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Found 2 results

  1. Is Trell a piece of Adonalsium? Or is he a splinter of one of the gods that Odium has killed? I am really confused about this. Oh and is the person in Whitesand related named Trell. Trell is the being who is fighting Harmony currently if you aren't familiar with who he is. The fact that Miles worships him and that he has Faceless Immortals means he has some power right?
  2. The general consensus about the force coming at Scadrial is either Odium or Autonomy. Here's an alternate idea: The red haze Sazed showed Wax and red-eyed faceless immortals are related to The Evil that caused havoc on Threnody. Support for this idea: In MB: SH we see there being a connection in the Cognitive Realm via the Ire that the Threnodites may be coming toward Scadrial. Three hundred years later, perhaps The Evil made its way from Threnody to Scadrial (or almost to Scadrial) and is causing trouble there. It seems like a weird coincidence that Brandon mentions the Threnodites at all in MB: SH, unless there's a connection to the story. Miles Hundredlives was under the influence of something. Since SH shows the Ire (most likely from Sel) and a risk of Threnodites, to me the something would be related to one of these places. If the red haze/red-eyed faceless immortals are influenced by something from Sel, to me it's likely related to the Svrakiss. Interesting idea though, what if the reason the Ire are so worried about something coming from Threnody is because they know the Svrakiss came from there in the first place? Sounds awfully similar to shades to me (with cultural references added in to make it religious). Not that they're the exact same thing, but similar. Whatever The Evil was/is, it created an issue with the afterlife on Threnody, which is why shades float around everywhere. This could be a result of The Evil's ability to put a barrier in the Cognitive Realm, preventing souls from moving on to the Great Beyond. The red-eyed faceless immortal that speaks with Suit at the end of BoM says that he can "serve in another realm." Perhaps The Evil is starting the same kinds of mischief that it caused on Threnody. Disclaimer: It is completely possible that Odium was The Evil on Threnody, but I find it very unlikely that Autonomy was. Let the story overlapping begin! It's beginning to look a lot like cosmere! =)