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Found 22 results

  1. I just got an idea for a thread. Random and pointless questions we have for Mistborn Era 3. Such as: Will there be Rubik's cubes in Era 3?
  2. worldbuilding

    It's been more than four months since the Other Side of the World thread was posted, and people (thank you @Arky-boi and @I think I am here.) have done some great worldbuilding around the concept. Here's a thread to consolidate what we have so far. If you have any comments, questions, or additions, post below!
  3. worldbuilding

    Hello everyone! This thread is for planning a fantasy world as voted on in the Chat Thread. Fantasy is a pretty broad topic, so there are a lot of different settings that we could come up with, ranging from the extremely bizarre to the almost normal. In my opinion, it's probably best if we based it off of Sanderson magic systems, but that still leaves a wide range of possibilities open to us. A few options have already been presented, but nothing's been decided on yet. Post here if you have an idea on what you think this fantasy world should be! Master Planning Google Doc Here's what we have so far:
  4. main plot

    The Rift had been destroyed. The Red Phoenix was gone. The Dark Phoenix was calming. The Guilds were hiding. The timing was perfect. Lord Ajax waved his hands, and the ceiling opened, slowly. The flying members were into the sky within seconds. The rest waited impatiently as the floor slowly lifted up. They reached the ground, and they spilled out in a massive field of demons, people, spren, and other creatures. Dotted among the monstrosities was humans, Singers, Sleepless. They all wore uniforms, black and gold, emblazoned with a purple nightshade flowers, and the words Bureau of Villainy. But the creatures overshadowed them easily. Ranging from human sized to one the size of the Alleyzon skyscraper, they were all dangerous, destructive. And they all worked for Lord Ajax. They moved forward toward the city, some flying ahead, some sprinted, slowly lumbering. Around them, grass burnt, long tracks were carved through the dirt, massive chunks of earth and stone were turned to glass, crystal, steel. The landscape had the look of a terribly diseased man or woman. Mismatched colors, scars and pockmarks. It was all beautiful to him. The first arrived, and all the others were not far behind. Biggest, the large one, was shaped like a wheel, spiked and dark. Everything it touched was ripped to shreds by the spikes, which were actually thousands of clawed hands. It ripped apart a building as he watched. He would go soon, but he wanted to save the best for last. The Guilds could fight the monsters, barely. But him... they would be like mewling kittens as he took everything they had for himself. The Dark Phoenix was quickly not the only thing in the sky. It was surrounded by harpies, spren, dragons, and worse. But still it hovered. Fine with him. The Dark Horde was released. He cackled, mismatched eyes glowing bright.
  5. main plot

    Darkness shrouded the city. The mist had filled it, the demons had invaded it, and the citizens had destroyed it. Buildings burned, and so did people. Blood flowed through the streets, the sewers. The most mild mannered people had become raging murderers. Taverns, businesses, houses, destroyed by flaming skulls and mistwraiths. Dragons flew throughout the city, torching it. But there was hope. PlasmaCore was falling. The guilds were fighting them, sending in troopers. And dawn was rising. The mist faded as the sun rose, retreating from the city. And they had a clear view of the carnage, the destruction. Those not wrapped in the purple-red haze were disgusted, horrified. Bodies everywhere, man, woman, child. Building after building destroyed, the work the Traders Union had put so much effort into destroyed. And it kept going. The monsters were still there, animal and human.
