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Found 79 results

  1. On this list of weird canon facts I give you this! Kelsier is a cat person. Marsh is a dog person Hoid would like heavy metal music Hoid loves bacon The Shard that Kelsier would find the most fun to punch is Honor Hoid has dressed in drag "several times" Shallan is a Ravenclaw, Jasnah is Slytherin, Dalinar is a Gryffindor, and Kaladin is Hufflepuff Elend's name means "misery" in German which was not intentional Taravangian would make a worse US president than Rashek "Gemheart" is a thing you can call your spouse in Alethkar Lift states on multiple occasions in Oathbringer that Dalinar has a tight butt If Drehy lived in Azir he would need to fill out paperwork to date a man (Sigzil mentions this in OB) Anyone want to add more?
  2. So something that keeps popping up, at least for me, is how often Wax seems to find crowded places or tight spaces a bit uncomfortable. He mentions a few times that he finds parties packed with people suffocating or words to that effect. He also prefers wide open spaces like the Roughs, where you can see all around and genuinely seems better in those places. In other instances it doesn't come up because he seems to be focused on a task at hand, rather than on all the people around him. For the sake of argument I will say that I think most people don't like being in tight spaces or the thought of being crushed, obviously and I find a large open room with tons of people in it (barring some exceptions) to be intimidating or otherwise uncomfortable. People with actual claustrophobia would you say this fits? Or can you have mild symptoms without being actually claustrophobic? Let me know your thoughts
  3. So when kelsier destroyed the pits of hathsin , he destroyed the perpendicularity there. Similarly did vin destroy the perpendicularity at the well by freeing ruin ?? How long were the perpendicularlites defunct ? We know hoid went back out to the cosmere pretty soon. Is the shardpool mentioned in era 2 , preservations shardpool relocated or a new one ? Why weren't khriss and nazh able to use the well like hoid did ? Could they have ? Could vin have slid into the cr and talked with kel, after freeing ruin if she knew what to do ??
  4. Let's say the Leecher has an insane amount of chromium ingested, would they be able to drain Nightblood quicker than Nightblood could kill them? My guess is yes because theoretically you'd only have to release a certain number of breaths worth of investiture before the metal loses sapience. Unless every bit of investiture Nightblood has drained since it was created has been stored within the sword, at which point I think the Leecher is done for lol. Especially since a certain event in RoW (No spoilers). But I see no indication of that since the sword is always "hungry." Similarly what would a Nicroburst do to Nightblood? Flaring all of it's Investiture so it uses it in a single burst I feel would kill everything around the sword in a huge radius, possibly planet killing. Kind of a crazy thought.
  5. Hello hello hello! I don't know how many people know this, but there's a Mistborn RPG? Mistborn Adventure Game It's super cool. I haven't done anything with it yet, but I really want to. However, there's also an additional book you can get that's based on Alloy of Law and general Era 2 stuff. Alloy of Law Book Inside of this second one is a bunch of stuff for Twinborn, including some other names for them! We know that Wax is a Crasher, but did you know that Wayne is a Constant? And Miles Hundredlives is known as a Timeless? There's a bunch of names, so here they are! Feruchemical Table Allomancy Table Allomancy, Feruchemy, Name Tin, Tin, Eagle Eye Tin, Steel, Catcher Tin, Copper, Monitor Tin, Zinc, Quickwit Tin, Chromium, Keeneye Pewter, Pewter, Hefter Pewter, Steel, Sprinter Pewter, Zinc, Sooner Pewter, Chromium, Scrapper Pewter, Gold, Bruteblood Pewter, Cadmuim, Marathoner Iron, Pewter, Scaler Iron, Iron, Deader (They're well known for squishing themselves dead) Iron, Steel, Guardian Iron, Zinc, Navigator Iron, Gold, Stalwart Steel, Tin, Sharpshooter Steel, Iron, Crasher Steel, Steel, Swift Steel, Aluminum, Shroud Steel, Duralumin, Bigshot Steel, Chromium, Luckshot Steel, Cadmium, Cloudtoucher Copper, Copper, Copperkeep Copper, Bronze, Shroud ( Yeah, two of them are named "Shroud". I dunno. \_(ツ)_/¯ ) Copper, Brass, Boiler Copper, Aluminum, Ghostwalker Copper, Duralumin, Shelter Copper, Chromium, Masker Bronze, Tin, Sentinel Bronze, Steel, Hazedodger Bronze, Copper, Metalmapper Bronze, Bronze, Sleepless Bronze, Zinc, Pulsewise Bronze, Bendalloy, Stalker Zinc, Pewter, Strongarm Zinc, Zinc, Mastermind Zinc, Aluminum, Loudmouth Zinc, Duralumin, Zealot Zinc, Chromium, High Roller Zinc, Electrum, Instigator Brass, Zinc, Schemer Brass, Brass, Cooler Brass, Aluminum, Icon Brass, Duralumin, Pacifier Brass, Chromium, Slick Brass, Electrum, Resolute Aluminum, Aluminum, Puremind Duralumin, Duralumin, Friendly Chromium, Pewter, Metalbreaker Chromium, Chromium, Ringer Chromium, Nicrosil, Sapper Chromium, Bendalloy, Gulper Nicrosil, Pewter, Booster Nicrosil, Copper, Burst-Ticker Nicrosil, Duralumin, Enabler Nicrosil, Nicrosil, Soulburst Nicrosil, Electrum, Cohort Gold, Copper, Chronicler Gold, Aluminum, Vessel Gold, Gold, Timeless Gold, Electrum, Introspect Electrum, Iron, Whimflitter Electrum, Copper, Foresight Electrum, Zinc, Flicker Electrum, Chromium, Charmed Electrum, Electrum, Visionary Cadmium, Bronze, Plotter Cadmium, Gold, Yearspanner Cadmium, Cadmium, Chrysalis Bendalloy, Tin, Spotter Bendalloy, Steel, Blur Bendalloy, Copper, Assessor Bendalloy, Zinc, Flashwit Bendalloy, Aluminum, Monument Bendalloy, Gold, Constant Bendalloy, Electrum, Transcendent Bendalloy, Bendalloy, Sated By the way, these aren't canon. The Mistborn Adventure Game isn't canon, and Brandon didn't write these names. I think that it's still a fun idea and cool to look at all of them!
  6. Firstly, allow me to clarify the title. No, I didn't read each book in order but from back to front. No i didn't read Hero of ages first, then WoA, then TFE. I read. ALL. Of ERA 2. FIRST. Alloy of Law was my first ever BRANDON SANDERSON novel. Wax was the first Cosmere character I read about. So let me tell you about my experience with reading Mistborn backwards. It was actually cool. Make no mistake, I have no regrets about reading the books this way. It was a fun and interesting experience to treat Era 1 as a prequel trilogy (everyone loves prequel trilogies, right?) with Era 2 as the "present day". Seeing all of the references to past characters as my first time learning of their existence was fascinating, seeing Vin immortalized as the Ascendant Warrior and wondering, "WOW, what did she have to do for THAT to happen?" made reading era 1 and seeing how Vin started out all the more interesting. I guess a comparable irl thing would be like meeting a celebrity and getting to know them on a personal level instead of just being aware of their celebrity persona. When Harmony showed up through Wax's earring and spoke to him, I was like, "Damn, God himself is just a chill dude who wants to keep things safe. ....And also not omnipotent, hmmmm." That was some interesting foreshadowing (retroshadowing?) for the end of HoA. Wax's Twinborn powers were immediately a favorite out of all magical skills i've ever seen, though being a Bloodmaker sounds more practical in a real life setting. I hate the idea of getting hurt in such a way that permanently damages me, so knowing that F-Gold could restore even a lost limb given enough time, really sounds appealing to me. The speed bubbles of Bendalloy and Cadmium were fascinating to read about, time dilation is one of my favorite things in science fiction, and Cadmium would be great for being able to just sit through boring stuff in a fraction of the time. And then it being the key component to Miles' defeat, just... Chef's Kiss. Perfecto. Introduce an ability that feels useless and impractical, and then smack the reader in the face with, "sure, BUT..." And then Ironeyes. Rusting IRONEYES. As a fan of Terry Pratchett, a "personification of Death" character will always remind me of Death from Discworld, so it was a little "Ha!" moment when he showed up. And Miles' prophecy about the "Men of red and gold, bearers of the final metal" was suitably ominous for the book's main antagonist's final words. Shadows of Self, hoo... That was an emotional roller coaster, surprisingly. I won't lie, I cried at the end. And the Trellium spikes... other than Ironeyes, that was my first glimpse of Hemalurgy. and Bleeder really