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Found 256 results

  1. Devotion and Dominion are shards in the cognitive realm that manifest their power on Sel as the dor. Would Domi be the vessel of Devotion shard and would Jadeth be the vessel of Dominion? If Jadeth is the vessel of Dominion and is trapped in the cognitive realm would it be possible for the Wyrn to have the ability to communicate with him? Could the shards have merged and became Conviction or something? What does this have to do with the Kings Soul? Does the pool that kills Elantrians lead to the Cognitive realm allowing Elantrians to be able to access the cognitive realm allowing one of them to claim the shards? Will there be a final Brandon Sanderson Sel book where it is a battle over the cognitive realm with Jadeth vs Domi. What side would shai be on?
  2. In Elantris every aon has the aon aon at least twice, this leads to the aons having symmetry. Once the chasm line is added to the starter aon(aon aon) should it be added to all the aon aons in the aon? In other words should each aon have multiple chasm lines?
  3. Alright, so with the Sorceress's/Riina's island, we see guys made out of gold who've probably been awakened. I don't know much 'bout that whole thing, so I'll stay away from talking about that. Instead, I'm gonna ask a question; how likely is it that these guys are the men of gold and red that are nearly in TLM. Could Riina be associated with Autonomy? Maybe Riina joins with Autonomy and helps Bavarian try to take over? I wonder if we'll meet Riina again in Dakhor (second Elantris) But back to what I was originally talking about: so there's a part where Hoid says that What do y'all think? Are they the men of gold and red or are they just an elantrian world hopper's metal lackeys?
  4. The majority of the magic systems on the planet Sel rely on the Dor to function and can not be used on other planets in the cosmere, but Aons are seen being used on many other worlds. Is another source of power needed for them to function, or is there some other way that they function?
  5. Could you tattoo Aons that work onto someone? Like if you could figure out which Aon is a trigger or an off/on switch for other Aons, you might be able to tattoo an Aon Daa plus a few Aon Rao together on yours or someone else's hands, and so long as the tattooing was done by an Elantrian and you were in range of Elantris, you could shoot lasers out of your hand whenever you want! And it wouldn't just have to be lasers it could be anything! Like healing, Soulcasting, Lightweaving, anything you can imagine! AonDor powers without being an Elantrian! What do you think?
  6. So Shai is Moonlight. I get that. Makes relative sense. I’m sure Shai was an easy person to recruit into the Ghostbloods. However, for being hundreds of years old, she sure does not seem to be the most powerful forger of her time. From what she has said, she has three soul stamps on her. Two of which are universal stamps, which I am certain is quite difficult to pull off. The third is an essence stamp that makes her an Elantrian, which is also surely difficult to pull off. However. Three soul stamps? Really? Shai is certainly better than that. Is it a limitation of resources? What Shai has made is certainly impressive, but probably something an average forger could pull off in 100 years of living. I think it’s safe to assume Shai’s been kicking for longer than that, and again, she is THE BEST forger of her lifetime. If this is the Shai we know, I would expect a whole briefcase of powerful soul stamps, including more than just one essence mark. I understand that she only has so much access to her abilities, since there’s only so much Dor that she has access to. However, even with limited resources, more options are always welcome. I find it slightly hard to believe that Shai wouldn’t have proper materials to make more, as the Ghostbloods are at this point quite far reaching and could certainly procure some. Especially since, as far as I’m aware, Shai is quite high up in their ranks. So what’s up? Why does Shai, the most powerful forger or her time, who has presumably been alive for hundreds of years, honing her skills, pals with Kelsier himself, have only three soul stamps?
  7. Elantrians can create a variety of items through use of AonDor. My question is, can they create Gemstones? the more perfect the better.
  8. In Hrathen’s letter from Wyrn at the beginning of Elantris, Wyrn mentions that “the time for my ascension nears, my son”. Has Autonomy (or potentially another shard) been meddling on Sel?
  9. So I was listing to the Overlady reads and they mention a box the Set used to communicate, assuming it was some kind of radio But then I thought, a metal box that transmits voices? We've seen that before, specifically on Roshar, used by the ghostbloods to communicate with Shallan I checked it out (end of chapter 16 and beginning of chapter 17) and sure eanough a mid sized cube that produces voices! I'm not sure what to do with this information nesiseserly but it implies to me some connection between the set and the ghostbloods and perhaps the source of there knowledge of hemalurgy, given Thaidakars nature XD That's basically it, I leave it to you arcanists to make sense of this information and any hints it might bring or tell me its just a radio Either way, please let me know if I'm onto something or not.
