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Found 43 results

  1. On this list of weird canon facts I give you this! Kelsier is a cat person. Marsh is a dog person Hoid would like heavy metal music Hoid loves bacon The Shard that Kelsier would find the most fun to punch is Honor Hoid has dressed in drag "several times" Shallan is a Ravenclaw, Jasnah is Slytherin, Dalinar is a Gryffindor, and Kaladin is Hufflepuff Elend's name means "misery" in German which was not intentional Taravangian would make a worse US president than Rashek "Gemheart" is a thing you can call your spouse in Alethkar Lift states on multiple occasions in Oathbringer that Dalinar has a tight butt If Drehy lived in Azir he would need to fill out paperwork to date a man (Sigzil mentions this in OB) Anyone want to add more?
  2. Hello folks, I had a question about when Kelsier is committing a felony break and enter at the Ire base. So it's shown to us that at first he does not understand the language being spoken and as he spends time in the base he is slowly able to understand the language (presumably a form of sellish). So my question is: why is Kelsier becoming Connected with Sel at this moment, my current understanding is that it has something to do with the "blue energy" being pumped into the wall he's scaling which I am assuming is some distilled form of the Dor. So Kelsier is absorbing some of the Dor as he climbs the wall thus building his connection enough to understand the language. This is my first time posting in the Q&A forms, sorry if this question has been answered a million times over.
  3. From the album My Art

    Two days of work making this. Low poly stuff is surprisingly fun once you get the hang of it!
  4. I've only read the first Mistborn trilogy and the 11th metal short story so far (and Way of Kings, but I doubt that matters for this), so please no spoilers for anything I havent read yet. Atium gives it's user the ability to see briefly into the future. So in a fight, you can see the image of what the person is getting ready to do. But if you are currently using Atium and seeing images of your opponent, shouldnt the images disappear slightly before your opponent actually starts burning their own Atium, since your Atium should be giving you the knowledge that they are about to burn it as well? I just dont see a big difference between Atium's ability to tell when an opponent is going to doge left vs when they are going to start/stop burning a metal since both of those are bodily things. In the first trilogy, ther one place where this could actually have affected things is Vin's fights with Shan. Since Vin surprises Shan by turning her Atium back on, Shan should have been briefly warned that Vin was going to start burning Atium again. Am I misunderstanding something about Atium's ability here? Is the difference here that movement is something you can see whereas burning a metal isnt?
  5. What's the coolest trick you could use as a mistborn? A twinborn? How about with another metalborn friend helping you out? List the coolest stuff you could possibly do with your powers! Here's mine: A few crashers (Steelpushing & Weight storing) stand on the ground with a lot of steel and stored up weight, as well as a bag of coins. Their perfectly normal non-metalborn friend needs to get from one ledge to the other, and stands just above the first crasher in line. When the normal person jumps off the ledge, the steelpusher throws a coin upwards, Pushing on it and increasing their weight. The person lands on this coin, jumping off of it and to the next coin, thrown by the next crasher in line. The person continues running across this makeshift bridge of coins until they reach the other side. Difficulty: 10/10 Effectiveness: 1/10 Aesthetic: 11/10
  6. Let's face it: typos are annoying. Take it from an author who works entirely by computer that the amount of times you have to correct "hte" or "htem" that you're almost glad for autocorrect; almost. However, some of these typos can actually be pretty cool. I was thinking running through some Mistborn name typos in my head and came up with these: Keslier - Pronounced Kez-leer. Sounds like a rogue-like supervillain. Vni - Pronounced like it's spelled. Some sort of foreign agent from another land. Niv - Also pronounced like it's spelled. Perhaps an ancient god? Hmamond - Pronounced Maa-mund. Suddenly everyone's favorite sleeveless jacketboi has gone terris. Those are just a few. Any others that y'all can think up?
