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Found 27 results

  1. Steelslayer (with his epic powers) Fire fight Prof Wingflare Life force ( as seen with all his abilities at the end) Obliteration Nightwielder Regalia Loophole Jax (with watch, Sword, and sonic gun.) Round one, matches chosen at random. Prof v fire fight. Loophole vs wingflare Jax v Regalia. Nightwielder v Lifeforce Obliteration v stealslayer
  2. The weaknesses were inherently tied to Calamity's corruption(/presence), because when an Epic faces their fear, they also drive back the darkness, which we know was because of Calamity and his contempt for humanity (and fear/startlement of the physical world). Now that Calamity is gone (or in the case of the otherverse already left a long time ago) does that also imply that the Epics no longer have weaknesses? Does that mean Megan literally can't die and David is literally invincible to all physical damage? Is this why Obliteration is still wreaking havoc in the otherverse even though they have an actual Superman expy helping them out, because he can't be killed since he just teleports forever?
  3. Reckoners fans young and old, new to or well known with the great series. Today I put forth to you all, create as many epics, be they high or lesser tiered epics, the more the better. Cant wait to see all the concepts you lot create. Now then onto some info to rehash people's memories or catch the new readers up and also of course explain the template. Template Explained Codename - the codename should be one word it can be two words combined but still be one word, an example would be "Steelheart". Known Name - This would be any nicknames or false names they have, for if that epic has destroyed there past or changed there name, or could be if they just use a short hand of there Codename. Real name - The real name for said Epic. Gender - Male/Female. Age - From what I remember kids weren't picked so anyone over 20 should be fine. Backstory - The Epics aren't good, they aren't ordinary people, they are the 'bad' guys (with some exceptions). They don't "live with thier parents" or "go to school" since there is no school, there are factories that only citizens go to. Epics do whatever they want since they arent judged in court for their deeds. So what are they up to now and what did they do before they became an Epic, this would also mention the event that caused there trauma or speak on how there belief/personality grew so we have some idea how they gained there weakness. Personality - There Personality this is important if there weakness links into it. How they act, what they believe in and what they do thanks to there new evilness, though if you've popped in backstory what they do it can be ignored here no point putting it twice afterall. Appearance - What they look like, eyes, face, height, clothes, all that good stuff. Epic Status (High or Lesser) - High Epic: an Epic whose powers prevent them from being killed in conventional ways. This term is called a Prime Invincibility. Anything without such is a lesser epic, just cuz there a lesser epic doesn't mean there not useful though. So if you wanna do one don't be shy. Power set - list there powers what can be done with them and the like. Also there power sets and how any powers combine in cool ways. The powers, it's limits and what it can do. Also there power set listed, I.e Power one, power two ect ect Weakness trigger : Some things that will trigger your weakness, some examples being if your weakness is smoke, cigarettes or a fires thick smoke would affect you, another example is explosions, loud noises or flashes could affect you. This will be linked into your backstory or personality. Weakness - there is a weakness resulted from a trauma you had before becoming an Epic, or something that makes you feel week by attacking your personality or your beliefs. That weakness completely disables your power or weakens it if you conquered your fear. Examples - loud music, loneliness, compliments, losing, fire, being outsmarted etc etc. [The Template] Codename - Known Name - Real name - Gender - Age - Backstory - Personality - Appearance - Epic Status (High or Lesser) - Power set - Weakness trigger - Weakness -
  4. I made a list! Of Epics! Their names, powers (if known), weaknesses, whether they had prime invincibility, whether they were able to Gift, and any possibly significant notes. I'm not completely done yet--Went through Steelheart, and partway through Firefight. I forgot to look through Mitosis, so I'll do that after Firefight. Work in progress, please point out mistakes! Edit: Please read these two points. They are VERY IMPORTANT. 1. Please make sure that you can receive emails at whatever email address you request access from. For example, I get a LOT of requests from a .k12 address. Those addresses do not allow responses from addresses outside of their domain, so I can't do anything with the request. 2. The coppermind has a better and more updated list, so that would be a better place to go anyway, at this point. Thanks!
