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Found 8 results

  1. So I’m doing a relisten of the well of ascension audiobook, and in chapter 24, it says “she[Vin] had asked Clubs to burn bronze, and he had claimed to hear nothing from the north. Either he was the Kandra, lying to her about his ability to burn bronze, or Vin could hear a rhythm that nobody else could.” clubs is a smoker, and burns copper, so this is an error obviously, (and I’ve never found an error like this before, so I’m pretty excited). (It made me think of the DND 5e magic system where you pick which spells you want prepared every day, and how it would be cool if mistings could change their ability every morning, but could never have more than one). Anyways, anyone else find any interesting errors like this in the books?
  2. I didn't see a place to report errors from Tor's chapter releases of Oathbringer, so I figured I would start one myself. I'm assuming we can probably ignore the weird mistakes like the occasional 'e' that seems to be replaced with a space. If you see any spelling, grammar, or content mistakes, though, feel free to post them here!
  3. I was reading on the coppermind wiki and saw this statement: "At this point, all known magic in the cosmere is related to a Shard." I am pretty sure this is wrong, as there is no shard currently associated with the Drominad system from the Sixth of the Dust story in Arcanum Unbounded. I was wondering if I was wrong, or if this should be corrected, and if it should are there any other magic systems not associated with a shard that should be included in the new statement, and how to go about updating the coppermind wiki.
  4. In Words of Radiance how does Dalinar Kholin bind himself to an Honorblade of Talenel. Also since it is an honor blade how can it be summoned in 10 heartbeats as it has nothing to do with spren. Also when dalinar uses it against Szeth at the end why doesnt it give him powers like szeth has from using honor blade. Is this an error or inconsistency?
  5. I have been seeing this message in posts and have had them in some of my posts that I try to edit or when I quote people can anyone explain why it shows up? (I can show examples if any are needed.) Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 387973120 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 489261360 bytes) in Unknown on line 0
  6. Hi! When i post in a topic, the resulting post is not formatted correctly, See Picture. All other posts is as they were before, but my newly posted post is weird. Edit: Apparently it works when creating a topic like this...
  7. As far as I can tell, the Steelhunt listed at the top of the site isn't working. When I click on the link, it takes me to a plaintext page at That page says to use "my name" as the first clue. I assume that means Brandon Sanderson. I've tried and several other variations, such as but it always just takes me to an error page. I'm very frustrated because I just wasted about forty minutes trying to figure out what the first clue is, but I think the problem must actually be an issue with the site. Am I correct in thinking that one of the above two URLs should work? If the hunt is down, there should be an error message saying so, or the link should be removed.
  8. Is it just me, or is the "Twitter" section of the sidebar empty, and has been for the last day or two? It's a rather unfortunate time, as Brandon is apparently on the home stretch.