  7. Hey!!! I heard some people want parties. Therefore, I made a party. Come in, have some fun. I'm sure the DA and TUBA will bring baked goods. Have fun. I'll go ahead and start the rootbeer flowing now. @Voidus @Archer
  8. Hi guys, I was just thinking about this upon rereading parts of Hero of Ages for a paper I'm writing, but how would Ruin have gotten the atium? Like, was it only his ignorance of where it was that kept it from just taking it into himself once he was freed, and once he found out where it was, was it just Vin's power as Preservation preventing him from doing anything active reflexively that did it? If so, what was the point of the Kolos even attacking for it. The world would have ended anyway, it would just have taken a few months for people to starve, if Vin hadn't killed ruin and Sazed had taken up both powers. Would the Kolos or Kandra under ruin's control taking control of Atium actually have done anything more as long as Vin was preservation? Were the pits protected from Ruin somehow that as long at the atium was in them, Ruin couldn't just like, absorb it into himself? What's going on here?
  9. (Mistborn Spoilers) So we know that the prophecy of the Hero of Ages (from the original Terris religion) were corrupted by Ruin, but in their uncorrupted version they made true predictions. In HoA we find that they predict Sazed, and his taking the fate of the world "on his arms" by taking up the powers of ruin and preservation, using his copperminds to give him the knowledge he needed. The question is, if the prophecy is actually a real prediction of an event over a millenia before it happens, where did it come from? Did preservation use fortune? I doubt it was Ruin, he wouldn't make a prophecy just to corrupt it. Possibility #1: Preservation saw the future, and passed it to the Terris. But I got the impression that Preservation wasn't as good, as Shards go, at future sight. The future sight he demonstrates in Secret History seems limited, and I believe he even mentions that it isn't as useful as it should be (I don't have the text with me, so I can't provide a quote). Over 1000 years in advance, that kind of prophecy seems difficult to do for him. #2: It's possible that it was a self fulfilling prophecy: that is, preservation planned it to happen and set events in motion in order to cause it. This also seems unlikely. Too many people involved (people are unpredictable) and Leras' mind was fading during some of the crucial moments. #3: (this one is from my wife, and I think it's the most likely) Connection. Spiritual Connection transcends time, as we see with Kaladin's connection to Syl. I suspect that Leras is better at Connection (just like other Shards are better with Fortune and future sight), due to the fact that his godmetal creates connection. Sazed, the future holder of preservation, has a spiritual connection with Leras. Through this connection Leras had with the future Sazed, Leras was able to gain the knowledge that resulted in the Hero of Ages prophecy. Let me know what you guys think! Or if you have any additional theories
  10. Get your tasty fortune cookies here, baked fresh by TUBA!* Spinner Cookies™ are always delicious, and always come with an interesting fortune printed on a slip of paper within. So far, we have served {77} cookies and helped customers with a few other things too! *No Hemalurgy was used in the making of this product. We do have staff members on hand to check and see if the Dark Alley or any other groups/individuals slip some spikes in.
  11. So I just picked up Alloy of Law. I read era 1 a while ago. I read the wiki plot summaries but was wondering if there were any major things involving the magic and worldbuilding that I need to know.
  12. I'm rereading Era 1 currently. I was reading a Sazed chapter and something occurred to me, how can a full Feruchemist not heal being castrated? Spoilered for Stormlight stuff I also think that Sazed's thoughts about himself in regards to his castration, especially in scenes where he is considering his relationship with Tindwyl, are distinctly non accepting. He feels that it is a flaw in him and I can't see it being integrated with his Spiritual self. Has anyone ever asked Brandon about this? I couldn't find any WoBs, though I admittedly didn't look very hard. THIS THREAD HAS STORMLIGHT SPOILERS, SORRY FOR NOT PUTTING IT IN THE COSMERE SECTION.
  13. From the album Misborn Doodles

    I wasn't planning on posting this, but it was on the top of a picture I posted in my thread, but someone said they liked it, so here it is.
  14. From the Houston Skyward signing we have the following question and answer; Someone on the Coppermind has interpreted that as follows; Is that actually what Brandon said? It's possible to make Atium and Lerasium from Harmonium? If so, that might have fairly big implications for 'The Lost Metal', but it seems more that Brandon was trying to explain before being interrupted, that Harmonium wasn't connected to lerasium and atium in that way, that combining them doesn't make Harmonium, and splitting Harmonium doesn't make lerasium and atium. But...if its possible to split Harmonium, what does it make? That suggests that it's made of other things you can reduce it down too, and therefore maybe lerasium and atium have components too?
