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Found 2 results

  1. The life cycle of the parasite giving Aviars power has some implications. It is clear what advantages the Aviars are getting out of the symbiosis. They are not eaten because they are concealed. Going to the perpendicularity as they are hatched is a behavior that is strongly selected for. But what is in it for the worms? At first glance a worm whose bird is eaten dies. So he won't reproduce as often. Right. But a worm whose descendants don't reach the perpendicularity cannot grant powers. In fact, we must doubt that they even survive. The worm is adapted to the perpendicularity after all. So the selection pressure ends after one generation. So how did this work? Something returns the offspring of successful symbionts to the pool. I guess it is the chicks themselves. The coevolution could happen because birds are using the same orifice for defecation and reproduction. That way the eggs of the symbionts get attached to the eggs and to the hatchlings after hatching, who then transport them back to the perpendicularity where the cycle begins again. Hence continous selective pressure to grant powers is created. But it would not work with mammals (except monotremata).
  2. What would be Darwin Award worthy deaths or feats of stupidity in the Cosmere? And what characters in the Cosmere deserve a Darwin Award so far? For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Darwin awards, a Darwin award is a posthumous award that goes to people who die extremely stupid deaths. The sick and twisted logic behind this award is that they remove themselves (or are removed by something else) from the gene pool and are playing a part in the evolution of the human species by proactively participating in Natural Selection and survival of the fittest. Please post your comments below.