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Found 28 results

  1. In the RoW Chapter 6 epigraph it is stated that the fabrial function is determined in part by the metal used. I think it would be worthy to ask Brandon if the metals used in the metallic arts are the same that can produce functional fabrials.
  2. We do not see details of spanreed usage often. I have found some relatively good descriptions @Pagerunner may also find this informative Dalinar - Jasnah Shallan - the Davar estate Shallan - Tyn's employer Jasnah - her agents Adrotagia - multiple correspondents Amaram - Restares From those I draw some conclusions spanreeds need Stormlight while activated but not writing, that is with the signal light flashing, you can run around with them. We have multiple scenes of servants carrying them they board they rest on must be levelled to be used the spanreed itself, however, is placed by hand the spanreed is placed on the upper left position marked by a dot by convention to start a conversation The ruby is at leat in some cases on the side of the reed Shallan's family thinks that a spanreed cannot be used on the ocean The spanreed and the board are not paired. Shallan used a random board once Adrotagia once set surrounded by spanreeds on boards.
  3. The short version - he did not think about aircraft carriers Those airships have a performance characteristic that limits them. They have limited range and their performance drops with range. That means that airships closer to "base" and engine will always be at an advantage. Thus you can give yourself an advantage if you move your base closer to your area of operation. The very first thing Thaylen naval engineers will come up with when they think this through is the airship carrier. It won't be exactly like an aircraft carrier, in particular it won't have many small aircraft for one big ship, but few large aircraft, but it is at the core the basic concept. Steampunk Roshar will be interesting.
  4. So, fabrial are powered by stormlight which is a form of investiture and Breath is also a form of investiture. Could a fabrial be powered by Breath? If so, how much would it need? How long can a single Breath sustain a fabrial? Bah, this question may have gotten too big now and should be in another part of the forum - but whatever!
  5. Hi! So I was re-reading WoR and in the Chapter 89 Dalinar has problems reaching the top of Urithiru due to the crem bloquing the trapdoor. But later, we are shown that the Hightstorms and Everstorms run under Urithiru, so how has de crem deposited on top of the city? One friend has de theory that Urithiru is a fabrial itself and, specifically, a teleportation fabrial. That would explain the crem and how Nohadon could walk to Urithiru. Also it may explain why every nation maps Urithiru near it's capital (or maybe that's explained by the position of the oathgates) Thanks!
  6. There have been discussions how fabrials arose and what gemhearts do. As fabrials use gems to trap spren and Singers house spren in their gemhearts, the assumption that Rosharan animals are doing the same is natural. It would require that Yolish and Rosharan life forms are distinct, for Ryshadiums being from Ashyn do not have a gemheart, but it is otherwise easy and straightforward. Unfortunately it collides with observations. The spren are not trapped inside the gemhearts, as they can be seen around live animals (the skies of Roshar are not filled with skyeel corpses). Kaladin even saw them around greatshells. For a greatshell the loss of its spren's effect would be fatal. Hence the spren are continously working even when they are only in the vincinity of the animal as opposed to inside it or its gemheart. Those animals have a primitive Nahel bond, Given the unnatural agility of chasmfiends we can conclude that the bond allows them to lower their mass. So why do they have gemhearts? They use them for the same reason Rosharan humans use gems. They need to store stormlight in order to keep using their bond between storms. Greatshells have a large gemheart because it must last for a full Weeping. The spren inside Singers' gemhearts are an innovation of their line, which allows them to change forms without a chrysalis stage.
  7. So wait! Our heroes need lots of Knights Radiant? Taravangian has means of reducing the spren available to bond potential Knights? Luckily Mr. T is a trustworthy ally, not a traitor making private arrangements with Odium. Otherwise I might be worried. I'm sure it's just a random bit of world-building and not a detail that will turn out to be relevant later. Are these spren that allow manipulation of Gravity, Adhesion, Tension? I imagine the realmatic scholars among us can figure out what orders' spren is involved. I look forward to learning from the responses.
