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Found 3 results

  1. Just gonna ask a random question: which of the known Shards are your favorites, and why?
  2. Inspired by a WoT tournament I saw today, I decided to create this thread: a tournament where I match up Stormlight characters against eachother, and you vote for your favorite in each matchup. Its more fun if you write down your reasoning as well! Here are the matchups: 1. Tyn vs Sadeas 2. Tien vs Adolin 3. Shallan vs Axies 4. Rysn vs Wit 5. Dalinar vs Jasnah 6. Amaram vs Navani 7. Kaladin vs Pattern 8. Syl vs Rock 9. Eshonai vs Balat 10. Teft vs Elhokar 11. Lopen vs Szeth 12. Sigzil vs Lirin 13. Ishikk vs Nalan 14. Lift vs Moash 15. Renarin vs Aladar 16. Sebarial vs Zahel I am gonna give this five days, and then I will update the thread with a new post for the next round. So, voting ends Monday 12, sometime, depending on timezone. Lets give it a go!
  3. Hello, people of the interwebs! It recently occurred to me that I'm not really sure which genre most of the Sharders prefer. I would assume that they all at least enjoy fantasy novels, since good ol' Bandersnatch writes mostly fantasy. My personal favorite happens to be (surprise, surprise) fantasy! Sword and Sorcery, High Fantasy, Epic Fantasy, Heroic Fantasy, I love all shapes, forms and versions. I love the swords, the close-up-in-your-face-take-your-head-off action scenes. I love the world building behind it and getting to know all of these different creatures and races and landscapes. I love the magic, whether that is the classic fireballs and summoning spells or the innovative drinking metal kinds. I love the medieval setting, with armor and horses and castles and keeps. I just really enjoy fantasy. What genre do you love, and why? Vote now and let your voice be heard!