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Found 10 results

  1. Who likes abusing the inspect tool? I like abusing the inspect tool! You can make some pretty dang weird stuff with it... So what cool stuff have you done with the Inspect tool?
  2. First, I want to preface that this theory is not really based off facts. I was reading a post about Threnody and the "evil" when I came across I guy who said that he thought that the "evil" wasn't anything to do with Odium. He stated that he thought it was something more then a shard. This was a post from 2015 so they probably didn't know about the shard splintered in the Threnodite system. This however got me thinking, why do we assume Odium is the worst shard in the cosmere? Could there not be something more? If you think about Odium the emotion (hatred) it is incredibly powerful, but power isn't everything, subtlety and manipulation could be a far more powerful combination. Might there be a shard in the Cosmere that may not only be more powerful than Odium, but also wiser? I looked up a list of traits, and there was one that could be worse than Odium if it were to become its own shard: Evil. There are various words that could describe this attribute: evil, wicked, cruel. This shard would be more dangerous to the cosmere than Odium because Odium is often not well thought out, it exist with blurred vision and little fact, always pointing out what it wants to see in the world. On the other hand Cruelty is not hindered by the same tunnel vision, it is often very keen and logical, making precise and well thought out decisions, manipulating people and lacking compassion. Could this not be a shard? and would it not be worse than Odium. It could be behind the scenes at all times, pushing here and pulling there, getting Odium to do its work at the moment, but still being the puppet master. Thinking about it, it does seem reasonable that Odium wouldn't be the most harmful shard, the plot needs to twist a little and a more destructive force that has been waiting in the shadows would make sense. What do you guys think? Might Cruelty be another more harmful shard? If humans developed a cruel side, so must have Adonalsium, and Cruelty isn't really the same as hatred
  3. Crazy theory but... So according to Arcanum Unbounded there was some fight on Threnody between Odium and Autonomy and we know that shades are cognitive shadows. And in Mistborn: Secret History Nazh mentioned that to became a shadow there are some requirements and traditions and what if Nazh is from pre-Evil Threnody and they are creating shades on purpose, to become sort of ascended or immortal but fight between Shards twisted them into shades. On Roshar influence of Odium is connected to red eyes and on Thenody if shades are enraged their eyes turn red so what if it means they are influenced by Odium in that moment and they attack. And in Bands of mourning Epilogue there is Faceless Immortal with red eyes that could also mean it is not kandra but cognitive shadow from Threnody under influence of Odium that Ire in Mistborn: Secret History were afraid of?
  4. So I have wondered for a while what "The Evil" on Threnody is that ravages the Homeland and first banished the people of that world to the so-called "Forests of Hell". Even in Arcanum Unbounded, Khriss (who seems to know a LOT about the Cosmere and the Shards) states that very little is known of it by anyone. But then, after reading the other things mentioned in Arcanum Unbounded related to Threnody, a theory formed in my head that seems completely logical to me but is very likely a RAFO kind of thing to ask. So here's the backstory: According to the essay written by Khriss/Sanderson in Arcanum Unbounded, Ambition inhabited the Threnodite System shortly after the Shattering, but was eventually found there by Odium, who was on his vendetta to become the most powerful being in the Cosmere. The two Shards clashed violently throughout the three Realms, and their epic battle resulted in the Splintering of Ambition and the death of its vessel. The entire system was affected by it, particularly on the planet Threnody, which has two main continents. The smaller one consists of the Forests of Hell, the normal people, and ghostly creatures called the "shades" while the larger one (the Homeland) is dominated by the Evil. The theory: As seen in the form of the shades, Cognitive Shadows of people exist on Threnody due to the way their world works. What I wonder is if people come back as shades after death, why not a Shard of Adonalsium itself as well? My theory, to put it plain and simple, is that the Evil is the Cognitive Shadow, or shade, of Ambition itself. A Cognitive Shadow made from an entire Shard is not unprecedented, mind you. Take the Stormfather on Roshar, for example. After Odium Splintered the Shard Honor and killed its vessel as he had done to Ambition (and others), an enormously powerful Cognitive Shadow formed out of Honor in the form of its spren, the Stormfather. I believe that the Evil on Threnody is the same thing in regard to Ambition as the Stormfather is to Honor: a really big, really dangerous Cognitive Shadow. After all, what do the shades do on Threnody? They attack those who break the Simple Rules, devouring their souls and dissolving their bodies. Who's to say that the Evil, as a Cognitive Shadow of Ambition, isn't just a shade like all the others? It was a person who died, and on Threnody, those come back as the shades. But seeing as this one was so powerful (a storming Shard of Adonalsium), then wouldn't that make it an immensely powerful and really huge shade that can consume an entire continent and feast upon the souls of men in multitudes (as as it is described doing in Arcanum Unbounded)? So there's my theory. The Evil is Ambition's shade. What do all of you think?
  5. As always I will begin with a short version of the Theory. Then I put the meaningfull fact and the extended version. The theory has some spoiler from Shadow for Silence in the Forest of Hell and Mistborn Era 1. Short version: The Evil that killed everyone in Threnody's Homeland was the Shard Ruin (held by Ati). Relevant point: - Shadow for Silence novel take place between Mistborn Era 1 novels and Stormlight Archive. - there is a WoB about the Evil to be related to Ruin - Threnody and Scadrial have the same "star pattern" visible (the Starbelt). - Threnody seems to have a Invested's Silver. - Threnody is a minor Shardworld and therefore there isn't any Shard on the planet. Extended Version: The first point to make clear about my Theory is that I suppose that Scadrial and Threnody are in the same Solar System. We may speculate this from the "Starbelt" visible from both the Planet and the Invested Metal. Of course Threnody is a Minor Shardworld and this meaning that any Shard that came on it had no resistence at all(it's relevant for future points). I think that what happened on Threnody is the result of the Ruin's year-of-freedom between the Well of Ascension and his death at the end of Hero of Ages. Ruin's intent was about destroy everything. His quest on Scadrial in the book was to find a portion of his former power to overpowered Preservation and shout down Scadrial. It must be stressfull to him. Be on a planet and be stopped by Preservation everytime. Therefore he focus his attension on Threnody a planet close enough to may extend his influence on him while he was heavy invested in Scadrial. On Threnody he begin his destruction and the people call him the Evil. At that time Leras was quite mindless and mechanicaly stopped all the effort of Ruin on Scadrial. But I suppose that he was not so flessible to try to stop Ruin in Threnody (Ruin was probably stopped when Leras died and Kelsier take his place). But if Ruin was without Preservation, why didn't he simply destroy Threnody in a moment? Because He can't, he was Heavy invested on Scadrial and if he Invested his power on Threnody, Preservation may overpowered him. Therefore he put together a "calamity" that kill everyone that didn't escape from the Homeland. The exile arrived to the Forest, found the Shades that are part of the Threnody's Natural-Investiture (not create by Ruin) and began to build a new life here.Without know that the Evil was gone. After the Harmony's birth, he may send a help to the Threnody people and give to the Threnody's Silver an ability to Preserve aganist the Shades. The last part may be a willing choise of Harmony or a simple mix of Threnody Natural Investiture and the Influence of Ruin&Preservation Investiture through the Metal-focus of Scadrial (also the Simple Rules seems to be relate to Entropyc's Ruin). We know that the people comes to the Forest of Hell something like 3 generation ago because the Silence's Grandmother is among the first to arrive to the Forest. And we know that the novel take place in the 300 years between the HoA and tWotK. Therefore also the time are quite possible. Well this is my theory, good reading
  6. To anyone who hasn't read it and doesn't like spoilers... BEWARE! To those who have read it I will ask this. Who did you hate the most? Who did you feel sorry for the most? Did you like someone? If so, who? My answers 1. Bayaz 2. Gorst 3. Shenkt (yes the caniball)
  7. So I was flipping through Words of Radiance and I noticed that the name of the spren that causes the death rattles is named Moelach. See Taravingian's POV chapter I-14 for more details. Mr. T describes Moelach in the Diagram thusly: "There is one you will watch. Though all of them have some relevance to precognition, Moelach is one of the most powerful in this regard. His touch seeps into a soul as it breaks apart from the body, creating manifestations powered by the spark of death itself. But no, this is a distraction. Deviation. Kingship. We must discuss the nature of kingship." -Epigraph Chapter 82, page 986 hardcover edition According to the questions Brandon answered on, he based some of the Roshar magic system on the Jewish mysticism of Kabbalah. With this connection in mind, I realized that the name 'Moelach' sounds an awful lot like "Moloch", a Mesopotamian god mentioned several times in the Old Testament with a negative connotation as a foreign and false god. Moloch is rather infamous because according to the biblical text, worshippers would sacrifice children to Moloch's flames. But we're not done yet. In Mr. T's POV chapter, he brings up another evil spren named Nergaoul, who many readers think causes the Alethi Thrill: "The Thrill is at least as strong here as it is in Alethkar. Maybe stronger. I will speak to our scholars. Perhaps this will help pinpoint Nergaoul." -Chapter I-14, page 910 hardcover edition Well wouldn't you know it, but Nergal is also a Mesopotamian deity, also brought up in the bible. And Nergal is, among other things, a god of war. I don't think any of this is a coincidence. Are there any other mentions of the names of super spren? Also worth noting is that "Moloch" in Hebrew uses the same letters (מלך) as the word for 'King'. Not sure how deep Brandon got into this, but it is a bit funny that Mr. T went from Moelach to Kingship in the Diagram. Sources:
  8. "I'll show you, when the chips are down, these—ah—'civilised people'? They'll eat each other. See, I'm not a monster. I'm just ahead of the curve." --The Joker, The Dark Knight Sometimes the path of a human life can branch into different directions. One road leads one way, the other leads down quite another. One might lead a man down the path of a hero, while one might lead straight into the depths of villainy. At least, that's the theory of it. So on this thread, let's explore some dark paths that Brandon Sanderson's characters could have ventured down. What would have taken to turn one of our lovable protagonists into a villain? What would have to change in the present to change them from the heroes they end their books as into hardened antagonists? How much would it take to break these characters whose morality we admire so much? Remember to use spoiler tags wherever appropriate. With that said, let our dark task of hero-breaking begin.
