canon. 2 of them would be Physical (Cobalt and Nixium, likely would be alloys of Lerasium and iron/steel), and 2 would be Enhancement (Silver and Argentum, would likely be alloys of aluminum and duralumin). I also have a nice little minimalist chart of these 4 set up, just for the fun of it, and for practicing graphic design for later. I'll elaborate on the brief descriptions of the powers in each of the segments of that chart here. - The quadrant itself is the Mystic metals category. It's a nice catch-all term for the somewhat disparate abilities of the metals, without just being "hybrid" again like Feruchemy's hybrid quadrant. - The Mystic Allomantic metals, as mentioned above, are 2 Physical effects and 2 Enhancement effects. Cobalt/Nixium's effects work by altering the overall velocity of a metallic object within reach. Nixium Pushes the metals, adding to their current velocity. However, like Steel, the Pushes are equal and opposite reactions on the Allomancer as well, as if they themselves were Pushing in the same direction that Nixium is adding the velocity in. So to accelerate an object upwards, the Allomancer will be pushed downwards equally in exchange. - Likewise, Cobalt Pulls on metals, reducing their current velocity, including the inevitable pull of gravity, allowing an allomancer to produce hovering footholds with which to leap between. As with Nixium, Cobalt transfers force to the allomancer, meaning that the taken velocity is added to theirs. This results in the allomancer feeling an increased gravitational pull when stopping a metal object from falling, based on the mass of the object being anchored. - Ahh, Silver, silver, silver... A tricky metal to be sure, and quirky enough to explain why it was (and, is) considered Allomantically Inert by all metalborn. Silver works by channeling its power into the "floodgates" of other metals' power, flowing into and through the Allomancer via their other burning metals. When burned by itself, this effect enters a feedback loop of constricting its own power, which induces a nauseating feeling that is almost completely indistinguishable from the sickness of burning a non-allomantic metal or impure alloy. Burning silver and Duralumin amplifies this issue, as the Silver constricts both the duralumin and itself, while the duralumin forces the Silver to expend itself at astronomical rates, causing the silver constriction to intensify to the point where no power can flow, releasing a huge amount of pent-up allomantic power when the constriction wears off, sickening the allomancer deeply, even killing them. Flaring silver and duralumin will kill an allomancer foolish enough to try it. When properly employed, Silver reduces the power output per gram of metal, which may seem purely negative as Aluminum does, but it comes with the added benefit of making the allomancer's metal resources more difficult to Leech or Nicroburst away, keeping them safe from harm while you have Silver to burn. -Argentum, then, is the opposite. It uses the influx of power from Preservation to widen the "floodgates" of other metals burned alongside it. It enhances the power output per gram of metal, which pairs nicely with Duralumin, giving you a further multiplication on power received per second. It also allows you to be a bit more subtle with your burn rate, keeping a low burn while still getting a fair bit of power out of the metals. As you might guess, Argentum-boosted metals are easier to Leech or Nicroburst away. As well, Argentum Savants are not terribly uncommon among Argentum allomancers, due to the fact that by burning Argentum alone, you can have a positive feedback loop of increasing power flowing through via Argentum widening its own "floodgates" over and over. Benefits of Argentum Savantism include a generally improved power output per gram of metal in all metals that the Savant can burn, and an improved ability to control your metals' burn rates. Drawbacks include an addiction-like dependence on Argentum allomancy, as well as a particular vulnerability to being Nicrobursted. Some speculate that the Argentum Allomancer welcomes the rush of power from a Nicroburst on a subconscious level, being familiarized with it from Argentum Allomancy, though this is unconfirmed. - The Mystic Feruchemical metals, then, are quite fun. Cobalt feruchemy is my personal favorite, as it allows the feruchemist to shrink or grow, like ant-man. Cobaltminds are often worn as bracelets at normal size, rings at large size, and a belt at small size, with their