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Found 7 results

  1. fellowship of the thing

    Tucked away into the back corner of Maybe Street, a cute little shop called Queedran Candies sits proudly, beckoning to all who come near. It's a magical freaking candy shop. (Join, please. I just really wanted to start a magical candy shop)
  2. @Condensation Chrysler Madison pulled her sword out of the beast's neck and wiped it's black blood onto the grass. She wasn't sure where all these things had come from, but she'd been seeing these demons all over the multiverse in the past few days. Obviously something had happened to unleash them, but it was impossible to say what just yet. She finished cleaning off the sword, knelt, and offered a prayer to her god in thanks for another battle won. She'd have to go talk to him in person sooner rather than later though.
  3. fellowship of the thing

    Ever wanted to join what's obviously the most awesome RP on the Shard? Ever take one look at all the folks there and decide that it's too intimidating? Ever have no clue what's going on? Good! Confusion is human, and if you did have any clue what's going on FotT, then I'd be afraid. After consulting a moderator (thanks, Ene!), I've made this Q&A thread to help the newbies and semi-inactives! So... ask away, I guess.
  4. From the album Roleplay Art

    Just the Fellowship of the Thing all chillin' around an indoor campire, drinking cider and making s'mores (or, in Enter's case, burning marshmallows whilst reaching for a pumpkin cookie).
  5. From the album RP Things and my Random Inktober!

    This is (from right to left, top to bottom) The view as you exit the portal, Herate and Daolan, a map of the rebel encampment, soldier names, and some maps. Yay!
  6. From the album RP Things and my Random Inktober!

    This is Wyrn's castle as according to my plans. Again, probably shouldn't read the words.
  7. From the album RP Things and my Random Inktober!

    These are for FotT OG, the four towers of Wyrn's castle. Shh, don't read the words.