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Found 1 result

  1. GM - AliasSheep Co-GM - Doc12 Smith slunk down the dark corridor, back against the wall, gun held in front of him. He was close now, he knew it. He could feel it in his blood. 15 years he had been tracking them, and now, he was going to find out, once and for all. He peeked around the corner. They were there, talking in hushed tones. “Smith knows.” “He shouldn’t be too hard to handle.” Peter. It was Peter. “Put in the call now.” The call? To whom? “Hello, chief. It’s Smith.” Him? That couldn’t be. What was Peter saying? He was the vole. He stepped out from behind the corner. “What are you talking about Peter?” Peter turned around, and pulled a pistol from his belt. “Smith, what a surprise seeing you here.” Smith’s eyes flicked from Peter to the other man, who was slowly moving up the corridor, his own gun drawn. “Stop moving. Drop your guns.” “Now Smith, why would we ever do that? You see, chief, threatening me, my colleague. He is obviously the traitor.” “No, Peter, you’re the traitor! The vole! I’ve been tracking you for years, I know it’s you.” “See, chief, he’s delusion. Barely functioning. Permission to take him out?” Peter raised his pistol towards Smith and then nodded to the other man. Three guns fired in a loud cacophony and all went black. --- *click* The agency has been infiltrated by Double Agents and it is up to you to work together with your fellow agents to find and eliminate them. Good luck, agent. *click* Rules Miscellaneous Each person starts with two PMs, each containing themself and another player, the links determined by RNG. Cycles are 24 hours long. Game-related is defined as "A post that causes or replies to Discussion and/or Mentions a Game Role.” Thread The main thread is solely for information from the GM which is shared with all players which includes write-ups, and if anyone wants to, RP. This means that there should be no game related talk in the thread. Write-ups Information included in the writeups will be: Who is lynched Who has been removed by the inactivity filter Missives Missives Every cycle, every player can write up to 100 words and submit it to the GM as their missive. The missives are then posted together in the following write-up, anonymously. Roles “Coffee” Roleless. “Contacts” Once per cycle, you can create a new PM between two players, one of which may be yourself, provided they are two different players. The PM will be created at the beginning of the next cycle. “C” Once per cycle, you can redirect someone’s PM to another player of your choosing, provided it isn’t the same player. You must specify both the player whose PM you want to direct and to whom you want the PM to be directed. “The Bureaucrat” Once per cycle, you can cut off one of a person’s PMs for the next cycle. If The Bureaucrat can name the recipient of the PM they want to be cut off, then that PM will be cut off, elsewise it is random. This counts as cutting off the Double Agents’ contact. “The Hacker” Once per cycle, you will have relayed to you all the messages exchanged in one of the PMs of the person you choose for the following cycle. Similarly to the Bureaucrat, if The Hacker can name the recipient they can select them, elsewise it is random. If the Hacker does make a guess, they are not told if they guessed correctly. You will not be told the second member in the PM, and the PM will be selected randomly. Order of Operations Voting Hacking PM removal PM addition Factions Spies The Spies make up the majority of players. Their job is to eliminate all the Double Agents by removing them from the agency. Once per cycle, every agent can cast a vote on who to kick out of the agency. This vote is cast by telling the GM who the agent would like to vote for. Whoever has the most votes, with a minimum of two votes, is sacked (removed from the game). In the case of a tie, the a coin/dice is tossed/rolled to determine who is sacked. Double Agents The Double Agents’ objective is to have at least one PM with all remaining players between them. They achieve this by using their Faction action, which allows them each cycle, to create a new PM between one of their members and another player. The Double Agents all have a doc to discuss in. The Double agents have a second win con, wherein if there are no more players other than Double Agents left in the game, the Double agents win. If at any time no Double Agent has a PM with a non-double Agent, the Double Agents lose the game. Inactivity Filter If an agent is inactive for an entire cycle, they are removed from the game. The two people they had PMs with (or the equivalent after being switched by an N) will gain a PM between them and lose the PMs with the inactive player. To be safe from the inactivity filter, a player must make at least one game related post. Quick Links: