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Found 1 result

  1. In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth ~ Genesis 1:1 There is nothing. Yet. The worlds are unwrought and investiture flies free, unbound to any form. It cannot last. In a world of raw power, a whim is as that of a god's greatest command. The rules are yet to be written, and so they are written by your hand. Think carefully, for a merest wish could bring the end spiralling in. And who knows what lies in Adonalsium's mind. The Cosmere is unformed, travellers. However you came to be here, know that. For the time being, treat "here" as meaningless. All that can be is yet to come. This game is a strange one. It is chaotic, unless you choose it not to be. It is unstructured, unless you choose it not to be. There are no rules. Yet. When you sign up, we're going to need two things from you in addition to your character's name. First, a vote: would you rather a single 72-hour cycle, or would you rather a 48-hour day and a 24-hour night. Second, a rule. Choose whatever you wish and it shall become truth. Every player can choose a rule and it shall be introduced to the game. It can be anything at all. There are two limitations to this, however. First, the GMs, myself and @STINK, reserve the right to veto any rule we deem unfit. Second, any conflicting rules shall be pitted against each other, with RNG determining which one is put into play. Though you may choose whatever, I have a couple recommendations: As of yet, there's no teams, no lynch and no win conditions. Keep that in mind. If no one chooses to change the way rules are decided, the same process will be carried out next turn, and the turn after, until someone gets sick of it and decides they want rules to be decided differently. Good luck. Have fun. Oh and rollovers will be at 20:00 BST which is 14:00 CST and you can figure it out for your own timezone. Following the close of Signups, there shall be a 24 hour period for Stink and I to sort out all the rules. Signups shall close on: Quick Links: