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Found 297 results

  1. In which way do you think ferruchemy and hemalurgy will affect fabrials? Imagine the possibilities, like maybe projection to a feruchemist stored memory or something crazy like that
  2. So, I was going through the Mistborn series again, and something about the feruchemists' healing powers caught my attention. Now, healing by stormlight in (say it with me) the Stormlight Archives is pretty well explained. Using stormlight, a radiant can restore a physical object to its cognitive perception. That is, a person or thing that has been recently wounded or broken can be healed or fixed with the power of stormlight. We see this many times: Szeth healing minor wounds, Kaladin healing minor wounds, Shallan healing a crossbow bolt to the face, Dalinar healing a sword through the chest, Dalinar fusing a broken stone back together, Shallan using stormlight to recover from drunkenness, Shallan healing minor wounds, Lopen regrowing his arm, Lift healing Gawx's slit throat, and Renaren healing a lot of people including himself when he gets crushed by a thunderclast. We also see injuries that can't be healed, like Rysn's legs. I can't remember who talks about it, probably Jasnah or Wyndle, but whoever it was said that this has to do with perception in the cognitive realm. If an injury is recent, stormlight will heal it because the person doesn't see themselves as injured. That's why Rysn's legs couldn't heal. She thought of herself as a cripple, so no amount of stormlight would heal her. On the other hand, (you'll see why that's funny in a second) Lopen could grow back his arm because despite his jokes, he thought of himself as a whole person with two arms, which is surprising since he'd been missing it for so long. (on a sidenote, does this mean that Shallan was only able to dispel her drunkenness because she doesn't see herself as a drunk? What implications does this have for Teft's firemoss addiction?) So, that brings us to feruchemy. A bloodmaker ferring (or a full feruchemist) can store health in a goldmind, drawing upon it later to heal wounds and other ailments including disease, headaches, etc. The question is, does this healing of the body work just the same as stormlight healing on Roshar, by restoring the body to the way it is perceived in the cognitive realm? Or is it a different kind of healing that just enhances the body's natural auto-repair functions? Perhaps neither. On a related note, what if someone with both of these powers tried to use them at the same time, like some meta-compounding? Imagine storing health while consuming stormlight to take up the slack. Now that I think about it, stormlight could be used to fill a couple different metalminds. For example, at one point Shallan feels guilty about using valuable stormlight to keep herself warm in Urithiru, and Sazed, while standing in the snow preparing to defend Luthadel, taps a brassmind for the same purpose. Imagine using the surge of graviation (to fly like Kaladin does) while filling an ironmind. Using stormlight and filling a pewtermind at the same time. I also want to see someone fill a steelmind but inside one of those bendalloy bubbles Wayne can make. And on a less related note, what would it mean to compound copper? We're told that compounding a metal "increases the power tenfold" but how do you increase a memory? Anyway, that's all I have for now. I'm not necessarily looking for answers, I'm just giving you all something to think about and discuss. Feruchemy do be fascinating.
  3. Yes, technically there are already two other threads about this. I still started this one, since it's a little different topic: instead of speaking mainly about fabrials, here I wish to discuss the connection between every application of any metal in the four magic systems: allomancy, feruchemy, hemalurgy and fabrials. I might've lost myself in the middle of that sentence, I hope you understood me. anyway, what we've seen so far: Iron - A: pulls on metals. Fe: stores weight. H: steals strength. Fa: changes polarity (whatever that means)/attracts attribute. Steel - A: pushes on metals. Fe: stores physical speed. H: steals physical allomantic powers. Fa: same as Iron. Tin - A: enhances senses. Fe: stores senses. H: steals senses. Fa: diminishes attribute. Pewter - A: enhances strength and balance. Fe: storing physical strength. H: steals physical feruchemical powers. Fa: expresses attribute. Zinc - A: riots emotions. Fe: stores mental speed. H: steals emotional fortitude. Fa: manifests the spren more strongly. Brass - A: soothes emotions. Fe: stores warmth. H: steals cognitive feruchemy. Fa: makes the spren withdraw. Copper - A: hides allomantic pulses. Fe: stores memory. H: steals mental fortitude, memory, and intelligence. Fa: unknown. Bronze - A: allows to hear allomantic pulses. Fe: stores wakefulness. H: steals mental allomancy. Fa: warns of things getting close. Aluminum - A: wipes internal allomantic reserves. Fe: stores Identity. H: removes all powers. Fa: cuts connection, no other known function. Duralumin - A: quickly burns any burning metals in powerful burst. Fe: stores connection. H: steals connection and identity. Fa: unknown. Chromium - A: wipes out target's allomantic reserves. Fe: stores furtune. H: might steal destiny? Fa: unknown. Nicrosil - A: enhances allomantic burn of target. Fe: stores investiture. H: steals investiture. Fa: unknown. Gold - A: shows past self (or alternative present self). Fe: stores health. H: steals hybrid feruchemy. Fa: unknown, probably known in-world. Electrum - A: shows possible future of the burner. Fe: stores determination. H: steals enhancement allomancy. Fa: unknown. Cadmium - A: slows down time. Fe: stores breath. H: steals temporal allomancy. Fa: unknown. Bendalloy - A: speeds up time. Fe: stores energy. H: steals spiritual feruchemy. Fa: unknown. Now, there are patterns inside each magic system, if you look for it, though so far only allomancy and hemalurgy have sensible division for each metal. For now, it might be better to stick to discussing only the lower metals - the first eight, since we understand those the most, and know mostly all of their applications in the magic systems (lets use the acronym MS for that) in discussion. Tin is irregular because it's the only one that does exactly the same in the first three MSs. I can't actually see any thorough connection between one metal's applications in all the MSs, and it's a little late at night in my country, and since I'm also lazy I'll leave you to think over it.