  15. Welcome to the arena of valour! The flat sandy stadium you know too well has gone under some renovations, to the left, you can see a small lake! feel free to go for a swim there! To the right, you see a mock-village! excellent cover and hiding spots there! Good luck contestants and make this a show worth watching!
  16. Here is how it is going to work. Each day will be posted by an assigned someone, once the Countdown has ended for that said day or night. This will continue as a normal FFRP, with the addition of a timer for day and night. I am attempting to embed a timer if I can't seem to get that to work then here is the timer. The timer is here to keep pressure off people who are say across the world from other Alleyverse members, allowing them to participate in either day/night cycles. Forces involved and Allies AU Ghostbloods Canton of Combat Liebrary Sentinel Black Cusade Maps *** Dawn broke, the sun cresting the AlleyMountians. Interestingly enough the sun rose Northwest and set in the Southeast. Solace stood upon the AlleyOutlook watching the sun rise into the sky. He turned and stalked back to his command tent, his double shadow, on real and the other the Alleyspren, his spren. Nobody else was quite up, though his closest generals, and battalionlords awaited him in the command tent. Solace tossed the entrance flaps aside, striding in. He was greeted by grim faced generals and members of his council that had showed up. Only poor Rashan Caer had answered the call. Well sort of, he had been with them until he died and lost his memory. Solace was unsure whether or not Rashan had recovered from his amnesia. Other members allowed inside the tent were La TaiRu, Veil, Devaan. So liitle of his guild had responded. He was disappointed. But that was for a different time. He stepped up to the table. It held a map of the AlleyCity. The city that was occupied by the Black Crusade. "The troops we have right now are immediate reserves I have kept here in the forest. I am unsure whether forces from the Canton of Combat or the Liebrary has forces that will join and aid us. That can be discussed later. As for the plan of attack. The only thing that can reach the city from here is the ballista on the back of our only assault Lifeless Hemalurgic Chasmfiend, ALHC. I want it to attack the defending towers, here." Solace said pointing to the towers along the Southwest wall. "I will lead a our 20 Windrunners and Skybreakers on an attack on the wall. Veil you will come with me on this. Once a portion of the wall is secure and the towers are destroyed, will our coinshots launch from the Transport Lifeless Hemalurgic Chasmfiend, TLHC, to the walls. From there will we open the gates. We only have enough troops for a dedicated assault on Southwest and South gates. From there I want four hundred of our Heavy infantry to come assist. The three fifty that are left will be reserves as well as the Calvary, should the black crusade or any other foolish guild decide to attack our position. This will be the rear guard, La TaiRu, you are in charge of this group, also keep an eye on Rashan please, monitor his condition and report back to me tonight. Devaan, I trust that you will lead the Heavy infantry into the city once we open those gates, you will be in charge of the main attack force. Should we get both gates open, you may decide whether to split your forces and send them to both gates. Drakon, leader of the Black Crusade will regret he dared kill me. Gather your forces we attack in an hour's time." Everyone in the room nodded. People began to file out of the tent, however one remained, La TaiRu. Solace walked over to the man who poured over the map. he clapped a hand on TaiRu's shoulder. "I will need to contact the rest of our members and inform them what is happening. We need any much help and reinforcements as possible. We won't be able to secure the AlleyCity otherwise." He said. Solace left the man as he nodded, mistcloak swirling about him. He returned to the Outlook. _______ One hour later. Ten Windrunners and ten Skybreakers stood with him looking at the Alleycity with its Black Crusade Banners waving in the wind. Only Solace could see them. Each member of his group wore shardplate and bore shardlances. He nodded to both squad leaders operating their specific Order, signifying that it was time. With a yell he leaped off the overlook, falling hundreds of feet, slowing himself with a coin. He wore his hybrid mistcloak with a hood over a black and red armor, a belt with as many allomantic vials as he could carry allowing space for only his hand cannons, and IV awakened [Light]sabers. As always he wore his black and red mask. interestingly enough where the left eye hole should be was