  8. So, if I am correct (though I am probably not) there are fabrials that can change the direction of gravity on an object. If they can "bind" an object several times in one direction, then it could move extremeley fast. My Idea being to bind a bullet down a rifled barrel, fast enough to make it spin stabilize. This seems like it would be an excellent device for warfare and hunting things like whitespines wnd greatshells (with fabrial cannons in the last case). Adding a feed system would instantley make a weapon powered this way fully automatic as long as the fabrial is turned up. Of course all of this relies on a fabrial that can change and multiply gravitation on other objects. I would be curious of the ideas of others upon this subject. If anyone has any ideas about other forms of fabrial weapon (like using a spanreed as a tactical pen) I would also be happy to hear them.
  9. With the publication of the new Hemalurgy Table, it has be thinking about the implications of the Metallic Arts on the Cosmere as a whole. Emphasis on the Arts, not simply the powers. Nicrosil - Steals/Stores Investiture Some thoughts here. Basics first. Investiture is the base definition of magic in the Cosmere. It is like the quarks that make up the protons and neutrons of the magic systems. Investiture, in and of itself, is not determined by the end result. Investiture is not Breath or Stormlight, but instead Breath and Stormlight are made of Investiture. It is the parts out of which the magic systems are fueled. At least to a degree. I imagine Brandon would give some Spiritual Realm explanation, but this was my interpretation. This lends itself to the idea that storing or stealing investiture through the use of Nicrosil stores the parts by which the magic is made, or even more simply the magic itself. If an Awakener of, say, the 5th heightening were spiked properly by Nicrosil, they would lose their stored Breaths, and the Breaths themselves would now be stored in the metal mind, or stolen by the Hemalurgist and stored in them by their spike. The same would probably be true of a Knight Radiant holding Stormlight or a Metalborn burning metals. It would be a subject of debate if the metals in their body not being burned, and therefore the investiture not being accessed, would be stolen as well. I would hazard a guess that they would not. Alternatively, the investiture might be broken down to a pure state, not formed into something like Breath or Stormlight. It would be a pool of pure Investiture that could serve as a battery for a machine that runs on magic. While I am not sure how likely this is, it would mean that Nicrosil Hemalurgy is like draining a battery, and Nicrosil Feruchemy is like charging a battery. Applications Spike Gun: A firearm or other projectile weapon that shoots Nicrosil spikes. If they landed in the right bind point on in invested person, they would sap their investiture completely, giving an opening or killing them outright. Possibly used by an assassin who specializes in hunting Invested peoples. Mixed with aluminium this could not only drain someone of their power supply, but also cut off their ability to use magic entirely (presumably). It would seem like a natural progression of the magic of the Cosmere, and I could see a group like the Ghostbloods wanting this technology. Magic Machines: A machine that runs off of batteries powered by pure Investiture. Could be used to run many different machines and possibly even recharge fabrials. This would depend on if they needed specific forms of Investiture or just the substance in general. A machine with a copper core to store information with a line of the metal that allows anyone to access the metal mind (I cant remember) could make for an interesting computer network. Or constructs that have near infinite knowledge and are powered by Investiture Batteries. Possible base for AI? Just some thoughts. Discuss. (Note - I may have missed something, or misspelled words. It happens. I'm not the best historian.)
  10. Elsecallers can turn one object in the Physical realm into something else, by convincing it to change in the Cognitive realm. I believe for this purpose you need to be able to communicate with the spren directly and understand each other. Soulcaster can change one object into a specific thing. Let`s say turn anything into smoke. The structure of the fabrial consists of: a trapped spren of specific type, specific gem, stormlight and metal casing. We know how all of the components work, except the spren. Here comes my theory. Since the elsecaller is able to convince the specific spren to change form in PR, the same process must be used with the fabrials. I believe the spren is used as a translator or more likely as an example. The Soulcaster can’t directly communicate with spren, he uses the trapped spren as an example of what he wants. I believe the interaction is very crude, like pointing a finger to an object and trying to convince the one you speak with, to take the form of that object. No words, no civil communicating, just intimidation. You use the trapped spren as an example of what form the other object has to take and what would happen if he doesn`t comply. Since the fabrial only has one type of spren trapped in it. You can only point to that same spren every time you soulcast for instance. Threatening the object in front of you to change in to this particular spren you already trapped. That's the reason why soulcasting fabrials can change everything into only one thing (ex: smoke, oil, etc) Where the Elsecaller can turn everything into anything by using the benefit of mutual understanding. So it`s all a matter of communication and understanding. While the Elsecaller can communicate freely with all types of spren. The fabrial user can only point to what he wants and his only type of communication is intimidation. Elsecallers convince, while normal humans only threaten other spren, by using one of their kind as an example.
