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Found 14 results

  1. Hello fellow Sharders! This is where you can share your favorite word (or words). Or any other words that you think are interesting, funny or anything. Also feel free to see who can come up with the longest word. And yes, you can use Sanderson words. Some of my favorite words are Chortles, (as some of you might'v guessed) Waffle (Obviously) and Indubitably.
  2. What is your Favorite Harry Potter Book and Movie?
  3. What is/are your Favorite Mistborn Character(s)? And if you think I should add or take somebody off the list (or if I misspelled anybody's name) then tell me.
  4. My favorite book is probably WoR. Although I also really like Way of Kings.
  5. What is our all-time favorite scene across the Cosmere?
  6. 1. Syl - cute, reminds me of my neighbors' daughter, Kathy. Confused about her weird Honorspren-windspren persona shift thing, though. 2. Pattern - oh my God, he's adorable his first few months when he appears to Shallan (and Jasnah calls him imbecilic), even better now making awkward for Shallan and Adolin. My favorite bean. 3. Ivory - I really like him for some reason, specially that weird speech pattern he's got going. He's like there posh British man of spren. 4. Glys - he's...shy? Nonexistent? Hates the cold and hides in Renarin's shirt to keep warm, while consequentially keeping himself from view? Honestly don't know anything about him, but I am obliged to love him because he's a spren. 5. Wyndle - dry like wine. 6. Stormfather - let's be honest. He's a priss. P.S. Syl is my favorite. What are your thoughts on the spren?
  7. What is the food you find yourself eating the most? I love tortilla chips... anyone else?
  8. Hey Sharders! How many of Brandon Sanderson's books have you read, which ones did you read first, and which ones are your favorite? For me I have read (in this order) The Rithmatist, The Mistborn Trilogy, Mistborn Era II, The Stormlight Archive 1 and 2, Warbreaker, and now I'm in the middle of Elantris. My favorite is pretty hard to pick, but it would have to be Words of Radiance or The Hero of Ages.
  9. So all of my favorite fantasy authors are male (Sanderson, Martin, Erikson, Jordan, Brett, Abercrombie, Rothfuss), but I have yet to find a female author that I love. These are people that I will read just about anything they write, but haven't found a female author that I can get into like their male counterparts. Two, that I've read recently are Elizabeth Hayden and Robin Hobb. Their books were fine but hardly left me craving more. I don't really like young adult dystopian novels such as The Hunger Games and Divergent, and Harry Potter was... meh. 1. Can anyone recommend a female author that can reach the heights of the great male fantasy authors listed above? 2. Will fantasy always be dominated by male authors? 3. Is it just me or do others notice the same phenomenon?
  10. I'm sure there is already a poll of this somewhere else on the forum, but I've been unable to find it. So, I'm starting a new one. Wherever the old one is, can someone point it out to me if I see it? A few notes. 1) I'm sure there is already a poll of this somewhere else on the forum, but I've been unable to find it. So, I'm starting a new one. Wherever the old one is, can someone point it out to me if I see it? 2) PLEASE DO NOT VOTE UNLESS YOU HAVE READ AT LEAST TWO OF BRANDONS SERIES. This isn't a poll for how many people have read a series, it's about what your favourite is. And you can't say "I prefer the Stormlight Archive", unless you've actually read Mistborn. 3) I've split up Mistborn Alloy Era and Mistborn Original Trilogy, because I've found them to be quite different. 4) I'm not placing WoT on this poll, because I still consider it, fundamentally, to be a Robert Jordan series. 5) I trust you guys more than this point might imply. But please, no offending anyone else or getting overheated in this. Otherwise the poll would have to be locked, and that's no fun. P.S. Ye Olde Mistborn Series will triumph, all ye non-believers!
  11. Hello everyone! As I patiently await the next Stormlight book I spend a lot of time thinking back on how awesome the series has been thus far. There were so many good scenes! One that has stood out to me though since the moment I read it is the scene where Kaladin meets Wit/Hoid. I think that it was SO vivid, the way Sanderson wrote it with the smoke and the way that the music echoed in the chasms. I also thought the story Wit told was intriguing and was a cool way to have Kaladin change his frame of mind and snap out of his slump. Would love to hear other people's favorite moments and reminisce on these great books!
  12. So I've seen lots of threads about favorite characters and the like, but here I ask the question what is your favorite thing? Shardblades don't count because you know reasons >_> also it has to be a specific thing like Hoid's flute and not a general thing like rocks or something My favorite is Kaladin's belt knife of last resort, the one he is always pointing at people who are probably about to kill him, and that he makes that shardbarer yield with in the arena. Special mention to the part where he drops it at the end of the book, that was just so perfect and it marked how totally out of gas he was. It was amazing. That knife is so cool, just imagine if it was able to talk and it was chilling with the other knives and it would be all "and then the assassin in white just bolted into the sky, screaming, at the sight of my pure awesomeness." and then the other knives would be all kinds of impressed and crown him as their king and build him a throne made out of knife blades and sharp stuff and the belt knife would sit in it and rule over all knives as king of the pointy things. the end. So tell me, what do you think is the best thing in the storm light archives? but you should know that your wrong it's Kaladin's knife.
  13. Lots of options here. I'd have to go with "Other Pokemon" because Pokemon's just the best... Especially when you've finally caught 'em all. (This hasn't happened to me, but I bet it's glorious)
  14. Let's do it. Let's get in this deep. The big question, as stated in the title: What is your favorite Brandon Sanderson story? I used the word "story" on purpose. It does not have to be a full novel. Heck, it doesn't even have to be a book. But make sure that whatever it is that you name, you prefer it to all other Sanderson stories. Let's hold to these rules: - You can name up to three stories, but they need to be ranked. First, second, third. - No middle ground answers like "I can't decide between ___ and ____." If you can't decide, don't name them. If that is the case, just name your favorite two, or one, or NONE. Feel free to include details on reasoning for those you do end up ranking. - Take it easy on yourself. It is not a crime to love some things more than others. You can play favorites here without hurting anyone's feelings. I'll start 1: The Gathering Storm: Not 100% Brandon work, but he wrote it and the writing was noticeably helpful with my enjoyment of the story. I cannot even explain how relieved I was when I looked up from the book about 30% in and realized things were going even better than expected. It began a much needed increase in pace and held one of my favorite scenes of all 14 books - the reveal of a certain Aes Sedai's double agency. It felt like more than a desperate attempt to finish up a story to appease fans. It really felt like a book filled with enough attention to truly honor Robert Jordan. A feeling that earned Brandon my respect and ultimately hooked me on the rest of these great stories. 2: The Way of Kings (e-book format) - Definitely my favorite Brandon original. Probably has something to do with the raw content amount. Both in the number of pages and level of detail built into each concept. I like the characters, world, magic- everything. E-book format allows jumping from chapter to chapter (which can be difficult with a hardcover when the book is so big) and my favorite tool in the world: CTRL+F!!!!! 3. The Alloy of Law - Takes what I love about the first trilogy and speeds it all up. Fast paced, full of action, and has characters I deeply enjoy (while keeping a tidy cast list). It delivers on a dream I have for many of the universes I love; it gives a glimpse of what the results and consequences are years after some original world changing events. I could write and write on why I love these books, but I tried to keep it as brief as possible.