smooth metal instead. He hit the ground running. The Windrunners formed up around him flying a few inches above the ground, as the Skybreakers took to the air above him. The Skybreakers were commanded to lash the friendly fire and destroy enemy return fire. They would join when Solace reached the wall. A ballista bolt struck the ground near him, it was difficult for Skybrekers to identify the bolts but it wasn't impossible. Solace ran forward. dodging boulders tossed from catapults and bolts from ballista. He phased back and forth from the cognitive realm and back to the physical realm burning pewter as he ran. None of his radiants fell on the initial charge, but there would be many more casualties to follow. Upon arriving to the Southwest wall he stopped burning pewter and instead burned Steel and Duralumin, throwing himself into the air, burning pewter right after to prevent himself from being torn apart. He shot past the defenders on the wall, mistcloak fluttering furiously. He slowed an began to plummeted back to the ground. he had expertly projected himself at an angle where he would land on the wall, not shoot over it or back down to the ground where he had come from. During the fall he restored metals that he had lost. The Windrunners had begun their attack, battering at the Black crusade defenders, and were soon joined by the Skybreakers. He landed in the middle of them with enough force to crack to stone around him. He always had a flair for dramatic entrances and had passed that on to Rhazien. He smiled beneath his mask. He waited ten heartbeats and his blade, Kindness, fell into it. Kindess granted him the surges of Division and transportation. A weapon he had acquired long ago. With a snarl he attack the defenders. The war had begun. Day 1 Night 1 Day 2
  17. I just finished my reread of era 1 (including SH. Can someone explain the logic behind encouraging someone to wait to read SH until they read era 2(I’ve read it all)?) and I don’t exactly understand what the Pits of Hathsin and the Well of Ascension are, or more percicely why they exists. Especially the Pits, because I don’t see why Ruin would want the pits to exist. All Atium ever did(in shardic terms) was dilute/limit Ruin’s influence, it was not something Ruin should of wanted. So I think both locations are the shard’s perpendicularities/shardpools but I don’t get why they’re so different. Why is so much Atium produced compared to Lerasium? My best guess is because the physical part of preservation is more concentrated in the mists maybe— does Ruin have a mist analogue? Do the shards choose how they’re investiture manifests on the planet? Is it sort of just however they fit, or they have some control but not complete? Does anyone have any thoughts on the differences between Ruin and preservation in this regard? Also does anyone know if the pits or the Well is around in era 2? I’m gonna reread that soonish so I’m hazy on the details but I seem to think the pits are supposed to be refilling but idk why I think that! As as an aside, I have such a problem with Sanderson books because I feel like I absorb knowledge from the epigraphs but it doesn’t fit anywhere in my head, so I have a lot of questions about what I think I know. Last question, does anyone have a projected release date or something for the final book in era2?
  18. A man from a time long past stepped up to a building that dated even himself. A strong sweet scent poured itself from inside. He made his way inside, moving past tables and chairs which had been mangled. He looked to the far wall, the 4th wall, and smiled at how new it looked. Amazing how it repaired so fast after... it cracked again. He turned and made his way behind the counter, reaching under and grabbing a handful of what he came for: root beer flavored strawberry gum. Pocketing the gum, he walked through the swinging doors back outside, taking one last look at the sign which hung over this once beloved place. "Root Beer Bar" As he walked away something made him stop. He turned back and reached up, grabbing the sign. Yanking it from over the door, he made his way into a nearby alley. He could bring life at a new venue. Not too long after: The man was tired of moving. So much of it. And now, he had finally decided to stop moving. He walked down from the top floor of his newly purchased building onto the main floor. Booths along the walls of the place were areas people could talk in quiet. The rest of the open space was full of round tables and chairs, ready for people to use. It had taken him awhile to get it all, but he could finally open the place. The floorboards were silent as he moved to the window and flipped the little sign in the window. Open for business at last.