standard "big" and "small" sizes being dependent on when the Cobaltmind fits as such. Cobalt Feruchemy also strengthens the body to prevent it from collapsing at larger sizes from the Square-Cube Law, and to allow mobility even at such sizes, much like how Iron feruchemy strengthens the body to allow movement at great weights. - Nixium Feruchemy is rather odd, as it stores Ionic Energy. Fire, Electricity, both can be stored in Nixiumminds, allowing a Nixium feruchemist to quench flames or deplete batteries and charge their metalminds with that type of energy. One Nixiummind cannot store both fire and electrical energy in it at a time, but multiple Nixiumminds can be employed by a Nixium feruchemist to circumvent this. When tapping, the Nixium Feruchemist can direct the stored energy out of their body, typically through the hands, casting lightning bolts or spouts of flame. It's one of the most visually stunning feruchemical powers, to be sure. The Feruchemist is also protected from electrocuting or burning themselves when tapping. - Silver feruchemy stores Light from a small radius around a feruchemist, typically close to their skin, though further out as they store more aggressively. In an enclosed room with a large amount of uncharged silver, a feruchemist can darken the whole room to pitch-black for some time. Tapping Silver causes the Feruchemist to glow, illuminating the area around them. They are also not blinded by the light emitted from their Silver feruchemy, though others can be, making a quick, aggressive tapping of Silver an effective flashbang, of sorts, disorienting foes. (side note: this unintentionally made a pun of Silver-light. I couldn't pass this up after I realized that.) - Argentum Feruchemy stores Sound, a fitting counterpart to Silver. When storing, the feruchemist and his/her immediate surroundings become muted, with the area affected increasing as they store more aggressively. When tapping, sounds produced by the feruchemist become amplified, moreso the more they tap. With enough stored Sound, the feruchemist can create dangerously loud sounds, which is of particular effect against Tineyes or Windwhispers. The feruchemist is also strengthened to be able to withstand the loud noises they produce, unable to deafen themselves. - Cobalt Hemalurgy steals Mystic Allomantic powers. Pretty simple, just like any other allomancy-stealing spike. - Nixium Hemalurgy steals Mystic Feruchemical Powers, which functions just as expected. - Silver Hemalurgy steals Spiritual Fortitude, which is somewhat complex. A spike will enhance the "can't push/pull on metals inside someone" effect, will reinforce the user against Emotional allomantic possession, and even increases the spike threshold for Shardic possession by a net gain of 1 for every silver spike (of average strength). A Silver Kandra Blessing would make them immune to Emotional allomantic possession, and almost fully immune to Shardic possession, in theory being more trouble than it's worth, requiring too much concentration to break through (if we're talking about Ruin trying to control an army of Kandra, Koloss, and Inquisitors, which, isn't likely to happen again. But a Silver Kandra COULD resist Harmony, if they tried hard enough, though that is in part due to his conflicting Intents, rather than the sheer strength of Silver. - Argentum Hemalurgy Steals Physical Immunity, which is to say, potency of your Immune System, and liver. Diseases, and poisons, are reduced in effectiveness against someone with a Nixium spike. So, what do you guys think? These WOULD be more logical as godmetal alloys, i admit, but the idea was too fun to pass up to stave off boredom.
  15. So this question has probably already been answered, but I can't find anything on it. So I'll ask anyway. (Sorry if this is redundant. It has just been driving me NUTS!) Ok, so this has been confusing me since Bands of Mourning. So, you have to have the proper feruchemical power to access an un-keyed metalmind, right? So why does there seem to be this inconsistency with nicrosil? Everyone seems to have the ability to use an un-keyed nicrosilminds regardless of whether or not you are already a nicrosil ferring, so what is going on?
  16. It's probably really obvious and I just dont know where to look but I was thinking, would aluminium and duralumin ferrings be easier to soul stamp while storing attributes and harder to stamp while tapping their mettalminds? Do we have any WoBs or something about how identity and connection affect soul stamps?
  17. I have a quick question about compounding. We know from Miles Hundredlives that compounding metals exponentially increases your feruchemical abilities. Does this work in reverse? If I were a copper compounder would I be able to make really, really good copperclouds? What does this mean for steelpushing and ironpulling? Thanks! -Channelknight
  18. We know that Lerasium is the condensed power of preservation, as Atium is to Ruin. The power of shards can exist in material form in solid and liquid states. Logically, it should be able to exist in gaseous form as well (and plasm) which leads me go believe that the Mists are - in fact - Preservation's own power in gaseous form. -Vin is able to absorb the Mists and enhance her Allomancy with it, becoming capable of manipulating metals inside someone else like the LR and perform a Steelpush so powerful it decimates Kredik Shaw. Lerasium turns people into Mistborn, but apparently this is just a side effect. Lerasium's true power is unknown, but we know that using the Mists (a sort of dilute Lerasium) gave Vin a huge boost. According to the wiki, burning enough Lerasium to achieve Savanthood would make one the Shardholder of Preservation; this seems to be what Vin did by absorbing all of the Mists. We know that Leras intended for her to succeed him temporarily, and she Ascended after his death. This makes me wonder, however, what would have happened if Leras still lived and Vin absorbed the Mists - would she have been unable to, as someone already held Preservation? Or, can anyone at anytime take hold of Preservation by burning enough Lerasium? (I know it's unlikely anyone would have access to the relevant amounts) -Lerasium is also unique in that anyone can burn it, thereby becoming Mistborn. Lerasium spikes steal all abilities, much like Atium spikes. The wiki states that Atium spikes are "better" at this than other metals - and I believe that this means Atium spikes lose less power during the transfer. Based on Preservation's intent, however, I believe that: 1- A Lerasium spike is exempt from the Law of Hemalurgic Decay, that is the powers it steals will always remain at full strength, barring that the spike is split. 2- A Lerasium spike isn't just able to steal any ability (like Atium) but will invariably steal and store all abilities. My problem with the second part of this theory is that things beyond Metallic abilities can be stolen, like Investiture and Identity. I'm not sure what the implications of this are. I have no idea what Feruchemical properties Lerasium has. Maybe it can somehow store the Preservation part of people, making the person more destructive while feeding a Lerasium mind, and more Preservative while tapping it? This is, however, rather flimsy guesswork.
  19. I'm sure most people have wondered about or wished that there was more than just Mistings of a single metal and Mistborn with all the metals, or Ferrings and Full Feruchemists. I can't say I know exactly why Brandon limited things to that (though I am aware of his magical philosophy that limitations are more interesting than powers, and I agree, they are), but every now and then I've found myself wondering what would happen if Metalborn could exist with a push/pull pair, or all 4 metals of a quadrant, or all the pulling metals, or all the pushing metals. So I figured I'd make a topic where we can discuss which sets we'd want, or which ones you think are particularly powerful or interesting (tin/pewter pair, for example) or theorycrafting little things like what certain names would be for these hypothetical Metalborn. If I had a push/pull pair of Allomantic metals, I'd probably go with Chromium/Nicrosil. Leeching is super useful against all kinds of Invested things, and Nicrobursting can be even more chaotic or helpful, depending on who you use it on, and whether you're coordinating the timing of the burst or trying to surprise them with it. For feruchemy, even though they're not divided by push/pull & internal/external, I'd probably take the pair of... Well... Chromium and Nicrosil, actually. Fortune manipulation fascinates me, in general, and F-Nicrosil can be powerful and versatile under the right conditions. So what would you pick, if you could have a set of Metalborn powers between Misting/Ferring and Mistborn/Full Feruchemist?
  20. So I was looking at the Coppermind’s explaination of a Nicrosil Ferring and I thought that it was fairly useless. All you could do was have the ability to use your powers or lose the ability to use your powers. But then I thought about Ettmetal. Would you, theoretically, use Ettmetal to make all feruchemists or Allomancers to lose the ability to use their powers temporarily or even permanently?