  10. So I know this question has probably been asked many, many times, but! We know that Hoid is a being that yeets around the Cosmere and such, but what about the one from the end of Elantris? Was he the original Hoid, and he got really powerful, trained new Hoid, then died? Or was he the new Hoid the entire time, and just visited Elantris in the diguise of a beggar? Thanks folks!
  11. I was thinking last night about the significance of broken oaths and damaged bonds on Roshar, and how Adolin has helped with some of those on the back end. His relationship with Maya is the most obvious example, but I also think that his relationship with Gallant is similar. Dalinar's modes of action no longer have much use for a courageous Ryshadium and so Gallant ended up kind of abandoned in a paddock at Urithiru. Adolin recognized this and came to spend time with him, which I imagine was good for Gallant, and ultimately Gallant even allowed Adolin to ride him (something Ryshadium essentially never allow for anyone but their chosen rider). I think that this was underplayed in Rhythm of War. I don't think that Gallant was damaged in the same way as Maya, nor to the same degree. But we now have two examples of Adolin helping rare, strong-bonding beings not through the formal commitments those beings normally make but instead by dedicating himself, his time, energy, and compassion to them. And in turn he's getting things from them that, we've been told, simply don't happen-- a deadeye who can think, act, and speak, as well as a Ryshadium's respect and service (or at least assistance). In Cosmere terms these things really make me think of Devotion, though I know we don't have a lot of information on how she behaved before she was Splintered. Adolin is a devoted person: to his family, his friends, his duties, his swordsmanship, and probably other things as well. I don't think that Adolin is going to take up the Shard of Devotion, if only because that's already getting too common in the books and typically fails to resolve much. I doubt that very many long-running, inter-book plotlines are going to converge on that same outcome. And I don't want to get ahead of myself with specific predictions on matters about which we still lack basically all detail. But given that Devotion's Splintering (along with Dominion's) was reportedly an unusual type, and wound up with Devotion being crammed into the cognitive realm and its Vessel killed, I see some parallels. Radiant spren becoming deadeyes was (theoretically, once) irreparable, and yet Adolin has upended that through a method totally different than anything Honor might have promoted. Maybe something else broadly thought to be impossible, even for Shards, is in the works. The Splintering of Shards is going to be addressed at some point in future books, and what Adolin has been accomplishing has already started to rock Roshar. I think that his actions' significance will continue to be impressive, surprising, and important, and that his characterological alignment with Devotion, conceptually, is ultimately going to matter for that too. Does anyone here have any other thoughts, evidence, critiques, or anything else for discussion around the topic?
  12. When Raoden had a flashback to when he was young, he broke his leg and got an infection then went to Elantris to be healed. It as said he was dying at the time. He also seemed to see the Dor for what it was, looking past the Aon that healed him and see the storm of polarized Investiture that was trying to leak out through the Aon itself. Did Raoden, while young and near-death, briefly peer into the Cognitive Realm and see a glimpse of the Dor as it is? I say this because we have some proof that when you die or are nearly dead, you can see into the CR. There's a Death Rattle that may not actually be a Death Rattle that's about someone seeing a Cryptic in the Cognitive Realm as they were killed.
  13. I don't think think we put enough focus on Elantrian investiture. Intriguing facts Sel is a system with many magic systems, which instead of getting power from the spiritual realm, they siphon the power directly from the Dor (the two splintered shard's power) Elantrian magic seems is the only investiture (we know of) where the magic's power is linked directly to the practitioner's proximity to Elantris (which is curiously located next to a perpendicularity) Sel magic seems unusually versatile even among Sel magics, allowing teleportation, illusions, transmutation, healing, energy summoning, strength/speed increase, emotion manipulation (likely via connection), among presumably many others Brandon said that Elantris was an “oddball among the cosmere magic systems” Keshu taught that “God would come to earth once all mankind was unified” unified, being a vague term Wryn's letter to Hrathen stated that “the time for [Jaddeth’s] ascension is near” likely referring Jaddeth coming up from underground The Fjordells seemed suspiciously interested in Destroying Elantris even when the inhabitant were, comparatively defenseless theories All the Elantrians are technically all ascended at once calling upon the directly Dor’s power using Aons as “codes” so theoretically anything a shard can do, an elantrian can do as well provided the know the correct Aons. That would mean an Elantrian the is the Shard so any Seons connected the an Elantrian are not longer to the person’s identity but instead to the shard itself. So when the Reod happened all the seons could only pull their connection to the physical realm from the blocked off Dor. Wryn was not talking about “ascension” in the literal sense but in the Shard sense. He needed all the elantrians killed so the power wouldn’t be connected to anyone alive anymore, that way the shard’s intent would let someone else bear the power totally. Maybe there are many other perpendicularities on Sel and if someone were to control, or “unify” all of them they would be able to put the shards back together and “Fully” ascend.