made it feel terrifying. The Kandra as a whole were actually quite satisfactorily explained in Era 2 that I felt like I comprehended their functionality having read just those 2 books so far. And it really made the mystery novel aspect of the book feel much more intense, when anyone you know could be a Kandra... cue The Spy: "He could be any one of us!" And yeah, when it was revealed that Bleeder/Paalm WAS the real Lessie from the intro of Alloy, I cried. I felt furious at Harmony for misleading Wax into doing that, to forcing her hand into killing herself so that Harmony wouldn't be capable of making her into his pawn again. Harmony started to feel like a nontagonist (neither pro- nor antagonist, a middle ground of moral grey, which in retrospect makes perfect sense given his Shards). Bands of Mourning, OH BOY, this is probably my favorite Mistborn book just because of the Southerners and Ettmetal. Now remember, I had no idea who Kelsier was other than The Survivor, and The Lord Ruler was basically a footnote in my knowledge. So the mystery of the Sovereign's temple, the false bands, that was all extra mysterious. The Ettmetal cubes were AWESOME. Mechanically-altered allomantic and feruchemical effects was SUCH a fun thing to add to the series, and making a rusting AIRSHIP using them? Dope. So dope. Translation medallions were a fascinating addition, and promptly set my brain a-theorizin' upon what they could do and how they were made... No concrete theory on it yet, but I suppose Lost Metal will tell us all what we need to know about it. And of course, crossing the two, Ettmetal cubes and Medallions, I realized you could basically turn anyone into a Leeching grenadier for rapid metal depletion. Put an A-Chromium medallion on them, give em Ettmetal cubes, and let them cause chaos by depowering people around the area. The reveal of Kelsier being the Sovereign probably hit me a lot less hard than the average mistborn reader, but it was a FASCINATING reveal that the Survivor had managed to live, you know, 300+ years and reach the southern scadrians. And of course that made the reveal that Kel dies in the midst of book 1 all the more nutty and shocking for me when I read TFE. "Wait, he WHAT?!" So yeah, that's a rough summary of my thoughts from reading Era 2 as my first-ever cosmere books.
  7. Found this in "Shadows of Self" I thought it was deserveing of attention.
  8. The Alleyverse now has 100 topics! But anyway, the idea is that we have our own meme thread for Alleyverse memes, of you want to post here. I'm planning on editing a few in in a minute.
  9. What is the big deal about the kidnapped women being Spook’s descendants? Spook had like 13 kids; 350 years after the Catascande, considering the Founder Effect and small population size, half the Basin should be his descendants! Unless all his kids only had one child each for multiple generations, or something equally unlikely, there’s nothing special about those women at all. Any ideas on how to solve this conundrum? In other news, assuming TLR had his kids within the first few centuries of his reign and those kids married into the nobility, every member of Kelsier’s crew - with the exception of Sazed and, possibly, Dockson - is a descendant of Rashek. As are all the nobility. I wonder how he’d react to the news.
  10. In mistborn era 1 we learnt how if an allomancer burns a metal to much they become essentially addicted and its effects can kind of... leech, I guess?... in to there normal life. We know what would basically happen if you become a bronze or tin savant. But what about other savants, gold, electrum, cadmium, bendalloy, chromium, aluminum???
  11. Ishar has shown that a Bondsmith unchained is EXTREMELY POWERFUL AND DANGEROUS. What is either Dalinar or the Bondsmith honorblade were taken off world to Scadrial. The timeline would actually be pretty accurate, and they could arrive about when Wax and the Set are looking for the Bands of Mourning. With an unchained Bondsmith, the wishes of Kandra and the Set would be fulfilled. The only thing needed would be 16 allomancers and 16 feruchemists. Their Connection to their power could be transferred to a single person, and then they could create unkeyed metal minds at will, with their metalmind quantities growing exponentially. Am I right or am I crazy?