  4. I don't know if this has been done before, but I was creating a character for the Mistborn adventure game, who is a tin ferring. I started to think about all interesting things you can store in a tin metalmind, here's my list so far. Sense of temperature Sense of pain sense of direction sense of balance sense of hunger/thirst Would you be able to store these senses in a Tin mind? and if so, what would some other interesting or useful senses be?
  5. It has been confirmed that when an allomancer tries to burn a feruchemical metalmind that they themselves stored, they can sense a new power. This new well of power can be tapped without burning the actual metal itself, thereby creating a HUGE increase in power. Let’s say someone was a full Mistborn and a full Feruchemist. What is they stored some Investiture in a Nicrosil metalmind, they tapped the power with Allomancy. While getting the already boosted power, if they burned duralumin, would it affect the Allomantically tapped metalmind, thereby giving them enough Investiture to become a Sliver?
  6. We need to talk about the silver plating on Vin's earring! Somewhere between the moment Vin's mother drove this little bronze spike through Vin's sister into Vin's ear, and the moment we first see Vin in Book 1, this bronze earring became plated in "silver" (which must negate its Hemalurgic effects for reasons I'll explain) and then locked away inside of a box. Even ignoring the larger implications of Silver throughout the Cosmere, and isolating our attention only at Scadrial's magic system... We know that silver on Scadrial has no known Allomantic, Feruchemical, or (most importantly) Hemalurgic properties at all. If the earring were silver-plated before spiking through Vin's sister, then that silver would have nullified the spike's ability to behave as a hemalurgic spike and accept a hemalurgic charge. In contrast, if the earring was silver-plated after receiving a hemalurgic charge, then the silver would have blocked the earring's effects on the wearer (much like Nightblood's sheath blocks his power). If this bronze earring was plated in silver, then it's logical to infer that even if Vin wore it like that (fully silver-plated), then Ruin wouldn't have been able to reach her, nor would she have been able to tap into the extra seeker properties with which the spike was charged. Interestingly enough, that silver plating was notably wearing away throughout Vin's story. From Well of Ascension - Chapter 33: "Vin stood quietly. Absently, she pulled out her bronze earring—her mother’s earring—and worked it between her fingers, watching it reflect light. It had once been gilded with silver, but that had worn off in most places." From Hero of Ages – Chapter 54: "Silver. Useless, unburnable silver. Like lead, it was one of the metals that provided no Allomantic powers at all. “An unpopular metal indeed . . .” Yomen said, nodding to the side. A servant approached Vin, bearing something on a small platter. Her mother’s earring. It was a dull thing, Allomantically, made of bronze with some silver plating. Much of the silver had worn off years ago, and the brownish bronze showed through, making the earring look to be the cheap bauble it was. “Which is why,” Yomen continued, “I am so curious as to why you would bother with an ornament such as this. I have had it tested. Silver on the outside, bronze on the inside. Why those metals?" I figure that neither Reen nor Vin could've done this silver-plating to the bronze earring. They wouldn't have been concerned in the least with having it silver-plated while they were poor and had a hard enough time staying [relatively] safe and fed. I think someone who was cosmere-aware or, at the very least, was "Ruin-aware" was responsible for having the earring silver plated. I doubt Hoid would have done this, as well. My imagination says that he would have sooner destroyed or stolen the earring if he really wanted to interfere with Ruin's plans. Hoid wouldn't have preserved the earring so carefully. The fact that the earring was neutralized/silver-plated rather than destroyed... and the fact that it was placed in a box and that box was kept rather than disposed of... well, I would guess Preservation was behind this silver-plating. I think he did what he could to influence people and events around Vin to protect her while keeping in line with his own will to 'preserve' above all else. From Hero of Ages – Sazed's final Epigraph (just before the epilogue): "Vin was special. Preservation chose her from a very young age, as I have mentioned. I believe that he was grooming her to take his power... I believe that she must have drawn some of the mist into her when she was still a child, in those brief times when she wasn’t wearing the earring. Preservation had mostly gotten her to stop wearing it by the time Kelsier recruited her, though she put it back in for a moment before joining the crew. Then, she’d left it there at his suggestion." If the earring had been placed while Vin was an infant and left in her ear, then it's a safe assumption that Ruin would have had her entire lifetime to work his influence... if, of course, it hadn't been for the presumed efforts of Preservation to buy her as much time as he could. I asked Brandon Sanderson "Who was responsible for getting Vin's bronze earring plated in 'silver'?" and apparently that question was good enough to award me an RAFO card. :-) I will be framing it. Don't judge me. Who plated Vin's bronze earring in "silver"? When did they do it? Why? Is the plating on Vin's earring really silver (or just perceived to be Silver by the Scadrians)? it the same metal as Nightblood's sheath? It seems to me that the silver plating on Vin's earring and Nightblood's famous "silver sheath" were essentially there to perform the same job. What do you think?
  7. This question basically related to whether it would be easier for a surgebinder with access to stormlight or a bloodmaker with plenty of health stored up to get absolutely jacked or in totally insane mundane shape by lifting weights or going on runs at top speed while healing or burning stormlight. Like, could they heal the body as fast as they break it down and, assuming they have adequate nutrition, just get in insane shape, or does the stormlight heal their body is such a way that the fast recovery time can't be used to just like, get a month's worth of lifting in a day without strain?
  8. Feruchemy can store a specific attribute for each metal, what would happen if the metal is changed while it is charged ? First there is 3 methods I can think of to change the metal : - Soulcasting : this is unrealistic because Investiture resist Investiture. As such a charged metalmind would be near-impossible to change (more probably require an immense quantity of investiture) - Forgery : same thing than Soulcasting, Investiture will resist - Nuclear transmutation : this is the modification of an atom into another by adding/removing protons and neutrons. Currently no worlds have reached a scientific level where this is a possibility but this will be possible in Era 4 and maybe discovered in Era 3. By nuclear transmutation it will at least be possible to change a base metal into another, alloys on the other hand will be more complicated. Now let's suppose we have a Zinc metalmind and we transmute it to Copper (1 less proton only). For simplicity we'll use an unkeyed metalmind. So the question is what happens to the mental speed stored ? - the charge disappear in the process and is released as raw investiture. - the charge is accessible to be tapped by a Zinc Feruchemist but he can't store any new mental speed. A Copper Feruchemist could use it to store/tap memories. - a Copper Feruchemist can tap but not store mental speed, and store/tap memories as usual. - the metalmind still consider itself Zinc on the Cognitive side and fully behaves like a Zincmind. This will change with time but will be very slow, at some point we may end in one of the other outcomes. - the mental speed is converted to memories and behaves like a normal Coppermind. Ok this might be a bit weird with my example, but in reverse it could be used to encrypt memories. I have no way to tell which of those outcomes is the most likely. Most of them however would not be worth realising the transmutation, their uses would mostly be limited to hiding what kind of feruchemist the user is. The conversion outcome can be more interesting depending on the conversion rates between the metals but it is unlikely to be worth the transmutation if it is as hard to do on Scadrial as it is for us. What are your thoughts on the question ?
  9. I don't know if this has been answered before but. We've never actively seen a feruchemist warrior nor have we seen what a terris army would look like. So my question is how could the powers of feruchemy best be used in training/battle scenarios? Also what is possible while storing. I always thought if a feruchemist soldier wanted to really train themselves to be effective they'd train their bodies to a certain point that they're confidently stronger and more fit than the common man. Then constantly store 10% of their attribute say lhysical strength. Then theyd go and train while storing. I'm using pewter as a placeholder since it's the easiest. But say a youre storing in pewter and then you start training physically while in that stored state. Does your base strength go up as you get used to training and working out in that state to the point where you're just as efficient in that state as your normal state? Because if that was the case then a feruchemical soldier would be extremely potent. Being in a constant storing state but having trained themselves to be just as effective as they are normally. Then when they need to win just tap a little bit of the attribute they need and they're instantly out of anyone's league that they're fighting. Anyways just a little thought that I had.
  10. Feruchemic steel can store speed, everyone knows that. And speed affects many aspects of body, because body of feruchemist automaticly gain ability to withstand stress during taping metalmind. So taping Steelmind increases speed of mouvment, but also perception, thinking and reflexes. I remember also that increased metabolism has negative effect - they need eat more (like Flash - but i cant find WoB). So my question is - Is F-Steel increasing also regeneration speed? Not like "normal" Investiture healing, but more physical, by increasing speed of cells growth? Is Steel Compounder able to heal faster, not of course on Gold level, but more like A-Pewter level?
  11. If someone will gain allomantic or feruchemical abilities by being spiked with hemalurgic spike and he will have children, did his children will inherit (with standard genetic posibility) metalic abilities?
  12. I'm curious what we think about how strong different magic users are and whether we think certain magics effect strength, and how much. I'll give a list with descriptions in the order I'd rank them. I'm wondering if you think I'm missing any critical groups for consideration Drab: Everything is just a hair worse for drabs. I suspect this effects strength, even if it's just a tiny effect Normal human Human at a high heightening: Everything is just a little better at a high heightening. I suspect this effects strength as well, even though it's not noted and the effect compared to the other more profound effects of heightening are probably comparatively negligible. Listener in warform: Warform is for fighting and being strong is definitely an asset. I suspect listeners in war form aren't that much stronger than a strong human, but at least a little bit Elantrian: Everything is significantly enhanced for Elantrians, and I suspect this includes strength, though I don't think regular Elantrians are necessarily outside the high end of the normal human range. Returned: Their bodies, including their strength, are at least potentially seriously enhanced and idealized. You would expect them to be stronger than almost any normal human. Radiant with stormlight: Kaladin doesn't think stormlight enhances his strength, but I think he's wrong. I suspect the effect isn't enormous, and he couldn't like, lift a truck, but I think radiants holding stormlight are still stronger than normal humans can ever become. Allomancer burning pewter: Their main thing is their supernatural strength. I think even a weak pewter arm using his powers is about twice as strong as a very strong man. Koloss: Definitely super-human in their strength Dakhor monk: I think it's an exaggeration, but Dilaf suggests Dakhor monks are worth hundreds of soldiers, and they are clearly monstrously strong. Active ChayShan user: Shuden clearly overmatches Dakhor monks when using this magic. Person wearing shardplate: People can only wield shardhammers wearing plate, and show pretty incredible feats otherwise. Allomancer Flaring pewter: This is the main cosmere strength-focused magic maxed out. I think WOBs under-estimate the power of this magic as demonstrated via character feats in the text. Feruchemist tapping strength: This magic doesn't have a clear upper-limit. It's potentially the strongest, but it has serious limitations, like being almost too bulky to move, needing to have stored a ton of strength to use it for any significant period of time, etc. I think generally they are around where a pewter arm is in terms of strength if they don't max out. Allomancer burning Pewter with Duralumin: Like strength feruchemy, this doesn't really seem to have an upper limit, but for a one-off feat, this is probably easier to achieve unless the feruchemist is a pewter compounder. A Pewter compounder tapping strength while burning or flaring pewter: a theoretical pewter compounder would be absurdly strong, and have very little limit to their absurd strength. *Edited to include shard plate, Duralumin Pewter, and Pewter compounding.
  13. compounding

    So, in compounding does one burn the power stored inside of a metalmind or does one burn the metalmind itself. In Alloy of law, Wax claims that Miles needs lots of gold for his constant compounding, this leads me to believe that its the latter; at the end of Alloy of law, it says that they removed all of Miles' metalminds so that he couldn't heal himself. I'm just a bit confused, and I have only read era 1 and Alloy of law.
  14. So Compounding is really interesting and here is my take on what the various powers should be able to do. I realize that Brandon doesn’t want to give away things for future books (1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14) *there are a lot of copper ones)), so a good amount of this isn’t going to be verified until later. Some limitations that I won’t entirely cover are that the person compounding has to have enough metal to ‘burn’ to fuel their compounding, something entirely worth it for most of the powers, that the person can no longer use that metal for the allomantic power that it would normally endow, and savantism. So this is assuming that the Compounder has access to a ridiculous amount of their needed metal, and it is either in a form that they can swallow or make it into something that they can swallow (with C-Speed or something) so that they can just do this and have essentially as much F-[metal] (or C) power as they want. (C-[metal] refers to compounding that metal, F-[metal] is feruchemy for that metal, and A-[metal] is allomantically using that metal) (the (personal) tags on what the metals store is whether or not the attribute comes from the Compounder, or is able to be ‘given’ to the Compounder (not including unsealed metalminds). The ?’s are ones that I am unsure about (does a pep talk allow you to store determination that someone else was able to give to you?)) Please comment on some discrepancies and better applications for the compounding powers. Intro WoB and short explanation Physical: Iron: (Skimmer) Stores (personal) weight (when filling, you are lighter) so by filling the metalmind a little bit, a twinborn Skimmer + Lurcher can compound feruchemical iron to have a virtually unlimited density (while somehow remaining able to stand). Steel: (Steelrunner) Stores (??: if someone slaps you or runs into you, can you store that kinetic energy?) speed (when filling, you go slower) so you can have essentially enough speed to move at very fast (limited by air resistance and friction)(but if you remove the friction…) in relation to other speeds on the planet. Tin: (WoB)(Windwhisperer) Stores (personal) sensitivity (when filling, you are not as sensitive (for one of 5 senses)). This is not a very effective or useful power because you will be overwhelmed if you simply use massive amounts of storage. See Spook for why this is not a great idea. This is better used in (or like) regular feruchemy, storing a good amount and using it slowly. Specifically, you could likely blind yourself by tapping too much sight, which narrows your focus (Sazed when he meets the Koloss in WoA). If you have other powers, you could store and Compound them, which could be useful. Pewter: (WoB) (Brute) Stores (personal) strength (when filling, you are weaker