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Found 8 results

  1. What Stormlight characters would you like to see become Radiant who haven't yet? What Order and why? I'll go first. I was thinking about Truthwatchers today and what kind of characters would make good (non corrupted) Truthwatchers. I came to the realization that The Mink would make a terrifying Truthwatcher or Lightweaver. He'd be absolutely impossible to contain, track down, or defeat. His brilliance paired with Illumination make him so deadly in my mind.
  2. We've talked about the best and worst moments of this here Cosmere, but where are the little gems? The polestones in the rough? For instance, in Oathbringer there's Guff, "The Guy Who Can't Cuss": Or, in Mistborn, there's all of Tindwyl's lessons on rulership; they form a beautiful thesis on leadership and kings that is seldom discussed here! So, what other little things has Brandon written that people should discuss more?
  3. Hi everyone! I've been wanting to write a Cosmere fan-fic for ages now, but I'm unsure which world to set it in. Roshar? Mistborn Era 1? Mistborn Era 2? I just need a suggestion. Hopefully I put this post in the right place... I've been known to incorrectly categorize things. Thanks! -Channelknight
  4. Hi there! Brandon Sanderson is by far my favorite author, and I've read almost everything by him. Just a few novellas/shorts to go! But I've been nonexistant in the fandoms and communities. What are some of the best threads here? Theories, important points, even simply funny stuff. Thanks! -Rusty
  5. Is there a better thing in the world than the look of dawning realization in the face of someone who has just fully GOTTEN the full impact of the Cosmere and all of its implications for the first time? I was in church this morning and had brought both of my Stormlight hardcovers to loan to a friend (I started her on Warbreaker, then quickly graduated her through Elantris and the Final Empire Mistborn trilogy. She read The Emperor's Soul this afternoon). As we stood dicussing Hoid, Harmony and all things Cosmeric, a man I'd never met before came up all excited pointing at the books and said "I love those books! Have you read them?" Now there are not a lot of Sanderson fans here in Pennsylvania (I'm working on rectifying that), so I was really excited and asked him if he was a fan of the Cosmere. He said "No, I've read those and the Mistborn trilogy and Elantris, but I haven't read the Cosmere series yet." The look of astonishment and excitement on his face when I told him that was extremely satisfying. I told him that he'd have to read Warbreaker next, and he asked me where that fit in. I thought for a second, and then said His eyes got wide and he turned and called to his wife across the room: "Honey, we're stopping at the bookstore on the way home!" Another one for team Pennsylvania. Someday, I'm going to see this state have the biggest Cosmere fandom in the country, even if I have make every single convert myself. ​
  6. Sorry to all those in countries where it's not released yet. THERE WILL BE SPOILERS HERE. Impressions: Ok so - that movie was *fantastic*. - language. "Do you speak to your mother with that mouth?" And the scene when they're all hanging around at the party - loved loved the dialogue going on. Black widow and hulk - I kind of don't ship it and I kind of want to see where that relationship would go. Another OMG moment was when the helicarrier appeared out of nowhere. And Vision lifting Thor's hammer - that was hilarious. And Bartons family was great. His wife is super cliche and underdeveloped but I'm ok with that since she only had like 2 minutes of screen time. I loved the moment when one of the kids showes Natasha a drawing in the middle of serious conversation. She's great with kids. (And can't have any!! :'( ) I do question a) what Banner thought he would achieve at the end there, because he knows he can't die. are we going to see Jarvis again? Also how does Stark run his suit without it?
  7. So I've been thinking it would be really cool to have a big Cosmere-related gathering sometime. I'd love to have a big party to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Elantris, someplace nice, where we of the Seventeenth can meet up, eat some Cosmere-themed dishes, show off our costumes, discuss theories, stage dramatic readings of Cosmere works, etc. So, is there interest in doing this from people, and if so, where? I personally would love to see this happen on the East Coast somewhere, since I live in Allentown and SLC is not exactly in driving distance for me. But if we had an event like this in somewhere like NYC or Philly, or even further out, in Baltimore or DC or Boston, I would be really excited. So let's sound off! Would anyone be interested in something like this, and if so, where are you located (and how far would you be willing or able to travel)?
  8. B. Sanderson has popped my fandon cherry. Im finally a true fan of a celebrity's works of art and its a wonderfull and amazing experience! Thanks.