  14. Per twitter Brandon Sanderson has confirmed that the #Mistborn Era 3 trilogy will be written in full before it is released. He also teased the possibility of #Warbreaker and #Elantris sequels in the meantime. The Sandman is at it again!! How are we so worthy?
  15. So I had a thought. Could someone that has reached the second or third heightening (the one that grants perfect pitch) out sing the Singers and possibly control all the lights? If so could someone like Vasher or Hoid possibly give breaths to Nivani, Jasnah, or Shallan in order to help them either more efficiently use Stormlight or steal the void light from the singers without Aluminum?
  16. Greetings, everyone. The past couple of years, I have almost exclusively read non-fiction. This year, I needed an escape. I've always been interested in epic fantasies, but have been somewhat intimated by them and so have read very few - almost zero modern ones. In February, I finally decided to give The Way of Kings a try. And I put it down only when I absolutely had to. Finished the book, listened to a podcast, found out about something called the Cosmere and have since read Elantris, the Mistborn trilogy (goodness heavens, so beautiful), The Eleventh Metal, The Emperor's Soul, The Hope of Elantris, and started Warbreaker last night. I've greatly enjoyed each book/story. After Warbreaker, I'll be rereading The Way of Kings and then continuing the Stormlight Archive. Currently, I'm using a Reddit post to establish my reading order. Am I on the right track? So nice to find a community of people as obsessed as myself!
  17. On the coppermind article for fabrials, under the trivia section, it mentions that Was there a mechanical means by which the Shaod operates? Or am I interpreting the quote poorly? Relevant Link:
  18. Greetings, everyone. The past couple of years, I have almost exclusively read non-fiction. This year, I needed an escape. I've always been interested in epic fantasies, but have been somewhat intimated by them and so have read very few - almost zero modern ones. In February, I finally decided to give The Way of Kings a try. And I put it down only when I absolutely had to. Finished the book, listened to a podcast, found out about something called the Cosmere and have since read Elantris, the Mistborn trilogy (goodness heavens, so beautiful), The Eleventh Metal, The Emperor's Soul, The Hope of Elantris, and started Warbreaker last night. I've greatly enjoyed each book/story. After Warbreaker, I'll be rereading The Way of Kings and then continuing the Stormlight Archive. Currently, I'm using a Reddit post to establish my reading order. Am I on the right track? So nice to find a community of people as obsessed as myself!
  19. So, in the hope of elantris if I’m not mistaken they say the Aon for hope is Ati, which is the name of ruin, something that the Lord Ruler never got to kill , am I the first to point this coincidence out ? Please let me know if there is a discussion since I wanted to know Brandon’s take on it
  20. On Sel, specifically near Elantris, the Dor sits in the cognitive realm. The Dor is a massive body of investiture left over from not one but two shards. And I have this WoB: So does that mean that on Sel, there’s a massive amount of time dilation caused by the enormous quantity of investiture outside the SR?
  21. Are Elantrians cognitive shadows? Or are they just people supercharged with investiture? In that case, do they have enough investiture to become cognitive shadows if they are killed? I’ve read all the cosmere books but elantris was one of the first so it’s been a while haha
  22. Hi all! My name is Matthew Bramer! I'm pretty well brand new to Brandon's writings. I just finished The Way of Kings yesterday! It was absolutely incredible! That was my first ever Brandon book, and today, I'm starting Elantris! Before starting reading Brandon, I read Harry Potter 1, The Eye of the World (WoT 1), The Hobbit, Star Wars Aftermath, Dune, 1984, and The Silent Patient. I haven't been reading any books since middle school. Other than, I read the entire Holy Bible last year (took me 248 days). I am a devote Christian, as is my wife. I took it upon myself to read through the entire Bible and it was amazing. Somehow I stumbled upon BookTube and fell in love with reading. I had heard of Brandon before his Secret Project debut, but I had the Way of Kings on my list to read for this year, but it massively got bumped up! A little about myself, I am 25, I am married to my wife Sandy (this year we celebrate our 4 year wedding anniversary!). We have a son, Everett who just turned two years old! We have a shihitzu who just turned four years old. I am in school for Computer Science with a focus in Software Engineering and I hope to become a Software Engineering within a few years! I currently work as Tier 1 Help Desk Technician. Hope to meet you all soon!
