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Found 36 results

  1. I'm re-reading the Stormlight Archive and I wanted to do something :o
  2. here's another thing i forgot to post hehe Eshonai with charcoals
  3. It is KILLING ME to not know what Eshonais Shardblade looks like in full. And yes it is Eshonai on the front cover of Way of Kings because Daliner Blade has a "hook-like shape" and Eshonais is "wicked and barbed, like flames frozen into metal." like a flamberge. If someone could please redraw the Shardblade from the cover I would greatly appreciate it.
  4. I just came across this video on YT - the song "Walking In the Air" has been around a while (it's from a Christmas movie, "The Snowman"), but as I listened this time I was imagining Eshonai as the Stormfather let her ride the storm across all Roshar before she departed for the Beyond. It's a gentle song, not violent like the highstorms, but to Eshonai at that point - a spirit riding the wind - this tune seems to fit: full of hope and peace. Hope you enjoy it!
  5. Is this just a theory or is anyone sure.
  6. Anybody else expecting Eshonai to come back either physically or as a spren. Although I feel Venli has a good story arch, I feel like there was more to add about Eshonai. Any one else think she might make a come back?
  7. Someday I'll get around to organising and dumping all my artfiles. I think the concept behind this came into being after seeing re-runs of the cartoon series Xiaolin Showdown on TV, and the stylised opening titles inspired me. It makes a good desktop background. FULL SIZE: Featuring: 1. Perpetual left swipe 2. Highprince of projection 3. Totally spy 4. Demon crabgirl 5. Vorin fundie 6. Machiavelli grandpa Some notes I wanted to add: I have no idea what Pattern's blade form is like (other than glowing red designs) since he changes shape in every sword appearance. But Shardblades appear out of mist so I assumed Pattern sort of went blurry on the edges and phased into swordform. Taravangian's rock isn't really a cool weapon, but I didn't want to put Szeth in there because Szeth is not actually on the "doing bad things" side anymore. I wanted each "villain" to be the enemy or the opposite of the "heroes" piece, as Amaram is to Kaladin. Szeth didn't really fit there and the most appropriate named person I could think of for Shallan was the guy who pretty much killed a quarter of Jah Keved. I tried to keep the heights and sizes canonically proportional, but Shallan is around 20-25cm (8-10") shorter than Kaladin and so should be at his chin-level if I was being accurate. I upsized her (maybe she's standing on a box like they use when filming kissing scenes?) to make the heights slope evenly But Eshonai really is a 215cm (7') giant who towers over all the human characters when she's in Shardplate. I always imagined Amaram to look like the Alethi model illustration in the fashion folio from WoR. And his uniform is a similar design to the Kholin officer one, but in green with rectangular shoulder patches and yellow and white piping. He also has flash cufflinks and cravat stickpin.
  8. From the prologue where Gavilar tells Eshonai of their secret ways of trapping spren and how he wants to help her bring back her gods, giving her a sphere of unusually dark light: So what happened to this sphere Gavilar gave Eshonai? That's the million-dollar question, right? Along with the sphere Gavilar gave to Szeth. I'm wondering if Ulim could be the spren trapped in the sphere. Eshonai does take the sphere. Perhaps she hides it or throws it away (or gives it to the Five), but these paths might eventually lead to Venli. Ulim, a spren the Fuzed (Ancient Ones) call the Envoy, did succeed in convincing and helping Venli to bring back stormform and eventually the Everstorm and the Fuzed.
  9. I think we should get Venli flashbacks instead of Eshonai flashbacks when Brandon writes the book that was to be centered around Eshonai. I really grew to enjoy Eshonai's character, I love her curious nature and how easily distracted she is in the prologue to OB. However, I think Venli's backstory holds more relevance since she was secretly working with Ulum the spren of Odium to help bring about the Everstorm. Eshonai was an aspiring explorer who never really got that far. In WoR she reflects that she always had duties at home that kept her from exploring as mush as she'd like. In the OB prologue she is shocked at how small the unclaimed hills are on Gavilar's map. There doesn't seem to be that much Eshonai's story could reveal that Venli's story wouldn't and Venli was working on secret, plot relevant things that Eshonai did not know about. Plus, Eshonai is dead and Venli is alive and looks to be a future Knight Radiant, the book should focus on her. By focusing on Venli's actions in the past her actions in the present will be informed with additional meaning (as has been the case with the first three books). I know Brandon said he'd do Eshonai flashbacks and a person being dead doesn't preclude them from getting flashbacks. I don't know if he wanted Venli to be the one that lives and changes sides all along or if he called an audible and I don't think it matters. I think Venli flashbacks better serves the story going forward.
