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Found 3 results

  1. flamesinger theory

    Hello. Some of you know me as John Flamesinger. What people don't know is why I named myself that. The Universe in Flamesinger Theory is simple - kind of. Think of any story. Cosmere, Star Wars, Monty Python, ect., those all happened. Each dimension, as their called, is in one Infinite Universe. The dimensions inhabit the same space, kept separate only by their molecular vibrations. Then there's The Magics. Each source of Magic is Governed by a god like being known as - you guessed it - a Magic. These Magics make up a council which kind of rules the universe. Enter the Gathen. The Gathen were a species that survived the Universal Collapse 13.7 Billion years ago, which is what prompted the creation of this Universe (The Big - Bang) and are the caretakers of the Universe. They are able to 'tap' energy from one of the leading sources of Magic - Light Magic. Enter John Flamesinger, leader of the Gathen at a mere 13,435 Earth Years old (Gathen reach maturity at 23,000). Any questions? Here's the character sheet I would like you to use: Note: I am limiting the amount of Magics that can be RPed. Only 5 at a time. The Magics Light, Dark, and Grey are not RPable. Note 2: Yes, you can use characters that you use elsewhere. Remember, anything that happened anywhere happened here. Any questions? Go ahead. We'll make a planning PM Once enough people say this is something they want to do.
  2. I get bored and this seems fun. Interests: Video games, Drifting (car sport), cars, music, fantasy books, anime, and a lot of other stuff im sure.