  23. Background So, I have just finished a reread of Elantris and something caught my eye. When the city was in its full glory enchanted items based on Aons made by Elantrians were used for a plethora of things that made the city more comfortable, light, plumbing, etc. As I thought on this a theory came to my mind, now I could be completely off base so please bear with me. One aspect of these items that caught my attention were aons put in people's homes such as the one for light (Ashe). Given that many non elantrians also lived in the city I assume they were also capable of using the ashe aon to alter the lighting in their rooms. Otherwise they would have to call an elantrian in to do it for them, which sound very inconvenient. So I began to wonder if they could utilize these enchanted items could this be expanded upon further? I should specify I don't mean that those non elantrians made the aon, but rather were able to utilize what was already present as made by the Elantrians. The Theory Essentially I began to wonder what would happen if Sel advanced far enough to enter the computer age? Could computers that were crafted specifically by Elantrians then be used to form Aons? Potentially even Aons useable by anyone as the initial creation would have been done by an Elantrian. If this proves impossible, as the idea of normal people using the enchanted items is speculation on my part. There is still a possibility of Elantrians being able to rapidly expedite their casting via a form of automation. Weak Points to The Theory I am aware that while Elantrians could use tools such as quills, sticks, etc to make aons and they still functioned. Ultimately they needed to use their intent as part of the process. I also concede that I may be completely off base in assuming that the Aons will function without being directly made by an Elantrian. Either way I thought the idea was interesting and I hope you do as well. Afterword Thank you for bearing with me there. I would love any and all thoughts on the theory, and look forward to the discussion.
  24. The officer at the border wore an expression of attentive boredom, with more emphasis on boredom than attentiveness. There were few men manning the post, no more than five. Little competition for the Monks. "Kind sir, can you please state your name and purpose in coming here?" The monk, ignoring the officer, calmly grabbed an axe, not a hatchet or some other axe that could be used to cut wood, it was an axe of war. It also was clearly not meant to be thrown, the Monk either didn't know, or simply didn't care as he threw the axe with blinding speed at the man in front of him. More Monks stayed behind him, unmoving, it was considered the prerogative of the highest ranking Monk to take the kills. Moving faster still than any human, he dashed forward to grab his axe, snapping the kneck ot yet another officer while moving. That left three. With his axe again in hand, the Monk split another man in half before blocking the attack of yet another officer in the same motion. The man who had just attacked swept his blade back to slash at the Monk's side. When the Monk moved his axe to block the blade, the swing turned out to be a feint that reversed to cut at the Monk's head. However, attack failed to draw blood due to a faster than human duck. The Monk then cut diagonally, beginning at the man's shoulder and traveling to his hip. The man fell to the ground, the Monk was surprised by a stab forward from a a silver skinned man. The blade moved in a complex motion, slashing diagonally, then making a circle, then slashing in the opposite direction diagonally, then cutting at the face, the in to conflicting curves before slicing at the feet. After that last swing, a bright light flashed forward, killing the Monk. The man stared at his sword in disbelief. While he was absorbed in his awe, another Monk stepped forward and beheaded the man. "Ignorant men have no idea what they fight, to Elantris we must go." The Monks stepped over the body and across the the border into Arelon. During the skirmish, a sign had fallen. It read, "Welcome to Arelon, home of Elantris." _____ Hafbjorn has died, they were a Dakhor Monk and a fictional character. Five Guardsmen have died, they were innocent bystanders. Welcome to Quick-Fix 57: The Infiltrators of Elantris . I am your GM, and @Devotary of Spontaneity will be the IM. Signups will end at 2 PM, Thursday the 9th of December. Cycle One will follow shortly. The Rules: Basics: Alignments: Roles: Order of Actions: Players: Pinch-hitters: Spectators: Quick-Links: