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Found 1 result

  1. Ok , so like I think we can all agree that a fullborn is the most dangerous and unbeatable creature in the Cosmere , short of a full shard. Yet tlr died so easily. I mean yeah he was basically relying too much on nicrosil for allomancy and he wasn't expecting Vin to be fueled by Pure preservation itself but still , isn't it a bit strange ? Isn't it wierd how easily he was killed by a somewhat headstrong and stupid teenager of all ppl ?? Wasn't he a little unlucky ? I think the reason tlr died so easily was cause he used up a lot of fortune. OK , MY ENTIRE THOEORY HINGES ON THIS but Like maybe there's a limit for fortune u can use in ur favour. A feruchemist storing or tapping fortune is basically a zero sum game , but a fullborn could easily exhaust his spiretweb's reserve of fortune . I'm pretty fortune works rather differently than any other attribute. Hell , if a fullborn had access to unlimited fortune , there wouldn't be a contest at all. I'm pretty sure fortune is more limited tho , maybe all spiritual qualities are. So back to my theory .Maybe he used fortune excessively during his early reign , Maybe that's how the ppl who flayed , beheaded , burned him , didn't think of removing his metals , even tho knowledge of feruchemy was more common then. Then however the negative effects hit . Would also explain how almost everything he did later on , ended up making things worse , even tho in many cases he had good intentions . Also would explain why he was so depressed. Maybe he was out of fortune and thus , the chemicals in his brain stopped producing the harmones to make him happy. I mean that is what depression is , a fault in the production of mood enhancing harmones by bad luck. It's genetic but some chance is involved and thus , he used up his fortune and became depressed due to being unlucky and became even more vulnerable to Ruin. Also I don't think u can cute depression by being Rioted. Could also how vin's earring came loose when tlr slammed into a wall or something. It wasn't pushed or pulled out , mind u, it came out as a result of her being thrown by tlr and it never did that before , not when she was fighting with Inquisitors or training . It didn't fall away during the battle at luthadel against the Koloss or against the Inquisitors and she was pretty beat up by the Inquisitors mind u . What are the odds of that happening at exactly that moment ,eh ??? . Also maybe just maybe that's how he had a confrontation with vin. I mean look at the odds . Vin stupidly decided to attack tlr , gets captured , gets freed by Sazed even tho he was a terrisman and the Inquisitors atleast should have suspected him of being a feruchemist and removed his metals , then they both nearly get killed but Elend saves them and elend himself is alive cause kelsier saved him ( sure he did it for Vin but I'm pretty sure there could be other factors at work ) and he came to help him cause Vin spares the guards and they just happen to run into Elend. Then she stupidly attacks tlr again , Marsh gets an opportunity to kill a dozen Inquisitors easily , Vin just happens to guess that tlr is actually Rashek not alendi ( I mean I love Vin but she's not exactly the brightest sphere in the mix and it's strange that she would think of things like that while she's literally being crushed by tlr ) , she mini-ascends or something , even tho leras was still alive and ruin being still imprisoned couldn't weaken leras , then the bracers fall out of his reach cause Vin still has some steel left , then Sazed arrives and ok , tlr would have died anyway but still isn't it unlucky how he was killed with a common spear rarther than dying in a somewhat less humiliating way due to accelerated aging . So that's my theory, that tlr used up too much fortune and became unlucky , somehow managed anyway for a few centuries then fell to a common spear by a no of small unlucky events