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Found 2 results

  1. A fan club for Elsa Steelheart to rule over. Who is Elsa Steelheart? If her lengthy introduction topic is anything to judge by, she might just be the most popular Sharder since FeatherWriter. Of course, her highness far outranks Feather; after all, she is just a Lady, whereas Elsa... Well. Elsa is our Queen. In your graciousness, her Majesty is always willing to accepts new members to the court. If you wish to pledge your allegiance to our most worthy Queen, simply present yourself before her and swear your loyalty. Your Majesty, Elsa Steelheart, First of Thy Name, Titan of Ice, Snowwarden, Frozenborn, Queen of Newcago and all Lands of the Seventeenth, I, _______, do swear my humble, undying fealty to thee. I shall forevermore serve thee and thee alone with the utmost fervency, till last I draw breath
  2. Major spoilers, so don't read if you haven't seen it. Here are some posts I made elsewhere showing the evolution of my thoughts on the movie, especially the snowman. January 20: Saw Frozen. I liked a ton of things about it, but that snowman made it a much worse movie. The snowman was definitely getting a lot of laughs in the kid-heavy theater crowd. But the movie could have done without it and just played up the reindeer more if they needed more comic relief. The more I think about the movie the more I like it. It does some great stuff with trope subversion. I'd love to see a version without the snowman though. The snowman was not quite as annoying as Eddie Murphy. His character was not deliberately annoying like that. It was annoying for largely meta reasons. There were actual in-world reasons for the way the snowman acted; it's not a snarky sidekick character. The snowman may not have bothered me as much if I'd seen the movie ten years ago. January 21: I saw the movie again today. (we were doing individual daddy/daughter days.) and my opinions were confirmed. And I like all the songs. I like the movie a lot. I'm just going to pretend there is no Olaf. January 23: I've been thinking about Frozen a lot, and I've decided that although the snowman Olaf does feel like a non sequitur in many scenes, he's not bolted on to the movie but was always intended to play the role he plays at the end. Some spoilers. Olaf has a reason to know things about love—he is the embodiment of Elsa & Anna's relationship that could have been. For years Anna has been begging Elsa to spend time with her, and what she always says is "Do you want to build a snowman?" And the truth is that Elsa desperately wants to. When she finally lets loose and starts using her powers, Olaf is one of the very first things she makes. She unconsciously imbues her love for Anna into his personality, in the first moment she stops repressing her feelings. So I have to accept Olaf, though I do think he could have been done a bit differently. I also really like how the movie doesn't go and say outright that Elsa is really the one whose heart has been frozen for years. She was doing what she was doing out of her love for Anna—but it was the wrong thing to do, and it turned to fear, which made everything worse. There's not much from the Hans Christian Anderson story the Snow Queen in the movie, but one sibling teaching the other not to repress feelings is the important thing that made the transition. January 28: I love this movie so much. I didn't see it until last week when I took my oldest daughter to it, and then the next day I took her younger sister. I'm going to have to think about it some more, but this may possibly surpass the Little Mermaid as my favorite Disney movie (I saw that 7 times in the theater when it came out, and haven't seen any other movie in a theather more than 3 times). And I'll have to watch the Hunt for Red October again to see if Frozen surpasses it as my favorite movie of all time. This is interesting to me because there are a couple of things I dislike about Frozen, whereas of recent movies I see Tangled as nearly flawless. But the emotional reaction I get to Frozen puts it so high up on my list. January 30: This is yet another post about the snowman in Frozen. It contains major spoilers, so if you haven't seen the movie yet (Karen), ignore this. I've done a bit more thinking on this, trying to explain some things, and I've come to a few more insights. The more I think about this, the more I think this stuff was intentional on the part of the filmmakers. I said or implied before that Olaf is an embodiment of Elsa's subconscious, which she imbued in him in the moment of his creation. This is in more ways than the one I pointed out before, that he embodies her relationship with Anna—who always wanted to build a snowman with her, and she always wanted to say yes but held herself back. 1. Olaf's desire for summer The first major thing Olaf does is sing about what summer would be like, after saying, "I've always loved the idea of summer." Olaf has been in existence for less than a day. How could he "always" have loved the idea of summer? It's because Elsa has been freezing her emotions for years, and she unconsciously has wanted to get away from that. She desperately wants summer in her life—she wants to thaw, but is sure she never can. 2. Olaf the love expert When Olaf made the comment "You know, I consider myself to be a love expert," it seemed like a throwaway line. Far from it. Olaf represents everything that Elsa knows or thinks she knows about love. When Olaf talks to Anna about love at the end, how it's putting someone else's needs before yours, this is Elsa's understanding of love. But Olaf's (and Elsa's) understanding of love is still imperfect. When Olaf sees Kristoff coming back, he says, "Oh, I guess he doesn't love you after all." That also seemed like just a funny line, but it's much more than that. Elsa thinks that love is ALL about self-sacrifice—she's been shutting herself away for years, keeping herself apart from the people she loves. At the end when Anna sacrifices herself for Elsa and Elsa realizes that Anna loves her, she also realizes that love is not just keeping yourself from hurting the ones you love, but love is going to the one you love and being with them when they need you. And in that moment when Elsa realizes that love will thaw, summer returns to her life for the first time in forever.