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Found 15 results

  1. In The Hero of Ages, we see Vin use Allomantic electrum, but she comments on how it doesn’t really affect the fight except to counter Atium. Not only did electrum not “affect the battle much”, neither Vin nor Elend uses it outside of combat. Is Allomantic Electrum just not very useful? What’s more, wouldn’t it not truly counter another form of future-sight unless you could actually use it to reliably change your decisions by seeing the future?
  2. Which is better of these two powers? Allomantic electrum or Feruchemical Chromium?
  3. I once made a theory that you could possibly Hemalurgically spike an Allomantic gold shadow and then graft it to yourself in order to overwrite your spiritweb, kind of like a bootleg version of Forgery. But could you instead spike an Allomantic electrum shadow? Perhaps you could give yourself skills and memories from a hypothetical future version of yourself? You normally would only be able to see a few seconds into the future, but maybe duralumin or reverse compounding would allow you to stretch it further.
  4. In the Hero of Ages and in a few other Mistborn books, we see that hemalurgic creations, namely Marsh, were able to maintain a sliver of their own autonomy, even while being controlled by Ruin or another Shard/allomancer. Electrum is capable of storing determination, and compounding it would magnify that determination. So, if you were burning an electrum metalmind and Harmony tried to take over your mind, would you be able to resist him through virtue of nothing but pure willpower?
  5. Been thinking about my favorite allomantic metal again... Started wondering if a skilled/near savant Oracle could start to trim down the number of future selves they see, down to like a top 5 or 3 or something of likeliest futures. That starts to get pretty close to Atium (without the mental boost), though, so i dunno. Also, a skilled Oracle could probably come up with some sort of subtle hand gesture that their past(but actually present) self could see, and use that to instantly be like "ah that's the best timeline of the bunch, let's follow that shadow's path" or "oh jeez that one didn't end well let's avoid that". Also of course the best feruchemy to pair with Electrum would be Zinc to replicate the other half of Atium.
  6. A thought recently came to me. It has been mentioned that of all of the current cosmere stuff, Sixth of the Dusk is the latest, chronologically, in-world. The Ones Above are theorized to be spacefaring Scadrians from MB Era 4. They appear connected. Of the Aviar powers we've seen, they seem remarkably similar to Allomantic abilities. Aviar that show your death are similar to both atium and electrum, whilst Aviar that shield your mind are reminiscent of copper. There are predators like nightmaws that have an ability similar to that of bronze. Basically, that parasite over at Patji's eye is animalian Allomancy. You eat it, you gain Allomantic powers that are similar to human ones. This seems plausible, but do you fine folks see any holes in this?
  7. For a long time I was wondering why a simple basic metal allows to counter the effects of a godmetal. The short answer: it doesn't. The longer answer: it doesn't, but actually does. The true answer: Here we go. Let's start with everything we know: Atium burners see a single shadow of every object they see. The shadow shows the future of the object, few seconds at best. Somebody burning electrum sees his own multiple shadows Somebody burning electrum is said to be protected from atium Now, how are "vortexes of shadows" created? When another person sees your reaction to their atium shadow. They can act on it, what results in atium shadow splitting. Reference: Vin killing Zane. It's like that: Person 1 will do thing1. Person 2(burning atium) sees this and adjusts their movement. Person 1 sees the adjustment, quickly concludes thing1 and chooses to do thing2. Person 2 sees atium shadows split to thing1 and thing2. Image: When another person also burns atium. You can see their atium shadow, what they want to do and you can adapt your behaviour based on it. But since they also burn atium, they see what you want to do and what you want to do in relation to their behaviour. So they adjust their movement and so on. Since most of it happens subconsciously, it all happens at once. That's how a Feedback Atium Loop is created, resulting in multiple atium shadows. When you burn electrum, you see what you're about to do, so you can adjust what you want to do, this will create another electrum shadow which you will see and also can change your mind... So even without any atium burner nearby electrum creates a vortex of shadows (somehow confirmed at the beginning of HoA). That is Feedback Electrum Loop. Now, since electrum burner has multiple ways he can go, when you burn atium, you will see multiple shadows of electrum burner. For an observer burning atium you will also have multiple atium shadows. Mind you, if you constantly change your intentions, this will result in your atium shadow changing. But what causes them to multiply is acting on the hints from the future.
  8. Ok, friends, I apologize if this has already been discussed before. I searched for a post about it and couldn't find one, so I figured I'd open the discussion if it doesn't already exist. I've been noticing what I feel to be a quiet trend going on in the Cosmere - Silver. I would like your opinions on what this could mean or if i'm just plain crazy. Silver is not always in a meaningful spot within the Cosmere (clothing, decor, etc)... but when it does appear in a meaningful role, it seems to work the same way throughout the Cosmere. Considering how often Silver makes an appearance, it seems apparent that the metal is present on all of the cosmere worlds... some of those worlds seem to have discovered its very special uses and effects. Just to name a few key examples of silver making notable appearances within the Cosmere: Nalthis - Nightblood's sheath. To contain Nightblood's immense powers and abilities, he is kept within a silver sheath. When Nightblood is even slightly released from this sheath, his power is also released and he influences his surroundings. Like taking the cap off of something that kept him "bottled" up. Threnody - Silence Montane's dagger. Silver (weapons/dust) is the only thing on Threnody known to touch/harm/ward against shades... hence Silence's silver dagger. Silver can even heal a whither wound that has recently been caused by a shade. Silver on Threnody is widely known and coveted because of its effectiveness against shades. This is important because shades are, presumably, connected to/from/part of the spiritual realm. And yet silver is the one known defense that can touch/fight/resist them without ill effect. Scadrial - Electrum. I've always wondered why silver itself wasn't technically an allomantic metal... it seems like it should be. It does, however, show up in the Silver+Gold alloy known as Electrum. As near as I can tell, Electrum is the only metal of the 16 metals that is powerful enough to neutralize a God Metal (Atium) in another allomancer. "Thank you, Silver... because without you, Gold alone would only let me see my possible past self. With you, however, I can see all of my future selves - disabling Atium's advantage for its user. Whew!" Silver saves the day again! Roshar - Shardplate, shardblades, (and half-shards?). The shardplate(s) and shardblades of Roshar are repeatedly referred to as silver. Let's start with a few quotes. WoK Prologue mentioned Szeth's honorblade: "Szeth turned and continued on his way, slippered feet falling on the soft red rug. The Shardblade, as always, glistened silver and clean." ... and before that, the WoK Prelude mentioned shardplate itself: "Juxtaposed between them were others in gleaming plate armor. One group walked past, four men in their ragged tanned skins or shoddy leather joining a powerful figure in beautiful silver plate, amazingly intricate. Such a contrast." Along with many MANY other examples and quotes throughout WoK and WoR that (other than paint and ornamentation) repeatedly refer to Shardplate and shardblades as silver or "silvery metal." Crazy questions: In keeping with this silver theory here, is this what spren become when they transform into shardblades? they imitate/become silver? Could this be why shardblades can block/hit other shardblades and yet cut through everything else as if it wasn't even there? When the Vedens manufactured "half-shards," were they made of silver? Shallan encountered a keyhole at the Oathgate (at the end of WoR) that was "made of the same stuff" as a shardblade, as she put it. It doesn't seem implied that a spren had transformed into said keyhole... but rather unlike shardblades, no spren was involved. I theorize that no spren is necessary for this "stuff" (silver?) to exist in the physical realm. Therefore, the keyhole could possibly be made of simple silver. It's possible that the Vedens have managed to create their half-shards simply by discovering the proper metal to use when forging them. 1.) Have some Veden smiths forge shields of silver. 2.) Power the shield with infused gemstones (just like shardplate). 3.) and VIOLA! ...Half-Shard? ... Crazy crazy questions bouncing around my head. At any rate, one thing that seems certain to me is that silver is very special within the cosmere. It's possible that its effects and influence span across all three realms at once! I'm not saying that everything described as "silver" or "silvery" has some profound meaning behind it... but there might just be a bit of a cosmere-sized trend here. To me, if there really is a trend, it seems that silver can "counter" powers within the cosmere. Like shielding nightblood, touching/harming shades, mixing with gold to allow an allomancer to negate the effects of atium, stopping/blocking a shardblade's attack, etc... If anyone in the Cosmere knows what's going on, it's Hoid... and even he keeps a silver sword handy. "Wit picked his way through the groups of attendants, holding a cup of wine in one hand, silver sword belted at his side." "Wit sat on a raised stool at the end of the bridge leading onto the island. Wit actually dressed as a lighteyes should—he wore a stiff black uniform, silver sword at his waist." Seems like Hoid knows something about the benefits and usefulness of silver that we don't. Can you guys think of anymore examples? ...or am I crazy? What does silver mean to the Cosmere?