  21. Summing up this one Q&A at the starsight release thing. It's not on the Arcanum WoB thing yet but someone should put it on there. Link to the question is at the bottom. Basically, he says it is indeed possible for a Mistborn to burn a piece of a Shardblade, though it would be hard to make happen. If a Mistborn were to do this, it would act as an alloy of the godmetal of Honor and would do something (of course, what it does is a RAFO). Now, I appreciate y'all's thoughts on this or what it might do, though I don't think we can go very far there. However, I would also like to point to the fact that, including all the godmetals and their alloys and all that, there should be a lot of different metals, each (likely) with Allomantic, Feruchemical, and Hemalurgic abilities. My main problem is I am, really, out of ideas when it comes to what any of these new and unknown metals would be able to do. Like, what we already have covers a lot. What else is there? And that is where I invite ideas on new powers and abilities for metals. Check out all the ideas (not necessarily theories) inside the spoiler thing. I will edit it when new ideas come along. Thoughts? The ideas don't even have to be viable, just interesting. at point 55:49
  22. ruin

    So we've been told that Feruchemy is of both Preservation and Ruin. Allomancy preserves the Allomancer, allowing them to burn metals which act as keys to Preservation's power Hemalurgy allows one to steal attributes. Ruin's Investiture steals part of the Spiritweb from the... donor, keyed to both the metal used and specific bindpoints and grafts it on to the recipient's soul, while ensuring that the spikes being driven through their body itself doesn't end up killing the recipient. Feruchemy allows one to store an attribute and tap or access it later. It is end-neutral, the Feruchemist doesn't gain or lose their attributes, making it of Preservation. In order to tap the attribute later, the attribute being stored deteriorates, making it of Ruin. My question is: how can it also be of Ruin? Doesn't giving his own Investiture go against his Intent?
  23. So I have just backed the 'Mistborn Metal Dice' project on Kickstarter by Crafty Games - they ahve created the Mistborn RPGs and the Mistborn: House War tabletop game in the past... Therefore, anything which they produce, usually has high involvement from Brandon. In the description of the dice, the 20 of which all are based around a different Allomantic metal, it describes Harmonium as the following: (God, Internal, Pushing) - Unknown in the Classis Era, Harmonium replicates the effects of nearby Allomantic or Feruchemical metals DISCUSS!
  24. Can Allomancy be used in the Cognitive Realm? In Secret History, Kelsier cannot use Allomancy while in the Cognitive Realm. I realize this could also be due to him not having any connection with the Physical Realm as a Cognitive Shadow but he also noted that "the souls of metal and men are the same", both glowing when viewed from the Cognitive Realm. I simply took it to mean that Allomancy doesn't work in the Cognitive but now I'm not so sure. After all, metal can be brought to the Cognitive Realm, but can they be burned while in the Cognitive Realm? Same question about Feruchemy. Can one store or tap an attribute in the Cognitive Realm? I think yes... With Hemalurgy, I want to ask who fuels it? I mean Hemalurgy is Ruin's magic, I think Ruin only fuels the theft and grafting of the stolen attributes, and that he does not provide the Investiture to fuel any stolen Investiture art, that either the original Shard still provides the necessary Investiture or that it goes through Ruin somehow, who corrupts the Investiture then passes it to the Hemalurgist. Preservation used Ruin's Investiture in the form of Atium to fuel Allomancy, but how did it also work with Feruchemy, which is of both Ruin and Preservation? I understood the concept of Atium as just a source of Investiture within Preservation's system of Allomancy but what about Hemalurgy? Trell is doing the reverse with Trellium in Ruin's system, now Harmony's system, of Hemalurgy. Shouldn't Harmony be able to sense something? The use of Hemalurgy isn't instantaneous, it's a two step process: first you have to spike someone's attributes, then you have to spike yourself. I would say Harmony should be able to sense both, even if all he's providing the Investiture for is the theft and the grafting. Plus, at the end of 'Bands of Mourning', he told Wax that "[Harmony] always take the time to have this walk". Yet he missed the spiked souls? Don't tell me that the Set managed to keep the spiked ones alive after doing that!
  25. So you can store investiture in nicrosil right. So how does that work. 1). Does it only store the ability to use other magic systems ? Like suppose I'm a twinborn and I store the ability to burn steel in an unsealed metalminds ,while not burning the metal. So when someone else taps it , do they temororarily gain the ability to burn metal but have to actually metabolize metal to use it ? 2). Suppose I burn steel but instead of using the energy to push on steel , I store it inside the metalmind. Then when someone else taps it , would they gain the ability to push without actually burning the metal. Or do both methods work ? Also suppose I'm compounding. So if I store 1 Newton of steel pushing in the metalmind and I burn it, do I get access to 10 Newtons of pushing ?