  19. Mac floats in the middle of Mediators pantheon, ready to make a big announcement. "It has come to my attention that this age of people is woefully ignorant about the most glorious of garb, the most amazing of apparel, the most radiant regalia. Robes. Robes have fallen out of fashion, and with them, the sign of an educated and civilized age. Today I make the announcement that I am starting the ARM. The Alleyverse Robe Movement. Our goal is to raise awareness of the coolest of clothes, and bring them back into fashion. Some of you may be wondering about how this can be, how can an unbiased make a guild if he is to remain unbiased? The answer is that this is not a guild, it is a movement. This movement has supporters and admirers, but it doesn't exist as an organized entity. I am not violating the oaths that I took to remain unbiased. Thank you."
  20. Devaan looked around after landing on the ground of the sandy arena floor, the grandstands were empty, and there was no opponent in front of him. Was he early again? storms. he really had to get better timing with the duel, he may as well get ready. Devaan slid 5 cards up his left sleeve, and 5 cards up his right sleeve into special compartments, no way anyone who isn't a tineye or a sparker would notice them. He draws two cards and holds one up, 9 of books; Aon Sheo and ties it to an awakened doll, creating an illusion that looks exactly like himself that walked around the arena, with the command: Imitate me. Strapping the second card, 2 of Boots; Aon Tia to the doll, he can now switch places with it by activating the card at will. Unfortunately, if Devaan drew sethramir, the illusion would collapse. It felt good to get into another duel.
  21. Participants: The Deep Serpent (@I think I am here.) VS The Devourer (@Voidus) KAIJU FIGHT!!!! ___________________________________________________________________________________ It waited beneath the sands, moving through the earth, consuming that which lay before it. It moved suddenly to the other place, the place with the black sky and the ocean that wasn't an ocean. Beads of glass replaced the dirt, rock and sand that it had been consuming, but it ate the spheres no less rapidly than it did the sands. Burrowing through the sea with the same determination. The spheres flared to life inside it when they were eaten, granting fresh vigour, life, energy. It slammed into something solid, stopping its progress through the sea. It felt along the surface of the barrier, feeling for perhaps the millionth time the walls of its prison. The walls extended in both planes that it lived in, shutting it off from any means of getting out, and they had proven impossible to destroy with force. It was rare that the Devourer even tested the walls these days, but this time it was thankful it did. It felt something different about the wall, a weakening that was rapidly growing. The wall began to give under the pressure of its claws, began to tear as it bit into it with its mandibles. Finally the wall shattered entirely, releasing it from the small cube of ocean that it could normally feed on, and out into the wider ocean. The limitless source of food for it to consume. It moved back to the other place of sand and earth, finding itself similarly unconstrained there. The walls were gone. It moved through the earth, consuming new earth at last. A few small, burrowing creatures were consumed as well. Gone before they knew it was coming. It pulled at some of its sand, raising itself up on a few ribbons, it breached into open air. A small, wooden thing lay in front of it, bulbous at the base it branched out into many branches. The Devourer reached out with one of its claws, delicately pulling the Boab tree from the ground before ramming it into its mouth. A small treat, not filling enough for its tastes. It could range far now, devour more. Devour everything. To the west it saw a large blue surface, the ocean of this plane. It wondered if devouring that would give it energy the same way the ocean of the other place did. It wondered if that hated creature was still in the oceans of this place. The Devourer hoped that it was, so that it too could be devoured.
  22. “Welcome everyone to the dual between Soul and Naermen!” The announcer proclaimed loudly. The sound echoed through the entrance where Soul waited in the dark. As the last word faded away Soul stepped out into the arena. Dual aluminum swords crossed on his back, cloak billowing dramatically, and his spren, El, spiraling around him in a reflective stream of liquid. Soul was slightly nervous, as he had never been in a one on one dual before, although he had been in a few dozen wars. Watching Naermen exit a tunnel on the opposite side of the arena, he started burning aluminum. El formed into a young women and hovered next to Soul. “What’s the plan?” “Hmm, since I’m not sure about her power set, let’s go with Toilet Bowl mixed with Rocking Chair. If that doesn’t work, we’ll come up with something else.”