and more scrawny). This would allow for the Compounder to have a huge amount of strength but might make the Compounder too bulky to do anything (Still, his bulk was daunting. He probably wouldn’t have been able to walk or maneuver with such size—but it didn’t matter, for the koloss had already knocked him to the ground. (The Well of Ascension starring Sazed)). Similar to tin in use (don’t use too much at one time) Cognitive: Zinc: (WoB: I’m pretty sure that this is referencing filling the metalmind so the opposite is likely true for the tapping) (Sparker) Stores (personal) mental speed (when filling, you think slower). Compounding could allow you to have T. level (going off of the fact that Odium says that he did it without access to Fortune) days every rusting day. Edit: on a mainstream kind of intelligence. How did TLR die?? With using the compounding, it would be like everyone else was living eternity in a moment of your time, or that you could process the movement of a Steelrunner, but not be able to do much about it. This is scary. Brass: (WoB) (Firesoul) Stores warmth (when filling, you are colder, and heat will flow to the area that you are storing from). This allows you to store heat from around you, which could allow you to act as a freezer, or ignore the heat conditions in your house. From the WoB at the beginning, you are protected from drawing too much heat to damage yourself (Coppermind is wrong on this, based on the WoB). That standing, you can’t just walk through a fire (or a nuke) and expect that the heat will have no effect on you (mainly for just filling, not the Compounding); you will probably be burned / might die. The opposite is not really as true, because you can just use the compounded heat to melt something like solid hydrogen or a bose-einstein condensate (well, you might experience burns if you are reacting to a bose-einstein condensate without C-Zinc). Essentially, you could be a nuclear reactor and just dump some brass flakes down as fuel. You have a nice amount of energy that is in a usable form of plain heat, which can be turned into a bunch of different types of energy. You could also become Firefight, essentially. Copper: (Archivist) Stores memories (when filling, you lose the memories to the metalmind). We don’t know what the compounding would do (see the various numbered WoBs at the top), but I am under the assumption that compounding would allow you to know multiple copies of something, and be able to store the copies into various metalminds (basically, I think that you can copy the metalmind’s contents to another metalmind). Bronze: (Sentry) Stores (personal) wakefulness (when filling, you are more drowsy). You could constantly stay awake, and even if you did sleep and keep the Compounding on a dull flow, you could still store the excess into metalminds: (while sleeping, he couldn’t fill metalminds - or, at least, he could fill only one. A bronzemind, the metal that stored wakefulness. -The Well of Ascension chapter 50 from Sazed). I kind of doubt that a Sentry & Seeker Twinborn would ever sleep unless they really loved to sleep. Sentry Compounders would also have a heightened sense of awareness (Alloy of Law Ars Arcanum). Oh, and once you start, you don’t want to stop abruptly. This might end up with the same effects as TLR and Atium, eventually. Spiritual: Chromium: (WoBs are RAFOs) (Spinner) Stores (personal) luck (when filling, you are less lucky). This is theorized to allow you to predict the future, and while I think that is possible, I think that a possibly more practical use would be to just be functionally immortal unless you are doomed (inside a black hole level of doomed). I think that when you are Compounding Chromium, something like a possibility of time travel would occur: (back in time you try to shoot someone who turns out to be one of your ancestors) something would happen to stop the attacker from being in the right place, have an empty cartridge, or intercept the threat (i.e. a deer runs in front of your great (* whatever) grandparent). Unless physics or something similar would forbid it, you would be saved from ‘fate’. An avalanche might happen, but you might be caught on a tree that was bent and flings you up, you could fall into a cave, or get whisked up the mountain by an alien spaceship that was passing by. You probably couldn’t commit suicide while Compounding Luck. The only downside is that you couldn’t use your chromium to leech anyone’s allomantic stores if they are all filled with Luck, but if it is needed, someone else might end up doing it for you. Nicrosil: (WoBs are RAFOs) (Soulbearer) Stores (the ability to use) Investiture (when filling, you store your ability to use a certain type of Investiture). When you compound it, you would have an unlimited supply of Investiture, which you could theoretically use to power your magic systems to massively larger levels of power. If you are a Mistborn and a Soulbearer, you would be virtually unstoppable (unless you are already dying, and in that case, someone better have a spike to steal the Feruchemy and MB powers). And with storing powers, you could Compound and use KR powers. And you could worldhop (though it might short out Harmony’s perpendicularity). And this is (probably) a NB protection power. Aluminum: (most WoBs are RAFOs) (Trueself) Stores (personal) Identity (when filling, you store your Spiritual Identity to something (and it is possible to store all of your identity: see BoM)) with a large sense of Identity, you couldn’t do much, but you might be able to heal yourself like Hoid does (healing through a relation to the Spiritual Realm). If you tap old Identity, you could possibly rewrite your spiritweb so that you could heal back to a previous state. With someone else’s Identity, you can do plenty. You could theoretically become someone from the various areas on Sel, someone from Roshar (the Nightwatcher likes native people more), gain an accent, use someone else’s’ metalmind, or hack and use it as a soulstamp. You might also be able to be inhabited by their ghost Cognitive Shadow and essentially let them body-snatch your body (see lower in the thread). Not as useful as Connection. Duralumin: (Connector) Stores Connection (linked between two things) (when filling, you are storing Connection to something). This allows you to go unnoticed in a crowd if you are filling, but with the Compounding, you could instantly become anyone’s best friend (unless their best friend is already a Duralumin Compounder). There are some cool things that you can do with other people’s Connection too. (Spoiler for MB SH) When Kelsier smashes the orb to gain a bunch of Connection to Preservation, and if you give him an unsealed Duralumin metalmind, and convince him to store some of that Connection, you could theoretically take that Connection out of the metalmind and Compound that to gain a ton of Connection to Preservation, which could allow you to ascend to that Shard when it dies. If you repeat this with other people, you could learn languages, steal spren bonds / aviar bonds (you might be able to become a human aviar this way) (they will only stay if they agree to stay), or get enough Connection to get the Awakener from something that the filler of the unsealed metalmind Awakened, even if they Returned since then. You can also overcome the distance barrier on Sel (helps with initiation to other planets’ magics). You should be able to qualify for being a Returned, somehow control a Kandra, or bond an Honorblade (you just have to be aware enough of your Connection to it to Compound to Bond it). This is really powerful. Hybrid: Cadmium: (no one really asks Brandon about F-Cadmium users) (Gasper) Stores oxygen ‘breath’ (when filling, you are short of breath). This would allow you to have an unlimited supply of ‘breath’. You don’t have to breathe anymore. It also might allow you to get more oxygen in your blood (to your brain), which would give you a bit more of a heightened perception and possibly mental speed, physical performance, and concentration (Alloy of Law Ars Arcanum). Bendalloy: (Subsumer) Stores (personal) nutrition (‘energy’) (when filling, you store nutrition (and matter?) from yourself) You might become skinnier when (filling) not eating, and when eating, you don’t ever need to be full (Alloy of Law again). While compounding, you don’t ever need to eat, but you might gain a significant amount of weight if you deplete the metalminds quickly, but not so much that you explode (the Feruchemy will protect you). Probably. (the feruchemy might just stop your veins from getting clogged or something similar. Lift could use this to fuel Stormlight endlessly. Gold: (Bloodmaker) Stores (personal) health (when filling, you are less healthy). This should allow you to heal back from (almost) whatever, provided that you still picture your Spiritweb as being what it was before you were injured. (see Max Hundredlives in Allow of Law). You could theoretically heal back from getting spiked. Electrum: (Pinnacle) Stores (personal?) determination (when filling, you store your determination and are more depressed). When Compounded, you would be very impulsive and overconfident that you could do whatever you wanted (Alloy of Law Ars arcanum). This could be dangerous to yourself by thinking that you can (and should) do something that will kill you. Best used in small amounts. Godmetals: Lerasium: Only Brandon knows, and we probably won’t ever see. Atium: Stores (personal) Youthfulness (when filling, you are older). We see this onscreen with TLR and it is mentioned with Marsh. Limitations here. Harmonium: No rusting clue except RAFO There are ways to become more powerful than a compounder (in some ways), but that would require being a Mistborn, using a spike, or getting hit with a Nicroburst (the power, not the user). Other limitations on Compounding are that you have to use Harmony’s power and there is also a weird interaction with Hemalurgy.
  15. I believe that being a Nicroburst in Mistborn Era 3 would be better then any other type of metalborn. Why? Because of unsealed metalminds. The Nicroburst in question would be able to burn any unsealed nicrosil metalmind and gain whatever power was stored within it, allowing them to collect Allomantic and Feruchemal powers. And, once they got Feruchemal nicrosil, they could store, say, Allomantic steel for a time, compound it, and become much more powerful then before. The Bands of Mourning allowed you to become a Mistborn and Full Feruchemist at the same time, but only as long as you were tapping them. This, however, could do the same thing, but without that limitation. You've found this totally pointless secret! Yay!
  16. A Leecher misting typically uses their ability to wipe another Allomancer of their metal reserves, and the Coppermind confirms that this also works for Breath and Stormlight, while also preventing a Shardbearer from summoning their Shardblade. Ever since I saw this line from the New Ascendancy broadsheet (from Bands of Mourning), I wondered: "Would this same thing work on metalminds?" I think it would, since it works on other, more distantly related forms of Investiture, but it might not.
  17. You can store an attribute in a metal mind and retrieve it at a later date. You can also use compounding to fill a metal mind. It looks like compounding still needs a human component. Note that you can liberate the Investiture in a metal mind by melting it and casting it again. So feruchemy can be used to get rid of attributes. Some things are unclear. Can a machine fill a metal mind? Like when the South Scadrians use their ships, do they have immense amounts of Invested iron free to use? Some metal minds are incredibly precious. So I will try to rank them: Atium - immortality, basically Gold - health Zinc - thought has value Steel - time is money Bronze - time is also money Pewter - practical, psychological and cosmetic reasons for that Tin - useful Cadmium - recreational, medical and mining Electrum - maybe. And here we are leaving the area of those who are clearly desirable for tapping Brass is going to have a regionally and seasonally fluctuating price. In hot summers it will go negative, in cold winters it will be positive And we have some that will have a negative price Iron - Wax may have a use for more mass. But most people will rather safely jump off high places or use it to increase mobility decreasing their weight. Bendalloy - people like to eat. Given the levels of obesity that come with wealth, we can safely conclude that there is a higher need of getting rid of excess calories rather than more food. That is kind of unique. In Era 3 you will be paid to be provided for in terms of basic food.
