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Found 2 results

  1. So the name mentioned in the Ars Arcanum is Connector. Now that's a good enough name but could u be more on the nose ?? Where's the poetry ? The dramatics ??? Esp since it's an spiritual attribute. Now let's look at the ferring names of other spiritual metals Aluminum : Trueself Nicrosil : Soulbearer. Chromium : Spinner Hel even metals like brass and electrum have better names. Brass : Firesoul Electrum : Pinnacle So I believe we should change the name of duralumin ferrings . Esp since Connection is probably the most beautiful and of great day to day use. A duralumin compounder would make breeze look like an amateur. Lol. So my alternative and cooler name for them would be Soulbridgers. I mean that is what they do. Connections are bridges between souls. Whatchu think ? Thank u.
  2. So I was thinking of BoM and got to wondering why it was that marasi gave up the BoM to wax , like how did she know he was dead and I remembered this thread I read where it says Harmony basically influenced her kinda like how kelsier influenced ppl in SH. AND I got to wondering, how good is Harmony's Futuresight ?? Like he has preservation so that's a plus but then he has ruin so that's a minus. His intent is to maintain harmony. So I'm guessing he worries about the future. So I'm guessing he has good Futuresight. Maybe not as good as old Leras, but good enough. Saze is still young for a vessel so he might still be learning the ropes. Whatchu think ??