  5. So I'm chugging along in my full Cosmere reread in preparation for Dawnshard and Rhythm of War, and I'm on I think the third Eshonai interlude. The parallel I noticed is, Eshonai seems clearly not to be herself, but to be influenced by an external force, while thinking she is being herself. I think this external force might be the stormspren, which acts both as the mechanism by which the form is attained, and a direct connection to Odium. Singer mental acuity seems, to a major extent, to be a biproduct of the symbiosis between the physical singer brains, their cognitive minds, and connection with a spren acting the enhance the connection, and also to alter their physical forms based on a cognitive idea. The form-of-power spren are like an Odium filter there, so all thoughts get a hint of odium. I suspect other non-dullform spren are either of honor, cultivation, or some combination, but there is less powerful investiture in them to act as a filter, and less will put forward by the shards to make the filter achieve a particular end, rather than to let the singers be themselves. I thought the net result, however, was very very similar to the effects Calamity's selfishness and misanthropy has on Epics, and that Brandon is working with the theme of not being yourself, but almost being possessed, in both places. I don't think in Stormight it's a fear-based system like what we got in Reckoners, but the connection is strong, and fear is one of the main motivators in getting the Listeners to take Stormform in the first place. Eshonai's truespren seems to be trying to insulate her from the influence of the stormspren, and that's what it eventually does for Venli when it decided to bond her instead, though I think the form she was given might have been less intensely odious than a stormspren, at least in terms of its ability to motivate evil in an otherwise good person. I don't know what to draw from all this, but I wanted to share the connection I think really is there and see what other people thought.
  6. Inspired by @TwiLyghtSansSparkles's wildly popular thread Memefying Books, I present... Memefying What Happened in Portland! Same premise as Twi's thread, but for the Reckoners RPG. I know many Sharders (myself among them) are a little wary of diving into this subforum because of how MUCH there is to read in here, so I'm hoping this thread will get more people interested in the amazing storytelling going on in here. To get the ball rolling, I have made a few memes from the first page of posts in the Portland thread. Enforcement officers outside Fortuity's penthouse in the OP: CorpseMaker at the end of The Only Joe's 2nd post: Nathan after spending a few hours with Doctor Funtimes:
  7. Could we use stuff from other serieses to kill epics? For example, if you were a lightweaver, you could make an illusion of dogs in front of conflux to exploit his weakness or use your lightweaving to manipulate uv light rather than visible light to make nightwielder solid. Similarly, you could soothe someone's fear while someone is burning nicrosil while touching you while they're trying to kill steelheart. Since they aren't afraid of him, they can kill him.You could riot prof's sense of failure. A seer (atium misting) could burn atium to counter fortuity's power, making his power useless, making him become a normal human with heightened dexterity and totally killable.
  8. Welcome to Hurt-and-Heal: Epics! If you've never played before, here's the rules: Each Epic starts with 5 HP. In each post of yours, choose 1 Epic to hurt for 1 HP and 1 to heal for 1 HP. In your post, please specify who you're hurting/healing and post an updated list with your choices bolded and numbers updated. You may post multiple times, but must wait for at least 10 minutes and 2 posts before you can post again. When only 2 Epics are left (or when the players want it), hurting increases potency to 2 HP The last Epic standing is victorious. For my turn, I Hurt Conflux and Heal Limelight. 1. Steelheart-5 2.Calamity-5 3. Firefight-5 4. Murkwood-5 5. Limelight-6 6. Conflux-4 7. Nightwielder-5 8. Fortuity-5 9. Obliteration-5 10. Regalia-5
  9. Read the title. In Brandon Sanderson canon, are there any Epic names which are 1-syllable? I can't think of any. This includes Epics that David has mentioned. BTW, Epic names only. Knox is the name of the person before Calamity, so it's technically not his Epic name.