  12. Random thought I just had. We know from previous wobs that Hoid initially came to Scadrial to greet some friends before hanging around for longer after getting interested in the local going ons before outright giving Wax a medallion of the Soveriegne true identity. After this book might we have a motive for this meddling? In that Hoid is trying to undermine Thadikar on his own home realm to prevent his reach to Roshar? My tentative proposed timeline of events would be; Hoid arrives at the wedding of his friends before leaving for Roshar again. He gets berated by Jasnah, Shallan or someone else when they learn he went off world and to Thadikars home world nonetheless without doing anything about him. Hoid continues to be Hoid for a bit before eventually returning to Scadrial, possibly due to pressure being put on him by Jasnah or Shallan to do something. While there he realises Wax is Harmony's sword and starts eavesdropping on him. Realising he can never actually hurt Thadikar but Wax can and that Wax is presumbly the most capable on world for the job due to Harmony choosing him he schemes to give him that coin with the hope Wax will eventually go on a war path against Thadikar. Hoid then returns as the happiest he's ever been because he got away with doing all this without Harmony noticing and getting in his way or Thadikar being none the wiser. Bonus; at some stage he tries to enlist Nazh for help upon seeing him and Khriss on world but fails to do so. Nazh then quickly leaves which is when Hoid meets and overs to tell a story to Nicelle Sauvage. What would people think if this as a possible explaination for his actions on Scadrial?
  13. For a long time I thought it stole other magic systems. But now thanks to @Honorless I realise I might be mistaken. Like suppose I spiked a mistborn, a misting , a Ferring , a feruchemist , an Elantrian and a knight radiant. What exactly would I steal and how do I use it ? Also in case of an nalthian I guess I steal breaths right ? Even it only steals investiture than Idk if it's of much use beyond stealing breaths ? Hey can u spike Nightblood ?
  14. So I bet there is another thread talking about this, but I just couldn’t find it anywhere. so the set had these weird Kandra, if I recall correctly. It seemed kind of obvious that they weren’t really Kandra and most likely agents from another shard. They had red eyes, I believe, which points toward odium. But red is also just corrupted investiture, right? So just one of the bad shards. Which leaves as far as we know odium and autonomy, because ruin is obviously a no go. There have been many theories on what is attacking scaldrial in mistborn era 2 but I think it’s up in the air, right? There’s red mist in the cosmere cognitive realm map during stormlight archive 1-5 time, which many have assisiated with odium. But Taldain and scaldrial have a lot of worldhoppers going back and forth, which is why Trell is in both white sand and mistborn era 2, meaning autonomy is also a fair bet. did I hit what we currently are in a consensus of or am a missing or misunderstanding some parts? It is really hard to find any info regarding the strange Kandra, which is kind of irritating. I couldn’t find anything on the coppermind. given what we know, what are these strange Kandra? And who do they work for? also I hope I didn’t put any spoilers for other books. I’m fairly sure I did not, though.
  15. Let’s say Wayne puts up a speed bubble. Generally if a bullet is shot out of the bubble it’s directional velocity will get changed. If Wayne were to have an aluminum bullet, would he be able to aim and shoot accurately without the bullet getting distorted? There is a quote from Brandon saying if there were an aluminum tube were at the edge of a bubble, then the bubble would collapse. My hypothesis for the bullet situation is that he could aim and shoot accurately, and as soon as the bullet hits the edge of the bubble, it would collapse. The bullet would be unaffected and stay on track to hit its target.
  16. compounding

    So, in compounding does one burn the power stored inside of a metalmind or does one burn the metalmind itself. In Alloy of law, Wax claims that Miles needs lots of gold for his constant compounding, this leads me to believe that its the latter; at the end of Alloy of law, it says that they removed all of Miles' metalminds so that he couldn't heal himself. I'm just a bit confused, and I have only read era 1 and Alloy of law.
  17. From the album How to get rich in Scadrial

    I'm rusting rich, boys and girls:
  18. What's the coolest trick you could use as a mistborn? A twinborn? How about with another metalborn friend helping you out? List the coolest stuff you could possibly do with your powers! Here's mine: A few crashers (Steelpushing & Weight storing) stand on the ground with a lot of steel and stored up weight, as well as a bag of coins. Their perfectly normal non-metalborn friend needs to get from one ledge to the other, and stands just above the first crasher in line. When the normal person jumps off the ledge, the steelpusher throws a coin upwards, Pushing on it and increasing their weight. The person lands on this coin, jumping off of it and to the next coin, thrown by the next crasher in line. The person continues running across this makeshift bridge of coins until they reach the other side. Difficulty: 10/10 Effectiveness: 1/10 Aesthetic: 11/10
  19. In era two there are no mistborn and full feruchemists and much less powerful mistings/ferrings. I am guessing in era 3 and 4 even mistings/ferrings will be rare and twinborn might even be nonexistent. Does anyone have any ideas about how Brandon Sanderson will be able to keep the powers going?