  11. Okay,this is more of a "Would this even work theory?" then a "Can I predict Lord Branderson's plans?" theory. If Sja-anat managed to defect to Team Radiant,would she be able to make her own children? Hear me out. We all know that spren are simply sentient Investiture,as Investiture is oft to become when left alone or shaped by a Splinter's power,as seen with the Stormfather. We also know that Team Radiant are able to capture the Unmade and will probably try to do this because Odium is a terrible father and his kids deserve better. There is also the theory of the Radiants taking the gem holding Nergaoul,or the Thrill,and cleansing him/using him in a fabrial. While they probably will not need to capture Sja-Anat as she is willing,would it be possible to make a fabrial allowing her to shape Investiture into not a corrupted spren,but a new kind of spren entirely? You would need a hideous amount of Stormlight,I would think,probably needing to use most of the gems in Urithiru along with shoving it into a highstorm. But it might work. So what do you think? Am I a genius or should I be dragged off to Bedlam?
  12. Has anyone else noticed that the device that the Ire had in the center of their fort looked very much like a warning fabrial. Please tell me if I am total wrong.
  13. We all know about the Nahel bond between a special type of spren and a Knight Radiant, giving the spren the ability to fully manifest in the physical realm while giving the Radiant two Surges and the ability to take in stormlight on a continual basis to power these surges. In this thread, I speculated about a Gemheart bond, where a spren is captured inside a gemheart and bonds with the host of the gemheart: Human (e.g., Aesudan and Amaram), Parshendi (different spren give different forms), Various gravitation-defying creatures bonded to mandras (chasmfiends, greatshells, skyeels, and most likely thunderclasts), and Fabrials including Soulcasters and Urithiru. Venli appears to have formed a Nahel and a Gemheart bond with Timbre, as well as retaining her Gemheart bond with the Envoy spren to retain her Parshendi form of power. I believe that we'll soon see another dual-bond among Navini, the Sibling, and Urithiru using both the Nahel and Gemheart bonds to tie all three together. There have been many speculating that the Sibling is Urithiru, including my own speculation in the Gemheart bond thread. I want to clarify that the Sibling is not Urithiru but rather the spren that bonds to and powers Urithiru as well as bonding to her bondsmith. If the Sibling's bondsmith abandoned his or her oaths during the Recreance, that may explain why the Sibling and Urithiru have slumbered ever since, awaiting a new bondsmith to return. One of the WoR epithets tells us that only one of the bondsmiths is always with Urithiru, probably because the Sibling bondsmith will need to stay with her spren that will be captured inside Urithiru's gemheart, powering Urithiru. So, what makes me think this bondsmith will be Navani? All primary point-of-view characters have chapter art to denote the chapters which are primarily their own. Even though she'd had minor points-of-view before, Navani got her first primary POV chapter with Oathbringer in only one chapter: Chapter 95, Pieces of a Fabrial. The chapter art representation of Navani appears to be a giant, luminescent gemheart encased in what might be a fabrial: Obviously, one can argue that the fabrial image is perfect for Navani simply because Navani is the goddess of fabrials. But I would argue that this is probably what makes her the perfect choice as the sole Radiant whose bond is both Nahel and Gemheart. Who better to operate the Urithiru fabrial than Navani? Who better to stay with Urithiru than the ostensible Queen of Urithiru? Who better to be another bondsmith than Dalinar's wife?
