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Found 1 result

  1. Evening Edition 5 The Elendel Daily Newsworthy Content for Every Octant! The 27th of Doxil, 68, Evening Price 2 Clips Critics SLAM Elendel-Focused Policies In a meeting this afternoon, Governor Wilson finalized the agreement that would see extra money dedicated to the new dredging policies to clear up the canal. This financing was to be drawn from the transportaiton budget, which is normally used for building new infrastructure between Elendel and the outlying cities and towns within the basin. In particular, representatives of New Seran condemned the policy for 'funneling yet more money into Elendel at the expense of everywhere else'. It has long been a condemnation of the government that they focus on the city and not so much other areas of civilisation, but they have always responded that it 'makes more sense to spend in Elendel, where it can reach the greatest number of people in the most efficient way'. As the population of Elendel dwarfs that of other cities, they say, more money should be spend there rather than elsewhere. New Seran's representative, Lord Shore, was disappointed to hear of the allocation of funding. 'This is simply typical of self-centered, 'big city thinking', where they simply do not understand the hardships of life outside the walls of Elendel. They do not care that we had food shortages last year, because they don't have to suffer them. They don't care that the cities out there are getting poorer and poorer, and that Elendel drains the life and youth from them to sustain itself. There are hundreds of examples of young people coming to Elendel with the hope of a better life, only to find themselves on the streets, unwanted. And Elendel does nothing to help!' This angry outburst comes after the death of one 'Aniah Arkwood', a young girl from the roughs that reportedly came to seek her fortune in the City, like so many others before her. Her story is both common and unique. She arrived in Elendel some time within the last month, hoping to make use of a connection to House Heron to find work. Any work found this way would have been of a far better quality than would be found in the roughs, and it is speculated that she may have desired to send money back to support her family. While she did not initially succeed in this, her connection meant that she was present at the meeting between House Heron and the potential heirs to Lord Heron, which led to her becoming involved in the chaos currently being wreaked on Elendel by the Spiked cult. Unfortunately, this proved to be a fatal decision for her to make, and her body was found earlier this afternoon, another victim of the allure and violence of Elendel. In response to the accusations of an Elendel-focused government, the Governor hastily announced that plans would be drawn up to create a transit system between Elendel and cities such as New Seran. He stated that this might make use of the 'railroad' system devised by House Heron to transport goods, and that he was interested to see how House Hasting's steam engine could be applied to it to create horseless transportation systems moving at great speed without a need to stop to change or rest horses and drivers. House Izenry has claimed that such a move would be unthinkably dangerous, while House Hasting has welcomed the opportunity to collaborate with the Governor on this project. House Heron declined to comment on the death of Miss Arkwood. Garrik Urbain Commercial Advertisements Obituary Previous Editions Other Headlines This Evening Aniah Arkwood/Ark1002 was a Noble! Araris Valerian/Ookla the Curmudgeonly is Influential the next Day. Night 5 has begun! It will end at 7PM GMT on Sunday 18th November. The number of Tineyes alive is both nonzero and positive, so PMs may continue to be sent. Assassinate Votes Praise Votes Total Influence Player List