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Found 6 results

  1. I'm looking for a Discord server that serves as a kind of writing group, as I have all these ideas for what I would like to write and someday publish but have no one IRL to talk with them about and get constructive feedback. I really don't where on reddit to put this, or even if that's a good idea, and I've previous gotten some great book recommendations from 17th Shard, so I came here with my request. Or, if this is forum is a good place to put my work for review by fellow enthusiasts, that would be good to know too. I'm of the Brandon Sanderson writing persuasion, where I'll come up with an idea for a short story that in my head is just a page or two on Word but will balloon out into twelve by the time I get everything I wanted into it, so I'm not sure.
  2. Here's a small story I wrote. Feedback appreciated. DESTINY The old man sat on the porch in deep thought. A slow, summer breeze floated through the small valley. A small boy skipped up the porch, giggling. ‘’Will you tell me a story, Grandpa?” The old man beamed, “Do you like my stories, Michael? All right.’’ ***** Edward Daniels, more known as Eddie, had been an orphan for three years. During that time, he had lost his siblings and original home. He now lived with his stingy and pompous uncle James. Uncle James heavily disliked Eddie. He managed to keep Eddie as far away from him as possible. He enlisted Eddie into a cruel and harsh boarding school. Eddie’s only friends were his cat, Milton, and Terrence Arkwright, a small, intelligent boy. One day, Eddie and Terrence lay under a slim, rowan tree. “Terrence,” Eddie began. “Have you ever thought of running away and finding your own life?” Terrence shook his head. “No, it has never crossed my mind.” Eddie nodded sagely. “Well, I'm going to do it someday. I've got a great plan.” Terrence silently thought of that idea and was surprised that he agreed as well to the plan. That night, Eddie and Terrence met at the old, dilapidated train station. Terrence's eyes widened considerably. ''Wow,’’ he said. “How long have you been working on this??” “Almost eight months,” Eddie replied quietly. I'm leaving in a week. Will you come with me? Terrence nodded. Eddie smiled. ***** Three days later, an unexpected visitor arrived. It was Uncle James. Eddie was stunned. What did his treacherous uncle have with him? He watched as his uncle sat across from him. “I suppose you are wondering why I am here, boy.” Eddie briefly nodded but didn't speak. His uncle had a rule about speaking out of turn. Uncle James began, “ Well, boy, I no longer have the money to keep you in school here. I have decided to send you to one of the best warehouses in Cardiff. You start work in two days.” Eddie felt like weeping. He managed to stammer, “What ...what about my cat?” Uncle James scowled. “Do you think I care, boy? My fortune is at stake.” Uncle James stood. “It's done then.” His voice sounded like a prison door slamming shut to Eddie. His uncle nodded curtly and left. After he had taken his leave, Eddie immediately came into Terrence's room. Inside were Terrence and his roommate, Harold. Terrence raised his eyebrows. “What are you doing here?” “Pack your bag. We are leaving now.” Terrence shrugged. He started packing. “What do you mean?” asked Harold. Terrence and Eddie turned to him. “We are running away. Please don't tell the headmaster.” Harold shook his head. “I won't snitch. I'll come with you.” Fifteen minutes later, Terrence and Harold met Eddie at the abandoned train station. Eddie held one bag and Milton's carrier. “Are you ready?” Terrence gulped and replied, “Yes.” Someone grabbed Eddie's shoulder. “Not so fast, Edward,” snarled Uncle James. “You thought you could run off without me noticing.” Eddie shook his head stubbornly. “Get away, Uncle. I'm not going with you. ” James grinned sinisterly. “That's not stopping me, Edward.” Eddie threw his hands up in despair. “Get away from me, Uncle!” Uncle James gripped his wrist, like an iron shackle. “You are coming with me, boy! Terrence shook his head. “He is not coming with you.” Harold agreed. Terrence kicked Uncle James hard in the shin. Uncle James howled in anguish. Eddie squirmed out of his grasp and punched his uncle. The small trio ran up to the station. Eddie unveiled his creation with a flourish. Harold gasped in wonder. They had no time to admire the pump car and sail. The trio loaded up and sailed away. The adventure had begun. ***** They had stopped once to replenish their supplies, but hadn’t stopped since. Harold slept. Eddie and Terrence were left awake. “Terrence, I’ve been wondering.” whispered Eddie. “Yes?” “Did you actually want to come with me on this adventure?” Terrence nodded. “I wouldn't want to have missed it for the world.” Eddie grinned. “Thanks, Terrence.” The conversation was rudely interrupted by a loud whistle. Harold woke up sluggishly. “What..what was that?” yawned Harold. The answer was very obvious. It was the express. Eddie reacted quickly. “Let out more sail!” he cried. Terrence and Harold obeyed. The train drew nearer. Eddie and Harold pumped up and down. The terrible locomotive drew ever closer. Closer. Closer. And closer. Eddie made one decision. “Abandon ship!” Terrence and Harold threw the luggage off. Eddie grabbed Milton the cat. Together they jumped. Eddie's marvelous vehicle was obliterated. The group traveled thereon on foot. ***** One day, Eddie remembered his father's old hunting cabin. If there were an answer, he'd find it there. After about a week of traveling on foot, they reached it. “Well,” said Harold. “What do we do now?” Eddie already answered that. He opened the door. A shimmering gold and bronze mist billowed out the cabin. Terrence's eyes were literally as big as moons. “Edward Daniels,” boomed a deep voice. “Welcome to the Light.” Eddie stuttered. “Th..the Light?” “Yes,” said the voice. “Your parents did not die, Edward. It was simply their time to come back. Now it is your turn.” “Can my friends come with me?” asked Eddie. “No, they can not.” the voice bellowed. “What about my cat?” “It may.” Terrence protested stubbornly. “You can't,” the voice said. “I am sorry.” “But I'm the only friend he has got!” wailed Terrence. “Then I will give a proposition,” offered the voice. “When you have lived a long life and have grandchildren, you may come into the Light.” Terrence stared at Eddie. “When will I see you again?” “Terrence,” whispered Eddie. “This is my destiny.” Turning, he muttered, “My destiny.” He turned, embraced Terrence, and waved good-bye to Harold. He picked up his bags and Milton. He walked to the Light. ***** The old man finished his story. Michael clapped. “Thanks, Grandpa! Good night!” “Good bye, Michael.” the old man whispered. He turned. “I am ready. This is my destiny.” An invisible door opened and Terrence Arkwright walked into the Light. “Destiny.” The End
  3. Hey fellow Cosmere enthusiasts, I am a big fan of the Cosmere. For years I have been reading almost every single post in the Cosmere and Stormlight section of the forum. I have read every of his books at least two times. The community here is great one so I thought I might give back a bit. Keep in mind that this is purely a passion project for the community. The feedback you can give me and suggestions for improvement is what I need. I want this to be as good as it can be. If people are new to there Cosmere, I thought that this podcast might give them a proper introduction to the Cosmere. Once I've covered all the basic, I wanted to dive into some theories and speculation. This is my first podcast episode ever and I haen't figured it out all yet. So please, if you have any suggestions to make send them to me. They are very appreciated. Also, if I misstate some facts, please correct me. Your corrections will be included in future episodes. If you have any wishes for future episodes, please let me know. My pronounciation may also not be on point as I am not a native English speaker but I am giving my best. Hope you like it. Cheers Philipp
  4. WHY???? It is SO annoying when websites do this. All of the buttons, menus, and bars move all over the place and by the time I get used to it it changes AGAIN. You just barely changed the 17th shard interface and you just had to do it again after what, 2 months? At this rate I will always be fighting with how to use the site. Go ahead and downvote me like you did last time I complained about this. Let the downvotes FLOW. I am not ashamed of my frustration. If I may say one thing I LIKE about this website it is that it isn't littered with ads (at least not outside of advertising Sanderson books of course).
  5. So I thought it would be a good idea to start a thread to get feedback on our NaNo projects to improve on during this month. For those of you who have read my Ragnaro- Jormungandr (Ouroboros Rising) Story, I decided to redo the whole thing, make it more dramatic etc etc. I just finished Part 1 of the Prelude Here it is
  6. Hey guys. Splintercast Reads Words of Radiance is almost over. The last episode will be posted after midnight, so not too far away, then I think Saturday I'll post Alyx's Words of Radiance wrap-up. Given that we are almost done, I want some feedback on how it all works. How did you like Splintercast? What should we change? The most obvious feedback would be "stick with a schedule" and "get them iTunes". The scheduling issues were not ideal, and we're sorry. It was a combination of bad timing on both Alyx and I's part. As for iTunes, I'll work on it after the last Splintercast is up. But other than those, what else? Did you like the episode structure? Would you prefer shorter, more frequent episodes (say, one chapter at a time more often)? We were kind of shooting in the dark here, so I want to know