  18. On one of my forums (found here), it ended up asking why nicrosil Ferrings didn't all end up with Lord Ruler-style compounding (which I'm going to say is called being a Full Compounder.) Basically, Feruchemists can use nicrosil to store and tap Investiture. So, why don't they all make two distinct metalminds and tap one of them in order to burn the other? Does it not work like that? Has nobody thought of that? Are they all hiding that they've already done it?!? (Okay, that last one is pretty unlikely...) But why haven't they all done it and let everyone else also do it via unsealed metalminds?
  19. EDIT: There are NO spoilers ahead for any book. So i have an idea: is it possible to create a black hole using the Feruchemical ability to store weight? First of all i am no physicist, and all my calculation my be incorrect, so feedback is appreciated. storing weight in iron is something a feruchemist do all the time and it's said that it changes his density when tapping the iron - not his strength though it affects it. and what is a black hole if not a really REALLY dense point in space? Could a skimmer store enough weight to use it all in one second and make himself so dense that even the light can't escape his gravitational force? there are standards to black holes - according to wikipedia - some are huge, some are even micro. Assuming a skimmer who is 1.80 meters and 80kg, is storing 99% of his weight, we could, after a bit more than a whopping quadrillion years (1,000,000,000,000,000) use all that weight in a second to make himself dense as a large black hole. But we don't really need a whole second isn't it? we can do it in half a second' or a tenth, or a planck second: the shortest time possible in the universe. This actually shortens the storing time to less than a second! That's not even considering compounding... Sanderson once said that increasing weight affects the Higgs field, which is essentially gravity. The only problem I see is that they will need to empty the reserves in the shortest time possible according to science, and by what i have read i don't see any indication to the speed of which you can tap into a metalmind. In conclusion, any skimmer can destroy Scadrial without breaking a sweat. If you want more calculations, or see something wrong please say so. Thank you for coming to my ted talk. TLDR; skimmer OP must nerf quick.
  20. Suppose you were a Feruchemist and became a Surgebinder, specifically a Lightweaver. What interactions would you study, especially if you had some knowledge of the theory of the arcane arts? Yes, you know whom I am suspecting of doing exactly that. My suggestions for the generic effects would be: Stormlight and pewter - does the increase in endurance affect the muscles I get from a pewter mind Stormlight alters your mood - can that be stored in an electrum mind Stormlight heals - can that effect be stored in a gold mind Stormlight replaces breathing - can that effect be stored in a cadmium mind Can Stormlight in general be stored in a nicrosil mind Does tapping a steel mind speed up healing The surges: Does tapping a duralumium mind facilitate soulcasting Does tapping an electrum mind facilitate soulcasting What happens to the Investiture in a metal mind if I soulcast it into another metal Does it matter whether I soulcast my metal mind or somebody else's or an unkeyed metal mind Interaction with my spren Does my spren become stupid while I am filling a zinc mind Can my spren use feruchemy Interaction with a Shard Blade Can I store anything in it Does gold heal blade injuries (that is rather risky an experiment unless you are sure you have alternative methods) How full does a metal mind have to be to block a blade Does it matter which metal mind I use to block the blade (aluminium aside) Interactions with Plate Can I store the strength from the Plate in a pewter mind Can I store the Plate's mass in an iron mind Can I use Surgebinding through the Plate if I store most of my Identity away
  21. In era two there are no mistborn and full feruchemists and much less powerful mistings/ferrings. I am guessing in era 3 and 4 even mistings/ferrings will be rare and twinborn might even be nonexistent. Does anyone have any ideas about how Brandon Sanderson will be able to keep the powers going?