  14. I'm back baby! And i've got a big one here! The third and final greater spren is the sibling. A vast embodiment of stone that used to reside in the giant power core and by extension throughout the gem veins all through the city of urithiru. Probably powering all the different functions that arent working yet. Just like a modern fabrial, it requires stormlight and a spren to function which is why renarin and jasnah were unable to force stormlight into the fabrial to get it to function. From a chapter heading: Good night, dear Urithiru. Good night, sweet Sibling. Good night, Radiants. Between the stormfather and dalinar: "... are there others, though? Spren like you, or the Nightwatcher? Spren that are shadows of Gods?" There is ... a third sibling. They are not with us. "In hiding?" No. Slumbering. "Tell me more." No. "But-" No! Leave them alone! You hurt them enough. My guess is that this sibling was the bonded great spren during the last desolation and was sent into catatonia when the last bondsmith died or lost their oaths. Falling into a long slumber the same way that Sylphrena did. I imagine that the sibling could be woken again and come back to live in urithiru, it might not have to be bonded to someone to power the city. Or maybe we'll get another bondsmith someday! Now for the nature of this third greater spren. Stone seems the obvious affiliation for me. The chapter headers of translations from that early dawnsinger speaks of how the humans turned the spren of the wind and stone against them. We already hear the listeners complain about how the storm (wind) was no longer completely theirs, and i believe the sibling was the other great spren to begin favoring the humans over dawnsingers. Each of the other great spren seem to have gained an influence from the shards present on roshar, the Stormfather and Honor, the Nightwatcher and Cultivation. The final pairing of course: the Sibling and Odium. With the sibling's presumed association with stone it may be responsible for all the great cities and fortifications throughout all of roshar! Using the cymatic vibrations on a huge scale to create the symmetrical fortifications. The striations in kholinar's windblades are pointed out as being identical to those inside urithiru. I think this slumbering Sibling is the architect behind the dawncities. Perhaps this sibling can be woken in the CR the same way that the stormfather came and revived Sylphrena. And we'll get to see it flip the ignition on urithiru or even create new cymatic patterns designed to protect against both the highstorms and everstorms! Discuss!
  15. Fabrials are the third magic system on Roshar There should be 10 types of fabrial Brandon's also said that Roshar could be considered to have 30 magic systems. We know there are 10 Surges, and the Ars Arcanum mentions “the ten levels of Voidbinding”. So that leaves 10 forms of the third system, Fabrials. The known types The Ars Arcanum mentions five fabrial types: Augmenter, Diminisher, Conjoiner, Reverser, Alerter. The Augmenter/Diminisher and Conjoiner/Reverser are paired; the Alerter doesn't seem to have a counterpart. Navani unveils a sixth type near the end of WOR, the Attractor. New types Just as how Surges come in pairs, I'd suggest that fabrial types are inherently paired. So we can speculate on the counterparts of the two “unpaired” known types. The opposite of an Attractor would be a Repeller. Could be used to keep things dry, drive away pests or mold etc., or maybe deflect arrows. The opposite of an Alerter might be something like a “Jammer”. This might not just block Alerter Fabrials, but also stuff like Spanreed communication. That leaves two types totally unknown. EDIT: By "proper" fabrials I mean the things Artifabrians make. Not the "ancient fabrials" like Soulcasters, Oathgates, Shardplate.
  16. So in the Prologue to Oathbringer it is explicitly stated that heating fabrials work by trapping a spren. Did we know that before? It was theorized in the Ars Arcanum, but I don't recall anyone (Navani?) specifically stating it. The focus always seems to be on the stones involved. Do all modern fabrials require a spren to be trapped in their stones? It seems obvious that the older ones don't e.g. soulcasters, oathgates. Unless these shouldn't even be considered fabrials, but I'm not sure what else they'd be called. That would raise some new questions, such as what happens to a spren trapped in the stones for the "Pairing Fabrials" where the stone must be split in two? This thought was triggered in earnest when we learn of a spren that seems intent on warning people of things in chapter 14, reminding me of the alerter fabrial back from the WoK interlude. I feel like I need to do another read through and rethink various applications of fabrials.