  9. LG19: Twinborn City After seeing your peaceful village collapse- literally- with infighting and treachery, you fled to a nicer place with many companions. You attracted other twinborn with your promise of equal rights for everyone with allomantic and feruchemical powers. Although you had to exile a few dissidents, it's been quiet here. But then everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. you found a dead body in the city, stabbed through the heart. Were you the murderer, or will you be a victim? There's only one way to find out. Factions Day and Night Map Actions Items Powers Allomancy Enhanced Allomantic Powers Feruchemy Kandra Blessings and Info Very Rare Occurrences Quick Links If you were in LG11, most of the rules will be familiar to you, however, a few have changed. Kipper and Elbereth and I are GMing this game. The game will start one week after this was posted, on Tuesday 29 March. Rollover time will be determined then or between now and then.
  10. This theory is a sort of Version 2.0 of an earlier theory of mine about the god metals. Here I will start from similar premises as before, but will have significantly (though not completely) different conclusions. You may find the old theory thread here. Table of Contents Introduction Part I: Atium Part II: Lerasium Part III: Harmonium??? Appendix A: Possible Flaws in the Theory Appendix B: TL;DR (Possible future Appendix C: God Metal Alloys) Introduction The basic premise of my big theory is this: The two god metals Atium and Lerasium have physical patterns identical to real world metals. My main evidence for it is this WoB: The Allomantic effect of burning a specific metal depends on both its molecular structure and the source of Invested power. Therefore I think it's easy to conclude that atium as well as lerasium, being Allomantic metals themselves, both have molecular structure. Even if they are, in Brandon's words, "fragments of a god". You can also think of it this way: Since Atium and Lerasium can be alloyed with real world metals, they should be present enough in the Physical Realm for the alloying process to occur. This implies that they have apparent physical properties like being metallic, being able to melt at a certain temperature, etc., properties that can be analyzed scientifically and compared to real world substances. It should therefore be possible for a Scadrian with sufficient scientific knowledge and resources to determine which elements, compounds, or alloys these god metals most closely resemble in terms of molecular structure. What will our hypothetical Scadrian scientist discover after analyzing the god metals? Obviously, only Brandon can answer that question definitively (someone should try asking him that one of these days). But what else is a Cosmere theorist like me to do but to speculate? So, let us speculate, shall we? I believe our scientist will find atium and lerasium to have molecular structures that are very similar (if not virtually identical) to two particular metals that we've already encountered in the Mistborn series. Through the following posts I'll show what I believe those two metals are.
  11. As some of you might know, I formulated a theory a few days ago about Atium. It was basically a conspiracy theory, and was destroyed quite skillfully by Phantom and Voidus, among others. I abandoned that theory and thought a bit until I came upon another idea about Atium, and it led to a general theory about the God Metals. This new theory was inspired by Isomere's theory of Shard-Metal correlation, as well as the following quote from the newly Shardified Sazed in HoA: This quote implies that almost everything on Scadrial, including the metals and the people, contain Ruin and Preservation. Atium is an exception, containing only Ruin. The quote implies that Lerasium is another exception, containing only Preservation. Before yesterday, I've always imagined Atium and Lerasium as "magic metals," not really thinking about their molecular structure, and assuming that they just work. But I realize now that I might have underestimated Brandon a bit. Brandon had said that the metals on Scadrial all have physical properties identical to those of their real life counterparts (e.g. they are also made of atoms and molecules, follow basically similar physical laws, etc.). Brandon also said that the molecular structure of the metal influences the kind of Investiture that happens from tapping, burning, or impaling with it. So, if the molecular structure of the metal is important, that means Atium and Lerasium also have a molecular structure, because they can also be used in the Metallic Arts. This means the God Metals are also made of atoms, and that these atoms also follow physical laws (at least when not being burned). We already have knowledge of the physical and molecular structures of more than 100 chemical elements. After a certain point, the heavier an atom becomes the less stable it is, so we'll have to assume that Atium and Lerasium's constituent atoms must have atomic numbers below the very unstable heavy elements in the Periodic Table. This is the first part of my theory: Atium and Lerasium are just different names for two "real life" metals or metal alloys. But how do we determine which of the many metals in the Periodic Table, or the innumerable amount