  22. Ok, so, bit of explanation up front about the long-winded topic tile. My first ever post on the forums was a Reverse Compounding theory (based on the WoB of there being "a way to enhance allomancy using feruchemy" (see following spoiler for the wob). In it, I went over how Compounding F-Nicrosil charged with an allomantic power would likely result in being able to become vastly stronger with that metal, which I still believe is true. I do NOT, however, still believe that to be "real" Reverse Compounding. It does involve using Feruchemy to enhance Allomancy, as per the Wob, but I think there's a second possibility, one that isn't limited to Nicrosil Compounding. (Y'know what, from henceforth, I will use C-Nicrosil/gold/etc to denote Compounded metals. It's just quicker and more concise.) This second possibility is that a Compounder can store the Allomantic effect of their metal inside a Metalmind, charging it up with the allomantic power instead of the usual feruchemical attribute. There's a certain symmetrical simplicity to that which makes me think I'm on the right track. Now the main benefit here is that you can keep burning the metal and charging up the metalmind with it, and after you're done, you have a feruchemically-stored supply of Allomantic power. So now you can make use of Feruchemy's greatest feature and tap a HUGE amount of allomantic power out in a short burst, almost like a Duralumin burn. The obvious example would be Steel, wherein you can Push with potentially hundreds of times the normal force you can muster, possibly launching a coin at railgun-level speeds, or fling yourself high into the sky with one leap. Another advantage this has over A-Duralumin burns is that the exact amount of power you muster can be fine-tuned, meaning you can also be more subtle with, let's say Steel again, and easily hover using ground anchors without needing as much practice in managing your allomantic steel burn rate/power. Now the first argument I could see against this is "well if that's how it works, why haven't we seen it yet" and, well, I think the answer is kind of obvious. In the case of Miles, doing this was pointless. He doesn't need finesse or brute force with A-Gold, he needs F-Gold charge en-masse. It's also possible that it's just too tricky of a balancing act to do BOTH at once, and so he just focused on doing normal C-Gold since Reverse C-Gold is just as useless as unmodified A-Gold. The other part of the answer is, well, we HAVE. The Lord Ruler could soothe in a HUGE radius, with soul-crushing potency. He may have known about Nicrosil, and so may have used normal C-Nicrosil to boost up his potency in A-Brass, but I feel like something's missing there. Surely if he was constantly burning brass to do that, he would have to be constantly chugging Brass flakes or poking brass spikes (not hemalurgic ones) into himself to burn, which seems crude and clumsy. Surely he of all people would learn how to Reverse Compound, and that's how he Soothes in such a radius at such power at seemingly all hours of every day. He's using RC-Brass and tapping it constantly. In fact, he could actually still be consuming brass metal to Soothe with, but that Brass could be supercharged with Allomantic brass power, making it even more powerful when burned. At the very least, that would significantly reduce the interval at which he would need to burn Brass, which would make things a lot less obnoxious. Just fill a brass ring with A-Brass, and Reverse Compound it, then store it in a full-sized Brassmind. I dunno, I feel like this lines up really nicely, and the poetic symmetry of it literally being the reverse of normal Compounding makes it even more plausible to me. What do you think, though? Where did i slip up in my logic?
  23. It just occurred to me that Nicrosil ferrings have the potential to become absurdly strong with the advent of Medallions and Unkeyed/Unsealed metalminds. If you can give a metalborn a Medallion for F-Aluminum and F-Nicrosil, they can store their ability to use their metalborn powers inside unkeyed Nicrosil, which a Nicrosil ferring can then tap and use for themselves. (Note that this would be more like an Unkeyed Coppermind, able to transfer distinct powers rather than "ability to burn/tap X metal for Y amount of seconds at Z level of potency" like most Feruchemical reserves) So I don't think this could lead to Nicrosil Ferrings becoming Fullborns with enough cooperative metalborn buddies, but they could certainly become a Nicrosil Compounder which is terrifying enough, and could probably gather up about 16 TOTAL metalborn powers without killing anyone Hemalurgically. They would just have to pick and choose which 16 they want out of the 32 or so total metalborn powers available. They could become a compounder of 8 metals, which... Yep, that's terrifying, or they could pick a few metals that don't overlap (for some reason or another) and have less than 8 compounded metals. I'm also sorry if this has been blatantly obvious to anyone else so far, I tend to do that sort of thing.
  24. Since Sazed currently holds Ruin, Hemalurgy is of him now. Since he also holds Preservation, calling the combination Harmony, he also has an entirely new godmetal that we saw in BoM. Duscovered by the Southern Scadrians, who call it Ettmetal and use it to power their ships, create powerful bombs as well as Allomantic grenades. This metal is explosive on contact with water, Brandon compared it with Cesium. As we saw with the Inquisitors, Hemalurgic constructs can survive wounds inflicted by the spike and in fact, alter the receiver's biology so that they can survive being impaled. The Inquisitors' brains itself was reshaped to allow the spikes to pass through, as well as, it seems their skeletal structure and muscular structure as well as possibly a few internal organs and their circulatory system. So couldn't their body do something to accommodate a Harmonium spike? It doesn't solve the problem of the spike degrading or getting damaged or exploding while it's still... passing through the donor, but I'm hoping you all could provide some theories for that end. Now, assuming success of such a venture, what power(s) do(es) Harmonium steal? Feruchemy can sidestep the godmetal's reaction with water, provided the Feruchemist takes a few precautions like covering up their metalmind so as to not expose it to water. So what would a Harmonium metalmind store?
  25. Hey 17th shard. I took a long step away from the Cosmere while waiting for new books and have recently come back. While poking around, I saw some bits of info that contradicted some of the older theories on Iron. Here's my question: is it still assumed that, via a clever application of Iron storing and steel pushing off an object, then tapping Iron and Ironpulling, that one could effectively fly by reusing their anchor? I had a series of mildly interesting posts planned based on this concept ages ago, so I was wondering if this idea still held up.