  10. MR12: Turf War Calamity has risen and Epics have begun to appear throughout the world. Luckily, Portland hasn’t been touched by much yet, though you know it can’t last long. Three gangs have begun fighting over territory in the city as the government begins to collapse. But the government isn’t giving up yet. Government Agents have infiltrated each gang and are trying to bring them down and establish a cohesive government again. The Blood Tyrants are a violent group, one that’s been around for some time, since before Calamity arose. The members of the gang are harsh and unforgiving, almost bloodthirsty. Their headquarters are in an Abandoned Warehouse. The Pearl District Neighborhood Watch is a group that formed to keep their neighborhood safe. They are very protective and loyal, always watching out for each other. Lately, they’ve begun to try to keep the entire city in order. They are based in the City Hall. The Evanescents were your stereotypical high school nerds. But when the government grew weak, they used their knowledge and began studying Epics and producing weapons and technology. They are based in an Underground Laboratory. The Government Agents are here in Portland, trying to take down the gangs so that they can establish a single, strong government over the town so the Epics can be dealt with and punished by the law. They have spread out and infiltrated the gangs in Portland. They are hiding in each one, trying to take them down from the inside. Win Conditions Condition 1: To win, each gang must eliminate the Government Agents within their own group. Condition 2: Blood Tyrants Win when all of the PDs Neighborhood Watch’s Epics die. Pearl District Neighborhood Watch wins when all of The Evanescents’ Epics die. The Evanescents win when all of Blood Tyrants’ Epics die. (This is not a secondary win condition. Both conditions must be met.) Government Agents win when everyone else is dead. General Rules: Hellscythe and I will be co-GMing this game. Standard Elimination Rules and Etiquette apply. 48 hour cycles (24 hour day and 24 hour night) Please include both of the GMs in all PMs. Sign ups will last a week, but due to scheduling, will end on either Friday, March 11th or Saturday March 12th at 4:00 pm MST. You will be informed 12 hours before, which time signups will end. Rollover will be at 4:00 pm MST. (5 minutes after this was posted) A new player list and countdown clock will be included at the start of the turns. If a player doesn't post in the thread for three turns, they will be MIA and they will be assumed dead. At that point, they will go straight to the dead doc, without entering Limbo. Because of the Tough Guy and Harmsway, there will be a one-turn period after death where players will be in Limbo. They will not be able to influence the game or access the dead doc in that time. After 24 hours, their role, gang, and alignment will be revealed and they will enter the dead doc if they do not come back. Roles - Banker - Cannot gain their own Points. Can only use points from the Bank to gain actions. Gang Investigator - Learn random person in your own gang or learn target player’s gang membership. Thugs - Each night, Thugs may protect one player from death. (Does protect from the Hit Man) Drunks - Can’t remember their role, alignment, or gang at the beginning of the game. They will sober up at some point in the game. Snitch - Give the gang membership, alignment, or role(randomly chosen each time) of one target player to another target player. (Night Action) Hit Man - The Hit Man can poison one player every night. Because the poison takes time to come into effect, the kill will come into effect as soon as the first vote of the next day is placed. Until the vote is placed, it will not be known if anyone has been targeted by the Hit Man. The Hit Man can be protected from. Sneaky Messenger - The Messenger can dodge one kill attempt on them per game. They can also make a PM with another player every cycle, aside from their free one. Regular - You’re a Regular with no abilities. However you have a higher probability of becoming an Epic. Angry Gang Member - Win condition is to be lynched. If lynched, the Angry Member can choose one player that voted for them and kill them at the end of the next cycle. Gambler - Choose one person during Night Cycle. If that person has an even number of votes by the end of the next cycle it adds one vote. If that person has an odd number of votes it subtracts one vote. Tough Guy - The Tough Guy is able to fight off the pain of death any number of times. But because of the effort this takes, they end up a different person than they started. When the Tough Guy fights off death, he switches gang membership. There is a one-turn time where he is struggling to survive. During that time, the Tough Guy is essentially dead to all the players in the game. If the Tough Guy is killed by either the lynch or a member of the team with the win condition to kill the Tough Guy’s current gang, he does not fight off death, but gives in and dies. He can still be brought back by the Reviver. If a Tough Guy is attacked by the Government Agents, he will die permanently. (Ex: Wilson is an Evanescent Tough Gal. She is attacked by a Blood Tyrant. She goes into Limbo for a turn, where she cannot interact with the game. After that turn, she will come back into the game as part of either the Blood Tyrants or the Neighborhood Watch. She maintains her position in the command structure. Ex 2: Wilson is an Evanescent Tough Gal. She is attacked by a member of the Neighborhood Watch. She dies permanently.) Harmsway - One of the first pieces of Epic tech that has been created. A player with a Harmsway may target another player that is still in Limbo and bring them back from the brink of death once per game. Epics - Epics will appear throughout the game. Any player who becomes an Epic will still keep their original abilities along with any new ones they receive, but only be able to use one ability per turn, unless otherwise stated. Bodyguard - Protect one player from death each night. You may not target the same player two nights in a row. Angry Guard - May protect one player from death each night. When their target is attacked, the Angry Guard will attack the attacker, killing them unless there is other protection, the first time this happens. The second time the Angry Guard protects from a kill attempt, he dies along with the attacker. Watchful Tail: The Tail follows around one player every night turn and watches for Snitches. If a Snitch tries to Snitch on the player being Tailed, the Tail will replace the note with a blank one. Some roles may not be in the game. You gain points(Except for the Banker, who does not earn their own points): 0.5 pt: First post each cycle 1 pt: RP-first time per cycle. 0.25 pt: Subsequent RP in a cycle. 0.5 pt: You have a vote placed at the end of the cycle. 0.5 pt: Using an action. 0.5 pt: Switching location(Getting placed on the Streets doesn’t count) 2 pts: killing or taking part in the lynching of an enemy Epic.(Only the gang linked to your win condition) 3 pts: killing or taking part in the lynching of a Government Agent in your own gang -2 pt: Not posting in the thread for a turn. -2 pts: Killing/Lynching a loyal member of your gang Every turn, players must tell the GMs if they would like to keep their points or donate them to their gang’s Banker. Each gang’s Banker is guaranteed to be a loyal member of that gang. If a player does not inform the GMs, the points will be kept to the player. The Banker is not informed who donated points or how many each donated. The Government Agents do not have their own Bank. The Banker may use the Gang Bank points to: 3 points: Give target player a random role/gang when snitched on for two cycles 4 Points: Learn a random player’s gang membership(not alignment). 5 Points: Create a PM that lasts two cycles. 7 Points: Kill or protect target player (Cannot self-target) 9 points: Scan to see if target is Government Agent Only one point-based ability may be used each Night or Day turn(if used during the day your vote will not count) except for the Banker’s PM ability, which may be used twice in a turn. Any Gang Member can use their points to: 5 points: Learn a random person in your gang 5 points: Create a PM that lasts one cycle. 10 points: Gain protection from one kill attempt that cycle. Every third cycle a heavy rain comes and flushes out the banks. Any points left in the Gangs’ Banks will be destroyed. Player-held points will be kept. Every even numbered cycle, each player will be allowed to create and keep 1 PM with a player of their choice. Locations: Each day turn, players must tell the GMs where in the city they would like to move to for the night. Anyone who does not inform the GMs will end up on the streets and be targetable by anyone(except those on the ferry). You will move at the end of every day. Players may only use their actions on players who are in the same location as them or on the streets. You will only know the people who are in your location. Players on the streets will be revealed in the thread at the start of each cycle. The Pub, Government Building, and Warehouse are on one side of the Williamette River and the Lab, City Hall, and Pool are on the other. Spending a turn on the Ferry is the only way to get to the other side of the River. Certain locations may have special bonuses and drawbacks for Epics. Pub Government Building Abandoned Warehouse ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Ferry~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Underground Laboratory Portland City Hall Pool Streets Here is a Map if you would like a visual version. Room Point-Based Actions Can be done during the day or night, but your vote will not count if during the day, and no other action may be taken at night. You can only do these once per full cycle. Warehouse: In the Warehouse, you may sell on the black market. There is a chance of not selling(20%) and chance of selling for 3(50%) or 4 pts(10%) or losing 3 pts(20%) City Hall: In City Hall, you can attempt to steal any number of points from another target gang bank. There is an X% chance you’re caught and put in jail where X is based on the number of points attempting to be stolen. (Actions for the next cycle will not go through if you are jailed.) People voting during the lynch residing inside the City Hall will count twice. Laboratory: In the Lab, you can create a new science experiment and immediately hand it to your supervisor. It has a 65% chance to explode on impact, immediately kicking you out of the Laboratory and losing you 2 points, 35% chance to become pure gold, making it sellable, earning you 3 points. Government Building: In the Government Building, you can apply for a government job. You will get 2 points without fail. Command Structure The gangs all have their own command structures, but due to the secrecy in the gangs, each member only knows the people who directly report to them. Captains know their Regulars and Commanders know their Captains. The Government Agents do not have this. Example Command Structure: dsCommander Captain sfasdfsdfaCaptain Reg Reg Reg sfsfasdf Reg Reg Reg Write ups:
  11. Everybody's favorite nutjob from the Reckoners series, Obliteration, drawn by me in good old-fashioned colored pencil. Original size: 9x12 inches.
  12. Me and Ilwvyn (aka Steve) and a non-Sharder all in costume as Prof at the Calamity release party at the Orem Barnes and Noble.
  13. QF12: The Time of Reckoning there's You live in California. Or you used to. Nowadays it's called Persepolis, named by the Epic who's ruled here since Calamity rose. All things considered, he isn't the worst. Public infrastructure is mostly gone, sure, but killing is frowned upon. A few months later, you woke up with powers yourself. You've pleased Perseus, and have made your way into his service. Perseus has need of all of you, but you would do well to remember: you are replaceable. Every day, Perseus chooses the worst among you, those who have contributed the least, and kills them. Personally. Every day there is a reminder that no one is untouchable. Even Epics. Even you. always You come from somewhere else. You've seen what the Epics do. And you've sworn to execute any who break the law. By a strange coincidence, that is almost all of them. For what they have done, for what they do, for what they will do, there will be a reckoning. And you are bringing it. another Alignments role Roles If you don't contribute in Perseus' Court, you don't live. Any player who does not post in the thread, the GM PM, or another PM in 2 full cycles will be killed by him mercilessly. Notes: The only means of PMs is Telepathy. No other PMs are allowed. The write-up will include all kill attempts. Only dead players will be named in the write-up. There may be hints in write-ups, but it is not a good idea to read too much into wording. The number of Telepathy PMs will change depending on how many people sign up. It will be edited into the rules once the game starts. Order of Actions: 1. Perseus' Kill 2. Passive Powers 3. Transmogrification 4. Illusions 5. Votes Counted and Lynch 6. Forcefields 7. Matter Disruption and Reckoner Kill 8. Invisibililty Quick Links:
  14. What should be done, morally, for/to Epics of the sort that the Reckoners regularly kill? I refer both to the Epics that were criminals or bad people before becoming Epics and the Epics like Prof and Megan. Conflux has only one confirmed murder, and that was an accident, so he is out.
  15. The Doctor can regenerate. If he spends too much time alone, he goes dark. He can make things bigger on the inside, has psychic powers like mind melds, and has incredible technological abilities. Conclusion: he's an Epic. Maybe one that has conquered his fear, or in between somewhere. Thoughts?
  16. The logo for my epic.
  17. Being fans of Brandon Sanderson, we suffer a terrible curse even as we enjoy his blessings. The author we adore creates brilliantly, breathtakingly well-designed worlds. We fall in love with his worlds. We wish to explore them to the fullest extent. We wish to see more of them than even his prolific novel-writing can sate. One world that I and many others have fallen in love with is the world of the Reckoners. If you're on this board then you've likely read at least Steelheart; I think we've all gaped in awe at the vividly realized world of heroes and tyrannical supervillains that Sanderson weaved for us. To be honest, my heart fills with sadness whenever I contemplate how we will only be treated to three total novels set in this world. I weep at the thought of how much of the Reckoners' world must by necessity be forever unseen. Darn it, Kobold, I hear you saying, why are you depressing us? Why are you pointing out these sad, sad things! Well my friends, I am saying them because I've been doctoring my melancholy with a vivid fantasy that I'd like to share with you: "The Illustrated Guide to Epics." Great authors like Robert Jordan and George R. R. Martin put out compendiums detailing the histories and landscapes of their worlds. What if Brandon Sanderson created a similar compendium of the Reckonerverse? While his massive workload might very well prohibit this, I can't help but give a wistful sigh at the idea. (And rest assured I'd lay down good money to read it. If you see this, Mr. Ahlstrom, be sure to tell your employer that I said that. ) A few things I'd like to see in such a compendium, if one were ever published: An in-universe point of view; the book could be written in the form of David's notes about various Epics, detailing both his categorization system and the amount of knowledge he was able to accumulate on them. Bonus points if his (in)famous metaphors are brought up at least once--"Obliteration melted San Diego like a scoop of buttery ice cream laid on top of a nuclear reactor while a giant hairdryer blows on it," for instance. A detailed map of the Fractured States, marking the territories of various Epic tyrannies. We know that Steelheart and the Coven at least laid claim to large portions of land; wouldn't it be nice to know the boundaries to their kingdoms, or to learn about the other Epic nations scourging the land? Bountiful information on the many Epics known to David. Definitely more detailed accounts of Epics we've seen in the books, like Steelheart, Nightwielder, or Newton, but I'd also like to see bios of Epics who are either mentioned only in passing or not heard of at all, such as the Snowfall, the Pink Pinkness, or the nameless Epics responsible for the destruction of Oregon. And last but not least, a general overview of how the world in general responded to Epics. Have all the world's countries succumbed to their tyranny? Are there still human strongholds in the world? Those are just a few things I'd like to see in an official guide to the Reckonerverse. Does anyone else have anything they'd really like to see?
  18. Hello Sharders! I made a map of the distribution of Epics across the United States, working on average. This uses the Brandon-supplied ratio of 1:10'000 Epics at the beginning, and my own surmised ratio of 1:100 High Epic/Epic ratio Its spoilered because it is a bit big Some interesting results, now that one can see the map and the numbers laid out like this. In regards to Newcago (with 1000 Epics and 10-15 High Epics) it seems like it simply has all the Epics in Illinois, minus a few that were killed in turf wars and the Collapse before Steelheart solidified his control over Newcago. Alaska seems to have statistically between 1 and no High Epics at all, so Khione must be the only one California is swimming in Epics though! 3880! and 38 Highs!