of possible metal alloys, is Atium? And which is Lerasium? Isn't that an impossible task without Brandon's help? Well, Brandon did give us a clue: The molecular structure is important. This implies the following: Two Allomantic metals containing similar atoms and similar structure would have similar powers. (This explains why a base metal's power is similar to that of its alloy.) Atium only has Ruin in it, so we can assume that if we had the exact same metal as Atium but without the imbalance (i.e. if it had both Ruin and Preservation in it), it would have a power that is almost the same as Atium, except changed in a way to account for Preservation's presence. This might manifest in a change in direction (for example, Internal to External), or something like that. Same goes for Lerasium. So, think of the effects of Atium Allomancy. Is there a known Allomantic metal with the same effect, except inverted somehow? Why, yes there is a metal just like that: Electrum. Atium is electrum without Preservation. Atium is Ruin's Electrum. How about Lerasium? Well, Isomere links Preservation to aluminum, and it seems like any of the Enhancement metals could fit, but I think nicrosil fits better due to the following reasons: Nicrosil is an alloy, just like electrum. Nicrosil and Lerasium exhibits the Others/Self inversion that we are looking for. Nicrosil's Allomantic effects mirrors Lerasium in that they both grant enormous Investiture to their target. So, Lerasium is nicrosil without Ruin. Lerasium is Preservation's Nicrosil. I would also like to talk about the God Metal alloys. We know that Malatium Allomancy works just like gold, except inverted, so Malatium is gold without Preservation. From this, we can form another theory: Atium's alloys also have no Preservation in them. Or to make it more general: Alloying a God Metal with a base metal removes the other god from that metal as well. This has some very, very interesting implications: Atium-Electrum is just Atium (because electrum without Preservation is already Atium). Lerasium-Nicrosil is just Lerasium (for the same reason as above). You will not become a Nicroburst Misting by burning an alloy of Nicrosil and Lerasium. You'll become Mistborn. Nicrobust Mistings are born, not made (well, not made by Allomancy; they could still be made by Hemalurgy). A Mistborn bloodline will have to be diluted by having children with non-Allomancers before a Nicroburst could naturally appear. This makes me wonder if it's just coincidence that the next Mistborn trilogy will feature a Nicrobust Misting. Edit: Phantom kindly reminded me that Lerasium is green. This leads me to theorize that the removal of Ruin from nicrosil has a side-effect of oxidizing the metal, leading to the green color.
  12. cool

    Poor mans atium. Makes you depressed. Baa. Stupid. Electrum is a misunderstood metal. I am about to prove it right. Before that though, I was looking through the back of Well of Ascension, and noticed that electrum was in the Ars Arcanum. 1 book before it was even used. Back on track. Allomancy: Yes, electrum does counter atium, but there may be some other uses. When you burn electrum, you see what your future self is about to do. Say someone is about stab you in about 3 seconds. You in the present, see your future guy fall dead, and dodge. Very helpful. Feruchemy: Electrum, when tapped, makes you determined and full of adrenaline. Adrenaline. If you don't realize what adrenaline can do, read Centrifugal. It is on Brandon's website. Adrenaline can make you stronger, faster and just plain awesome. It would be like burning pewter. In conclusion, Electrum is AWESOME!
  13. This is one of the metals that I created with Adobe Photoshop. I took a bunch of .png files and put them into Photoshop, then used a lot of different techniques, blurs, noise, and such to create these. I hope you all like them. I am not sure if I need a disclaimer, but I don't own anything.
  14. Technically, if you ignore your electrum shadows (made easier if your eyes are closed) your future won't change, will it? So if you ignore your electrum shadows, like it seems Vin and Elend did, would your future really change? Of course, if you not paying attention made it not change, then you'd pay attention, so it would change. But thats a paradox... so..
  15. As I said in my post "Storm's Shadow", I have issues with fleshing out worlds before writting, so I decided to start stealing Sanderson's worlds. This is a quick scene I wrote from a story idea I got set on Scadrial during the Final Empire. And yes, I have a reason why he can be an Electrum Misting in the Final Empire, but its a secret ! (It has to do with a secret team of Ministry assassins trained to fight Mistborn/Inquisitors by using forbidden metals. The Lord Ruler organized them as a contingency against the Inquisitors in case Ruin ever seized control of them. I think this makes perfect sense, since the Lord Ruler himself didn't need the lynchpin spike, he could just blow them to bits with a steel Push. It then follows that he taught the secret to some of his followers. These followers eventually turned into his elite hit-men instead, since the Inquisitors never actually tried to betray him) Thoughts and reviews welcome! In particular, I'd like to know peoples' take on the combat applications of Electrum.