  17. Just a little doodle I threw together.
  18. Hello Everyone, I think I cracked the code of the Fabrial Endsheet Table(Now I'm certain it's the Fabrial Table)! It is possible that someone else already did it, for which I apologize and hope that I might bring some more insight on his theory. Of course, we need more canon fabrials, which we can examine with their proper gemstone types, but this is for now. EDIT: Resources for viewing in the spoiler tag. Rule Number 1: When you look at the table, imagine that the glyphs of the Orders are actually the glyphs of the 10 Gemstones. Each Gemstone is corresponding to that Order's Gemestone from the Ars Arcanum Table. From now on, when I say Amethyst, you look at Willshapers in the Table. When I say Ruby, you look at Dustbringers in the table. And so on. There are no Orders here, only Gemstones. Rule Nubmer 2: Amethyst and Ruby are opposite, and that is further indicated by the lightning bolt. In other words, this way we can actually check in the table, which Fabrials are Pairing Fabrials: Conjoiners are sensitive fabrials. They are created by splitting one gemstone - specifically, a ruby - which will in turn act as a whole, with the actions of one half affecting the other half. The most common example of this type of fabrial is the spanreed by which means communication can be affected over a vast distance. Reversers act in the opposite way to conjoiners and are created by the splitting of an amethyst instead of a ruby. The reaction of each half is the exact opposite of what one half undergoes; to lift up one half would cause the other half to be forced downwards. As you can see, both Gemstones have exactly the opposite effects. Altering Fabrials: Augmenters are fabrials which enhance something. They can be used to increase heat or movement, to warm a room or generate a breeze. The Half-Shard shields invented in Jah Keved are an example of an augmenting fabrial. Diminishers are fabrials which work opposite of Augmenters. They are used to reduce something, such as pain or heat. The device used by Navani to reduce the pain in the wrist of her nephew, Adolin, is an example of this type of fabrial. Again, we have Fabrials that work the opposite, but this time, as you can see, nowhere is mentioned that the Gemstones are split in two halves like in the Pairing Fabrials. Unfortunately, it is not mentioned in the books what type of Gemstones are used for the Painrial, Half-Shards and etc. If I remember correctly, the heating fabrial is with Ruby, but please correct me, as I can't open the book at the moment. That leads us to the next Rule. Rule Number 3: There seem to be two very important rules in creating a Fabrials: 1. Discover how to cut the Gemstone. 2. Discover the type of Gemstone for the desired effect. Rule Number 4: Some Gemstones have more pairs/opposites from other Gemstones, as you can see in the table. Sapphire -> Smokestone, Diamond, Garnet, Heliodor. Smokestone -> Sapphire, Zircon, Ruby Ruby -> Smokestone, Amethyst, Diamond Diamond -> Sapphire, Ruby, Topaz, Emerald Emerald -> Heliodor, Diamond, Garnet Garnet -> Emerald, Sapphire, Topaz, Zircon Zircon -> Garnet, Smokestone, Amethyst Amethyst -> Zircon, Ruby, Topaz Topaz -> Amethyst, Garnet, Diamond, Heliodor Heliodor -> Sapphire, Emerald, Topaz Rule Number 5: I believe, the Ars Arcanum Table is quite important in this, because the water-attracting fabrial is powered by Garnets, which are connected to Blood, all non-oil liquid. Attracting Fabrials: These devices were demonstrated in Words of Radiance. Navani used water-attracting fabrials powered by garnets to keep bowstrings dry during the battle against the Stormform Parshendi. Mraize also owns one of these, powered by a smokestone, to draw smoke through his chimney. Given the way most fabrials seem to be paired by their effects, repulsing fabrials are likely possible as well. By following the Pairs rule, we can get a Gemstone that instead of drawing Smoke and Gas, it would release Gas. Rule Number 6: It proves what Brandon Sanderson is smirking and saying around that one magic system doesn't really mean only 10 types of powers (Like Surgebinding), but more types and variety. Imagine the possibilities. Final note, we know that Sanderson classified the Magic System as 30 types. That leaves us with 10 types of main Fabrials, each with subtypes depending on the type of Gemstone. This is pretty much a rough explanation of the Fabrial Magic System. I leave the imagination to you, as I am a bit wasted by trying to explain all of this at once. Please, ask any questions and critizise. Side Note