  19. I just thought that this might be fun since we haven't had one of these in a while. For this round, I'm only including canon Epics, mostly those who make physical appearances in the books, with a few exceptions (specifically some fondly speculated-upon name-dropped Epics...). For those of you who haven't played before, on your turn you: Hurt one person for two health points or hurt two people for one HP each. Always highlight whomever you're hurting in red. Heal one person for one HP. Highlight this person in green. ​You cannot hurt and heal the same person in one turn. You must hurt and heal on your turn; don't just do one or the other. Once you hurt'n'heal, you must wait for at least 2 more people to post before posting again. Anyone who reaches 20 HP becomes immune and is highlighted purple. You cannot hurt this person until the second round, which starts when there is only one non-immune person on the board (that person's HP is automatically raised to 20 and kept on the roster). The second round's HP cap is 30 and no one can become immune. Let the games begin! 10 Steelheart 10 Firefight 10 Nightwielder 10 Conflux 10 Fortuity 10 Deathpoint 10 The Pink Pinkness 10 Mitosis 10 Regalia 10 Sourcefield 10 Obliteration 10 Newton 10 Dawnslight 10 Night's Sorrow 10 Prof
  20. We all know how the United States fared after Calamity and the rise of the Epics (so very badly), but what about elsewhere? Mostly, I'd say pretty much the same, although even worse in many cases (as most nations don't have the military and technology of the US, meaning that their people would have less success fighting the Epics and be worse off afterwards), but there would be exceptions. Asia: would be oh so destroyed. I think population density is directly proportional to how much damage the Epics inflict on a nation's people, environment and cities. And Asia has the highest population density in general. Assuming one in a thousand people became Epics (which is the ratio I like, it feels right to me) and one in a thousand Epics are High Epics, that would mean that there are (at the beginning) one million Epics and ten thousand High Epics in China alone. And the high population density means that thousands upon thousands of them appear in every city, ready to tear them apart in their Rendings and subsequent battles for dominance. Every issue the US and then the FSA has, the Epic's Republic of China has it over twice as bad. Europe: Europe would fare as well as the US, I think. Africa: Much, much worse than the US in some areas, and better in others. Its huge size and relatively small population would mean that some tribes in the Sahara might not have much idea of what has even happened, beyond seeing Calamity. Butwith low level of development and high poverty already, a million Epics across the continent would only make things worse. Australia: Australia would probably fare the best of any country or continent, I think. Low population density, relatively high level of wealth and development, an elite military force. The only problem is high urbanisation, with a huge proportion of the populace concentrated in the capital cities of each state and around the east coast. But seriously, there would be a tiny amount of Epics in Australia. 22 million people means 22 thousand Epics, mainly in cities along the east coast, as I said. People living on the other side of the country, and in the north, would have relatively few Epics to deal with. South America: The rain forests would make good hiding spots for people, that Epics would never find people in. Chances are certain Amazonian tribes may never encounter any epics, or hear more than rumours about the collapse of society. I predict a 110% chance that communist Epics are running around, creating "utopias" for whatever humans they can corral. Middle East: given a higher population density than the US, and a lower level of organisation, wealth and military power, it would fare much worse than the US. What do you guys think?
  21. I recently noticed that all of Epic's weaknesses had to do with something in their past life, not just their greatest fears. For example, someone's greatest fear could be something like spiders, but they've never had any bad events in their life relating to spiders. Could the process of becoming an Epic somewhat like "snapping" in Mistborn, where a bad event would trigger acquiring superpowers?
  22. So if being a epic comes with these assumptions... Weakness = Biggest fears and Powers = Some semblance of control over those fears (Regalia thought David would get water control powers because he was afraid of water) What could have given Megan reality controlling powers? Bonus question: If alt reality Megan was a human torch because Megan weakness is fire (her opposite) would alt reality Megan's (who's a human torch) weakness be reality? Loss of reality? Reality TV?
  23. On page 179 of Firefight, Tia mentions that Sourcefield was poisoned as a little girl, not with cool-aid, but with a generic juice drink. Sourcefield was still weakened by the kool-aid. So my question is will an Epic be weakened if they're confronted by what they believe is their weakness?
  24. In Mitosis, David says that Mitosis gets stupider with each new clone. He's proven wrong about this. But later on in Firefight, David also says that Obliteration has a cooldown between teleports, when he doesn't. It's revealed that Regailia removed that from him. So what if she also removed Mitosis's Stupidity?
  25. So i have been reading a lot of the posts and I wanted to wind a few of the theory's together into one idea. Prof: The best concept