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Found 1 result

  1. Sign-ups: Obligatory Introduction Phase You and a group of others have been mysteriously transported to some city ruins. None of the others look familiar but strangely you feel a connection with some of them. You can see cameras flying around watching your every move. There also seems to be some kind of cheering in the distance. A voice booms over hidden loudspeakers. “Welcome Contestants. You are here to compete to the death in order to see which of your respective worlds is the best. To the winning team/competitor goes the glory and prestige.” “Introduce yourselves to the watching audience and your fellow rivals/allies. We shall begin soon” General Rules apply apart from the following exceptions. Day cycles only and will last 47 hours. Cycles will end at 4:00pm NZT – 5:00am BST – 0:00am EDT. This will be followed by a one hour gap so I can work out what the Chull happened before I post the next cycle. I think I got the conversions right First cycle is a meet and greet. 24 hours long. No votes or kills allowed. Other abilities can be used. Write ups will reveal deaths only not failed attacks. Death will reveal factions but not roles. All deaths will be anonymous. No one will know who their allies are at start. You’re going to have to find out as you go. Anyone who doesn't post at least once every second cycle will be killed! There are no docs apart from the dead/spec one. PMs are open and unrestricted. You don't have to include the GM if you don't want to. Action Equation is: Votes + Lottery - Void Sphere - Vote Manipulations + Role Blocks - Protections + Seekings - Deaths = Fun. Last team/player standing wins. Roles/Teams: Scadrial: Sel: Nathis: Roshar: Independent: (May or may not be included depending on GM’s mood.) Lottery: Every even numbered cycle there will be a lottery that anyone can enter. To enter the lottery, players must send in the order via their role PMs. Those that enter the lottery forfeit taking an action that cycle. Votes will still count. If you enter the lottery and have a passive ability or item (like an extra life) then they will not be active. Items will be given to randomly chosen players that enter the lottery. Winning players will not be revealed These items cannot be passed to another. The items will be revealed at the start of the cycle it is drawn for. Items: For those interested this is a great game for RPing. Check out MR5 for ideas. Quick Links: