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Found 198 results

  1. cosmere

    I was wondering if there was a way to summarize the entire Cosmere in one sentence. My favorite that I have heard is "For storm's sake Hoid, what stormery are you up to now."
  2. Does Elantris have an economy? What do they have to sell? That is pretty clear - mostly AonDor. But what do they buy? It could be argued that AonDor creates a kind of subsistence economy. It can feed you and Elantris itself provides housing and public infrastructure. So what could you want that AonDor cannot give you? exotic stuff - travel is costly for Elantrians travel knowledge services - AonDor can make your dinner, fix your clothes and heat your home, but not easily put your room in order sex fame fashion Anything else?
  3. I finally read Elantris. This is what happened.
  4. Ok, another silly question, again, I have not read through the whole of Elantris, but am quickly gobbling it up. When Raoden becomes an Elantrian does he and other Elantrians ever have to or need to use the bathroom? Like they feel hunger and pain acutely, but what about needing the toilet?
  5. Since we already have Aon Daa for use as an offensive weapon, what would Aon Sheo (death) do? We never see it used, would it function sort of like the killing curse in Harry Potter?
  6. Ok so aona and skai , were they friends ? lovers ? Enemies ? Or was it more of a master -servent relationship with Dominion being the master ? Did they settle together or did Dominion follow Devotion knowing she would the easiest to ,u know dominate . Was skai thinking of establishing power over all or atleast a few shards and started with devotion ? But khriss mentions that d and d spent a lot of time molding society on SEL so could it be that Dominion was like consolidating his power or getting used to it. Like harmony has no idea what he should or shouldn't do with his power. I suppose the Sixteen faced similar problems at first. Or maybe they were both at war and weakened each other , thereby making it easy for rayse to finish them ? Also did aona hate dominion's hold over her and when odium came rebelled against him but was double Crossed ? Or was it the opposite and Dominion joined forces with odium to bring down devotion. I mean , skai probably knew rayse and thought he was a friend ? Or maybe Aona thought that way ? Also why did odium kill aona ? I mean wouldn't it more efficient if he could have made her devoted to him. Have her help in crushing other shards and then either betray her or just keep devotion like a pet ? How much do we know about them and thier actions and plans ?
  7. Hi, I am fairly new to Brandon’s books. I’ve listened to Elantris, Mistborn, and stormlight books. I know that Hoid appears in all three series of books and therefore assume these are all happening in the same “universe” what other books are included in this? I’m so intrigued by Hoid and who he is and what he is trying to accomplish. What else do I need to read if not to get more answers on Hoid (seems like Brandon is working up to something with him) but to get all the stories surrounding this “universe”?
  8. So as of late I have been pondering how exactly Hoid has such a seemingly insurmountable healing factor and how he has managed to live such a long time. Well I think we might have some clues from the; fused, returned, heralds, and our beloved survivor. All of whom found a way to keep themselves anchored to the physical/cognitive realm and refrain from passing on. The common denominator of course is that Shards and likely heavy amounts of investiture were involved. Why is this relevant? Well I think Hoid might actually have gone through a similar process during the shattering, since we know he was the only one there to refuse a shard (at least as of now) we don't know what impact the shattering might have had on the rest of those present when Adonalsium was killed. Anyway I think the shattering may have released enough investiture to give Hoid the same kind of immortality cognitive shadows have, he was just fortunate enough to still have his body at the time. As I read on the coppermind odium gave the fused a portion of his power so they could become cognitive shadows, but since they lack an anchor to the physical realm they require hosts. Heralds on the other hand have no bodies created for them at the start of each desolation. While I must concede neither the Heralds or Fused share Hoid's healing ability and this does somewhat hurt my theory I do think it is worth noting that Honor, Odiun, and Endowment are just shards yet they are able to create immortals. One could only imagine the magnitude of investiture Adonalsium must have had within it and I doubt that God went quietly into whatever awaited it. So I think the fact Hoid was alive and therefore tied to the physical realm gave him a more potent immortality and is why he seems simply unable to die. Hence, why nothing save Nightblood (seemingly the embodiment of entropy for the cosmere) well known to devour investiture is one of the few weapons that seems capable of causing him lasting harm. As always I must acknowledge this is just a crazed theory and I admittedly do not have much supporting evidence for my inference. I do hope you enjoyed this idea though. Sorry, also forgot to mention Elantrians who are also immortal, seemed unfair to leave them out. Yet another edition. As for why the others took up shards when they might have already been immortal. Well I think they just might not have been aware, and were likely eager to become gods.
  9. I finally drew a Sarene! (Originally for the gift exchange on tumblr.) + + + Alternative version Lineart Sketch Tools: automatic pencil, Photoshop CS3 + + + More Elantris and TES sketches Kiin’s Family (Kiin, Daora, Lukel, Jalla, Adien, Daorn, Kaise) Hrathen Sarene Raoden before turning into an Elantrian The Emperor's Soul chibi cast (From left to right: Zu, Bloodsealer, Shai, Hoid, Gaotona, Ashravan, Frava) & Three versions of Shai (Beggar, Normal, Shaizan) The Bloodsealer from TES
  10. Hi, Would anyone like to label the locations in Elantris and Kae from the book maps? Also looking for the division of Elantris on the map between the 3 "warlords" before Raoden's arrival. - Sincerely, Douglas
  11. From my understanding, every Cosmere magic system has a way to access the cognitive realm and worldhop. My question is then, do Elantrians do this with a variant of Aon Tia? Or is that bound by using distances as we see in the book - since you can't walk to the cognitive realm, could you travel there by Aon?
  12. Shouldn’t to Hyundai Elantra’s name be changed to the Hyundai Elantris
  13. elantris

    Relistening to Elantris and seemingly every Derethi with any sort of title is a man. It has me thinking, could a woman gain rank in Shu-Dereth? Where would it stop? The Gyorns with their armour seem like a particularly masculine thing. IDK. Also, I know the Derethi were modeled a bit on the Catholic church, but it seems like the monks are allowed to have sex/relationships? I remember Dilaf's dead wife being a big motivator for him. He WAS a spy at that point, but I don't see a character as fervent as Dilaf betraying his oaths like that, or at least not acknowledging it as a betrayal while telling the story to Hrathen. Speaking of Hrathen... I wonder if Gyorns are allowed to get it on. Asking for a friend...
  14. Heya everyone, So I'm an IB diploma student, I'm doing an extended essay on English. For this purpose, I have chosen Elantris, and I was brainstorming with my teacher about my research topic. So she's read some of it so far (she loves it btw), and she suggested I look at how it fits into the definition of a fairy tale. Now I did a bit of research about the elements of a fairy tale (not the typical things like happy endings and magic, but more) and found that it actually has a lot of fairy tale features to it. So I would appreciate some inputs on what you guys think about Elantris being somewhat of a fairy tale. Thanks a lot <3
  15. Ok so I just finished warbreaker and wow I loved that book. Have also read stormlight archive and mistborn era's 1 &2. So my question is do I need to read elantris before I jump into arcanum unbounded?
  16. The Young Pyromancer [PENDING REVIEW] Theoretically, if Sel became a Shard...the biggest limiter on Shards is the Vessel's mind, would that be more limiting or less limiting? Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW] If the Dor were itself to become a Shard combining Devotion and Dominion, and were to pick up a Vessel? Because they're still Shards, they just don't have a Vessel. The Young Pyromancer [PENDING REVIEW] So the land couldn't be Vessel? Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW] The land itself? Of Arelon or of...? The Young Pyromancer [PENDING REVIEW] Of Sel. Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW] The land of Sel would not count as a Vessel. You would say in terminology right now that Dominion and Devotion do not have Vessels in the same way that other Shards do. Skyward Seattle signing (Nov. 10, 2018) Does this mean that the land of Sel isn't actually becoming sentient after all? Or, if it is, why? The foremost theory was that Sel itself was slowly becoming a Vessel, but we now have evidence that this is incorrect! Thoughts?
  17. A infographic map created of Brandon Sanderson's Cosmere. Detailing magic systems, shards states and planets.
  18. I've only recently finished Elantris and am quite interested in the Elantrian magic system and so have been developing a character for fun. However, if I wish to worldhop as said Elantrian character (who wouldn't if they could) I face the slight disadvantage of being away from Elantris and, oh I don't know, the magic not working. So the crux of my inquiry is, is it possible to somehow capture or store the Dor in some sort of vessel to carry around with you in your adventures? Would these be nicrosilminds? Spheres? Some other Thing™? I do hope it's possible, otherwise Elantrians prove to be pretty worthless worldhoppers.
  19. @Mailnaise made something like this, but with Moash. I thought, What is another character that we hate slightly less than Moash? Because there is no one who we hate more than Moash, and if we do, we are wrong? DILAF! So, go ahead my friends, RANT. (Dilaf version)
  20. I don't know if people have already talked about this, but I'm gonna talk anyway. I was re-reading Secret History, when I read something strange. I was at the part when Kelsier is spying on the Ire, and he describes one of the leaders as the following: "Wizened, dried up, the woman had puckered lips, a bald scalp, and strange silvery-dark skin. She glowed faintly..." I don't know about you, but that sounds like an Elantrian. I don't know if Secret History is before or after the restoration of Elantris, but still. Later, Kelsier has a vision, "As she said the word, this time Kelsier got a sense of it's meaning in the language of the green plants. It meant "Age," and he had a sudden impression of a strange symbol made from four dots and some lines that curved, like ripples in a river." That sounds like an Aon to me, but what do you guys think?
  21. cosmere

    Hello, I'm a new prospecting reader to the Cosmere uniververse. I decided to get into the series in order of release from Elantris to White Sand Volume 2 and beyond. My delima is that I thought that I had bought Elantris 10th Anniversary Edition when I purchased the mass market paper pack from my Barnes & Nobel here in America because Sanderson said, in a post back in '15, that all prints would convert to the new edition exclusively. Well... it was not the 10th AE. And I live 2 hours from the nearest bookstore and am a poor college grad— and it was also purchased two weeks ago —so returning it and getting the new version is out of my control right now. So, my question to you is, even though this is the original version of Elantris, could I still read it and enjoy the rest of the universe (like, does it properly fit into the canon)? If not, should I hold off on reading anything until I eventually buy the new version? Thanks.
  22. seons

    Would the seons be a type of spren?
  23. From the album Elantris Visual development

    Raoden in burial robes holding his basket of foods on first entry to Elantris
  24. If a normal human on Scadrial were to drink from the Well of Ascension, would they become an Allomancer? Would a human on Sel drinking from the Pool become an Reod Elantrian, as they don't have the Dominion part of the Dor in their body? What would happen if someone drank world-specific Investiture?