  6. It was just past noon, and the mist had long-since burned off the Kur River, its surface a brilliant silver stripe under the bright spring sun. The great capital of Roshek sat on the river's southern bank, its many docks and warehouses trailing into the waters like a merchant's robes. Further inland, Aldred spotted the clean marble facades of the Academy and the domed silhouette of the Council Assembly building looming over the bustle and din of the lower districts like disapproving parents. He'd heard the first sounds of the city over a mile out, but now as he approached the arch of Tradesman's Gate, the noise was almost deafening. People jostled and shouted, tradesmen hawked their wares, and everywhere, Aldred felt magic. It thrummed in his bones like the drone of a low pipe, tugging, urging, pulling. He gripped the strap of his pack tighter and shoved the humming into the back of his mind, watching as a young woman juggled five balls of flame while balancing on the tip of one toe. Her other leg arched back until it nearly met the crown of her head. She caught Aldred's eye and winked. "State yer business!" Aldred was shocked out of his reverie by the voice of an older man sitting just under the Tradesman's Gate. He had a wooden placard in his hands and a quill behind one ear; both his hand and ear were splattered with black ink, which rather spoiled his stern expression. Aldred grinned at the man, whose scowl faded as he looked him up and down. "Oh," the man said, some of the gruffness leaking out of his voice. "Apologies Sayer, I didn' mean nothin' by it." Sayer? Aldred blinked in surprise, then looked down at his robes. They were filthy, hem stained at least six inches up with mud and river water, and he'd patched it in at least a dozen places. It barely looked blue anymore, as though the cloth itself had largely forgotten its original purpose. Rather like Aldred himself. Aldred resisted the urge to smirk, instead putting on his most humble smile. He hoped he wasn't too out of practice. "Think nothing of it," he said, placing a hand on the man's ink-stained right shoulder. "I come from afar, ready to report my travels to my brothers and sisters, and to give thanks to Vania for a blessed season of knowledge and truth." The man's scraggly face split into a yellow grin, and Aldred had to physically stop himself from recoiling. "Welcome to Roshek, Sayer... uh..?" The man trailed off expectantly, slipping his quill out from behind his ear and readying the tip with ink from a little pot. Aldred sighed, taking his hand from the man's shoulder and placing it on his breast. "Think of me only as a servant of truth," he said, and sauntered through the Tradesman's Gate into the city. It spread out before him in a wide swath of chaos and smells and bodies and magic. You'll know my name soon enough, he thought, finally allowing that smirk to spread across his lips. Soon enough.
  7. In the maze of Alleys there were many alleys that stood out, many incomprehensible or astonishing sights could be seen. Nestled inconspicuously amongst them was one Alley unlike any other. No creatures from realms beyond imagining stood here, no doorways to laboratories or quarters. The ground was composed of featureless slabs of gray cobblestone, a scattered pattern that seemed to repeat itself after a short while as though 10 square meters of ground had simply been copied and then reused over and over again. Repeated endlessly in each direction as the Alley seemed to extend infinitely. Jutting out from this repetitive floor stood stone walls, comprised of similarly drab bricks. These walls stood nearly a hundred meters apart making this appear more an enormous room or courtyard than an Alleyway. The walls soared into the skies, continuing on until they seemed to converge in a single point far overhead and blocking all light from entering in from the outside. In one place in this alley stood a solitary wooden cart, a platter laid upon its surface, an assortment of cookies stood upon it, still seeming warm in spite of the lack of anyone present to keep them so. A small lantern hung from this cart providing a faint illumination that was the only source of light to be found. The first of the Alleys was rarely used, kept more as a momento of history than anything. A reminder of a time long ago when even the DA had been young. Its stillness and silence had been left for a long, long time. But suddenly the sound of echoing footfalls proceeded down the Alley, a lone figure walked down the path, trailing one hand against a wall in a brief bout of nostalgia. The figure quickly shook its head however, pulling its hand away and walking briskly over towards the cart. No time for dwelling on the past. Voidus chided himself fiercely. Times are changing. First full meeting we've had in... Voidus cast his mind back. When had they last had a full meeting of the DA? Not since before the Stranger had left at least. Possibly not since the Stranger had first joined, back when the number of Denizens could be counted on one hand, working enthusiastically out of a small number of labs. Back when Voidus had participated so actively in all of their research, when he'd strode around the world, actually interacting with people. When had people started treating him as something else? When had they started to call him a god? When did everything change? He shook his head once more, reminding himself again to keep his mind present. "These times are changing as well." He reminded himself. "No more holding back. Time for action." He tilted his head to one side until he felt a satisfying crack. Then stood in the small circle of light, awaiting the rest of the denizens of the Dark Alley.
  8. Hello all! This is going to be the planning thread for the horror setting that was voted on in the chat thread, now personally I enjoy horror a great deal, I DM a lot of horror games for my D&D group, and I've had something of a horror plot up my sleeve since era 1 of the Alleyverse so I would greatly enjoy worldbuilding and to an extent GMing this thread, but I'm not the only one who voted for the setting so in the interests of fairness I wanted to get some feedback on what exactly people wanted when they voted for this setting. Some people may be interested in a thriller more than an actual horror per say, alien monsters and things with tentacles and stuff, but still playing essentially the same characters as in the main Alleyverse, relatively powerful heroes whose job is to chop down all the alien monsters so they don't eat all the world or whatever. Some people may be more interested in psychological or a cosmic horror in which case I'd suggest that the PCs be completely unInvested if possible, and we'd likely need someone to act as a Game Master to drive the plot and drop some surprises in from time to time. (From my experience these kinds of horror really doesn't work well in an RP where everyone has equal narrative-creation power because people all want to do their own thing and it turns into a mess more than anything) Typically in these games the ambition of players should be to survive as long as possible rather than to actually defeat their enemy. Some people may be interested in something somewhere in between those two, where you're not playing as just some average joe who got stuck in the middle of a fight between Elder Gods, but you're also not a super magical hero slaying endless hordes of meaningless mooks. I would see this as similar to the kinds of D&D game I run from time to time, where the PCs are exhausted, tired, and a little bit crazy by the end but do ultimately have a hope of victory. So please provide any feedback on what you'd be hoping to get out of this or how you hope it could be run, either related to the above points or not. And we can start brainstorming. Current list of characters: Sorana (Lizanne Farmer): ZincAboutIt (Renata): ITIAH (Wilhelm Wendigo): Silva ( Ashira Celeste Blanche Addington): Ark1002 (Hellbent-Son-Palm): Blessing of Potency (Arundhati): Kenod (Lisa Waite): Kidpen (Tishyl): Beantheboy12 (Zib): Snipexe (Jack Overchild): Gancho Libre (Fah'Loofah Smedry):
  9. Welcome to Greenhara, a place once thought to be legend. The one place in the Rust where the all permeating Rust does not penetrate. Ruster's powers still work in the last green place, but everyone views them as a curse, as they bring in the curse. The area is commonly considered a war zone, with many bandit groups and burn lords trying to gain control of the city and attacking often. There isn't much land in this area, and what is here is either worth a fortune in water or has a farmer whose willing to defend their land to the death and has done so on multiple occasions. No one knows the source of Greenhara's protection against the Rust, but all do know that whoever does figure it out will become the savior of the entire Rusts. When entering Greenhara there is a man, standing on a box, calling out loudly.„Salvation is upon us! Listen my friends, for salvation is finally here. We have paid enough for our sins of old, the gods have given us a chance. They have sent us a way out of this. This place ist he proof, this place is a miracle, sent by the gods!“He spreads his arms widely, looks around to see if anybody is listening. Most of those, who seem to live here, or at least arrived a while ago don’t, but some travellers wearing packs stop and listen to his words.„We need to keep peace. We need to live together and then the gods will see that we are worthy and they will take the curse from us.“A woman saunters on a box close to him. She is wearing a set of cloths, that are meant to like like a serving girl’s, but are mostly doing a great job to enhance her womanly features.„Come to the „Rusty horn“. The best saloon outside of Broadhead. We have drinks, entertainment, and of course company for the night.“The man shoots her an angry look, and she waves cheerfully at those standing in front of him.„Beds for newly arrived avvailable as well.“she shouts out to everybody close enough to listen and then hops down the crate.„You only make it worse, Kate! There’s a lot of these opportunists already.“someone calls from those around, and she only laughs.„The more people come to Greenhara, the better. Did I mention, that the „Rusty Horn“ also is the only saloon around here? I hope to see you all there soon!“Walking away she waved at noone in particular, while the man standing on a box tries to regain the attention of his audience. @I think I am here. @Ark1002 @Clyde Coggins @Darth Sir Woodrack Groot @Snipexe
  10. So, this is for Sci-Fi planning. There is a horror, fantasy, and wild west planning thing, so we needed a sci-fi one. The idea's I have seen are from @Dr. Dapper where he said we have a planet, can't remember the name, and on the planet it is cyberpunk, and of the planet, in the space around it, it is space opera. I have a few questions that we should specify; how large is our are? Like, is it glaciate, universal, or just in the one system. I think it should just be the ne system, for simplicity's sake, but I will not argue this point. Another is, DI we have magic, and if so, what ind? Is it just minor, or do we have the force level? Do we make it form scratch, or do we include Starwars, Halo, WH40K, and or Destiny? Also, how much do we break the laws of physics in this? Does it stay strictly to Sci-Fi, or do we add in some Sci-Fa* as well? Anything else? *This means Science Fantasy for the uniformed.