  19. So: Are Honorblades a type of Fabrial? First a quote: So. What we know. The Heralds were given Honorblades. These blades allow them to do special things (surges & absorb stormlight). Later, Spren bonded with Humans, and are able to emulate Honorblades. When one of these Spren "dies" it has the physical form of an ShardBlade (mimicking an honorblade). There are other quotes saying that the Heralds can only do surgebinding with the HonorBlade but have other "gifts" as well. Speculation (Honorblades & old-style Fabrials): 1) Honor created (or had someone create, or created with the help of Cultivation) 10 Super-Fabrials, the Honorblades, gave these to the Heralds, along with some additional investment to the Heralds themselves. 2) The creation of (old-style) Fabrials has something to do with Spren. Changing a spren to, or forging a spren with an object (metal?). I cannot speculate here. We have two types of examples in the Cosmere. Investiture can have a solid form (metal) - so possibly, a spren + solid investiture could be shaped into a sword. We also have an example of a normal sword imbued with "breath" that creates a "type of Shardblade". 3) Other Fabrials were created in a similar way (regrowth, soulcasting, etc). basically, small scale, single surge human copies of the Honorblades (not sure if the shape is important for old-style fabrials). 4) Holding an Honorblade gives a user an imperfect bond with the Spren within the Honorblade. The holder can absorb stormlight to power the surges, but is not efficient. The stormlight holding ability is not part of the lesser man-made old-style fabrials, which require inset stones as a powersource, (or power from someone with a spren-bond, that is, the surgebinder is the power source, rather than a gem). That is, the man-made fabrials do not provide a bond with the holder, which allows holding stormlight -- though something odd is happening to those folks who use a Soulcaster too often. 5) The weak bond to the Honorblade spren may or may not allow small changes to the Honorblade's appearance over time. 6) Spren gain consciousness over time. I believe that is stated in the books. I assume the Honorblade is created with a pre-conscious/unthinking/primordial radiant spren Speculation (Shardblades & new-style Fabrials) 1) Mature Spren of the same type used for the Honorblades bonded with normal Humans, and learned they could mimic the Honorblades (that is, are able to manifest in the physical world as a blade, and provide surgebinding - this may imply that the Honorblades are simply bound Spren, not swords imbued with spren). 2) Because the bond is strong, the physical manifestation is more malleable (can be sword, spear, knife, etc), and Stormlight use is more efficient (unlike the weaker version of the bond with an Honorblade). The "Dead" spren manifest as a sword, because that is how they see themselves (mimicking the Honorblades). However, they can also change slightly over time, depending on their wielder. The "dead"-spren bond must be even weaker than that with Honorblades, since the wielder cannot hold stormlight. 3) I am categorizing New-style Fabrials with the Knights Radiant, because, instead of the spren manifesting as the Fabrial, a spren is captured in a gem, and the fabrial is a separate component (like the KR), making use of the spren's innate investiture. Now. using all this speculation, I can infer that Shardplate is an Old-style Fabrial (made up of spren, the same way old Fabrials were made) and requires either a Radiant, or gems to provide power. Further, that the original KRs (or a specific subset of them) knew how to (were able to) make old style Fabrials, since the KRs have plate, and access to old-style fabrials (in the visions). Other posts that touch on this topic:
  20. So I have been thinking about the possibilities of fabrials. we know that fabrials can be made that emulate all ten surges, so i was thinking about some of the possibel devices that could be made..... #1 - melty sword. a sword that has a fabrial in the hilt which strengthens the blade (against temperature and impact) while another fabrial makes it SUPERHOT. (with a device to stop the handle from heating up.) melt through your enemies armor/bodies/horses. 'nuff said. #2 - reverse shield. A shield which changes the gravity of any objects that hit it's outer surface, throwing them away. these could be good for non-shardbearers to equalize things.... Any other ideas? I got more, but I wanted to see what you guys came up with.