  9. WoB Q: If Nightblood were on Roshar would he be a Shardblade? A: Yes, they are exactly the same thing. He is a Shardblade that is twisted and is a lot more powerful than normal. Brandon has also commented that Nightblood could consume storm light as he consumed breath, but it is a little more difficult when crossing magic systems. So let's have it! What are your theories on how Nightblood will be changed in adapting to life on Roshar? Of course he won't be a 'normal' shard blade because he isn't just a spren, he's fundamentally different; infused with shard power, but not wholly made of it. I think first of all he will keep his intent to 'destroy evil' (which will lead to some very conflict-ridden scenes with Szeth, who isn't sure what to believe anymore and is somewhat of a wild card - even thinking of himself as evil most of the time). Secondly, he will be able to cut and be blocked physically due to his physical nature, but will retain the ability to drain the shardic portions of people (like spren cutting the soul, Nightblood will drain it from a distance), thus making him more powerful than a regular shard blade As a side note: I find it fascinating that Nightblood is able to drain shardic powers like Breath and storm light, and also feed on life-force, which is somewhat different (drabs are still alive without Breath, but the life force of humans on Nalthis, for one, was created with a little bit of a shard (Preservation)). What does that say about the relationship between life and shards? Finally, he will not have the ability to disappear into the cognitive (or wherever the shard blades go) realm and be summoned back like a regular spren. He's an originally physical creation, and must remain that way. I say all this mostly because I think Nightblood is going to remain mostly the same as we know him from Warbreaker, because Brandon originally wrote Warbreaker with the intent of providing us with an introduction to Nightblood and Vasher. His powers will probably remain familiar, but just tweaked to the new magic system of storm light. This said, he is infused with shardic power. Spren of Roshar are basically living ideas that are given life by shardic power. Spren become more cognizant the longer they are bonded to a human. If Nightblood can bond with Szeth (a pretty big if) the way spren bond with Radiants, I think he would follow the pattern of becoming more aware and cognizant due to the permeating influences of Cultivation and Honor. That would make for a fascinating character development!
  10. Have Lirin and Hesina even tried to contact Kaladin after he joined the military? In his own PoV, I think it's implied that neither have for some time, perhaps never in his entire military career, but in his earliest flashbacks, it is obvious that they both loved him very much. In fact, before Kaladin and Tien were recruited, his mother basically told him that he didn't have to follow his father's path and choose another career if that's what made him happy. Sure, Kaladin may have disobeyed his father's wishes and disrupted his plans, but he is still as much their son as Tien is. No parent ever wants to see their kids die before them, not when your last conversation ended with bitter and angry words. So whatever the reason for their silence, Tien's death should be more than the incentive they needed to contact him, even if it's just to mourn his death together through letters. Unless they got real busy and popped out another one in the past five or six years, he is their last son. Plenty of men have joined the army and survived. He's also done very well for himself before the Amaram incident, youngest squadleader and all. There's no reason for them to completely ignore him as they did... ...Unless Tien's and Kaladin's recruitment into the military was not Roshone's final stroke. As weak as Roshone is, he is still a brightlord, a cousin to a Shardbearer. What little power he has, he can still use to inflict a lot of damage if he wanted to do so. And the loss of his only son could be the last push he needed to dish out the hurt. Kaladin have suffered so much, and it chills my bones just to think of it, but could something have happened to his parents that prevented them from something as simple as responding to their son's letters? And if so, what does this mean for Kaladin as a character? A part of me thinks that they're both alive and well, that Amaram decided to take it upon himself to protect/provide for them after the way he stabbed their son in the back, but this whole situation at Hearthstone stinks if you ask me.