  11. main plot

    Work had been going on for months. A massive building, not a skyscraper, but still huge, constructed from people no one had ever heard of. Rumors went around that it was really the Ghostbloods, the Dark Alley, or even a second Den of Thieves. That Hellbent, the terror of villages, was back. Another Alleyzon building, or Trident, or Craftsmen. That it was an outreach of Avatarism. But above them all, a rumor scarier than any of them. That it was something new. A new power, bigger than the Den, bigger than the Ghostbloods. The rumors differed on whether it was a good force, or a bad one. What they would do for the community, help or harm. Crow Blackice did not know. And Crow didn't care. Crow looked up at the nearly finished building, a shimmering monument. A white marble, tiny veins of strange black stone running through them. The building was a colossal sight, taking up the space that four massive houses, and their yards, would normally occupy. Thirty floors, some with massive windows, balconies, some completely windowless, some with windows barred, all an ominous sight. The grounds around it surrounded by stone walls, small metal wires covering their surface, and links of spiky metal covering the top. It was all electrified, Crow knew. For all she knew, they might have a defense against Coinshots, Windrunners, and others of that sort. One reliable way in. The massive gate, big enough to let in full semi trucks, but normally shut and electrified even stronger then the walls. But Crow was here to learn. It was time for a grand opening. They would announce what they wanted, they were inviting anyone to come. It was now that they would learn the name of the company, or whatever it was. And now Crow could figure out whether it would help her, help her get revenge on them. The Acutes, the bane of her life. And as Crow sat there, wearing her gray hoodie, black sunglasses, sweatpants, and sneakers, for all anyone could tell a normal person, admittedly one bigger than the average football player, and more muscular. She sat in the driver's seat of the truck, watching carefully. Her armor was in the back, but she had her shardblade, and the warriors lenses she now wore. And as she watched, a massive logo was lifted into place, letters following. The logo was the symbol of the Aes Sedai, but with lightning streaking within the white, and a raging fire contained in the black. And the word, large, PlasmaCore. The 'Plasma' part was white, the 'Core' in black. Crow grinned, watching all the trucks leave, the construction workers taking a bit longer, then following. The building, property of PlasmaCore, was done. The rumors could cease soon. And she could get what she wanted. If she was lucky. Ezra kept his face a cold mask, even though he knew it was covered, as he walked through the city. He walked past building after building, skyscraper, mansion, shack, park. He walked through Hellbent Park, into a rundown area known for a dangerous gang, Bloodflame. He walked out of it, into the area near Alleyzon headquarters, one of their skyscrapers, huge. Past a rich area, all the houses with electricity, outside of the crater. Smaller houses, normal. And at every house, road, wall, park, he left posters. They had forty like him, going through the city, in the night, putting them up everywhere. Each had the same message, a simple thing, telling exactly what it meant, exactly what the purpose was. No color, except the logo at the bottom. Each went: PlasmaCore is now hiring. Unique investiture and powers wanted. Come to the opening party tommorow if interested! Ezra, done with his job, circled back to the PlasmaCore building, entering the gateway at the same time as four others who had finished as well. They entered the front of the building, took an elevator up onto floor seven, and stepping out. This floor was just hallways, all with different elevators. Each locked, needing both a spiritweb scan and a long password to open. All five of them walked to the same, one of them opening it and the others stepped in. The elevator went up, and up, all of them standing there, uniform in black masks, black cloaks, and black hoods, no skin visible, lenses for eyes dark. None spoke, as the elevator slowly went up, resembling a gargoyle more than a human. Finally, it clicked, and they exited, onto Floor Nineteen, Section Four, Clearance Level 12. The room was dark, and the only light came from computer software, and strange glass tubes in the back. Each, in unison, walked to the wall opposite of the cylinders, stripping of the mask, the hood, the cloak, and everything else. It revealed a face with a spike through one eye, in each. The other eye was, in each, an oily black. Each had the left arm and part of their chest covered in strange bone growths. Each had another spike through the heart. But the strangest part was not that. It was the fact that each looked the same, well muscled, but more than that, each the same hair, face, legs, hands. Each a mirror of the others, the only difference between them the number tattooed on the waist, each different. On those there, two, five, seven, eight, and thirteen. Each walked forward, towards a respective tube, numbered like they. The tube opened at the front, and each stepped in. It filled with a light green liquid, and as it reached his face, the slimy substance, warm, touching his chin, E.Z.R.A. Thirteen allowed himself a small smile. Then experience faded. Thirty messagers left the building, each riding a silvery motorcycle with PlasmaCore logo on the side. Each carried three things. A computer chip, with files within, a scroll, covered in writing. And a wristband, covered in strange buttons, with a screen at the top. They split up, each going to a different target, a different guild, business, rich person.. Each asking for funding, in return for information from their research, into investiture and other powers mixing. Ghostbloods, TUBA, Black Crusade, Church of the Whiterose, Craftsmen, Alleyzon, and more. The writing in the scroll was two things. The request itself, and an invitation, which read: Please send a representative, or multiple, to the opening party! The party is tommorow, at midday. PlasmaCore will be happy to have you! The computer chip contained the same writing, but also a map to PlasmaCore headquarters, and a menu of the food available at the party, along with locations for members of each guild to sit, relax, while the party went on. At least forty scientists bustled around the room. Each wore a white lab coat, standard in every way except the PlasmaCore logo. But Bane knew it wasn't real. PlasmaCore. He shook his head. Just another way for power to mask itself. The Bureau was powerful, and this was how it got what it wanted. The room was massive, a whole floor, one of only two floors with one purpose in the entire floor, though one other came close. In the middle, a massive circle was clear, but the edges had strange things, like a Chaos Marine, chained to a wall, his armor beside him, being dissected. His screams were pitiful. On another side, a man was being implanted with spikes. In another, a female epic was creating strange orbs of light. Bane didn't know what the Bureau, and therefore PlasmaCore, wanted with this, he was only Clearance Level Fifteen. You needed at least Sixteen to be told about this project. So Bane just oversaw the scientists. Waiting, watching. While Seb gets to have all the fun in the party. Seb smiled from where he sat off the side of the stage, watching the party unfold. No representatives yet, but it was a half hour before the party even started. One woman from Alleyzon, but that was it in that way. But test subjects? Sebrial chuckled. There was plenty. Subject after subject after subject. And more would arrive. And, as the highest rank besides full Bureau members, I got to stick Bane with the scientists and have fun here. Ah, yes. This was bliss. He took a sip from his drink, a strange, bubbly, purple thing, a mix of some soda and Rosharan violet. And he continued to watch, the massive room with a dance floor in the center, styled after a Roman theatre, so that the stage would echo throughout it all. Layers up the sides, some with seats, some with foods, some with tables, one with massage chairs. And at the top, the area for representatives. It was time.