  21. So recently I finished my re reading of SA, and somewhere into WoK I got into a discussion with some friends about shardplate, and it got me thinking. At this point probably stop reading if you haven't finished Words of Radiance. I'd like to see what people think about shardplate, since it seems it doesn't get as much attention as the other various shards. I had been thinking about the workings of plate, it started with realizing that if shardplate was really made out of metal, it should dent, except it doesn't, it shatters. When I brought this up to my freinds they seemed to think treating plate like a fabrial was silly since doing that in the past turned out to be false (i.e shardblades being spren). They believed that construction of plate was in some way related to the Nahel Bond, as shardblades are. Despite this, I'm pretty sure they are just fabrials. We know the gemstone in a shardblade isn't actually related to its function, but shardplate requires them AND a steady supply of stormlight. If the gemstones aren't infused then the armor is anything but light. And, probably most importantly, everything shardplate does can be related to the surges. Shardplate is metal, yet it shatters instead of deforming, I imagine that is is related to the surge of either tenstion or cohesion, but I can't say for certain since we don't yet know much about those surges. Progression or transformation would allow the plate to regrow from a single piece. The misting of the visor due to illumination. Obviously there's some pretty advanced fabrial science that is beyond our current understanding but as we've seen, the ancients had some pretty wicked knowledge in that department. This brings me to my second topic. History. Recent and not so recent. The vision where dalinar meets Nohadon seems to imply that Bond granted surgebinding was present long before the founding of the Knights Radiant. This is important because I believe shardplate was the hallmark of the Knights and came into existence around the same time. In fact I think this time was one of the few where it's construction was possible given the level of technology at the time. That they managed to construct something as sophisticated as the oathgates makes me think they could manage shardplate. As for recent history, both Kaladin and Renarin seemed to have no problem touching shardplate, which doesn't help the assertion that shardplate is of the spren. Something both my friends were eager to prove. tl;dr: Shardplate is just a very advanced fabrial that was made at the same period as the founding of the KR and the construction of Urithiru.
  22. So, We know that fabrials can be created that...... - increase strength - create heat/cold - simulate all ten surges - link objects And alot of other stuff. So- What if you could create a suit of Fabrial-armor (kinda like shardplate) that would not only make you stronger and protect you and stuff, but also shoot heat rays, or othe rstuff? or was HUGE? Titanfall is coming to Roshar.
  23. I was looking through some quotes and came across this. Besides the above quote there are a few other things about shardplate that I think are important in figuring out what they are. 1. They require stormlight to function. A lot of other posters seem to think that Shardplate comes from either a further level of declaring an Ideal or via some secondary bonded spren. This is based on that we know that Blades originate from bonded spren. But we also know that the gem placed in a bonded Shardblade can go dull and the Blade will still work perfectly fine. Shardplate on the other hand becomes completely nonfunctional once the Stormlight in its gems runs out. 2. The Gems in Shardplate crack from normal use. In WoK when Elhokar's Plate failed they were unsure if the cracked gems were just a normal but coincidental event or purposely planned, so we know that gems failing and cracking in Shardplate is a fairly normal occurance. 3. The only other time we see gems cracking from normal use (that I can remember) is in Soulcasters (maybe also happens in other fabrials). 4. While Shardplate we see is mostly used against other Shardwielders to protect against a Shardblade, the original intent was to fight Voidbringers. Okay, now onto the basic theory: Shardplate is an advance Fabrial that combines a Soulcaster (which would produce Aluminum, and allow the suit to rebuild itself) with other fabrials like an Augmenter (these might fall un der the Tension category of Surges, for increased strength) and one that deals with Cohesion (allowing the metal to constrict and lossen so it fits people of various sizes and let segments meet without joints). The soulcaster builds the armor out of Aluminum as it resistant to attacks of a magic nature. We see this when Adolin is struck by the lightning created by the Parshendi and that it is completely nullified. The KR built advanced fabrials that allowed them to replicate powers of other orders. I think Shardplate was their Masterpiece in that it combined the powers of many orders.