  20. 16 years after the War for Alleycity. Elkanah glanced up, looking at the sign. "DIDGERIDOO, the Delicious Inspired Distinct Great Eating Resturant, and Innovative Developers Of Orders." It was open. He glanced down at his partner, Rilu. The kid was doing good. He was close to his second Ideal. They had built this place from the ground up, and it was finally done. Satisfaction thrummed through Elkanah. "So, we're open then?" Rilu asked. "Yes, yes we are." Elkanah replied. The menu wasn't very big, only including a few staple items from each world, and of course, TUBA's signature Fortune Cookies. He would expand the menu, as customers and critics ordered unique things. Rilu was a suprisingly good cook. Elkanah was proud of the kid. He was a bit shy, but a good person when you got to know him. His chouta was the best Elkanah had ever tasted. Hopefully, this place would last longer than the bar, all those years ago.
  21. It just occurred to me that Nicrosil ferrings have the potential to become absurdly strong with the advent of Medallions and Unkeyed/Unsealed metalminds. If you can give a metalborn a Medallion for F-Aluminum and F-Nicrosil, they can store their ability to use their metalborn powers inside unkeyed Nicrosil, which a Nicrosil ferring can then tap and use for themselves. (Note that this would be more like an Unkeyed Coppermind, able to transfer distinct powers rather than "ability to burn/tap X metal for Y amount of seconds at Z level of potency" like most Feruchemical reserves) So I don't think this could lead to Nicrosil Ferrings becoming Fullborns with enough cooperative metalborn buddies, but they could certainly become a Nicrosil Compounder which is terrifying enough, and could probably gather up about 16 TOTAL metalborn powers without killing anyone Hemalurgically. They would just have to pick and choose which 16 they want out of the 32 or so total metalborn powers available. They could become a compounder of 8 metals, which... Yep, that's terrifying, or they could pick a few metals that don't overlap (for some reason or another) and have less than 8 compounded metals. I'm also sorry if this has been blatantly obvious to anyone else so far, I tend to do that sort of thing.
  22. Let's face it: typos are annoying. Take it from an author who works entirely by computer that the amount of times you have to correct "hte" or "htem" that you're almost glad for autocorrect; almost. However, some of these typos can actually be pretty cool. I was thinking running through some Mistborn name typos in my head and came up with these: Keslier - Pronounced Kez-leer. Sounds like a rogue-like supervillain. Vni - Pronounced like it's spelled. Some sort of foreign agent from another land. Niv - Also pronounced like it's spelled. Perhaps an ancient god? Hmamond - Pronounced Maa-mund. Suddenly everyone's favorite sleeveless jacketboi has gone terris. Those are just a few. Any others that y'all can think up?
  23. So I've been thinking, I know ive seen somewhere that Brando Sando has said that there are ways to use hemalurgy without killing the person you're taking power from. So I thought hard about this because mostly I feel bad for Duralumin gnats. And especially with allomancy, feruchemy and hemalurgy becoming more mechanical and capitalistic in nature. What if they discover a way to transfer powers without killing the base person. By making use of the bind points and possibly stealing small portions of the power. Therefore in the day of capitalism and mechanical uses of the magic systems I was thinking duralumin gnats could sell their power out to people for a high price in long needled syringes filled the needles being the hemalurgic spike and the syringe being filled with the duralumin solution. Essentially being a super boost for an allomancer. A tad dramatic but honestly I think it's fun. Anyways what do you guys think?
  24. I have a quick question about compounding. We know from Miles Hundredlives that compounding metals exponentially increases your feruchemical abilities. Does this work in reverse? If I were a copper compounder would I be able to make really, really good copperclouds? What does this mean for steelpushing and ironpulling? Thanks! -Channelknight
  25. Hey, Another question... What happened to Snapping? In Era 1, in order to determine whether you were an allomancer or not you would have to be "Snapped," I.E. practically tortured. I can't find any evidence of this happening in Era 2, however. Did Sazed change this? Thanks! -Channelknight