  12. era 3

    Bellatrix approached the building. A massive warehouse, run down, it had vines growing down one side, moss on the roof, and one wall looked like it was going to fall in. Her home. The home of her gang. They were in Bloodflame territory now. She approached the doors, a wide grin on her face, hair spread out behind her. A spark flew from her hand, then another, then another, floating up. That would notify them she had brought three new ones. Striding confidently, she opened a hidden door, beneath some vines, and walked in. It opened up to reveal a large space, filled with old machinery. Graffiti covered the wall, their own art. A massive replication of the Bloodflame symbol covered one wall, the flames intricate around the bloody skull. Twenty or more people moved around within, a couple of Dahkor, a man with a spike through his eye, a female singer wearing black leather. She grinned, waving at the last. "Anne, you're back! Hospital let you out early?" She laughed, waved back, and made an enthusiastic thumbs up. Bellatrix looked around, her eyes falling on the three marks below the Bloodflame symbol. A skeleton hand, folded in a fist, a green serpent, eyes bright red, and two metal nails, stabbed through a board. Those were the gangs she had absorbed, when they became too weak. Bonefist, Viper, and Railway Gangs. They all had expanded her territory, and left her with new members. Bonefist had lost men in a fight with the Forge. That brought Dahkor. Viper had come from Roshar, but been attacked by a group of Epics, leaving five survivors. That's where Anne, and a couple of others not present, had come from. Railway had spikes, victims of Syndicate Omega. Two survivors, Marge and Greg. Greg had the spike through his eye, Marge wasn't here. She collapsed on a couch near the entrance, gesturing to the newcomers. "Come in, come in. Welcome to the gang!" The gaunt man entered first, settling down beside the couch. "Come on, Freyja, Galvian." @beantheboy12 @whattheHoid @Sorana @Jaywalk
  13. giant yeti battle!!!!!!!

    Birds were singing a merry tune as sunlight filtered down through the bows of a green oak. Returned walked along a path, whistling a quick rhythm, watching the wildlife tumble in the grass about him. Yes, he thought, humanity has done a fine job with this world. This place will do... —— Seven Months Later —— Returned stood proudly atop the battlements of his brand-new fortress. He had inspiringly named it "Fort Fortress". Hmm, he though, If my name is any indication, perhaps I should leave choosing names to my advisors. He shrugged, and went on enjoying the fruits of his labors. Even here, on the Alleyplanet, where the science of returned was well known––even taken for granted––there were still people who worshiped returned. That was, in fact, how he had managed to build this monstrosity anyhow. He had the faint worry that the laborers would stick around after the project was done, and he hadn't the faintest idea what to do with a bunch of fanatics. He shrugged, discarding his worries, and resolved to enjoy this day. The short man, Keleth, walked up. "Hello your majesty. How are you doing on this fine day?" "Thank you Keleth. Yes, I am in fact enjoying this day immensely. You know, the opening of the fortress and all. Sadly, I'll have to leave after this, I have a wedding to attend. By the way, are you good with names?" "Um, maybe. My kid has a good name." "You have a kid?" "Yes, his name is Jonathan." "Good name. Are you good with city, or, maybe, perhaps, fortress names?" "The name is kind of lame, isn't it." "Yes. I fear that I am absolutely hopeless with names." "I think I noticed. My lord Returned. How about 'Fortress Eternal' my lord?" "I like. I like it a lot. In fact, have the scribes change the name to that. Thank you, Keleth." "You're welcome my lord. I assume you caught the reference?" "Mm. Are the people almost settled in?" "Yes my lord. They are setting up temporary residences and shops in the main courtyard." Returned looked over the edge, and indeed, many canvas tents were erected in the courtyard. The Fortress was huge, perhaps a square mile, and the construction had been a huge undertaking. It had taken more than seven months