  24. Has anyone else noticed that every fabrial we've seen so far that has been sufficiently described was fixed in a metal setting of some sort? What I mean is that we've never seen a fabrial explicitly described as being without metal. It almost seems like metal was a requirement in fabrial creation, and not just for aesthetic purposes. In fact, in WoR, Shallan only realized that the lamps in the Stormseat Oathgate room were fabrials when she noticed the metallic latticework around each gemstone: But if metals are important in fabrial creation, what exactly is their purpose? Shouldn't a fabrial's power come directly from the spren and the Stormlight inside the gemstone? In a pre-WoR thread of mine, I theorized that metals were conduits/transmitters of Investiture, and were the reason why fabrials can actually change their environment. That might still be the case, but right now I'm not 100% convinced about it because that theory was based on metals having intrinsic Transportation Surge properties, which I now doubt. I have a new theory that doesn't require metals to transmit Investiture, but is still compatible with that idea. It first came to me when I noticed a problem with the Soulcaster fabrials. We know that these fabrials are special because all of them were made long ago, before the Recreance, when the Knights Radiant were still around. These Soulcasters, considered sacred by the ardents, have not yet been replicated in modern times. In other words, every single Soulcaster fabrial on Roshar are practically irreplaceable artifacts. The big problem with that is that gemstones crack when too much Stormlight is forced out of them. Or as Navani would say, they "succumb easily to the multiplied strain of simultaneous infusion drain and physical stress". And when that happens, you'll have to replace the broken gemstone. So if people saw me using a Soulcaster and one of its gemstones suddenly cracks, I'd probably look rather foolish to them, won't I? They'd think I had just destroyed something immensely precious, won't they? Well, apparently not. Jasnah didn't even pretend to be upset when the the smokestone in her (fake) fabrial cracked. It's as if she fully expected Shallan to believe the smokestone could simply be replaced. As for Shallan, she had serious problems with what Jasnah did, including using a holy artifact to commit murder, but not including irreplaceably breaking said artifact. I therefore conclude that while the gemstone component of a fabrial is obviously important (it holds the Stormlight that powers the fabrial), it can definitely be replaced, even that of a Soulcaster fabrial. But how could that be? Won't you need to trap the same kind of spren in another identically-cut gemstone to replicate the cracked gemstone's power (which in the case of Soulcasters, nobody has ever done successfully)? I don't think so. We know from one of Navani's illustrations that when a gemstone that has a spren trapped inside is infused with Stormlight, it creates a specific Stormlight pattern. Now, here is my theory: I think a fabrial's Stormlight pattern is somehow imprinted on the fabrial's metal setting. This allows for the gemstone to be replaced when needed without having to attract another spren in the replacement gemstone. That probably means replacement gemstones need not even contain any spren as long as the Stormlight pattern has already been imprinted in the metal. That also means the most important thing you could do to keep a fabrial working is to not mess with the metal framework because it might disturb the pattern imprinted on it. So you should, like, try not to accidentally damage it with a sword while attempting to stab your abusive father. Or something. What do you guys think? Edit: I believe this "imprinting" of a Stormlight pattern onto metal is made possible by the Cohesion Surge, but that probably deserves its own separate thread.
  25. According to Dalinar's visions, Shardplates and Shardblades work differently in the "modern" era of Roshar than in the time of the Knights Radiant. Also there are a lot less shards in the world than there should be. Chapter 52 "Highway to the sun" page 730 Where did all the other blades go and why did the plate behave so differently? What if the plates and blades are made like fabrials,and are copies of the knights' equipment. Yes in that same chapter I quoted, people are picking up the Knights' blades and plate and fighting over them, but it doesn't show them using them. What happened to the missing equipment? What if it deteriorated without the Knights and their spren powering it? They could have copied the blades and plate. They copied surgebinder powers. Chapter 72 "Veristitalian" page 979 They didn't have those fabrials in the time of the Radiants. Chapter 62 "Right for Wrong" page 861 So the soulcasting fabrials must have been made later. They are close to making shards now. Maybe they made these copy shards in the past. If the shards are copies, then that could explain why they didn't feel right to Syl or Kaladin. It might also explain why windrunners in the past had shard plate, but Szeth could not use plate with his surgebinding powers. So what do you think?