  10. So, after Oathbringer we can be pretty sure that Brandon was talking about Eshonai, right? "Her" book will probably have Venli as a present day protagonist with Eshonai on the flashbacks.
  11. When i first read WoR i assumed that when Listeners whet into stormform they all became like Eshonai. That they lost part of they minds, and something else took over. But looking back on it a lot of Eshonai's action in stormform don't add up with that assumption. If every Listener in stormform fell under the control of Odium then it seams like the first thing stormform Eshonai would do would be to gather all the smartest, freest thinking Listeners and get them into stormform. As a way to neutralize any opposition. Instead she dose the opposite. She seams afraid of anyone too smart going into stormform. She picks out people who take orders easily, and don't think for themselves as the first ones to take on stormform. At first i thought she didn't want strong willed people transforming because they might be able to brake out of being controlled. But then Eshonai super strong willed herself and that doesn't stop her from being controlled. I'm guessing that stormform, and the other 'forms of the gods' make Listeners more pron to hatred, and violence, and open up a doorway for Odium to control them. But that he can only control a few at once. Probably only 9. I think the 9 people Odium is controlling (both Listeners, and humans bonded to voidspren) are spread all over Roshar. And that Eshonai was the only Listener on the Shattered Plains directly under Odium's control.
  12. Hi everyone! Just wanted to share my most recent fan-composition: "Eshonai's Lament." I have been wanting to write this for a long time and I'm so glad to have it on my channel! She's such a great character, I hope I did her justice. DISCLAIMER - In case you miss the video description, I would like to make a note that the lyrics are NOT real words. I just made up what sounded cool and fit the style I was going for. SO, if it sounds similar to any REAL language, that is completely happenstance; I mean no offense. Please check it out and let me know what you think - either here (upvote or comment) or on YouTube. Thanks! Hope you enjoy it!!!
  13. From the album crab land

    Here she is, the important crab lady I love Eshonai
  14. From the album crab land

    here are some more crab ladies. I still love Eshonai so much
  15. I'm reading through WoR again and I found a couple interesting things of note. First, in Eshonai's interludes she visits her mother who equates the Unmade with the Listener gods, which, I believe, is now common knowledge to the 17th Shard. However, early in Shallan's Middlefest flashback (chapter 45 for those who are curious) she encounters a sort of bird ( the merchant calls it a chicken) that can talk. This is what she says: “Jeksonofnone,” the creature said. Shallan jumped back. The word was mangled by the creature’s inhuman voice, but it was recognizable. “A Voidbringer!” she hissed, safehand to her chest. “An animal that speaks! You’ll bring the eyes of the Unmade upon us.” I was under the impression that the Unmade were relatively unknown to the "uninitiated," you might say. But here is Shallan, the daughter of a minor rural lord in a somewhat isolated corner of Jah Keved, showing that she is aware of the Unmade and at least some connection between them and the Voidbringers. My question is, how much do the common lighteyes and darkeyes actually know of the Unmade? Taravangian obviously knows something, but he's more ...involved... than most. How does Vorinism view the Unmade, and how much is accurate? I'm well aware that even among the 17th Shard, information is quite limited, but I am curious as to the common knowledge of the Unmade as far as the average person in Vorin society.
  16. Eshonai is talking about these new rhythms that came when she assumed Stormform, which seems to be the result of a bond with Odium/Unmade/voidspren. Does this quote sound familiar to anything else in the cosmere? We know Odium was on Sel at one point and the Skaze seem to behave in an evil, influential way in their advisement of the Fjordell Empire, similar to these "new" rhythms Eshonai experiences on Roshar. Coincidence?
  17. So ... I've been wondering this for ages now. Who the devil is the shardbearer on the WoK cover? I think it might be Eshonai (silver shardplate, red crabby thing banner) but I really am not sure. Anyone have any other ideas? Is this already a known fact and did I just completely miss it because if so, sling my body into an alien grave! Please tell me. This is killing me
  18. Sounds crazy, I know, but hear me out. From the Diagram, Book of the Second Desk Drawer: This is sort of speculative considering we only have 3 short exerts from the book, but it sounds like the Book of the 2nd Desk Drawer might be largely devoted to discussing the Unmade. Mr. T recognizes they might not be worth his time, but he can't help but obsess over them, even building "hospitals" to harvest death rattles from homeless people, drifters, and the terminally ill (as well as others...) If that's true, then the phrase: "One is almost certainly a traitor to the others," would most likely be referring to one of the Unmade. We know that Moelach is, in some capacity, intelligent and appears to have been deliberately helping Taravangian augment the Diagram with death rattles. For the record, I suspect that the Death Rattles are what tipped the Diagramists off that a Desolation was coming and that they needed to start getting ready in the first place since they don't appear to be Cosmere aware (speculation). I theorize then that Moelach, a Splinter of Odium, has turned on its creator and fellow Unmade (it is made from the power of hatred after all, so loyalty was probably never a virtue), and has decided to aid humanity. What could be its motivation for this betrayal you ask? Well, it probably found out that Odium was planning on reabsorbing it and leaving Roshar if he succeeds in killing Cultivation. This would make it a good candidate as a Godspren for a Bondsmith to join with (the others being the Stormfather, and possibly the Nightwatcher). (ASIDE: We don't technically know that Cultivation is alive, there have only been hints so far as I'm aware) Parshendi can bond voidspren pretty easily I hear, but I believe it's been stated by Sanderson that they would have a pretty hard time bonding a normal highspren (radiant-spren). Conversely, a human would have a very difficult time bonding a voidspren, even if they were really evil. Back in the day (before the Recreance) there were 3 Bondsmiths. It's often speculated that they each bonded a different Godspren, and two obvious choices are the Nightwatcher (a spren related to cultivation in an as-yet unrevealed way) and the Stormfather (a spren of Honor who has merged with Honor's cognitive shadow). I think it makes an elegant sort of sense for the third Godspren to be of Odium. Enter: Moelach. Eshonai is going to be a viewpoint character so I'm assuming she'll break free of her enslavement by Odium at some point, otherwise, why point out so heavily that she is possessed (and not just evil) and that her real personality is both alive and watching in (seemingly) helpless horror? What better way for her to break free than by forcing the spren possessing her out by bonding a more powerful spren? One that she wouldn't have a difficult time bonding (voidspren) and who appears to desperately want to resist Odium out of self-preservation. She is a natural and compassionate leader of her people and possesses, in my understanding, many of the qualities that allowed Dalinar to become a Bondsmith. What better general for the remnants of the Parshendi (and maybe Parshmen) who either have, or will, avoid being possessed by voidspren? Note, she's not slated to have a book dedicated to her for a good long while yet, know...get settled in because I don't think she's going to be breaking her chains for a few years. In summary, my theory boils down to: 1. Moelach is helping humanity because he (she?) knows Odium is going to throw him away like a used tissue once their business on Roshar is concluded, ie: Moelach wants to splinter Odium. (think rogue AI trying to kill its creator to keep them from unplugging it, ie: classic sci-fi) 2. Moelach would be a good candidate for a Godspren capable of making a Bondsmith, but he would have to bond a Parshendi (or Parshmen I guess...) 3. Eshonai is a high-profile Parshendi view-point character, who exhibits a similar temperament and moral code to Dalinar (a known Bondsmith), is probably going to need to break free of Odium's enslavement over the course of her story-arc, and is (was?) a natural and beloved leader and military strategist. 4. Eshonai will be a Bondsmith with Moelach's help and lead the remnants of the Parshendi race that, somehow, avoid being possessed by voidspren. (maybe they wrap themselves in aluminum foil and stay indoors during highstorms?) That's all folks! Thoughts? Criticisms? Critiques? I've been told my writing can occasionally come off as cumbersome/confusing, so, for a limited time, we're also accepting general stylistic commentary and (constructive) feedback.
  19. Major characters! CLICK HERE to open up full size. CLICK HERE to open up mini version to use in the new profile's cover photo. It fits!! I drew Sadeas to have a punchable face, and Amaram to be less punchable because he's supposed to be a smarmy smug wannabe-Radiant who looks like a normal dude from the outside. I imagined him to be late 30's or almost or about 40, because Jasnah was 34 as of WoK and he was her almost-husband. Taravangian is supposed to be like a wise sage kungfu master grandpa, who looks harmless. Taln wears yellow because topazes are the gemstone of the Stonewards, but later I looked it up and found out that topazes can come in other colours than orangey-yellow, but it was too late for that. Wit has a medieval pageboy haircut because his job is to something like a King's minstrel and his blue eyes are somewhere in between light and dark.
  20. Eshonai's only canon picture is the chapter header icon in her PoVs. She looked like a tank!!! And because I was inspired by the Predator movie series, I draw her as huge and physically imposing relative to the other characters. But she still has a human-like face that isn't fully monster, even in Stormform. I tried to make it expressive, but clear that she's not human, hence the creepy glowing eyes. This is my impression of a chrysalis and gemheart. In my imagination, they were giant glowing, roughly faceted chunks of crystal that had mysterious flickering lights coming from the inside. And the "violet ichor" of chasmfiend blood was like a goopy slime that dripped out when you pulled the gem out of the chrysalis. Who knows, maybe it's really the texture of purple ketchup.
  21. I know these are not all what people would consider "main characters", but we're up to book 2/5 and this is who I decided were the main plot movers and shakers so far. When I read SA for the first time, I was struck by how vibrantly colourful the world was. Many readers see Roshar as a grim world on the edge of apocalypse, and WoK especially, drawn in their minds in shades of crem beige and bridge brown and grey, if you are a visualiser type of person who associates mood and tone with colours. I drew this originally as a bookmark so I could have cool colours while reading other, more boring books and textbooks and stuff. As usual, it's better in full resolution: OPTIONS > VIEW ALL SIZES > LARGE Or see below: Adolin's spren is dead and can't talk back. Sad. I have no idea what Parshmen and Parshendi are supposed to look like. There is one little chapter heading picture of Eshonai in silhouette, and after reading WoR, I got the picture in my head that Stormform and Shardbearer Parshendi were shaped like red skinned Predators (from the movie series) with red and black dreadlocks. I also thought about the Tsurani Cho-ja from the Riftwar series, and the Formics/Buggers from the Ender series. Image dumping time. Szeshonai (Eshoneth?) is OTP Sometimes books read like comic books to me and when I read a good chapter of anything I want to get my first impression of it down. It's pretty interesting to compare sketches from the first reading to sketches drawn after a re-read several months later. Thanks for reading to the end. Now here's a picture of Kaladin getting a haircut.
  22. As the title states, which team do you think would win in a duel, given that all of the magic systems work simultaneously. Team 1: Pre-Radiance Kaladin; unconsciously uses Stormlight as he did in Bridge Four, and has no shards. Vin at her strongest (But not as Preservation); plenty of Allomantic stores. Hrathen, ability as shown in Elantris. Enough said. Team 2: Raoden at his best, able to make use of AonDor. Denth in Warbreaker, plain beast. Eshonai in Warform and in full plate. Place of Battle: Elantris, Sel. Who do you think will win? Feel free to justify below
  23. In WoB, Eshonai, after changing into stormform sees a peculiar cometlike spren: WoR I-11, pg 711 In various threads I've seen the theory that the comet spren Eshonai sees is either a radiant spren that she has attracted (usually a willshaper one) or that of her shardblade. Someone even mentioned that there is a WoB confirming the spren is related to one of the orders. I assume they are talking about this: ( However, I think we see this spren in one other place: WoR Ch 86, pg 1039 (during the fight between szeth and kaladin, just after they reached the recently-emptied oathgate plateau) Now, the void spren we've seen are described as lightning-like I believe, so this isn't them; small meteors trailing light sound like a comet to me. Again, in their presence are screams (just like what Eshonai heard), however there are apparently more than one of them, and Eshonai is nowhere to be seen (having earlier fallen down a chasm). In fact, Kaladin and Szeth are the only two people close by. Maybe the rest of the parshendi are one or two plateaus away, but not really close. This seems to me like the above theories are wrong. We are somewhat near the parshendi I suppose, so maybe if others are also proto-radiants it could work, but that seems unlikely to me. Otherwise I don't see how it could be the case. The theory that it is Eshonai's shardblade spren in particular is definitely out, as then there should only be the one spren. All in all, I'm confused as to why Kaladin sees these spren here at all given the above WoB. Anyone have any thoeries? The best I can think of is that Brandon only says the spren is important, not that it is directly related, so it may be more tangential than was thought. WoB notwithstanding, spren that bring screams sound like some sort of void spren to me. Edit: Perhaps if the cometspren is a high spren, and there were only two: one for Eshonai and one for Szeth, then it might work. Although again, why would Eshonai's spren be so far from her?