with the assistance of large amounts of investiture, including the sacrifice of two other returned. "It will happen soon Keleth. Soon, we will have a city to rival the capitol. A center of trade and economics. A hub of politics and industry. A truly majestic city shall arise here." "Speaking of a city, we have the projected logistics worked out." He handed a writing pad to Returned, which was perused with a careful eye. "A militia of one-hundred thousand strong? Getting a little optimistic are we?" "It's also to serve as a defending garrison, and possible an invasion force." "Are we to be a sovereign state, or under Alleycity jurisdiction?" "If I may advise to start out under their jurisdiction..." The conversation went on like this, discussing many of the logistics and specifics needed for running a budding city. After the conversation with Keleth was over, Returned sauntered over to his office, in the top tower. "Milton, please summon my officials." The thin secretary jumped over to a desk, where he grabbed spanreed. "And what would you like me to say?" "Say this: @#Voidapple, @Gancho Libre, @MetaTerminal, and @beantheboy12. I summon you to the new Diagramist headquarters. You are to report here, and we shall discuss goals and objectives of our great guild. Thank you." The spindly man wrote this, and then hesitated. "Um, sir, what about the... other one?" "Hmm? Oh, yes, draft another message." The scribe took another spanreed in his hands, and set it to the paper. "Say this: Hello @Furamirionind. You have acted with great loyalty and are to be commended. Although your position within the greater guilds has been very beneficial, it is time to end the charade. I'm calling you to the headquaters of the Diagramists, and you will now serve as the known leader of the Silent Gatherers. Godspeed." Milton finished the message then set down the pen. He looked at Returned gravely, "This will cause quite a ruckus in the Alleyverse. They will not be happy." Returned slowly walked over to his window, and surveyed the budding city below. He finally turned towards Milton, "No, they will not. It is time though. Time to break expectations. It is a new era, after all."
  14. era 3

    Dwig stood from his chair in his luxurious office atop Trident Tower and looked out over the Alleycity. The reconstruction had gone well over the past year. New skyscrapers had grown up, Trident Tower among them. Some of the older buildings, which had become derelict in the 18 years since they were damaged in the Seven Day War, had been rebuilt in creative ways. He tore his gaze away from the window and walked to the elevator. He pressed the lobby button and tapped his foot to the groovy elevator music. The elevator doors slid open and Dwig walked out onto the lobby’s shiny floor. He strode to the doors and pushed them open, walking onto the stage that had been set up. “Ahem, hello everyone,” he said to the crowd gathered on the street, which had been closed for the occasion. “I’d like to welcome you all to the dedication of the Alleycity’s newest skyscraper; Trident Tower. The tower itself has been open for some time, but it has gone undedicated for that time. But, the poor tower will have to go undedicated for a bit longer. Before dedicating this tower, I’d like to thank everyone who supported the idea of Trident Manufacturing, those first investors, those who saw something more in the company I proposed. I would also like to thank the Ghostbloods, for supporting this venture, indirectly. Finally, I want to thank the Alleyzon corporation,” Dwig pointed towards the Alleyzon Tower, across the city. “for deciding to accept the contract I proposed. Now, the tower can get dedicated.” Dwig cleared his throat and continued “This tower is dedicated to everyone who works Trident Manufacturing, everyone who, every day, brings ideas to life. This company has grown exponentially in the last year, in no small part due to the workers, the engineers, and the magic users that work here. I cannot thank you enough, but I hope this tower’s dedication will suffice, for now.” Dwig grinned, dropped the mic, and snapped his fingers. Lights burst into life along the tower’s length, transforming into colors and designs.
  15. Anthony stood there, his eyes a bit watery. Because, of course, the suit was really tight. He had his white hair in a fine ponytail, and on the same suit he had worn to the wedding of Max and Althea. He stood at the side of the field, waiting. The wedding was going to start soon, and he was going to be ready. He looked at Tena, where she stood, wearing a beautiful dress, no shoes, and a radiant smile on her face. He looked down at himself, again unsure about himself. Was he really worthy of this woman? She was so... perfect. No, no turning back now. We have the baby to think of. He gave her a somewhat supportive grin, or at least he hoped so, then looked. The guests should start arriving just about now. @Blessed peace @AxeliustheGreat
  16. The building is on a street corner. It’s old, and slightly dilapidated, but the neon red sign out front lights up the dark street like a lighthouse in a storm. There isn’t a bouncer at the front entrance, this isn’t that kind of club. Besides, there’s too many off-duty precursors and Maria hitmen there to try anything. The front door is simple, betraying the club’s origins as a ordinary house, though now it has become anything but ordinary. The door opens into a wide dimly lit room, with a bar on the left wall and rows of tables on the right. Throughout the room there are billiard tables, almost always occupied. The bartender, nicknamed Jack, built the club from nothing but a debt owed by a contractor and Mafia blood money. It’s now the most popular club in the slums of Alleycity, especially for the criminal underground. They come here often, and the precursors often turn a blind eye. Money and drink, two of the great equalizers. In the back right corner of the Jack, there’s a set of stairs, rarely climbed, and cleaned even less. If you climb them however, things get a bit more interesting. The stairs come to a small hallway, with 2 doors on the left. It’s the second of the two that matters. The first is a lawyer’s office of some sort, the name on the front faded away years ago. The second door has the words Ace Tawson, Private Eye written on it. The paint is fresh, as he’s only moved in there a few months ago. His office is small, 4 meters by 4 meters, and the cramped feeling is an enhanced by the lack of lighting, for a tin savant need so little, and walls covered in large, intimidating bookshelves, the only blank space being reserved for a large bulletin board. His desk is towards the back of the room, placed such so that it hides the old mattress behind it. It’s hard to afford a place like this, and the strain of expenses can be seen in the coat with many a patched bullet hole, and the 2 days old Rosharan takeout sitting on the desk. The private eye needs a case, and soon. As he looks over various police reports and files, hoping to find a case hidden in there, the only emotion that fills his mind is despair. The chorus of screams in his head may in reality be only a low whine, but that is often when they are the most loud. He picks up the last file, examining it. It’s recent, only a few days old, and it says something about how a man has been broken out of the State Penitentary. He puts it down quickly, its clear that those responsible would be caught soon. Itsonly as he stood up to grab the remainder of the takeout that he sees something that catches his eye. The identity of the man who was freed. Ace had worked on that case, back when he was still in the force. Even for as experienced as he had been with horrible sights, the crime scenes that that serial killer had created had been shockingly terrible. To think that such a man was free. Ace starts, then quickly stands, pushing aside the rest of the files, picking up the one about the crime, and stepping over the remains of previous meals to get to the bulletin board. He pins it in the center, then goes back to files, pouring over them now with a different purpose, as he knows what his case is. He’s looking for mentions of one man, and one man only. James Myriad
  17. Hi everybody, as discussed here is the thread for the summaries of our ongoing rp threads. I clustered the threads a bit, to make it easier to orientate yourself. I wrote a short summary of each thread. If you think about moving a character there and want to have more detailed information, I recommend to read through the OP and simply ask for a summary from those that rp there already. Location: This thread represents a location, for example a city, or a bar. Plots take place in and around the location. Plot/ Character related: This thread represents a certain plot line, it's location may change as the plot continues. Locations Art's Haven A store which sells fabrials and stamps as well as art. City of Oasis The city belongs to the Ghostbloods and is led by them. Their council meets there, and most of their members can live there, should they decide to do so. Einladung Hospital A hospital in Alleycity. Everybody is able to be treated there in case of an injury. It is led by Mira an NPC everybody can control, should no healer PC be available. Additionally @xinoehp512 character Kera is usually at the hospital and able to help. Fortress Eternal The fortress belongs to the Diagramists and serves as their headquarters. They meet here to plan, or to accept new members. Newcago Court The court of Queen Elsa Steelheart and those following her. Odd Job Tavern A Tavern where you can look for jobs, or post them at a board. The Alleyharbor The harbor of Alleycity. Ships to the other side of the world and to/ from other various places leave/ arrive here. The Forge The Forge is owned by Laonin ( @Karnatheon). Laonin's goal is to rebuilt Alleycity and give those without a home, a place to live. It is used as a base by him, and those who decided to help him improve Alleycity. Trident manufacturing Owned by Dwig ( @Dr. Dapper) it's a company without any guild affiliation selling e.g. vehicles and weaponry. Plot/ Character related #Tent - MY CHARACTER IS GETTING MARRIED Marriage of Tena and Anthony. Alley purification Base for operation of the Bureau of Villanry. The Bureau are the villains of era three and in charge to create/ write the main plot. Bloodflame Gang Headquater of the Bloodflame Gang, a group of mercenaries. The gang is led by Bellatrix (@Ark1002). The North Sea This thread was called "The Other Side of the World" during era 2. It's set on the other side of the Alleyverse. The plot and the quests evolve around exploring, and stopping dark forces from taking over the islands and the creatures that live on them. The Hunt for the Jackal The thread evolves about hunting the criminal called Jackal. The Tournament of Light A Tournament hosted by the Diagramists. Everybody can take part, sign ups are open right now. House scenes Scenes involving two (or more) characters, which are usually not open to any other characters, as they are directly about the characters and their relationship with each other.