  23. It had been a month since Rhazien and Yzabet were married. That said their honeymoon was cut short once people had pursued him, one his honeymoon. The nerve these people had! He had only left his place of sanctuary only a few time on the promise he would use Aon Shao. The Aon he had studied non stop in his time in hiding. He had found the Aviar he had originally attempted to bargain before everyone had tried to kill him. He sighed, and pulling up his sleeve to see the black poisoning spreading through his veins. His entire arm were nearly black. Thankfully it was spreading upward, so Yzabet couldn't see what was happening to him, though the upward spread brought him closer to death. He returned to this work of Bloodsealing. He had just picked it up from the books he borrowed. The man he took them from wouldn't mind as he was dead. He carved in the final touches and applied the blood to insignia and pressed it against the skeleton in front of him. The creature awoke with the symbol on its head glowing for a moment. He placed a fresh vial of blood beneath the skeletons nose. "Track this person and eliminate them." He commanded, giving it one of his aluminum swords. The target wasn't important but it was necessary to see if the creature was functional.
  24. Nothing works, there is no solution. My CS has passed into the beyond, and as of now, there is no known method to return it to existence. I guess that this is the end. I don't know why I'm writing this down. I've never kept journals, or anything similar. And my last words are already recorded somewhere, because they were said by my original body during the trial. I am writing this as a husk, a collection of experiences speaking through the mouth of Mack. So maybe this gets shown? I don't know. Never really planned on dying, so I didn't plan a funeral, or write a will or anything. Which I should probably do. Mac stood up from his desk and grabbed another piece of paper, his will was going to be simple, but it still needed to be written down. The memory decay was happening quicker now, and he didn't have much time. He didn't want to drain another metalmind, because that would be delaying the inevitable. He rung the bell to have a few acolytes come in to witness it. To whom it may concern, I Mac*, do affirm* that I* am of sound mind* and that this is my will*. Any chrysts that I own, or any chrysts in guild accounts that I run, should be put into one account and available to anyone who has the password. Any property that I own should be given to the DA as well. My 4 awakened blades are to be distributed as followed, one to @Grey Knight. Another to Mack, a third to @LopenTheTwoArmedHerdazian, and a fourth to @Kidpen. Because technically Mack swore the oath to Queen Elsa Steelheart, He will retain possession of the Iceblade and the shardblade granted to him as a privilege of membership. Also, as noted in my contract of employment with the DA, the DA has any rights to any cognitive entity that I may leave behind, pieces of my spirit web, any hemalurgic constructs or blueprints I have made, any hemalurgic spikes I have, full catering rights at my funeral, if there is one, and any baked goods I have in my possession. Note that this does not include my body. Not sure what happened with that, but the DA has no rights to my corpse. So if someone manages to find it, yay for them. That's about it, I don't think I have much else. Anything that I didn't mention I want to have launched into the sun. The DA Rocket science department can handle that. He waited for the acolytes to come in to witness it. When they arrived, he wrote the last three lines. Signed, Mac* *DA Disclaimer applies. After he folded up his will, Mac stood and looked out the window into the endless abyss of the alleys. It was beautiful, but sadly he couldn't stay. This is it Mack, thank you for being mny host for a while, but now I'm done. By the way the password to the bank account is v01dusr0x Finally! You've taken like the last three months of my life. Get out of my storming head and stay dead already! Screw you Mack, screw you. I'm dying here and all you think about is your self? Utterly selfish. With that, he walked over to a coppermind and stored Mac into it. Never to be drawn again. "Frickin hated that guy, Glad he's out." Mack walked over to the wall and grabbed his blade, then proceeded out the door. With the number of spikes that Mac stuck in him, he should still be recognized as a member of the DA. Just long enough to get out at least. As he made it to the nearest alley to the Craftsmen base, he pulled over a acolyte and told him what had happened, then sprinted out of the alleys before they got mad at him trespassing.