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Found 114 results

  1. Another drawing of a Steel Inquisitor that I made. This one in particular is a bit of a pewter junkie
  2. From the album Duality

    Here's a lil' closeup for your viewing pleasure =) more on my website!
  3. Hello I just wanted a place to collect my Sanderson sketches.
  4. Hey everyone! As the title says, I have a music project called The Lost Radiants which makes music inspired by the Cosmere. In 2023, I decided to do my own Year of Sanderson by writing and releasing an original Cosmere song each month of the year. My January song, "Seven Swords", released today on all streaming platforms! This project is only a couple of months old, but was originally conceived after I wrote a song called "Bridge Four" back in 2017 while anxiously awaiting the publication of Oathbringer. You can also listen to that song on Spotify, Apple Music, etc! Outside of my original music, I've also gotten in the habit of releasing Cosmere "parody" covers on my Instagram and TikTok. So far, these include a reimagined version of "Teenage Dirtbag" by Wheatus called "Broken Bridgeboy" and a version of "Wonderwall" by Oasis called "Stormwall". In the next week or so, I'll also be releasing a version of Olivia Rodrigo's "Traitor" about Moash. Here's a link to my Spotify page with Seven Swords: My Instagram where you can find my cover songs:
  5. From the album Stormlight Archive - fanart

    I've finally gotten the time to draw, so have a Lift
  6. From the album Duality

    It's been a while since I've posted anything in here. But I'm pleased to announce that I'm back at it! haha. Went to Dragonsteel 2022 and was seriously inspired. I started sketching up this idea while I sat in some of the sessions, and have been chipping away at it evenings and weekends ever since. You can also check out more of my fan art at my website. I'll be adding more art from Brandon and other authors over time, but for now it's aaaaaall Stormlight stuff :P Artist thoughts: Yeah, I know Szeth doesn't don a black outfit when he goes all Night-shade-y. And I know that the sword is the only thing leaking black smoke. But by golly, it fit the theme! I wanted to do my own take on the blades, rather than running with the canon designs. Would love to know what y'all think!

    © Vivid Sketch LLC 2022

  7. Pen Pals (link to ao3) Rated Teen, 700 words. Created for Cosmere Bingo for the prompt pen pals. Summary: Jasnah reconnects by spanreed with her good friend and fellow Veristitalian, Ethid. Jasnah discovers a little truth about herself, and why she has been reluctant to graduate her ward. In the fic, this is a portrait of Shallan by Jasnah:
  8. I'm more of a writer than an artist, but drawing can be relaxing. I just think the swirls look cloudy or windy, and they were fun to draw.
  9. why is she so angry
  10. The fourth annual Cosmere Inktober is just around the corner, and we are excited to share the 2022 prompt list! If you are not familiar with Inktober, it was started as a challenge to practice inking and drawing habits over an entire month. This challenge is a personal journey for artists to follow set prompts and improve on drawing skills but has become a worldwide event with many different versions of prompt lists and themes. This year I have created a list of Cosmere-themed prompts and am posting it early to give fan-artists time to plan ahead! The rules are simple: Make a drawing in ink (or any medium you wish) Post it on social media (or on your fridge) Hashtag with #CosmereInktober2022 (you can also use #CosmereInktober and #CosmereInktober22) Repeat for 31 days! (or more?!) These prompts and rules are not set in stone, feel free to create whatever you wish! Take as long or as short as you want for your creation. In past years, we have seen ink drawings, paintings, digital art, calligraphy, and poetry; the possibilities are endless. Just have fun and join the Cosmere community in creating wonderful fanworks for our favorite books! Please also note, this year’s prompt list was designed to look like a broadsheet to celebrate The Last Metal coming out, but don’t feel compelled to only do Mistborn fanart. It is open to fanart of any of Brandon Sanderson’s works! Happy Drawing! -FelCandy
  11. From the album Roshar Relief Map

    3D relief map of Roshar, created by blending real satellite data from US space shuttle missions, rendering them in a 3D engine, then painting till the creation spren came out to play. More details and prints available at

    © Grant Hansen 2021

  12. From the album Stormlight Archives

    I really hate this drawing but it took me a while so I'm posting it lol Like somethings off but I don't know how to fix it you know?
  13. Oh by, SP#4, huh? God, that one's got me reeling, so much so I just had to draw Sigzil!!! Really wanted to play with light in this piece, as the image of these red-lit ships in twilight is just so evocative and was so much fun drawing Sigzil! I just hope he's okay... ;-; Closeup: One interesting little detail is that I noticed no one remarked on Sigzil's tattoo, which made me hesitant to include it so I eventually settled on this sort of near faded away look, a remnant of the man he once was... ಥ_ಥ Anyways, I had a lot of fun drawing this one and I hope you all enjoy! (also my first art piece posted to this lovely little site, hiya!)
  14. hi i've been making one of these of every book and i recently finished rhythm of war so here it is :>
  15. Hi, some people asked me if I have prints and I just opened an etsy store so you can find them there :>
  16. From the album RoW Kaladin

    And the version without the shardplate because I spent a lot of time on that uniform and you can barely see it in the final drawing lol

    © mtjs

  17. From the album RoW Kaladin

    I wanted to draw the moment after Kaladin swears the 4th ideal and gets his shardplate. In my enthusiasm I forgot I don’t know how to draw armour ^^; still, considering this was very much out of my comfort zone it turned out pretty okay

    © mtjs

  18. I usually have an image of each character in my mind, but every now and then, a character comes along that I just can't form a coherent image of, or at least, a coherent image of that matches the descriptions in the books. Dalinar Kholin I have a little trouble imagining. I have a worse time imagining Jonathan Phaedrus, aka Prof, from Brandon Sanderson's Reckoners series. Can y'all share fanart of Dalinar or Prof that fits with the books' description and you think matches the personality of the character? Or could you share photos of actors or other people who you think resemble one of those characters? I would appreciate it.
  19. I'd originally been trying to shape it so that the letters formed a santhid shell as seen as above, since that's the part sailors would see, but in the end I accidentally wound up making it look like the shell above water with a big eye and tentacles trailing below, which I thought was a pretty cool coincidence. Comments and critique welcome.
  20. Hello Sharders! I am looking for 1 or more good artists to make some cool hoid art for me to use as as my digital persona. Would prefer to pay in ETH or USDC. If you know what those are good job welcome to the future, I'll also help make them nfts if you want to do it like that. If your good but don't want to do that, ngmi but we can do payments your way.
  21. Welcome to the third annual official Cosmere Inktober, which begins October 1st. If you are unfamiliar with Inktober, it is a month-long drawing challenge that focuses on ink-based mediums, traditional and digital alike. Every day of October, people from around the world draw their interpretations of that day's prompt. This year we have a Cosmere-themed prompt list available a month early, to give those of you who would like to participate a chance to plan out your daily drawings. The official rules from the Inktober website are: Make a drawing in ink (you can do a pencil under-drawing if you want) Post it Hashtag it (we are using the hashtags #cosmereinktober, #cosmereinktober21, and #cosmereinktober2021) Repeat These rules are not set in stone, so if you want to use any art medium, go for it! If you don’t want to post your artwork, that is ok! You can do as few or as many of the prompts as your heart desires. The challenge is to be consistent and form good habits with your artwork. Make something beautiful! If you would like to browse some of last year’s Cosmere Inktober, here is a link to a collection on Instagram, though Tumblr and Twitter saw a decent number of submissions last year too.
  22. (another) Cosmere character portrait, but this time it's Shallan Let's just ignore the fact that I covered the other eye.
  23. From the album Stormlight Fanart

    There's that one scene in WoR where Shallan finds a place brimming with life, and she stops to draw. I just couldn't get that scene out of my head! LIFESPREN! Yes, I know I haven't drawn what could even closely be considered Rosharan flora...