  18. Debbie Willow approached the ornate gates of Art’s Haven with a lively step. The two guards on either side recognized her immediately opening the gates as she approached. She flashed them a smile as she entered the courtyard before her place of work. The courtyard was paved with white tiles that almost seemed to glow with the rising sun. Art’s Haven was beautiful. The tall building (5 floors altogether) was lined with marble pillars that were carved with fanciful beasts. The roof was tiled with a multitude of bright colors, making it look like a rainbow dwelled there. Two fountains bubbled happily, joyously on either side of the walkway leading to the magnificent building. Debbie loved those fountains. They, as was everything here, beautiful. Twin statues stood atop their pedestals one hand upraised as if to summon a shardblade their posters betraying strength and nobility. They were of Knights Radiants one male the other female both dressed in stunning shardplate. A clever use of heating fabrials inside their upraised hands created steam so it seemed that you were actually seeing their shardblades form. Water flowed down the statues backs like capes, filling the wide basins at their feet. Debbie shook herself, hurrying past the fountains up the marble steps and to the main doors. Her coworker, Talam, opened the door for her while shaking his head. She was late again. Rushing in she tried her best to ignore all the beauty in this one room. The high vaulted ceiling with paintings seeming to dance up the walls until they could soar across the ceiling its self. The floor was marble, pristine and crisp. To her left was the lounge where waiting patrons could relax; to her right was her desk. Debbie rushed over to it taking her spot as the receptionist. Along the sides of the wide hallway directly in front of you as you entered were meeting rooms. One of the many master craftsmen or artists would meet with costumers in those rooms. They would talk with them learning exactly what it was the man or woman wanted the finished product to look like. The entrance was only a small part of the large building; the rest was where the actual work took place. The purpose of the entire entrance from the courtyard to the elaborately decorated room was to awe and impress potential customers. Art’s Haven sold more than just statues and paintings however, the store’s main stream of profit came from the owners themselves. Valath and Nakome were masters at their arts. Valath made all the fabrials, while Nakome….. Debbie shuttered as she thought of Nakome, The Forger, she could twist an object’s soul. It wasn’t natural, but who was she to judge?
  19. The great monastery of Bread was the home of the Breadmonks in the mountains out of the Citadel. They had existed for years hidden in the mountain for years. Dusk had discovered them, and now they were public. Now they were free to spread their message: BREAD IS LIFE!!! This is the fourth, or fifth I'm not sure if honey is an actual cult or not, religion of the Alleyverse. It was birthed out of a typo from @BooksBeforeDeath, when he meant to say breadmunks, as in chipmunk bread hybrids. Pm me if you want to help with the actual planning of said religion.
  20. Okay, how do are Mistborn influenced by power lines? I would imagine on the larger, full metal powerlines it would act like the spike-ways from era 1, except better, because they're everywhere! But could you potentially fly based on the powerlines? Pushing continuously on the middle wire, while using the side wires to balance and control your direction. What do you think?
  21. Era 2 corresponds to, what, the early 1900s? And Era 3 is supposed to be something like the '80s. Is the gap between Era 2 and Era 3 going to be roughly similar to Earth? Because if it's not going to be that long between them, well, E3 is supposed to have a Mistborn serial killer, right? Possibly the first Mistborn since Spook? And the women who were kidnapped by the Vanishers, Wax thinks they're being used to breed Mistborn? And they still haven't been rescued. They might never be rescued, for all we know. So say you've got a Mistborn who comes from a cultists' secret eugenics project. Wouldn't that leave the kid a little unstable? Maybe eventually murdery? Or, might what seems like a string of motiveless murders turn out to be part of some sort of Trellist Evil Plan?
  22. Hello fellow Sharders, This is probably one of the stupidest ideas I've had in a fairly long time, so I'm deciding to post it. Luthadel is growing increasingly Earth-like. Automobiles, guns, etc, etc. Now, the Reckoners is also very Earthlike. Coincidence? I don't think so. Era 3 ending= Calamity appearing. Please don't hurt me.